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Chapter 3: Princess Shocking Negotiations

"You want me to be you're what?" Naruto asked irritably. He looked around him at the small gang of his fellow students that had surrounded him. It was lunchtime at school and right away these guys had taken Naruto away from what seemed like to be anybody within view.

"Yeah." Said a member of the gang. He was leaning on his arm against a wall staring down at the blonde "Our vassal!" He said cheekily, "It's a kind offer from us to you, the new kid." Naruto heard the rest of the guys' chuckle.

"Yea." Said another buzz cut punk, hands in pockets. "You can have an easy time being our vassal, or you can be ignored by everybody in the class." The posse chuckled again. "It's your choice!" He grinned. He walked up closer to Naruto. "It's a pretty good offer isn't it?" He asked. "Naruto-kun." He patted Naruto on the side of the face. "GYAH!" He cried out as Naruto gripped his hand like a vice. "LETMEGO!LETMEGO!" He cried out as he struggled to get out of his grip. Naruto just twisted the kids' arm with his wrist and threw him away from him. The rest of the gang looked worriedly at their comrade before all of them got ready or a fight.

"What the hell?!" The kid whose arm that Naruto twisted cried out massaging his sore hand and wrist.

"Fuck you guys…." Naruto said and turned and walked away from the group. The gang stared at Naruto's retreating figure for a moment.

"You think that your just going to walk away after that?!" The teen with the sore arm cried as he ran and threw a cocked fist at the back of Naruto's head. His fist passed Naruto's head as Naruto side-stepped the teen and with a chop to the back of the neck, the teen was unconscious on the ground.

With that, Naruto turned around and started walking away once again, disappearing behind the corner leaving the rest of the gang there in slight shock as they checked their comrades health.

Naruto continued walking down the street, wanting to be anywhere but the school right now. 'Assholes…' Naruto thought. He was probably going to pay a little for what he did, but nowadays, Naruto's been finding that he really hasn't really given a damn. It was probably for the best though. With his recent situation, he wasn't sure if it would be a great idea if he were to get close to anybody.

"Hmph…" Naruto grunted out. 'Vassal. Don't be ridiculous. Supposedly I'm Hime's vassal…. I'm still not sure how I feel about that…..' he thought before he noticed something wrong. '…What the?...' his vision started to blur a little. "Urg…." He grunted as he started feeling the strength leave his muscles as she fell to the Earth. 'What's happening…. to… me?…' Were his last thoughts before his world went completely black.

At the mansion:

Hime sipped her tea as she observed her servants doing their own work around the house. Flandre was dusting the furniture in the dining room while Sawawa was calculating the cost of the house's expenses.

"That can't be right." Sawawa said gaining the attention of both Hime and Flandre. Sawawa recalculated the figures once more. "Our electric bill for last month was 300,000 yen!" She said dismayed as she placed a hand on her face. "We can't be spending that much." She huffed out.

"The amount is correct." Hime said as Sawawa turned her attention to her. "There's a servant here who uses a lot of electricity." She said with a smirk while leaning while sipping her tea. "Right Flandre?..." She asked as she looked at her short servant.

"Fuga." Came the reply from the maid. Sawawa just looked confused before she turned to her smaller companion.

"Flandre-chan…." She said is a slightly serious tone, "What on Earth do you use so much energy for?" She asked. Flandre just looked up at the busty maid while Hime just sweat dropped.

"Umm…. So she can move." She said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"Oh Ojou-sama!" Sawawa laughed out. "You're always joking around." Hime just sighed at her clueless maid. "Come on Flandre-chan, you can tell me."

"Fuga?" The maid questioned.

Hime on the other hand was thinking over something. Something was on the tip of her tongue. "I feel like I'm forgetting something." She said as she continued thinking and sipping her tea. "What could it be?... I wonder…."

Another Location:

Naruto's eyes flickered as he began to wake. He blinked as he noticed the darken room that he was in. He sat up and saw that he was lying on a bed of many that were present within the room. Candles where lit at the headboards of each bed.

"…I've been here before…" He said as he tried to wake his mind up and remember.

"That's right!" Cried out a voice before the doors to the room opened with vigor. A doctor walked into the room. He was tall and skinny, wearing a long white doctors coat with a stethoscope draping around his neck. He wore glasses and had slicked back black hair. "This is the morgue that you escaped form last month." Naruto's eyes widened.

"Shit…." Naruto said.

"I am the director of this hospital, Housei Sanagida." The doctor proclaimed. "And now it's your turn! Please tell me, oh savior of modern medicine." He declared striking a distinctive pose. "What is your secret? What is the answer to the mystery of resurrection?" He asked passionately as other doctors, nurses, and nurse practitioners started walking in through the door, each of them carrying some sort of surgical instruments and straight for Naruto.

"What the hell?!" Naruto yelled as he dodged one of the nurses who came at him with scissors. "You can't do this shit to me! I haven't given any consent! I know my rights!" He yelled as he punched a nurse practitioner in the face.

"Your rights?..." Chuckled Sanagida as he pushed up his glasses up on the brim of his nose. "You, Naruto Uzumaki…. Are dead!" He laughed. "You don't have any rights anymore!" He laughed uproariously. "The only rights you have it to let me know the secret of resurrection!"

"Shit!" Naruto said as he grabbed a candlestick holder and beaned another oncoming foe. Bobbing and weaving, kicking and punching, Naruto slowly made his way out the door and started running down the hallway.

"The subject has escaped!" Cried out a doctor.

"After him!" Another screamed.

"Don't let him leave this hospital!" Another cried as everyone started chasing the blonde down the halls.

'Shit!' Naruto thought again. 'Just gotta get to the base floor and get outta here!' He continued down the stair losing his pursuers. 'Oh you've gotta be shiiting me?!' He thought as he reached the first floor. All windows and doors had been closed off with metal shutters. "What the hell kinda hospital is this?" Naruto started blinking rapidly. "Shit not this again." He blinked harshly and slapped himself in the face essentially waking himself up. "Fine…." He said as he shook himself off. "I'll make sure nothing like this happens again." He told himself as he ran back up the stairs.

Back at the mansion:

"…. Mmm." Hime said as she dapped her delicate mouth with her napkin. "Tonight's meal was especially delicious tonight Sawawa. You have my praise." She said to her servant who was standing right next to her just in case her mistress needed something else.

"Thank you…." Sawawa said with a slightly depressed look upon her face. Hime looked at her.

"Hmm… What's wrong?" Hime asked.

"Oh…" Sawawa sighed, "Naruto is really late coming home from school. It's already dark outside. He might have some school duties, but he would always give me a call if he were to be coming back after dark." Hime's eyes lit up remembering what was on her mind.

"That's it!" She said as she got up from her seat. "That's what I forgot! That boy…" She said as she brushed her hair back. "It's about time for the effects of my blood to run out." Sawawa looked at her mistress in confusion as she paced the floor back and forth. "My blood makes him immortal, but its effects runs out after a few days and he reverts to being a corpse." She said more to herself. "Right now… He might be dead on the side of the road…" She stated as she thought of prone Naruto lying on the sidewalk, x's in his eyes. "Well, it's a pain, but I guess that I should go get him." Hime stated turning on her heels and heading towards the door. "Flandre, you come too."

"Fuga." The tiny android replied. Sawawa looked even more confused by the behavior of her mistress.


Bodies could be seen lining the hallways of the various floors within the hospital. Upturn tables, broken jars of antiseptics, and medical tools adorned the floors of the once empty hallways.

