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Chapter 26

The Epilogue

Tashunca and I walked over to the brothers and stood before them. I dropped my shield only to have Caius charge towards me; but, before he got close Raphael stood in front of us and blocked him, his wings spread out for the first time proving who exactly he was in all his glory to the brothers and surrounding wolves. He put up his hand as the remaining vampires dropped to their knees.

"You will stop and listen to what the Slayer has to say, for if you do not, it will not only be you who will perish, but all of your kind. You will be wiped from this existence without a single thought," Raphael warned.

I looked at him with awe, I guess he wasn't lying. It was true what he said, he only left out the part about the vampires roaming around the earth doing as they pleased until they had wiped out all human kind, and all of their food supply to boot, and then starving until they were wiped out of existence as well.

Aro put out his hand to stop Caius from fighting. He wanted to hear what I had to say. They finally got to their feet and looked at Raphael and then to me.

"I see you have powerful friends my dear," Aro said, keeping an eye on Raphael as he spoke.

"Yes, well he isn't your main concern at the moment," I told him as he turned to look at me with his eyebrows lost in his hair line waiting for me to finish.

"You are defeated Aro. You along with your brothers, and what is left of your guard can go free…if you follow some rules I will lay out for you," I told him. He looked at me in shock and then to Raphael.

"Kill them Aro, and if you won't I will," Caius yelled charging once again. I pulled my sword and spun around and placed it against his neck as the flames licked his hardened skin. Raphael yelled stop, before I could end the trouble maker's life; I looked at him before I spoke.

"You said they still had to rule, you didn't say all of them had to rule," I said between my teeth, as Caius whimpered waiting for me to finish what I started.

"True…carry on child," Raphael reconsidered.

"No! Please," Aro begged "Don't kill him, I can handle him…please," he begged once again. I lowered my sword as it transformed into it natural form and I sheathed it into its holster. I shoved Caius back as he stumbled and then gained his stability, but kept his mouth shut.

"Forgive my brother, he is the warrior of the three of us, his mind is constantly in war mode.

"And that is what will get him killed," I warned.

Caius grunted out "we'll see," just below his breath, but we all heard him. I looked at Raphael.

"Do you see? They are evil Raphael, they will not hold to a promise. We should just kill them now and be done with them," I suggested harshly.

"No…please! We will hold to any promise, if you allow us to live. I will take control of Caius…please," Aro pleaded. Raphael looked over at him.

"Yes, you will hold to the promise Vampire or the Wrath of the Creator will rain down on you, and that is something you would never wish to see," he explained. He looked at me. "Make your treaty with the vampires," he ordered. I huffed and turned back to the brothers.

"If it was left to me I would see you all burned to ash, but as you see it is not my choice to make. You will live 'If' you abide by what I say here today," I told him.

"Thank you, what is it you ask of us?" Aro asked relieved.

"I do not ask, I demand it to be so or you will not only feel the Wrath of the Creator, but my Wrath as well, which I am sure, 'The Almighty' had in mind in the first place," I answered, and continued before he could say anything.

"You will go back to your castle and rule your kind, but hear this…You are never to bite a human and turn them for your own purposes. If you need guards you will use your own kind to do so. You will never hunt in search of a human with gifts and turn them for your guard," I repeated my order, in more detail.

"You will also leave this Reservation alone…forever. That also includes the surrounding towns; as a matter of fact you will order all vampires to stay away from the state of Washington. It is taboo to any of your kind…Is that understood?" I asked glaring at my enemy, daring them to disagree so I could burn them to ash, damn the consequences.

Aro, looked between both brothers, as Marcus shrugged his shoulders, I'm sure not caring either way, and then to Caius, who growled, but nodded in agreement. I could see he would be the problem in upcoming months and maybe even years.

"We agree with your requests," Aro said, and before either one of us say another word Raphael pulled out a scroll and placed it between us.

"Each of you hold out a finger," Raphael demanded in his deep voice. The brothers looked at one another before proceeding. Raphael took one of his finger nails and sliced the tips of each of the brother's fingers as it was nothing to him, and placed each print from each of them on the bottom of the scroll. He then looked at me.

"Isabella," is all he said. I huffed, but extended my finger as well. He jabbed the tip of my finger and placed it next to the brother's venomous finger prints that dotted the paper, as I left my bloody finger print on the parchment as well.

"It is done," Raphael said as he pocketed the scroll and walked away and stood next to Adam. I looked at the brothers with a scowl. Remember what was said here. If any of you break the treaty you forfeit your lives and those who you rein over," I told them, as they all bowed their heads and backed away to leave.

After they disappeared Jake sent Sam and Paul to follow to make sure they left. Jake walked over to me and pulled me into a hug. In that moment all of the anxiousness and disdain drained from my body with just a touch from Jake.

"Are you alright?" he asked. I sighed and gave him a smile and nodded to let him know I was fine.

"Was anyone hurt?" I asked worriedly. Jake shook his head.

"Only minor cuts and bruising, nothing more than that and even they are already healed," he said proudly. He smiled back and tucked me under his arm as we turned to the others.

Tashunca stood in front of the wolves, with Jake and I just in front of them, as we all stared at the Angel Raphael with Adam standing next to him at the edge of the woods.

Adam took a step towards me, as Jake released me to do the same. Adam smiled and turned the top part of his body and held out his hand to Raphael, or I thought that's what he was doing until I saw a slight disturbance in the space next to Raphael and then a woman stood there next to him.

She walked to Adam and took his hand. Adam pulled her next to him and smiled at her with a love I've only seen between imprints, and then looked at me.

