Alright guys. I want to let everyone know the reason why I am starting this new story. The thing is, I actually got into writing fanficiton because of one of my best friends whom I've grown up with basically all my life. He's always been telling me that I should write this kind of story, but I just never really got into it. After every update that I've done, he's always been like, "Come on bro! When are you going to do that crossover fic man?!"

Then last week, he was hit by a guy driving down the road who had heroine in his system. Now my buddy in is the hospital, was in a coma for three days, needs to have facial reconstruction done along with like 20 other procedures. He doesn't have health insurance. I love this guy man. He's awesome…. One of those friends who has your back no matter what…. I would do anything for this guy. Honestly people. How fucked up is that. I could care less if you do something to your body for a joyride…. But when you get other people involved in your shit… That's fucked up.

This is really the only thing that I can do for him besides just visiting and trying to keep a chin up. So bro…. this one is for you man. Get better soon.

So this story, I've read all the manga chapters in like 2 days along with watching the anime. The ending is confusing as hell, but I will try to make this work.

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Prologue: Princess Resurrection

Silence permeated throughout the hallways of the darkened hospital. Light flickered from the few signs that could be seen within the corridor. Steps could be heard echoing down the passage until they stopped before its destination.


Flickered on and off as the sign tried its best to stay lit. The doors swung open into the darkened room. Candles could be seen at the heads of the beds where bodies lie motionless. The figure continued to walk to the side of one of the beds, where the name at the headboard read:

'Naruto Uzumaki'

"Fufufu…." The figure quietly chuckled as she brought her middle finger to her mouth, biting the skin so that blood could freely flow out of her. "What a nice corpse." She said as her red eyes shown with anticipation.

She held out her hand and allowed a bleeding droplet to run down her finger until it fell freely off the tip, landing directly on the cloth that was covering the deceased persons face.

Smoke burst out of the body in every direction as the figure just stood there smiling wickedly at her new prize.


"Aw man!" Came the voice of a blonde haired, blued eyed boy as he gazed upon a run down mansion. "Sis told me that this was the address." He grumbled, "Drew me a crappy map as well. But this place has been empty for ages." He signed as he scratched the top of his head in frustration.

The boy looked to be about 14 years old wearing jeans and a large orange T-shirt that had a strange swirling symbol on the back. Honestly, the boy looked to be a normal 14-year old boy, with the exception of what looked to be like three scars that adorned each side of his cheeks, causing him to give off a more feline appearance.

"Ugh….." He grumbled as he walked down the street. "I can't really go back to that woman's place again. She might take sis back….. But definitely not me…. Damn… What should I do now?" He asked as he continued down the road. He looked up and saw a crowd that had gather in the middle of downtown. "What's going on?" He muttered to himself as he pushed his way through the gathered people. "Ara?"

He looked ahead and saw one of the strangest things that he had seen for awhile. Furniture stack upon more furniture, probably about 3-4 stories high of furniture, was all found in a little cart with two wheels. A little girl dressed as a maid was found to be in the reigns of the tiny transporter.

"Hmm…." Came a voice to the side of the strange site. Naruto looked up and saw probably one of the most beautiful girls he had seen in awhile gazing down at one of the wheels on the cart. It appeared that one of the wheels had bent from the excessive weight that the furniture had provided. "This could be a problem." He heard her mutter.

The girl was wearing long black boots that rode up to her mid thigh, that had white lace trimming ending the cloth. She also wore a black sleeveless gothic-like dress that came down to her mid thigh as well, ending in two frilled laces at the bottom. She wore two handless black gloves that were held by a single string looping around her middle finger. The gloves reached back until they stopped at mid-bicep, once again ending with white lace. Her skin was pearly white and her face was of fair complexion. She had long blonde hair that reached the middle of her back. On top of her head, their stood a pure silver tiara that kept her hair in place.


The boys' eyes shot up towards the sound. His eyes widened as he saw the construction beams start to tumble from atop the skyscraper. The boy didn't know what happened. Before he could even register anything was happened, his body was already in motion.

"MOVE!" He shouted surprising the blonde girl as he roughly threw the girl out of harm way only to…


The beams came crashing down all on top of the boy that had just saved the girls life. The girl blinked as she registered what had just happened. She gazed in slight shock as blood spewed from the boy, one of the beams plunged through the boys back while the others had piled on top of him, effectively crushing his body. The girl just smiled as she brought herself to her feet.

"Fufufu." She chuckled. "You gave your life so easily just to achieve something so useless…. Foolish…" She chuckled humorlessly. She saw the boy slightly raise his head and stare at her as his eyes started to cloud over. Slight shock ran through her when she saw him smile.

"I'm glad…." He mumbled as blood started to poor out of his mouth. He could see her eyes looking down at him in question. Red while the pupils where slitted. "You're….saf-e…." And with that, she saw the light leave the boys eyes as his body went limp.

She could hear the shouts and cries from the onlookers in the audience behind her. Saying to call the ambulance or how the boy had just saved her life. She paid no heed to them as she gazed down at the boy. "But…." She started as she pushed back her hair to the side with a hand. "It's a good corpse."