Naruto crept through the vents as he made his way to the top floor of the hospital. 'Crazy ass people…' He thought as he remembered different ways of trying to hide from his pursuers. He had gone into a room full of what he thought were patients, in reality they were just nurses pretending to be patients that tried to inject him with who knows what. After that, he decided to make himself scarce and try something a little more stealthy. Bats all of a sudden came out of nowhere trying to get past the blonde. 'AHH! Crazy ass bats!' He thought as he batted them away. 'Why the hell are there bats in a hospital?!' After they had left he sighed.

'Damn…' Naruto thought. Everyone in this freakin hospital basically had gone crazy. They were looking for him as if they were freakin zombies. Apparently they didn't care about trying to keep him in one piece as they tried stabbing him with various objects.

Naruto saw the end of the shaft. When he got there he looked down and saw the director there at a desk. This room was different from all other rooms in the hospital. 'Looks like this is the place.' He confirmed with a nod.

"Dead-man walking-kun…" He heard the sing song voice of the crazy director. "Now now dead-man walking-kun." Naruto looked and saw that the man had swiveled around in his chair showing Naruto a video recording of himself in the ventilation shaft on his computer. "It's quite rude to not come through the front door.


Naruto bolted through the grill of the vent and launched himself at the director. Sanagida smirked as he reached in his pocket and brought out several tranquilizers held in each finger before throwing them at the oncoming boy, only for him to dodge the oncoming projectiles.

'Here we go.' Naruto quickly thought as he bit his thumb and spread blood across the back of his wrist. A quick symbol flashed and in a flash of smoke, a pair of kunai came out which Naruo quickly threw at the doctor pinning the man against the far wall by the shoulders of his clothes. Naruto brought his bleeding thumb across the palm of his hand and four shuriken came out in a puff of smoke launching them and pinning other parts of the doctor to the wall.

"HAHAHA!' The crazed doctor laughed. "Oh dead-man walking-kun. You are becoming a more interesting experiment by the second! I can't wait to cut you up!" He cried out sadistically. Naruto sighed as he went to the computer system before accessing it. "What are you doing?!" Cried out the director.

"I'm erasing the my existence from your files… It will be like I was never here." Naruto said as he started scraping the files. This computer was linked with the rest of the computers in the hospital, should be easy enough.

"That won't matter dead-man walking-kun." Sanagida laughed. "I'll just reload anything that you destroy. You're never going to be forgotten!" He laughed hysterically only for him to stop when he saw that Naruto was smirking. "What?!" He demanded. "What's gotten into you?" Naruto got up from trashing all the flies.

"Are you familiar with flunitrazepam director?" Nartuo askedas he pulled out a pill bottle from his pocket. The doctor blinked.

"Yes…." He replied, "It's one of the best hypnotic medications out there used in medicine, mainly for insomniacs. Why?" Naruto grinned.

"It's also got a few side effect correct?" Nartuo asked and continued without waiting for a response. "Short-term memory loss correct?" Naruto said as he opened the pill bottle. "Do you know what the slang for flunitrazepam director?" Naruto asked as he walked towards the director.

"It's a roofie." The director replied, "It was pretty popular awhile ago in college youth cause the guys would slip this into their drinks and have sex with them." The directors eyes widened significantly. "Please don't rape me." He whispered quietly in fear. Naruto's eyebrow twitched.

"You sick moth-…" Naruto started.


"AIIIEEE!" The director cried out in pain as a knife embedded into his shoulder causing blood to shoot out in every direction. Naruto spun around quickly taking out a kunai knife looking for the perpetrator.

'What the hell?!' He thought as he frantically looked around where the knife came from. 'Where is he?!'

"M-M-Master…. W-why?!" Naruto heard the director say behind him.

"… I don't tolerate failure Sanagida…." Another voice said next to Sanagida. Naruto held his breath as he slowly turned around and saw another man standing right next to the moaning bloody director.

He was a tall skinny man who was of darker complexion. He had a white goatee that was slicked and pointed along with his white hair that was slicked back as well. His eyes glowed a sort of golden hue to it. The man was wearing slick black slacks along with a ruffled white dress shirt. The man just smiled at Naruto.

"Good evening." He said before walking over to a cabinet and opening it. "It's a fine night isn't it?" He asked as his eyes roamed through the cast collection of bottles that were there. Finally, satisfied with one, he pulled it out along with a wine glass. "Allow me to introduce myself." He said as he started pouring the wine. "My name is Zeppeli. I am the owner of this hospital. Pleased to make your acquaintance Nartuo Uzumaki." He smiled as he let the wine pour into his mouth.

"Since introductions are out of the way…. I'll just have to force you to forget too!" Naruto said as he threw the kunai intending to pin the man's collar to the wall.

Zeppeli just chuckled as his hand shot out and caught the blade in midair. Naruto's eyes widened before they narrowed. 'Well…. That doesn't look good….' He thought. Zeppeli glance curiously at the blade testing its weight.

"I would appreciate it if you didn't cause anymore damage than you already have to this hospital Naruto-kun." Zeppeli said with a smile, tapping the point of the blade to his face. "We are a non-profit organization after all." Naruto lunged at the man, intending to take him down or corner him before knocking him unconscious, only to find that when he had taken two steps, he felt a blade held at his throat.

"Interesting weapon you carry here Naruto-kun." Naruto's eyes widened.

'No way!' He thought frantically. 'How the hell did he get behind me?!'

"I must admit…" Zeppeli said as he held the blade at Naruto's throat in one hand, a wine glass in another, "I haven't come across a blade like this in a long, long time." Naruto flung his head back intending for the front of Zeppeli's face to be introduced to the back of Naruto's head, only for Naruto to hit nothing. Alright, he could work with that and he flipped back on his hands before steadying himself and looking for the strangely calm man.

"Something that you did earlier though…." Naruto's eyes shot to the desk. "Those symbols that appeared on your skin before you took out this blade….. I've seen them before…." Naruto's eyes widened once again before Zeppeli looked right back at him. "I am interested to know, what kind of magic that is." He said.

"Alright then." Naruto said pleasantly with a smile. "Let me show you!" He growled as he bit both thumbs and dragged his blood down the sides of his shirt, causing two large fuma shuriken's to pop out. Naruto threw one and then the other at the man.

Zeppeli grinned as he jumped through the two fuma shuriken's and headed straight for Naruto and thrusting the kunai blade he had at the blonde.


Zeppeli blinked in slight surprise as Naruto blocked the blade with a tantō. He saw Naruto smirk and flipped backwards, twisting his body as two fuma shuriken's grazed past his body.

Naruto's eyes widened in surprise as he tried to dodge his own blades, only to have one of them cut deeply into his side. He winced in pain as he held the wound for a minute hoping that it would heal quickly. He then heard clapping.

"I will say that I'm impressed." Naruto looked up and saw the man once again leaning against the side of his desk with his arms folded. "Not many humans your age can pull of what you did…. Especially for a human" He smiled. "But your face telegraphs your moves." The man moved to pick up a rapier. "You know how to handle your weapons but….." He trailed off as he dashed and brought down his sword upon Naruto causing the boy to throw his blade up. At that moment, Zeppeli lashed out a vicious kick in Naruto's stomach knocking the wind out of him. He hit the ground hard on his back.


Blood spilled out of Naruto's mouth as Zeppeli's rapier drove straight into Naruto's chest.

"You lack experience blood warrior." Zeppeli said with a small sadistic grin as he saw Naruto's eyes widen. "I am sure that you haven't battled against anyone like me." He laughed as he dabbed one of his fingers in Naruto's pooling blood and gave it a taste. He then took notice of Naruto's face. "Now now…." He said with great interest as he traced a hand across one of Naruto's cheeks feeling the marks there. "Where would you have gotten something like this?" He asked. Naruto grit his teeth as his heart started pounding.