"Bella, this is Elizabeth, my beloved. She is the reason I became what I was in life, and you are what you are now. You have avenged my death as well as hers, and I will never be able to repay you for all you have done," he said.

"Thank you Isabella, your father is correct. We will never be able to repay you for all you and the pack have done for us. We are finally together again. I know you miss him, but know he is safe and loved. I will take good care of him in this realm," Elizabeth explained. I nodded and wiped a single tear away now knowing Adam would be returning to where ever it was one goes to after death.

Adam released Elizabeth and walked over to me and took my hands in his and brought them to his lips. He kissed them and looked at me with a smile.

"I will miss you my child, but know I love you so very much, and it pleases me to know that you have this Alpha to care for
you and love you for the rest of your days on this earth. No father could be prouder. Be well my child and thank you," he said pulling me into a hug, kissing the side of my head, and then backed away to stand next to Elizabeth.

They joined hands and moved back to where Raphael stood, and once again the air was disturbed as a bright light appeared, and with its disappearance they were gone. Raphael looked at me and smiled.

"I will be watching over you my child, and never worry about Adam, for he is in my care now. If you need me just call; I will hear you. Take care of yourselves," he said as he lowered his head and was gone as well.

I felt a pair of warm arms wrap around me from behind and pull me to his chest. "He'll be fine honey," he said as I turned and stood on my tip toes and gave Jake a sweet kiss.

I turned to the Tashunca, "Is it all over Tashunca?" I asked. He smiled and nodded his head.

"It's over Bella, the tribe is safe the prophecy is fulfilled, all that is left is to record it into tribal history, which Jake will do."

"Which Dad, will do, as I tell it to him. He has much better penmanship than I do," Jake said with a chuckle.

I giggled and looked at the rest of the pack. "Well…who's up for a late lunch?" I asked as the pack hooped and hollered. They were always hungry, but deserved a good meal for all they had gone through today.

Jake sent Quil to fetch Colin, Brady, the imprints and the Elders that had joined the ladies to be protected as well, to join us and it wasn't long before Sam and Paul returned with the news that the brothers were well long gone. We ate and explained all that had happened to the elders once they had joined us.

They were in awe of the fact that an Angel was on hand to help if necessary and even more shocked to find he was my grandfather. The battle was over and we could all get back to our normal lives, which we were exceedingly happy about.

Tashunca and his pack stayed for three months after the battle wanting to be here for our wedding. It was a beach wedding, and the guys laid a wooden path so Charlie could walk or I should say wheel me down the aisle. His happiness glowed through his eyes as he told Old Quil that it was he who gave this bride to be wed.

Yes, Old Quil officiated the wedding to everyone's shock. It seemed even with his open belief that it wasn't a paleface's place to be married to the Chief of the tribe, he found me to be not only a paleface, but part Angel and I think it scared him just a little that when his time came to join his beloved in heaven, that Raphael would do him harm.

And yes, Charlie was released from the hospital a week after the battle, and was a horror to be around, understandably. But once Billy put him in his place and told him he was no better than he was, even better considering he had the love of a good woman by his side and he didn't, Charlie seemed to come out of his funk.

Charlie's mood changed a few days after that meeting, and he began to think how lucky he was to have what he had whether he could walk or not.

And for what I meant awhile back about what I could do to help Charlie, it was not as simple as I once believed. I talked to Raphael about it before he left us. I asked him if I had the power to heal the sick. He told me that I did, but that I should pick and choose the ones I healed, that some were meant to pass on to the other realm, and some were meant to be challenged in this realm.

He looked at me and I knew he meant Charlie. I wasn't meant to heal Charlie, even though I wanted to more than anything I've ever done before. But, I came to understand that if someone was meant to live out their life in this manner, and I was to heal them, that something else more devastating would happen to them. So I left it in the Creator's hands.

Officer James Mathews took office as Chief of Police, and I couldn't be happier for him. He deserved to be Chief with all the years he worked on the force. I prayed he would be safe and take care of himself in that placement.

Charlie was happy for him as well; he said he was a good man and offered him any help he needed.

A week after the wedding, Tashunca and his pack left to rejoin his tribe once again after a long stay with us, to our sadness. We were going to miss the King of the shifters and his pack. We had grown to think of them as our brothers and sisters and promised to stay in touch.

Paul, to our devastation, went with them to be with his mate, but David opted to stay with us to be near his mate Leah, who also started spending time with Old Quil learning the art of being a Shaman.

She and Old Quil argued continuously over bringing new life to the tribe, but Old Quil stood firm. But I knew Leah, and how strong willed she was, Old Quil never stood a chance when it came to the she wolf she was. I smiled knowing things were about to change.

Leah became a new person once she imprinted on David, she even started hanging out with the imprints…the same imprints she hated not six months ago. Things were already changing in the pack and I couldn't be happier.

The pack still patrolled, not as much as they used to, but they did so, because every now and again the wolves would find a bloodsucker sleeking around in the woods, but, I realized, it would take time for the brothers to get a firm hand on the multitude of vampires that roam our earth. Or at least I hoped that was the case, or I'd have to take a little trip to Italy to set them straight.

We finally had that meeting with the families, by way of a bonfire on the beach, and they; although irate at first, finally knew of the wolves, and as suspected were finally proud of their son's, letting them know appropriately.

So things were getting better on the Reservation as time went on. I took on writing a journal to tell my story and all the adventures I had been on.

Which I was doing at the moment, but I had to stop long enough to throw up my breakfast before continuing to write my last thoughts. I sat on the floor with a cold wash cloth on my face as the thought came to my mind why I was sick. I placed a hand on my stomach, and smiled.

"Life goes on…"

~The End~

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