Myths and Legends: A Bella Swan Story.

Summary: Can Bella stand up to her heritage? Can she save a tribe with the help of her friends? Even though she has done so much for others can she carry on and be what she was born to be? This is a Bella Swan story, but Jake and the pack will be a big part of it.

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Author: Peggy McDaniel McCombs

Pairing: Bella/Jake

Beta: The amazing Maria Vilson

Genre: The Twilight Universe/Fantasy

Rate: M for its sexual content and language.

Chapter 1

Bella Marie Swan Van Helsing.

I sat on the hill side looking out over the horizon. It was beautiful here, even with the darkness that enveloped the small town below, the lights glowing softly from the street lamps and the windows of the small houses. It was just enough to make shadows to hide evidence of those who might go knocking in the night. The light flickering through the trees making it look like stars twinkling against the backdrop of the midnight sky.

I love this time of night, it's so quiet. The only sounds are crickets rubbing their hind legs together giving off a chirping vibration. Somehow I find it calming. I close my eyes and smile as I take in a deep breath, smelling the freshness of the pine trees after the mist of rain that fell not long ago and of wildflowers that I can't see but know are close nearby.

I feel so at peace until I open my eyes and look down at myself, sighing, at the state of my dress. I can see that the black leather jumpsuit that fits tight against my body is covered in mud and muck, along with the knee high steeled-toed strapped boots presenting at least an inch of mud on their soles.

I rubbed my eyes with the heels of my hands, realizing how tired I am, thinking back on how long it had been since I laid my head down on a nice soft pillow and completed a night's rest.

Where was I again? I wondered. After jumping from town to town, they all started to look the same. I had traveled all over the World from one reservation to the next, helping them with whatever they needed.

I was a missionary of sorts without god being part of my service. God never helped any of these people and it showed with their poverty, and the state of their lands.

"I found myself back at the motel, letting myself in after fighting with the lock. After closing the door I leaned against it, I sighed as I spied my surroundings. The room held only a double bed, a desk, and a television that didn't work.

I walked to my bag that sat at the end of the bed on a luggage rack, rummaging through it until I found a change of clothes and made my way to the shower. After disrobing myself of my soiled clothing, pulling the tie from my hair, releasing it from its high ponytail, shaking it free, letting it cascade down my back. I stepped into the shower, regulating the temperature to as hot as my body could stand.

After ridding myself of the filth, I wrapped the dingy white towel around me and walked to the sink. Picking up my toothbrush I scrubbed my teeth.

I stare at myself in the mirror, wondering what happen to that "sort of" pretty face that used to be there. Now as I look, I only see a tanned face that was in dire need of lotion and a scar that traveled down one side of my face barely missing my eye, puckered in places from the way it had healed.

"God, what has become of me?" I asked myself, as I rubbed my hands across my tired dry face. I looked middle aged and I was still only twenty four years old.

I moisturized my face and body before slipping on the worn out tee-shirt I wore to bed and have since I left Forks years before. It belonged to my so-called friend who ran me off after a confrontation with him that broke my heart yet again.

I slowly walked to the bed and dropped onto the semi-soft sheets, lying back, as I stared at the ceiling thinking back to the days when life was easy, or easier than they were now.

I remembered moving to Forks with Charlie, going to school and graduating. I remember meeting a beautiful creature and finding out later what he truly was. I remember him leaving me out in the woods broken, as he left taking his beloved family with him never to be seen or heard from again.

I remembered Jake putting me back together, vying for my love; only to chase me off later, telling me if I come back I would be hurt; breaking my heart yet again.

I learned later why he did it and understood it, but still couldn't get over the heartache he left me with. I went off to college in the East studying Native American history, graduating at the top of my class. I ended up teaching on a reservation up in Northern Michigan. Loved being there, loved the people, loved the land, but man was it cold in the winter months.

While there one day, a man came to see me. He was tall. His hair was shiny and black. It was so long that he kept it pulled back and tied; his eyes were chocolate brown. He was built like a warrior and for a moment I thought he might be like Jake and his friends, but learned much later that he was something completely different.

He told me a story of how he met a young woman while he was in the upper Northwest Peninsula some twenty five years ago. He told me that he fell in love with her the minute he laid eyes on her. He said they talked until early the next morning. He said he met her again later that same week and they spent a night of pure bliss.

He wanted to live his life with this woman, but later found out she was married and she wouldn't leave her husband for him or anyone else. She left him a broken man.

He continued telling me that he found out later that this woman had a child nine months to the day of them being together. He met with her asking if the child was his. She told him that it wasn't and even if it was she would never admit that it was so.