"W…w…what are you?!" He gurgled out through bloody spit drops. He placed his hands on the blade as if he were trying to pull the blade out that had him pinned on the floor. Zeppeli brought his hand back and showed off what looked to be fangs.

"Why, my dear boy…" He said with a grin. "I'm a vampire." Naruto's eyes widened before he smirked. Zeppeli blinked before he saw a ball in Naruto's hand begin to glow. He jumped back and covered his face as a bright light engulfed the entire floor.


When Zeppeli could see again, he looked up and saw the window behind his desk broken. He smiled. "Not bad Naruto-kun." Distraction was a powerful tool. He started walking over to the window when he heard a sizzling sound. He turned and smiled as he saw 15 sizzling tags with strange symbols laid across the room. "Not bad at all." He said as he took the last swig of wine from his glass. "Shinobi huh?..."


Moments Before:


Naruto covered his face as he dove straight through the window. 'Ohshitohshitohshit!' He thought as he started falling 12 stories to the concrete pavement. Taking the blood from the wound on his chest, he swiped it across his ankle and in a puff of smoke, kunai with wire came out.

Quickly grabbing the tools, he threw the two kunai at the buildings he was in between. "Urg!" Naruto gritted out as he pulled the rapier that was still in his chest. Reaching terminal velocity, he quickly flipped the blade around to use as a zipline.


He swore as he felt one of his arms dislocated out of socket. Sparks were flying as he slid towards the neighboring building.


"SHIT!" He yelled as his explosive tags detonated, causing the kunai stuck to the hospital building to come loose. Naruto looked on as his body was now racing towards the neighboring building at a free fall. "This sucks balls…." He said as he slammed into the building knocking the wind out of him. Still 3 stories up, he started to fall as he tried thrusting the blade in hand towards the concrete wall, only to have it jab in slightly to the building. A line could be seen going down the building as he struggled to get a good hold.


His body hit the edge of the second story where he lost his grip of the blade and was left falling.


Naruto lay there on the pavement just staring up at the night sky. He couldn't move…. He couldn't breathe…. All he could do was lay there. For what seemed to be like an eternity he lay there until…. "HUUUAAAHHH!" Air finally entered his lungs as he greedily sucked in all the oxygen that he could.

"Naruto?" He heard a voice to his side. He turned and his eyes widened as he saw both Hime and Flandre on the sidewalk looking at him. "There you are." She said as if nothing were wrong. "What have you been doing here?" She asked as she bit her finger.

"H…..Hi-…HIme…." Naruto struggled to say as he struggled to force his screaming muscles to move. "Urk!" Hime's bloodied finger entered into Naruto's mouth and he felt some of the liquid move down his throat. Smoke erupted from his body once again as it rapidly began repairing itself.

"Naruto." Hime said seriously. "I need to tell you someth-INGGGG!" She cried out as Naruto picked up Hime bridal style and started running. "What are you doing?!" She demanded angrily.

"Flandre come on!" Naruto cried behind him seeing the confused little maid look at him before following. "It's not safe here." Naruto said seriously as he started to pick up his pace. Hime raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean?" She asked more calmly. Naruto grit his teeth.

"I don't know if that would have killed him or not." Naruto said. He hated unknown factors. But he wasn't quite sure the durability of a vampire. He moved like no one he had ever seen move before. Hime just looked at her servant for a moment.

"You mean the vampire?" Hime asked getting a slightly surprised look from Naruto whom just kept on running. "It's how I found you." Hime answered Naruto's unasked question. "Too many bats were flying around the hospital with too many watching eyes that permeated evil intentions…. So that blast…. It was you…." Hime smirked at her servant. "Fufufu very resourceful. But the answer to your question is no. That blast wouldn't have killed a pure blooded vampire." Naruto grit his teeth again. What was he going to have to do to even this playing field? That vampire was basically playing hacky sack with him while he was up there. Pure blooded vampire. Did that mean there were different classes of vampires then? "You definitely are full of surprises though Naruto." Hime said causing Naruto to glance at her. "You were actually able to get away from a pure blooded vampire without help." Naruto blushed as he felt her hand begin to touch the side of his face almost affectionately. "You are becoming more interesting by the day. Maybe someday you won't be as worthless as you are now." Naruto could feel her provoking smile as he continued running towards the now visible mansion.

"pant….pant…" Naruto breathed as he regained his breath now having arrived at the mansion. "Damn…. I need a nice long bath…." He said more to himself.

"Naruto." Hime said getting Naruto's attention. "I need to tell you something important. If those who have been resurrected with the blood of the royal family lose the effect of that blood, they can never be revived…. Never forget that…" Naruto's eyes widened. "Jeez…" She said as she turned around. "Causing me a lot of trouble.

"What?" Naruto said causing Hime to turn around and look at him confused. "Don't you think that little bit of information would've been nice to know a little earlier?" He asked as he sent a glare at his mistress who only raised an eyebrow. "What the fuck?! If I had known that, I would've come to you this morning and I wouldn't have had to gone through all this shit!"

"Everything is fine though. I don't see why you're getting so upset." Hime said still just staring at Naruto who was still glaring at her.

""What if that vampire decides to come after you?!" Naruto cried out. "What then?! He obviously knew that I'm a blood warrior! And apparently you're a hefty target to be going after! What if he comes?! I can't beat him right now! He's too strong!" Naruto said.

"You don't need to worry about things like that." Hime said. "I can take care of it. Besides, you're my servant, all you need to do is make sure that I don't die." She huffed a matter of factly, while crossing her arms. Her eyes slightly widened as she heard Naruto growl slightly.

"What the fuck?" Naruto said in a calm voice. Waves of anger could be felt permeating from his body. "What the hell was all that we are eternally bound together shit then?" Naruto asked trembling. Hime turned around and saw pain in his eyes. "That we need to rely on one another in any situation…. What the fuck was that all about then?!" Naruto yelled as a Hime's eyes widened as she saw a tear drop. "I agreed to become your servant…. Started to trust you…." Naruto whispered quietly. He turned on his heels and headed for the basement.

"Naruto..." Hime said only to have the door slam as her response.


"Fuga…." Flandre said.

"Yes Flandre." Hime sighed. "I could have handled that better….." Hime frowned. She hadn't meant to hurt Naruto. She saw the look of betrayal in his eyes. She sighed. This was a mess and she didn't exactly know how she could make things better.

"Fuga?..." Flandre asked causing Hime to gain an tickmark.

"No Flandre." She snapped. "I'm not a tsundere!"

Next Day:

Riza Wildman stood outside of the gates of the mansion. Pacing back and forth, she scratched her head. "Arrghh!" She growled in frustration. "This is never going to work!"


Naruto was walking towards the mansion. The entire day had sucked. He couldn't believe what Hime had told him yesterday. At the same time he knew that she was only acting like she had always done…. But the words still hurt regardless. And if he was supposed to protect her, that would mean to prevent any danger that they would be getting into. Naruto felt that it wouldn't be the last time that he would be encountering Zeppeli.

"Huh?" Naruto looked up and saw a familiar face pacing back and forth in front of the gates. "What's she doing here?" He asked himself as he tightened up his backpack and jumped into the trees. Slowly, he made his way towards the frustrated girl. He needed to up his stealth again. The fact that he was caught so easily at the hospital was humiliating.

Silently he jumped from branch to branch before landing about 30 feet away from her.

