First Grown Up Day

If he had a choice, she wouldn't be tagging along with him. Hell, if he had his way Phil Coulson wouldn't be using a Saturday where he could be at the park with Becca to go on a mission for Commander Fury instead. But Maria was sick and Rebecca had nowhere else to go. So here they were: an agent and his daughter in Manhattan on their way to Stark Enterprises to see the man himself.

Rebecca could sense how tense her father was, it had been part of the reason she decided to dress up as best as she could. Her dress was knee length and the same gray color as her father's suit but with red rose accents. She saw the big building as her father pulled up outside, recognizing it from television. "Daddy! Daddy dis is Mistew Tony Stawk's house! You fwiends wif Mistew Tony Stawk?"

"I know him," Phil nodded as he parked the car. Getting out, he fixed the sleeves of his suit jacket before letting Rebecca out of the car. "Now, when we get inside, I want you to be extremely respectful to Mister Stark. Can you do that for me Becca?"

She nodded, "I be weawwy, weawwy wespectfuw!" She gave him a tiny salute but her eyes were glued on the building in front of her. It was the tallest she had ever seen before, even taller than the Empire State Building. "He wive hewe?"

"Only when he's on business in New York," Phil said as he took her hand and walked her into the building. To what appeared to be no on he spoke, "Jarvis could you tell Mr. Stark that Agent and Junior Agent Coulson are here to see him?"

"Right away sir," an accented voice spoke out across the room. This caused Rebecca to jump and look around for whoever could have talked to her father. When she saw no one, she looked at her father with wide eyes.

"Daddy…did da house just tawk?" she asked with wide eyes.

"I'm no house," the voice spoke out again, "I am J.A.R.V.I.S. That stands for Just a Rather Very Intelligent System."

"Jawvis," Rebecca nodded to remember. "I'm sowwy I insuwted you Jawvis. I no do it evew evew again!"

"Very well Junior Agent Coulson, Agent Coulson. Mr. Stark will see you right away," the voice said again as the nearby door to the elevators opened with a ding.

Rebecca giggled and walked with her father into the elevator. She reached up to tug at the bottom of his coat before speaking, "You know bout dis coow pwace aww dis time and you no say nuffin? Why not?"

How was he supposed to tell Rebecca the truth? Most agents of and people who worked with S.H.I.E.L.D didn't know about her. It wasn't that he didn't trust them but he knew the more people that knew about her, the more in danger her life would become. It was a part of the job he found hard to live with: the fact that his daughter's life was in peril with even his job being known. "Well…I didn't think it was that cool…" he lied. If J.A.R.V.I.S was still listening, he knew better than to out Phil's lie.

After a few minutes, the elevator came to a stop and with a ding the doors opened on the most beautiful view of the city Rebecca had ever seen. She tried to keep her gaze from going out the window and instead on the room around her. It appeared to be a living area: complete with a large television, chairs and a couch to sit on, and a bar against the back half of the room. "Woah…" she let out in amazement.

"When you said junior agent, J.A.R.V.I.S, I expected someone a bit older. You started her way to young, Agent," came a voice that Rebecca recognized all too well from television. She turned her attention to the bar in the room, seeing the one and only Tony Stark sitting at a table, tumbler of scotch in his hand. Instead of a suit, he wore a white muscle shirt and black workout pants. She didn't mean to stare but Rebecca could see the area in his chest where he had built the machinery to help him live. "Does Fury have no shame in using kids to do his dirty work?"

"She's not so much a junior agent, Mr. Stark, as she is my daughter. The person who usually babysits her was sick so she got to come with me," Phil replied, not allowing Tony to phase him. Stark loved to rile people up to see the reaction he could get, "Is there somewhere she can go so that we can talk S.H.I.E.L.D business?"

"Daddy…I mean…Agent Couwson, I an agent too," Rebecca pouted, crossing her arms over her chest. "I stay in woom fow officiaw S.H.I.E.W.D business."

Tony chuckled, "She got her mother's looks and your personality, Agent. The two of you must be so proud of her. I thought you batted for the other team for sure."

There was a silent moment in the room and little Rebecca was the one to break it, "I don't got no mommy Mistew Stawk. As fow battin' fow da ovew team, my daddy don't pway basebaww. He a Mets fan dough."

Tony wasn't sure if he should laugh or not. Of course the comment about her dad not playing sports made him chuckle but on the other hand he knew what it was like not to have a mom who was around. After all, his mom had died in a car accident when he was young so he knew what growing up with an always busy dad was like. "Well, Becky, it was awful nice for Agent to bring you to work with him. You wanna go meet a nice lady and watch movies with her?"

"I an agent, Mistew Stawk. I s'posta stay wif my fewwow agents," Rebecca protested against Tony trying to get her to leave the room. "An agent nevew weaves a fewwow agent."

Phil turned to Rebecca, grin not across his face but most definitely twinkling in his eyes, "Agent, she needs protection. Above making sure that other agents are protected, we make sure civilians are safe. Your mission, agent, is to keep an eye on Miss Pepper Potts."

Rebecca bounced up and saluted her father, "Yes siw! Whewe I to pwotect Miss Potts, Mistew Stawk?"

"Down the hall to the left, first door on the left," Tony replied with an amused chuckle. He knew that wasn't the movie room. No, no he had something much cooler that she would prefer to see. Besides, the vent to the living room tied in with the one in that room so you could hear them talk. Evesdropping was a good skill to have.

Rebecca left the room, counting doors and holding up her hands to see which was a left or a right. She pushed open the door, eyes going wide as soon as she realized where she was. It was a high tech lab where, along the back wall, the suit of Iron Man stood. She blinked, looking up at it with wide eyes. "Mistew Tony Stawk is Iwon Man?" Knowing this was a secret to keep, she turned to look around so she wasn't tempted to push buttons.

From the vent in the corner she could hear voices that sounded like her father and Mr. Stark. She knew it would be wrong of her to go over and listen, but she was curious. She sat by the vent, listening to the grown up conversation. "It's called the tesseract," her father's voice sounded, "we found out about it months ago. If it falls into the wrong hands, it could be deadly."

"What are you telling me for?" asked Tony, his voice full or both amusement and annoyance, "I've told you I can't work for S.H.I.E.L.D. I'm not a military man like my father."

"You're the only one I know who can work with advanced technologies," her father replied, his voice almost begging.

There was a silence and what seemed like the moment of a chair and footsteps. Suddenly the voices were muffled and she couldn't hear Tony's response. The tesseract, she didn't know what it was but it sounded dangerous.

She didn't like that.