He told me that he watched this child grow from a distance, and when this child grew into a beautiful woman he watched her get involved with a creature that he knew well. He said he approached the creature's leader, he told him that he knew what he was and then proceeded to tell him what he, himself was and that he would let his coven live if they left and never returned.

He also told me that he found out that this leader was also a doctor. He found this hard to believe, but in his state of wanting to know if this child he had followed all her life was his or not he let this creature take a blood sample to finally end his tormented desire to know the truth.

He also knew from watching said girl that she was on the more clumsy side, he knew that this supposed-doctor would have a sample of her blood to match with his and before this coven left he found out that indeed this girl was his child.

He told me that I was this child and that he and Renee had an affair while she was with Charlie. Of course I called him a liar, but down deep in my heart I knew it was true.

I asked him how he made the Cullen's leave with the threat of death, I asked him, who or what he was that he could make a family of vampires run for their lives? He smiled and told me to go to my mother and ask her about my Father, if I didn't believe what he said was true.

As for what he was…he told me he would meet with me to explain that part as well, but only if I believed that he was my true father. He left me there confused and upset. I wondered who he was or better yet what he was.

I had knowledge of the supernatural world; I always wondered why I was thrown into this world. I was nothing more than mere human, why was it so important that I be involved in all this death with creatures making themselves known to me?

On our Christmas break I did go to my mother and confronted her about the affair with this man. At first she denied it; but, when she finally realized that the man confronted me on it, she gave in and admitted she had an affair with this man.

However she swore I belonged to Charlie. When I told her that he compared blood samples and he found out that I belonged to him, she hung her head in shame. She admitted that she really hadn't known for sure; and, that through the years she made herself believe I was Charlie's and never thought of it again.

I left there knowing that this man was my father. I always wondered why I never really felt close to Charlie when I was living with Renee.

I knew or thought he was my father, but I didn't feel for him the way normal kids feel for their dads. I mean I just thought it was because I never saw that much of him throughout the years. Don't get me wrong, I love Charlie, he was the only dad I knew at the time, even if I didn't see much of him. But now I realized why I wasn't that close to him. He wasn't my biological father.

Shortly after my return, the man came back to me. He asked me if Renee told me the truth, and I told him she had. He apologized, telling me he didn't want to hurt me by any means. He told me if he had proof before all this happened he would have been there for me and he would have loved and taken care of me the way he should have been allowed too from the beginning.

My father's name was Abraham Van Helsing, but I called him Adam. Yes, he was the direct descendant of the Van Helsing's from the book written by Bram Stoker; but of course Mr. Stoker fabricated the way vampires really were in real life.

I guess he thought it would be boring if a vampire could only be killed by dismemberment and fire, or maybe he did know and it was his way of covering it up. If only they really knew.

Adam said it was rumored that Bram Stoker was really a vampire or even a slayer, but it was so long ago no one really knew for sure. He continued telling me that only the Native American's believed the stories of vampires. They had been written about in their folk-lore for many years; and, to protect themselves became shifters, such as wolves. There were many different kind of shifters, depending on the tribe and what they found sacred.

He began to explain what I was and the strength I had. He wanted to train me to be who I was meant to be. I declined at first, but he told me that because of who and what I was the threat would always be there and is one of the reasons I was always thrown in the midst of danger.

It was my destiny to be a slayer. So I gave my two-week notice and left with my father to train.

That was a little over a year ago. God it seemed like a life time ago. In one of our battles we fought against a gifted vampire, one who was much like Alec of the Volturi who could blind us from all our sense's, and did so with my father Adam.

He killed my father faster than I could swing my sword. After burning the vampire to ash, I knelt down next to my father, as he whispered with his last breath how sorry he was for not being there while I grew up, he told me he loved me and would be watching over me from the spirit world. He told me to remember all he taught me, and to always watch my back.

He told me he knew I suffered much on the reservation at La Push, but that I needed to swallow my pride and return there. That it was like the heart of where evil was drawn, and one of the reasons I was there to begin with. He told me they were in danger even with the wolves being as strong as they were, and would meet their doom if I didn't return and fight next to them in the end.

He placed a hand on my cheek and smiled at me before telling me he was proud to call me daughter. His hand dropped as he closed his eyes, leaving me alone to face the fight that was my destiny.

I buried my father on that reservation in New Mexico that day. As the tribe danced and celebrated their freedom from the evil that was killing their people, I lay next to my father's grave and cried for my loss and for my fear of what was to come.

I had grown to love him in that short year I was with him. We lived together, had good times together, laughed and cried together, as well as fought together. I picked up my knife that was sheaved into the holster from the night stand, as I looked it over turning it slowly in my hand with thoughts of him.