Riza stopped suddenly as a pair of furry red ears popped out of the top of her head. Naruto's breath hitched for a moment. 'No way. I know I was silent!' He thought. After a moment, Riza sniffed the air. She then turned and faced the tree that Naruto was in.

"I know your there." She smirked.


"You might as well come out. Naruto was it?" She asked as Naruto slowly made himself visible to the girl. "There you are!" She said with a smile. "You might be able to hide yourself, but you can't escape this nose." She said as she ticked her nose with her thumb.

'…. So that was it…' Naruto thought as he sighed. "What are you doing here Riza-san?" He asked getting a look of embarrassment from the girl.

"Risa is just fine." The girl said with a light blush on her face causing Naruto's eye to quirk. "I need to speak with Hime." She said quietly as she seemed to become very interested in drawing patterns on the ground with her foot. "…. And… I wanted to talk with you." She said as she looked up at the boy. Naruto looked at her with some confusion.

"Why?" He asked. Risa looked down again trying to figure out what to say.

"…. You beat me…" She said quietly. "You… a human beat me…. There's no way that could ever happen…. So…." She looked up at the boy again. "How?" She asked looking at him fiercely.

'Aw….' Naruto thought as he figured out what she wanted from him. Her pride was on the line here. Naruto opened his mouth only to hear a honking noise behind him.


Hime's car shot by the duo only for Naruto to feel something grab him by the back of his shirt.

"HRKKK!" He choked out as he was thrown into the car.

Risa blinked for a second before registering what exactly had just happened. "H-HEY!" She cried out as she got on her bike. "GET BACK HERE!" She yelled as she chased after the car.

Naruto blinked as he saw that he was in the backseat of Hime's car, Hime next to him, Flandre driving the car. "Step on it Flandre." Hime ordered.

"Fuga." Came the reply as she pressed her foot farther on the gas petal.

"What the hell?" Naruto said still on the floor of the car. Hime shifted slightly right next to him.

"Sit Naruto." Hime ordered. "I need to speak with you." Naruto looked up at the girl who now looked slightly uncomfortable. Events still fresh in mind, Naruto regardless sat in the seat next to her and waited for her to speak.

Minutes rolled by as Hime recollected her thoughts on what it was exactly she wanted to say. Naruto started to actually nod off before he was brought back to reality.

"I'm sorry…." He heard Hime whisper quietly. Nartuo's eyes shot open as he thought he might have misheard what his mistress had said.

"Huh?..." Was Naruto's only response. And with that, Hime didn't utter another word for the rest of the drive.

A Cabin in the Woods:

"Hey Princess?" Riza asked as she stood in front of a window overlooking a beautiful lake and mountain ranges.

"…. What?" Hime asked as she flipped through a book in her lap.

"What is this place?" Riza asked.

"It's my summer resort." Hime responded. "Why?"

"What am I doing here with you?!" Riza rounded upon the blonde. "I just came to your mansion to get the helmet I left behind!" She yelled. Hime looked passively at the red head.

"It's because you showed up just as we were leaving." Hime responded neutrally.

"What kind of reason is that?!" Cried Riza. Hime reached for her cup of tea.

"Be quiet." She said, "You're spoiling the atmosphere. Go play in the lake." She said making shooing motions with her hand.

"Wh…What's with that attitude! You dragged me here!" Riza growled as her hands became meaty claws.

"Flandre." Hime said as she looked at both Nartuo and Flandre who were currently moping the floor of the summer resort.

"Fuga?" She asked.

"There was a jet ski in the marina right?" Hime asked.

"Fuga." She replied.

"How about it?" Hime asked Riza. "It'll clear your head." Riza growled

"You…. You're making fun of me!" She snarled as she stomped away using one of her claws to grip Naruto's head. "You! You're coming too!" She yelled as she began dragging to blonde away.

"Owowowow!" Naruto cried out flapping his arms. "I can walk by myself Riza!" Naruto paused for a second. "Wow, your paws are soft." He commented only to be thrown through the door.

Hime just stared after the duo for a moment before sighing. She was never the one to apologize. Frankly, she was amazed that she had even done it in the first place. But there was still that lingering feeling of anger that Naruto had shown her. She sighed, "Well I might as well do something productive…." She mumbled to herself. "Let's see…. Fuinjutsu…. Sealing technique of…. Demons?..." She asked herself as she became engrossed into the literature.

Down by the Lake:

*Whistle….* Riza gazed upon the lake in her white bikini. "Maybe this won't be so bad after all." She said to herself before turning around. "Naruto!" She called out. "You ready?" Naruto walked out of the changing room with a pair of orange trunks and a button down Tommy Bahama shirt.

"Yea, yea…" He mumbled, "Let's get going." Riza just stared at him for a second.

"You can't go like that." She said as if she were stating the obvious. "Your shirt will get soaked."

"I'll be fine." Naruto said waving her off. Riza's mouth then formed a wicked grin.

"Could it be…" She said slowly as she sauntered up to the boy who immediately noticed her change in conduct and became nervous. "….That your embarrassed to show your body to me?" She grinned as her hands started to roam his chest. She blinked. "Oh wow!" She said, "You really got some firm pecs here." Naruto blushed.

"D..d…don't be stupid!" Naruto coughed as he turned around trying to avoid making eye contact from the girl. She blinked again before she grinned.


Riza's claws tore through the fabric of Naruto's shirt as it fell away. "See!" Riza said cheerfully. "Your body is just…. Fine…." Riza's smile dropped as she stared at Naruto's upper body… Scars could be seen running all over his body. One in particular that she saw was a large fist shaped scar that lie just above his heart. "….What the hell happened to you?..." Riza unconsciously asked. Naruto nervously shuffled.

"Umm…." He started. "You see…. I've taken a lot of injuries protecting Hime." Naruto said pathetically causing the girl to just stare at him before reaching up with one of her claws and making a huge gash in Naruto's face.

"GAHH!" Naruto cried out in pain. "What the hell is wrong with you?!" He shouted as he held his face. Riza just pointed to Naruto's wound as it began to close back up.

"See…." She deadpanned, "No scar…" Naruto sighed.

"Let's just say…. I had a hard time before I met Sawawa-neesan." Naruto said as he picked up a lifejacket. "I know, it's pretty hideous. People get uncomfortable with me so that's why I try to keep a shirt on. Anyways enough about that…" Naruto said desperately changing topics. "Let's go on that ride Ri….za…." Naruto stopped as he turned and looked at the red head girl. She was just staring at Naruto with what looked to be slight drool coming out of the corner of her mouth. "Riza?..." Naruto asked starting to feel a little self-conscious with the way she was staring at him.

"Huh? Wha?" She shook her head a second. "What's wrong?" She asked as drool could still be seen on her face. Naruto just pointed to the corner of his mouth. Riza blinked before realizing she was the one salivating. 'Shit!' She thought as she hastily whipped it off. "Yea…. Let's get that jet ski working!" She cried out excitingly quickly turning and running towards the dock. 'Shit…' She thought, 'I can't believe that I was caught oogling a middle schooler…. But those scars…. Mmmm!' She moaned silently. 'No! Bad Riza!' She scolded herself taking a quick peak back at the blonde who just blinked at her reaction before following the girl.

Moments Later:

"YAHOO!" Riza yelled out as she and Naruto road on the jet ski.

Naruto was completely baffled on where he should be putting his hands. He'd never really been this close to a girl before but at the same time, he didn't want to get thrown off. All of a sudden they hit a large wave causing Naruto to fly into the back of the girl.

"H-H-HEY!" Riza cried out as Naruto felt something soft and squishy in his hand. Naruto looked around and got a slight nosebleed as he saw his hand groping one of Riza's boobs inside her bikini. "H-HENTAI!" She yelled out they slowed down.