End Flashback:

"WAH!" Naruto's eyes shot open as he took a cloth off of his face quickly sitting up. He looked around quickly trying to figure out where the hell he was. He looked to the sides of his bed and almost let out a slight manly scream at the bodies that were lying motionless there.

"What the hell?!" He said to himself as his heart rate starting rising through the roof as his breaths became more ragged. Panic struck him as he stumbled off of the bed as he started running out the door and to the exit. 'What the hell is going on?!' He thought as he started running through the darkened streets of the suburbs. 'Wait!' He thought, 'That girl!'

Just then something within him burned harshly as his eyes became slitted and gold. He was then compelled to look at the mansion that he was at earlier on the top of the hill. He stared as he saw light coming from the windows. He then shot off in the dark as his hair changed from being blonde to white. 'What the hell is going on?!' He asked himself once again making his way towards the mansion. He glanced to both sides of him and saw wild dogs that were also heading in the same direction as him.

Inside the Mansion:

"A blood pact?" The blonde girl from earlier asked her servant. "Don't compare me to something as common as a vampire" She stated while sipping her tea. "Whenever my servant is insufficient, I run out of energy. Do you think the king makes contracts with humans?" She asked her servant. The little maid just stared at her mistress while holding a platter of her tea along with other pastries.

"Fuga…." Came the reply.

"What do you think?" The blond asked again. "Besides, it's an honor to save my life." She gestured. "It's dishonorable for someone like me to do these things. So I must choose a suitable person to be my servant… A simple child passing by isn't suitable."

"Fuga?" The maid questioned as the girl placed her teacup back in its saucer.

"Fufu…" She chuckled. "Because Flandre, I'm very compassionate." She then looked out the window of her mansion. "A full moon." She muttered. "Of course this world has a moon in it….." Then something in the distance caught her gaze. "I'm leaving Flandre." She said as she walked out of the door.

"Fuga?" Flandre replied.

"Dogs have a good sense of smell." The blonde said. "They seem to have sniffed us out already."

The blonde girl walked out of the large doors of her mansion, rapier in hand. Flandre came up right beside her, carrying a large tree truck in her arms standing in front of her mistress. The girl smirked as she looked out into the forest of her property. Eyes, red as blood, shone from the darkness. Snarling and growling could be heard as the creatures came forward out of the shadows. Dozens of salivating dogs came the darkness surrounding the duo. Then a figure, seven feet tall, covered in fur, his muscles still bulging from his limbs came out of the shadows. His own face was that of a wolf. He wore a pair of normal jeans, a chain bracelet could be seen adorning his wrist. One of his eyes closed due to the three scars that lie over his right eye.

"Fufufu…" Chucked the blonde. "Wildman huh? Looks like the master of the dogs is baring his fangs." She said testing the sharpness of her blade. "So… You're the one whose come to face me hmm?..." She asked as she licked the side of her blade.

The beast said nothing as he motioned his beasts to attack. The dogs howled as they charged forward bloodlust in their eyes. The duo watched as the beasts came closer and closer to them. Flandre swung back her giant tree trunk.

"Fuga." *Bash!* "Fuga." *Bash!* "Fuga." *Bash!* "Fuga." *Bash!* "Fuga." *Bash!* Flandre quickly hit the offending dogs away from both her and her mistress. One dog finally got through her defense and went to rip off the flesh of her arm.


The dog cried out in pain as its teeth broke on the surface of her skin. Flandre just looked unemotional as usual and flung the dog back away from her.

"Grrrrr!" Growled out Wildman, "An artificial human?... That little girl defies the laws of physics. Attack only the princess!" He commanded the beasts as multiple of them descended down upon the blonde.


All the dogs fell on the lawn in front of the girl dead as she held out her rapier, with another limp dog hung on the edge of her tip. "Fufufu…" She chuckled. " I'd like to see a creature who could take me down." She boasted as she flicked the dead dog off of her blade, blood flinging back on her face. "Getting through Flandre and my defense is impossible!" She laughed out as another onslaught of dogs came rushing to the attack.

The Forest of the Property:

'What the hell is going on?!' Naruto thought as he ran through the forest. 'Why the hell did everything go silent?!' He jumped over fallen trees as he made his way towards the mansion. 'Why is this happening?! Why the hell can I not stop thinking about that girl?! Why am I so worried about her?!' He wondered as he made his way up through the foliage of the hill.

Back at the Mansion:

The sound of moaning dogs littered throughout the courtyard of the house. Dozens of dogs lie on the ground either dead or bleeding from various wounds throughout their bodies.

"pant….pant…" The blonde girl took in many breaths as she tried to regain herself. Marks and scratches could be seen along her body. Her clothes were torn and blood dripped down her limbs.

"Fuga?" Flandre asked looking back at her mistress. She just smirked.

"Don't worry Flandre." She said confidently, "Injuries like this are nothing unlike the injuries that I am going to give him!" She said as her eyes narrowed towards the wolfman. "WILDMAN!" She shouted. "You bastard! Come attack me yourself!" She challenged as she thrust her saber in the air. "You can't be afraid of having a one-on-one fight with me! Or can it be that you won't fight a worthless girl!"