He gave me this sword, that when looked at, was nothing more than a buoy knife that I wore on my belt. It was connected and worked with my emotions. If I wanted to merely pick my fingernail with it, it was just that, a knife, but if I pulled it out of its holster to fight, it grew into a long sword rimmed with a blue, white fire.

With one swipe of this blade across a vampire's body, would open him up like slicing a hot knife through butter, the fire would ignite the vampire's venom and burn them to ash before they even knew they had been cut.

I found out a lot about myself that year training with my father. I had the power to block most vampires' gifts, which is why Edward couldn't read my mind. I was also fast.

I knew I could run fast, from previous experience. I was always running away from something or another while I was young. I was fast back then, but I'm faster now, I am no more than a blur to a shifter or vampire's eyes, and a human wouldn't be able to see me move at all.

Once I gave into the belief of what I was, a force struck and ran throughout my body. It changed my body physically and internally. I found the strength that I needed as a slayer. My body became firmer, stronger. I was able to take on more than in my human state.

I had to learn, to teach myself not to destroy my surroundings. I once picked up my cell phone only to crush it with little civility. I learned to concentrate in my everyday way of doing things and soon found it easier to maneuver in an everyday manner with little effort. My newfound strength became a part of me and I became what I am today.

With the last words of my father, I began working myself back to Washington, going to other tribes when called along the way. That's why I'm here today. I took care of the problem here on this reservation.

A group of vampires tried to set up housekeeping so to speak, near the reservation, feeding on the tribe's people. I silently climbed into the trees and watched as they descended on a group of teens out for a late night swim near the Rez. I dropped from my perch as they made their way to the kids, intercepting them before they even got close enough to do any harm. With a swipe of my sword I took out the first two, flying around the other four before they even knew I was even there, taking out them all before they could be surprised at my presence, burning them all to ash.

I did a swoop of the area, to make sure there wasn't more hiding in the shadows before settling in on the edge of the hill looking over the town below.

I lay here remembering my time as a child and times with my newly found father, finding it strange that I missed him so much when it has only been a little over a year since I met him, but I do. The tears still find my eyes as I think of him and wish he was here to share my life. I blame my mother for not sharing him with me, missing an entire life time with my true father. I still to this day refuse to speak to her.

Of course, I love Charlie. After all he was the only man I knew as a father growing up. It wasn't his fault Renee cheated on him and had a child by another man with the ruse of him being the father. He still to this day believes I am his child.

I know I should tell him. It isn't fair to him to keep this a secret. I know he would still love me whether I was his or not. All the summers I spent with him as a child, as well as the two years I lived with him before graduation.

I've kept in contact with him even when I was with my true father. Of course I would wait until Adam went into town or was at a meeting with one of the chiefs, I didn't want to hurt his feelings and I'm sure he would have understood, but I never did it in front of him. I felt as though I would be rubbing his face in it or something.

I finally found sleep, dosing off thinking of all that had happened during my life, even if it was only a few hours, it was more than I usually got.

When I woke up I threw my feet over the edge of the bed and walked to the bathroom to relieve myself and washed my face. I dressed quickly in my street clothes; this time a pair of holey jeans and tee-shirt, along with my three inch heel knee dress boots. I through on my hoodie and packed my bag, loading it in my jeep. I walked to the office to check out before driving to the reservation to meet with the chief to tell him his troubles were over, as far as having to deal with vampires.

After leaving the reservation I stop by the ATM to draw out some money for my continued journey. As I punched in the information I thought back to the email I received from Alice just after they left. She told me how sorry she was that they had to leave, that it was for my best interest, as everyone always did back then.

It was always for my best interest. No one ever let me decide what was best for me, not even my own mother, as she kept my true father from me. But Alice proceeded to tell me how bad Carlisle felt for dragging me into their world and said he set-up a savings account for me. I guess he felt giving me money would ease his conscience. She told me where to find the account book and everything I would need would be with it.

I took myself to the Cullen's house and sure enough I found the contents she told me of. There was a book showing its balance, which was more than I could spend in a life time; and, a name of a man who would be making investments in my name, which paid off in the end.

At first I thought of throwing it away, but as I thought about it, why not keep it after the way they left me. They treated me as if I was nothing more than a pet. They owed me, so I kept it. I also found out that they paid for my college education as well.

So here I am a very wealthy woman. With what the Cullen's left me and what I received after my father death I am able to continue my father's fight that he had fought for years and live comfortably in the process. I shook myself out of my musing, grabbed the money from the ATM, gassed up my Jeep, and headed northwest, towards the Peninsula, towards Forks, towards home.

In the next few chapter you'll find out why Bella calls Abraham "Adam" …thanks for reading…huggs