"I…I…It was an accident!" Naruto tried to explain.

"Bullshit!" Riza cried out a large blush adorning her face. "You've totally got a woody right now!" Naruto looked down only to turn bright red.

"W..w. what do you expect?!" Naruto cried out, "I'm a hormonal teen and your fucking beautiful! What did you think was going to happen?!" Rise went wide-eyed when she heard Naruto and went quiet. Naruto opened his eyes. "R-Riza?" Naruto asked tentatively.

"….Just shut up Naruto." She said as they drove to a random little island. Her bangs were cast over her eyes trying to cover the huge blush that was currently on her face. She needed to get some breathing room away from Naruto for a moment, so once they got to the small island, she got off and stretched before shaking her body around.

After effectively calming down, Riza turned to Nartuo. "So what's the deal with you and the princess?" Riza asked getting Naruto's attention.

"What do you mean?" He asked. Riza quirked an eyebrow.

"I mean something happened between the two of you right? Seems like you've been pissed at her ever since we got here." She said stretching her muscles. Naruto absentmindedly glanced over her figure.

"It's nothing." Naruto said brushing it off.

"Obviously its not." Riza said, "I don't know if you've noticed, but the princess is overly depressed."

"That's her own problem." Naruto grunted getting slightly agitated at where this conversation was going. Riza sighed.

"Why? Because she called you a servant? Because her blood effect almost wore off and almost put you in the grave forever?" Riza asked.

"It has nothing to do with that!" Naruto said harshly. "I already accepted the role of a servant to her…. I put my trust in her to inform me what is happening so I can protect her. And what does she do? Decides to withhold information to me and now there is a possible new threat that could eliminate her! A threat that I am not strong enough yet to face! That's why!" Naruto vented to the hybrid girl.

"So the princess made a mistake!" She said throwing her hands up in the air. "She's royalty that grants immortality, not a fucking God! True, what she forgot to tell you was important, but the fact is that she forgot!" Naruto glared at her.

"And how the hell do you know that?!" Naruto demanded. Ears popped out of Riza's red hair.

"You see these?" She asked pointing to her ears. "I overheard talking about it to Flandre. She's miserable right now and feels awful." It took Naruto a second to digest what he had just heard.

"…. Then why didn't she just say it was a mistake and that she forgot?!" Naruto demanded, half wanting to believe her and the other half wanting to hang onto what anger there was left in him.

"Look at her Naruto!." Riza said. "Look at her personality. Do you think that she is the kind of person that can easily do something like that?! Hell, if that girl ever even mumbles some half assed apology, that would probably be fulfilling some sort of divine prophecy." Naruto's eyes widened as he recalled the event that happened in the car. "Listen." Riza sighed as she scratched her head. "All I'm saying is not to be so hard on her. Give her a chance." Naruto looked at the ground.

'I will never turn my back on you Naruto.'

The words rang clear in Naruto's mind. His thoughts were interrupted as a hand was placed on his head.

"You're a good kid Naruto." Riza said as she smiled at him. Naruto mumbled as he looked away.

"You're only like what... 2 years older than me?" He grumbled, "I'm not that much of a kid compared to you…." Riza just smirked before giving him a peck on the lips causing Naruto to back away in surprise. "W..W..WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!" He yelled out, his face now bright red like a tomato.

"BWAHAHAHA!" Riza bellowed out. "That's why you're still a kid Naruto." She smiled as she turned back to the jet ski. "Come on. We should probably check on that princess of yours."

Later that Night:

Hime watched her servant carefully as he returned with the half-werewolf in the afternoon. It seemed as if his mood had changed drastically. She didn't know what happened between the two, but Naruto seemed to no longer be upset with her. She looked at Riza as she came into the room, having returned from the bath. 'What happened with those two?' She asked herself as she went from glancing from the loud girl to her servant.

"Ah!" Riza said wiping her still slightly moist skin off with a towel. "That was a nice bath!"

"I'm glad that you're enjoying yourself." Hime smiled causing Riza to become flustered.

"I…. I'm not enjoying myself!" She declared as she plopped down on the couch next to Naruto giving him a friendly slap on the shoulder. Hime just raised an eyebrow at this.

"Anyways…" Riza started. "Why don't you tell me the real reason why we're here? She asked.

"Hmph." Hime crossed her arms, "It has nothing to do with you." She said.

"Oh, I think it does." Riza situated herself in a comfortable position. "Can't you feel it?" She asked.

"…. Feel what?" Hime asked.

"Heh!" Riza chuckled, "I guess that's why you're a princess…." She smiled. "I sense beasts… Dozens of them! And they're out for blood!" Naruto's eyes widened along with Hime's. "Princess…. What on Earth did you do?" She asked.

"Impossible!" Hime cried out standing up. "They're a gentle clan!"

"Prin…cess…" A strange creature walked through the door. Naruto jumped up unsheathing his tanto from what Riza could tell, nowhere. She quirked an eyebrow and decided another place another time.

The Humanoid creature staggered into the room. About 6 feet in height, he was covered in scales as his face took on a fish-like appearance. His glowing yellow eyes stared straight at them. The creature was cover in spikes, blood dripping from where the protrusions were. "Run…" He said before he fell over dead.

"A… Gillman?" Riza asked. Then cries and screams could be heard from outside. All three of them looked out the window. "What's going on out there?" Riza asked. Naruto hesitated for a moment.

"…. I set traps outside in areas that I thought the cabin could come under attack." Naruto said surprising the other two in the room.

"Traps?..." Riza questioned. "What the hell kind of middle schooler thinks of shit like that?" She asked Naruto.

"Fufufu…" Hime chuckled, "You are becoming a worthy asset to have around Naruto." Naruto slightly glared at his mistress before remembering what Riza had told him and just nodded his head.

Hime inwardly breathed a sigh of relief. She wasn't sure if she were on good terms with Naruto and her demeanor just had to pop out at that time. Thankfully, it seems as if Naruto had gotten over their incident, so she would too.


"The house is?!" Riza cried out as the building began to shift. "I thought that you had set traps!" She yelled at Naruto.

"Yea." He said, "But not if there's a fucking army of them." And with that the house started sliding down the slope.

"I get it…" Riza said, "It's the water… They're trying to get us into the lake!" She cried out before the house rammed straight into the lake.

"Water…." Hime said clinging onto the sofa. "This is bad. Naruto! Grab Flandre!"

"Fuga" Flandre said as she started falling through the floorboards.

"Umm… Ok" Naruto said as he reached out for her.

"She's an android! They weigh tons!" Riza declared. "If she sinks into the mud she'll never be able to pull herself out!"

"What?" Naruto said as Flandre grabbed his wrist. "OH SHIIIITTT!" Naruto cried out as his body was dragged down with the android.

"Naruto!" Riza called out.

"Risa, the house is sinking." Hime said as if it weren't the most obvious thing in the world.

"I know that! Shut up!" She replied.


Riza turned seeing dozens of Gillmen breaking through the side window.

"This way!" She heard as she looked up and saw that Hime had crawled through the roof window.

"Get back!" Riza said as she kicked various Gillmen down from the window once she got there. "We can't stay here for long!" Risz shouted at Hime. "What should we do?" Various Gillmen started to climb the structure of the building.

"….It seems luck is on our side." Hime smiled as she saw a swan shaped paddle boat lying next to the house. Both Riza and Hime got into the paddle boat. "Go!" Hime ordered as Riza began paddling as hard as she could.

Gillmen were flying through the water after the watercraft. Hime wielded a metal pipe and was fending off impeding attacks. "You need to go faster Riza." Hime said.