Behind the Treeline:

'What the hell is this?!' Naruto thought as he looked on at the bloody scene from behind a tree. 'What the hell is that?! Is that an actual werewolf?! What is that girl thinking shouting at it?!... And how can that little girl carry that tree?...' He looked onto the scene as he saw the beast begin to tremble.

"Your claws and fangs are no match against me!" The blonde girl shouted. "I hold the pride of a free beast! Naruto's eyes widened.

'What the hell girl?!' He panicked. 'That girl is the mistress of the mansion?! Why the hell is she wielding a sword?! Does she even know how to use that thing?! She's gonna get herself killed!'

"Grrrrrr…." Wildman let out a low growl. "When is the princess going to stop with the insults?..." He asked. "I can't ignore this any longer!" He growled out raising his claws. "With my claws, I will send you to paradise!" With that he charged the princess claws extended.

'SHIT!' Naruto thought as he felt his own body begin to move.

"Fuga.." Flandre said emotionlessly as she swung her weapon of choice.

"I have no use for small fry!" Wildman roared as he punched through the thick tree trunk breaking it in half. "PRINCESS!" he roared as he descended upon the blonde with his claws extended.


Both the beasts and the blonde's eyes widened as they saw a blonde teen intercept in between them. Wildman's claws shot straight through the boys' body protecting the princess.

"What?!" the beast growled in confusion while the other girl, initially shocked, smirked.

"Oh?" She said quietly looking at the boy. "You came at a time like this?" She looked at the gaping claws trying fiercely to reach her through the boys' body.

"P..Pl-ease…. R….run… a-way…." Naruto said as he grabbed onto the beasts arm to inhibit its movement to the best of his abilities. Blood gushed out of his mouth as he trembled to remain strong enough to let the girl escape.

"A human?!" Wildman growled as he effortlessly discarded the body from his arm, only to turn around and find that the princess was no longer there. 'DAMN!' He thought as he looked around quickly to find the girl.

A sixth sense kicked in as he looked up into the sky, but it was too late. The blonde girl had already descended, putting both hands on the hilt of her rapier, plunged the razor sharp blade into the skull of the beast before falling to the ground.

Wildman didn't move for a second, then, blood jetted out from the wound as the beast fell backwards towards the Earth.

"Princess….." Wildman panted as a mixture of both blood and saliva came out of his mouth. "How impolite… pant…. pant…. Please…." And with that the giant beast left this realm. The princess just turned around and flicked her hair.

"Fu. You shouldn't have underestimated me, Wildman…" She said. "….Perhaps you were thinking of leaving even though your family was held hostage…."

"Fuga?" The little made right next to her asked as she pointed towards the beast.

"Idiot." The blonde replied folding her arms. "He won't revive. The servant should be able to revive himself. The contract prevents him from dying. " She explained. "But even then, he is a shameful thing. He won't revive if he chooses to die." She said as she pushed her blonde hair away from her eyes.

"Servant?..." She heard a harsh whisper. She looked over and saw the boy who had defended her question, "I'm a servant?..." He asked. The princess walked over to him and smirked.

"How do you feel?" She asked with her hands on her hips. "Do you fee like you've died twice in a day?" The boy on the ground looked at her confused.

"I…. I don't understand…" He said. "When I saw him attacking, I just rushed over. But…" He paused as the princess just looked at him questioningly. "I'm really happy…. That you're ok." The boy smiled on the ground up at the girl. The girl just looked at the blonde for a minute before suddenly grabbing the boy by his collar and bringing him within an inch of her own face looking directly in his eyes causing Naruto so slightly blush.

"You…. Are very lucky…." She said as she bit her middle finger. "You seem like you could be a good subject of mine." She got up and extended her bleeding hand. "You should drink my blood." Naruto just cocked his head to one side and looked up at her as if she were crazy.

"Huh?..." He questioned. A tickmark appeared on the princess's head.

"Don't you understand me?!' She asked as she grabbed a part of the boy's ear eliciting a cry of pain from him. "What are you an idiot?! I don't think you realize that you're dead and that I can send your soul back to where it came from!" She threw the boy down on the ground again.

"EH?!" He questioned.

"Now." She said once more, "It's time for you to receive the power from my blood." She then forcibly stuck her finger in his mouth causing the boy to widen his eyes. "Drink this and die." She said as she cradled his head in her hand. "Listen carefully." She said softly, "My name is Hime. The one who reigns over monsters and all those referred to as supernatural. The King's daughter." Smoke started to rise from Naruto's gapping wound in his chest. "Anyone who drinks the blood of one of my family becomes half immortal. But if you don't drink it regularly, you'll probably die." She started to get up. "You will risk your life to serve me… For the rest of your life…" Naruto blinked at the information that was given to him.

"Eh?" He said as he cocked his head to the side.


This is probably the shortest chapter that I have ever written, but it just ends so nicely here that I couldn't take away from that. Now, I know that this chapter is basically the same as the original. There is a reason for this and it will be explained in later chapters. That and I really like the beginning of the series to be started off this way.

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