"Then why don't you get your ass in here and help me pedal!" Riza shouted angrily as she pushed the pedals as hard as she could. Then a group of Gillmen jumped from the water and descended upon the small watercraft. "Shit!" Riza shouts bracing for impact.


Electricity coursed through the bodies of the Gillmen as their muscles seized up as they fell into the water.

"What/Huh?!" Hime and Riza's eyes widened as they looked for the source.


On the top of the roof of the watercraft, Naruto was crouched holding what looked to be two metal pipes, while at the end of the weapons, sparks of electricity could be seen cracking.

"Naruto?!" Risa cried out as she continued to paddle. Hime just looked at her servant for moment before smirking.

"Fufufu…." She chuckled. Dozens more of Gillmen jumped out of the water. Naruto bobbed and weaved through their attacks as his eskrima knocked the creatures away, electrocuting them in the processes.

"What is that thing?" Risa yelled.

"Short explanation, a really powerful extended tazer!" Naruto grunted out as he delivered another blow to another Gillman's face. His eyes narrowed as he saw more and more Gillmen swimming their direction. "Shit." He said as he pushed Hime back into the boat.

"What are you doing?!" She glared at her servant as he crouched down.

"Suck it!" He said as he thrust the eskrima sticks into the water. "100,000 volts up your ass!" With that, electricity lit up the surrounding craft as Gillmen seized in the water. After a moment, the electricity died down and Naruto took out the eskrima sticks and looked at them. "Damn it." He mumbled as he shook the sticks around. "I just finished making these…." Grumbling as he tried to shake the water out of them.

"Good job Naruto." He heard Hime said. "Now… As much as I'm sure that you enjoy it, would you kindly get off of me." She said emotionlessly. Naruto looked down and saw that he was sitting in his mistress's lap then back up at her face. She was just staring at him impassively.

"S…sorry!" He said as he jumped to the roof of the watercraft. Hime just smirked slightly. Riza looked over slightly still paddling.

'He made that?...' She thought as they reached the shore. They quickly got out as they headed into the wilderness.

Naruto noticed Hime's arm was bleeding slightly. "Hime." He said, "Are you ok?" She put a hand on his shoulder.

"Fufufu…" She said, "Don't worry about me." Naruto nodded as he let his mistress lean on him.

The sounds of drums then sounded throughout the night. "Damn!" Riza said as her arms began to grow into claws. "We're surrounded!" Hundreds of Gillmen started coming out of the trees. "What are we going to do princess?" Hime grimaced.

"I don't like the sound of those drums." Hime said.

"Heh. Me neither." Risa said smirking, "It's the first time we've agreed on anthything." She huffed. "Damn it. I really shouldn't have followed you."


Both Hime and Riza turned their heads only for their eyes to widen. In one hand, Naruto had some type of wire wrapped around his hand, while in the other hand, whirling like a chainsaw behind him, was a 6 ft windmill shuriken ready to cut into the flesh of the advancing creatures.

"WHERE THE HELL DID YOU PULL THAT OUT OF?!" Riza cried out jaw dropping at the size of the weapon. Naruto just gave her a cheeky smirk as he readied himself for battle.

Inwardly, Naruto was sweating. He wasn't used to handling large weapons like these, but it would be the most effective to take out large numbers of canon fodder. Just when he was about to launch his attack, Hime held him back with an outstretched arm.

"Fufufu…" She chuckled, "As much as I would love to see you destroy these trash, I need to know why they have suddenly decided to turn violent." She looked at Naruto, "They were a peaceful clan before…. I want to see why that's changed." Naruto stared at Hime for a moment before nodding his head as he brought down his weapon into the ground.

Minutes Later:

Methodic drumming could be heard as the village of Gillmen danced ceremoniously around a large bonfire. Hime was tied up high in the air on a stake overlooking the entire clan. Naruto growled as he watched the princess stare impassively down upon the Gillmen.

"Hey." Riza said, "Take it easy." She tried to calm Naruto down. "This is the reason why she let us get captured isn't it?" Then another thought came to her mind. "What was that thing you were spinning above your head anyways?" Riza asked as she tried to change his train of thought.

"Windmill Shuriken." Naruto responded. "Basically a six foot weapon with four blades, made of solid steel." Riza was impressed.

"How do you even lift that?" Naruto smirked.

"I'm stronger than I look?" He said cheekily only for the girl to bump her shoulder with his. Honestly, in this situation, it looked as if they were flirting…. But they wouldn't do that with Hime's life in danger…. Right?

"So…." Riza started, "If things go south… Can you get to her in time?" She asked. Naruto grinned.

"The second she tells me, I can be there the next second." Riza looked at Naruto for a moment calculating him.

"When we get back to the mansion, we definitely need to have a little chat…" She mumbled. "There's no way that you're just a human."

Then a shorter, stockier, elderly Gillman came into view holding a cane in his webbed hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you princess…" He gurgled out.

"Hmph…" Hime looked on, "So you're the clan leader huh?"

"We are a clan that lives in the human world." The leader declared raising his hands in the air. "Forsaken and forgotten by the kingdom! You princess have abused your authority!" He cried out. "We have never sworn alliance to the kingdom!"

"Hmph!" Hime huffed. "Why don't we skip past the speech and get to the actual truth." She said gazing down at the elderly leader. "If you actually have a problem with the kingdom then I'll listen. But I'd guess the real reason you haven't killed me is that your actually after my blood…. Is that wrong?" She asked. All the Gillmen gapped at the princess's reasoning.

"Amazing Princess!" The all of the Gillmen all bowed their heads. "Your insight is incredible!" Both Naruto and Riza looked at each other.

"Hey!" The Elder said looking at his clansmen. "What are you doing?! Get up!' He said.

"Whats wrong with them?" Riza asked Naruto who only gave her a shrug.

"He he. " The Elder chuckled, "You are a true princess. I'll get to the point." He then threw his arms up in the air. "Our clan will live forever!" He shouted. "Your blood will grant us immortality! That is what we want!" Cheers from the other Gillmen could be heard behind the Elder.

"Alright." Hime said immediately.

"So fast…" The Elder said to himself in shock.

"So…." Hime smirked gazing down at the clansmen. "Who wants to die first?" Silence permeated throughout the crowd followed by murmurs of confusion. "Yes. Those who drink the blood of the Royal Family become nearly immortal." Hime explained. "But only if they're dead." She looked at the shocked expressions of the Gillmen. "I guess you didn't know that drinking it has no effect on the living. So decided…" She glared, "Which one of you will be the first? Or shall we do all of you at once? Hmm?..." She smirked.


Everyone looked at the sound and saw that Riza had snapped her bonds transforming her arms. "Now's my chance!" She said before racing through the clansmen. "You're the leader!" Riza cried out as she honed in on the Elder and pulled back her claws.

"Stop Riza!" Hime commanded and with less than an inch away from the frightened Elder's face, she halted her claws. "Right now I'm asking them, whether they're willing to pledge eternal loyalty to me…!" She smirked again, "Besides, if I were in any real danger, I would be taken out of here in a second. Right Naruto?" She gazed back behind her and saw Naruto, blade in hand, hanging from the bonds that tied the princess to the post.

"W-What?!" Riza gawked along with the other Gillmen who all shot their eyes to where they had left the blonde teen, only to find a scarecrow dressed in Naruto's clothes, with a sign saying 'Hi. My name is Naruto.'

"Nonsense!" A booming deep voice rang throughout the area. "She's speaking lies." A giant Gillman came out from behind a mountain. Standing about 50 feet tall, the Gillman looked Hime straight in the eyes. "You're being tricked by this girl!" He yells. "She's trying to make fools of us! I'll drink her blood and prove it to you!" He cried out as a webbed hand reached for the girl. Hime stared impassively at the oncoming limb when she saw a ball with strange symbols appear before her eyes.

"Close your eyes." Was all she heard from her servant behind her as she shut her eyes tight.

"GAH!" The giant Gillman cried out as a flash of blinding light went off causing everyone there to cover their eyes from the intensity of the light. When everyone could see again, they looked up and the princess was no longer there. "WHAT?!" The giant Gillman cried out looking for the princess only to find her being protected by both Naruto and Riza. "WHY YOU!" He cried out as he charged at them.

"Enough!" The giant Gillman halted his advance as he heard the Elder's voice. "We've lost." He said half heartily, "Princess… We did want to be immortal…. But we can't kill each other just for that." He said with a hung head.

"CHIEF!" The giant Gillman cried, "Regardless of what you say, I'm not backing down!"

"…In that case, in accordance with the ancient law." Hime said looking up at the giant creature. "Let's settle all of this with a duel. Riza." She said getting the girls attention. "You didn't really come to see me because of a helmet, if you understand what I'm saying…" She left the rest of the conversation for her to figure out.

"…" Riza scratched her head lowering her eyes, "Shut up… I understand." Her arms then transformed as she stood in front of the large Gillman.

"WHAT?" The Gillman asked.

"My name is Riza Wildman." She said, "I'm the daughter of the great warrior Volg Wildman! I accept the honor of serving as the princess' representative," She declared, "And hereby challenge you to a duel!" She cried out looking up at her opponent causing shouts and cries to rain across the Gillmen clans.

"What?! A formal duel?!" One Gillman cried out.

"If we win we get off scott free! How lucky!" Another shouted.

"Hehehe! HEH!" The giant Gillman cackled. "This little girl is going to fight me?!" He laughted.

"…. Hime?" Naruto questioned as he glanced back to his mistress. She put a hand on his shoulder indicating him to relax.

"Enough Naruto…" She said coolly, but with excitement in her eyes. "I want to see what she's capable of…" Naruto nodded his head and turned back to the fight.

"C'mon…" Riza said putting up her dukes. "You overgrown fish!" Her eyes gleamed brighter as the full moon came out from behind the clouds.

"HEHEHEHEHE!" The overgrown fish laughed. Suddenly he launched a webbed hand out at the girl hitting her hard.

"Offmm!" Riza grunted out as she smashed into various concrete statues landing in and into the temple of a nearby shrine.

"HAHAHA!" The giant Gillman cried out, while the other Gillmen cheered enthusiastically.

"WE'RE SAVED!" They cried out together and started to celebrate.

"Is that all you got?" Everyone heard come from the shrine. They looked at the hole and found Riza, torn clothes adorning her body, but nonetheless was without any scratches. She kinked her neck over to the side. "Man…. And here I thought that you were going to be a tough opponent…." She sighed, "Oh well…." She looked over to Nartuo who was slightly gawking at her. "Maybe Naruto will entertain me later on!" She smirked.

Naruto slightly gulped. He knew the hybrid werewolf was tough, but damn…. That girl could take some damage…. If that hand had hit him, he would be dead…

"RAAAAHHH!" Riza cried out as she launched herself at the giant Gillman.

"HRRRKK!" The Gillman cried out in pain as Riza unloaded a whole can of whoop ass on the creature. Her claws were blurs as they dug into the scaly flesh of the beast as blood spurt out everywhere staining the ground red.


The giant Gillman lies in a pool of his own blood and other Gillmen around him tried to help him.

"OKAY!" A Gillman shouted out to a group of other Gillmen holding onto ropes. "GO!" He yelled.

"HEAVE! HEAVE! HEAVE!" The group of GIllmen shouted as they started to pull out the sunken resort out of the lake.

Hime and Riza just watched on as the Gillmen pulled. "Where did Naruto go?" Riza asked.

"He said he needed to get a few things…." Hime said. "I'm guessing those unique weapons of his…." Riza snorted.

"I still need to ask him about that and what's up with him…." Riza paused for a second. "Princess…." She started, "I have a request to make…."

"My answer is yes." Hime chuckled.

"I haven't said anything yet!" Riza shouted as her face flushed.

"Oh." Hime said, "I already know what you're thinking. You don't have to say it." Riza growled.

"Then it doesn't make any sense!" She argued. "I'm going to say it anyways!" She stuffed her hands in her pockets. "….I've come to realize…. That you may have been the one to kill my brother…. But you weren't his real enemy." She looked out onto the lake. "That person, was the one who took me hostage and made my brother…" She stopped. Nothing more needed to be said about that. "I know that right now the Royal Family is engaged in a struggle over the succession. So the one who did it was probably one of your brothers." She slammed a fist into her open palm. "I'm going to kill him! And for that…." She paused.

"You want to be with me." Hime said. "Because if you do such an opportunity will present itself?" She asked smirking.

"That's right!" Riza said. "…But are you really ok with that? You don't seem to want to kill your siblings…" She said hesitantly.

"It's alright." Hime said, "Riza, you're a warrior. You're only really alive when fighting right?"

"I wonder…" Riza said unexcitingly, "I am a half-breed after all…."


Hime and Riza looked as they saw the small figure of Naruto something large on his back, speeding away on Riza's bike. Riza just blinked for a second.

"THAT BASTARD!" She growled out. "I'M GONNA KILL HIM WHEN I GET A HOLD OF HIM!" She snarled. Hime just looked curiously as his figure disappeared.

"Flandre!" She said loudly getting the attention of her soaking wet servant. "Get the car…. We're leaving now." She said as she started heading for the car.

"Princess!" Riza shouted. "Where are you going?!" She asked as she was still pissed at Naruto for jacking her bike.

"…To satisfy my curiosity…." She said walking away leaving a confused Riza staring at her back.

With Naruto:

'Man… Riza is literally going to kill me…' He thought as he sped down the road on her bike. Most likely she was literally going to stick one of her claws in him, but he didn't want Hime and Riza to find out about this…. Well more than he had already let them know. He looked over his shoulder and made sure his weapons were secure. He didn't have the materials with him to seal them… and he couldn't really just leave them there. They were damn expensive and hard to obtain. 'Hopefully I can at least seal the shuriken….' With that he sped down the road.

With Hime and Riza in the car:


The ride was extremely silent as the two sat in the back as Flandre drove down the road. Hime had closed her eyes and folded her arms as it seemed as though she was content with the silence. Riza was fidgety, and uncomfortable with the ever-silent princess. Then she remembered something.

"Say…." She started as Hime slightly opened her eyes. "…Do you know what Naruto did exactly before he became your blood warrior?" She asked. Hime closed her eyes once again.

"I have my speculations, but no…. Why?" Hime asked. Riza looked over.

"He's what 14?" She asked, "What kind of 14 year old has scars like that?" She questioned.

"…." Hime didn't respond for what felt like was several minutes. "Scars?..." She asked quietly. Riza just looked confused.

"You don't know?" She asked, "Yea, I saw a lot of scars that ran across his body when we went swimming in the lake." She couldn't help but feel herself slightly heat up at the sight of Naruto and those scars of his.

"…." Hime didn't respond once again. "So he is one…." She said quietly, only to be picked up by Riza's superb hearing.

"One of what?" She asked now intrigued with the mystery of Naruto.

"A shinobi…" Hime said, "But then why would he be with….." She paused. "…..I see….." and with that, she was silent for the rest of the drive to the mansion.

At the Mansion:

'Alright. Careful here.' Naruto said as he stuck his tongue out of the side of his mouth in concentration. What looked to be black ink was being carefully drawn on his forearms. Scrolls surrounded the boy, various symbols were written everywhere as Nartuo worked concentrating on his work. He had already finished lining his clothes with his weapons, now he just needed to finish his emergency stash, which he found that he was having to use quite regularly. 'There! Done!' Happy to be done with that. Now all he had to do was….-


He jumped slightly grabbing a kunai and guarding himself only to see his mistress with Riza and Flandre right behind her, standing in his doorway.

"HEY! You bastard!" Riza shouted as she pushed past Hime ready to pummel the boy when she looked at his arm and surrounding scrolls. "….What are you doing?" She asked as it looked as if he was trying to give himself some homemade tattoos.

"…." Naruto looked away slightly. 'Well… Shit….' He thought. Hime then walked forward and extended her hand.

"Let me see." She said, but was basically ordering. Naruto looked reluctant. "Naruto… You already told me." She said. Naruto sighed as she continued to hold out her hand. He lifted up his arm and showed his mistress who immediately started to inspect the symbol drawn.

"Huh…." Riza said confused. "Am I the only one who is lost here?" She asked. Hime dropped his hand

"Show me…" She said. Naruto hesitated again for just a second before nodding his head. He bit his thumb and smeared his blood across the symbol before taking his kunai and placed it upon the symbol. It glowed for a brief second before….


In a cloud of smoke, the weapon and symbol had disappeared. Hime looked upon Naruto's arm as Riza decided to do a perfect impression of a shocked fish.

"….What just happened?" Riza finally asked after a few seconds.

"Fuinjutsu…" Hime stated as she looked at the different materials that Naruto had gathered to perform the unique art. "The art of sealing…. Only…." She began, "I thought that it was only effective with living entities." She said as her gaze fell back on Naruto. "I'm guessing this is a subset of the art?" She asked. Naruto nodded slightly.

"….How the hell do you know all of this Naruto?" Riza asked. "I mean… You move quicker than any human that I have ever seen. You use these strange weapons making them appear out of thin air…. I mean…. How?" She asked looking at the boy. Naruto looked at the ground for a second.

"That's because he's a shinobi…" Hime stated pushing her hair back. "Only two types kinds of groups possess techniques such as these. Priests and priestess's, and ninja's." Naruto continued to still look down. "Or I should say that it originated with the priests and priestess's using spiritual energies to seal up evil spirits. Shinobi though, stole the techniques for themselves and began to see these sealing ceremonies as methods of containing great power for their own utilization." Hime explained. "But due to the complexity of the nature of the techniques, there are few who actually specialize in the art. If one were to make as much as a simple mistake in the performance of the technique, their own soul would be at stake." Riza's eyes widened.

"Why the hell are you doing it Naruto?! If it's so dangerous, why would you do that?!" She yelled. Naruto still never looked up at the three in the room.

"… The Uzumaki clan…." He started, "Is specialized in the sealing arts…." He said, "I've been training in the arts since before I could remember." He sighed, if he was going to let them know about fuinjutsu, he might as well let them know most of what was going on. "Hime is correct. Originally fuinjutsu was used solely for the containment of evil spirits." He confirmed. "But as time went on, the Uzumaki clan found other methods for sealing these evil spirits. They found that spirits were not the only things that they could seal. Other living entities could be sealed within the techniques."

"Like demons…." Hime confirmed. Naruto looked up and nodded. "Even one of the greatest demon lords of all time…. The Kyuubi no Kitsune…" Naruto's eye's shot open as well as Riza's.

"No way…" Riza said in awe. Everyone had heard of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. Who hadn't. He was basically the epidemy of evil. Mothers would tell their children stories of the evil demon lord to make sure that they would behave, or the evil Kyuubi would come and eat them up. Humans possessed such techniques? She had never known about this fact.

Hime continued to watch Naruto carefully. The boy was almost trembling the moment that she had said its name. After a minute, Naruto nodded his head.

"Not only demon lords, but also inanimate objects such as weapons." Naruto said hastily. "The Uzumaki clan found various means to be able to manipulate the trigram seals that are used." He then held up his arm. "Instead of taking the time to build up our spiritual energy within the body, we can forcefully take it out by means of our blood."

"… I see…." Hime said, eyes never leaving Naruto's form. "…. The only question is then…. How did you end up living with Sawawa if you were trained in the shinobi arts?" Naruto's eyes' widened as she saw his fist clenched.


Naruto was silent for about five minutes before Riza was about to open her mouth before Hime bided her against it.

"Naru…-" She started carefully only to have him interrupt her.

"Please…." He whispered causing slight surprise in both Hime and Riza. Flandre just looked on questioning what was going on. "Not yet….." he said. "….Please… I'll serve you with everything that I have…. Just please…. Don't ask me that yet….." He pleaded without moving. Nobody moved for a moment. Then Naruto felt a hand placed on his shoulder. He looked up and into Hime's soft smiling eyes.

"When you are ready…" She said, "I will always be here to listen to you." She squeezed his shoulder slightly before getting up and started to walk out the door. "Become better Naruto." She said walking away. "I'm expecting extraordinary things from you." Riza looked back at Naruto who was still sitting on the floor before following the princess out along with Flandre.

"Hey Princess." Riza said as she walking in line with her. "Is it really ok to leave him like that?" She asked, "I mean, he looked pretty distraught." She said worried for her new friend.

"That's the reaction of someone who hasn't trusted anyone in a very long time." She said. "There are only two ways that Naruto could have ended up as Sawawa's brother. The first, his village abandoned him." She said as Riza's eyes narrowed. "If they did that, then they would have sent others after him to execute him….. The other option is that he ran away himself…. And from his reaction…. I would say that it's the latter." Riza quirked an eyebrow.

"That doesn't sound like Naruto though." She said thinking about Naruto's personality. "He doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would do something like that." Hime sighed.

"Regardless." She said, "There are very few clans that are adapted in the arts of fuinjutsu. I doubt that they would simply banish Naruto for any reason. They would want to keep the arts for themselves….. And Naruto said it himself… He's a special case…. His clan was able to go further with the art than any other clan apparently has…." Riza listened carefully to what the princess was telling her. "In any case…. If they find out that Naruto is still alive…. It's going to become extremely difficult for everyone." She stated as she walked out of the hallway leaving Riza to ponder her own thoughts.

The Next Day:

Naruto sighed as he sat in his classroom. Ever since the incident with the other guys, people had been avoiding him like the plague. Rumors had spread saying that he hospitalized 5 guys and then mercilessly beat their families as well. The rumors were getting kind of ridiculous, but there wasn't really anything that could be done. It was probably better for everyone if they just stayed their distance from him. Naruto knew that he couldn't lead a normal life after he had become Hime's servant after all…..

….Hime's servant…. What the hell was wrong with him? He even let Riza be there to find out what exactly he was….. At one end, he was furious with himself for all of the obvious rookie mistakes that he had been making around these two…. But on the other hand, a part of him was glad that they were finding out more about him…. And accepting him….. It was…. Liberating.

"Alright class." The teacher came into the room. "Get in your seats. I have news for you today." He adjusted his glasses. "From today on we're getting a new transfer student. You may come in." Murmurs ran throughout the class as the door opened to reveal a cute looking girl walk in. She had brown hair that was done up into two buns on the top of her head. Her body looked well conditioned as many eyes roamed the length of her legs as well as her modest bust size. She walked in with confidence and stood smiling at everyone in the class.

"Hi there!" She said brightly, "My name is Tenten! Please take good care of me!"


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