Hiya all! my first fan fic on this site!

its a pokemon one and its based around the tinyfishhugefishredfishbluefishshipping (kyogre x magikarp) all the pokemon in here are gijinkas/moemon and allmost all the names have the pronunceation in brackets. i will be uploding art on to my DA later so look out for that!

the rating is T for the later chapters.

i do not own pokemon or its characters.

now, on with the story!

Her long blue, red and white dress… that navy hair and the smile that only she could pull off. As I walked over to my class, she stood there, waiting, by her locker, talking to her mates. I knew it was her. The transfer student from hoenn, Kyogre.

I was the biggest dork in the school and I had the biggest crush of all time on the unique and semi-popular yet unbelievably pretty girl kyogre. In this world we are all what you may call gijinka's very strong gijinkas are called legend keepers and they hold special items that separate them from the rest. Such as kyogre, who holds a trident, and dilgi (d-ill-g-ee), jgiri (j-eye-r-ee) and polli (aw come on you know how to pronounce that one.) the holders of the spears. I, on the other hand, do not have anything like that. I am lame, weak, and very 'dorky'. My name is….. Magikarp.

Why oh why did I have to be born so…LAME?! But let me tell you, the one that gets all the most popularity in this school, is the very obnoxious, ave melode (ah-v-ay Mel-oh-day.) her elder sister isn't that bad though, Ave gets all the attention whilst, on the other hand, I only have two mates! The mischievous, celeba and the boring slackoth, we all have friendship groups in this school, and they all have names. Mine, the lame-o group. The name says it all really. At lunch, whilst I was at the cafeteria, I could swear that kyogre was looking at me. With those beautiful eyes. I fell under her spell and looked back at her. Before tripping up on ave's foot.

'Damn you!' I thought as I hauled myself up off the ground and dusted myself down.

She was looking at me slyly. With her evil green eyes. "How'd the trip go magi?" she cackled. Then I heard a familiar voice from behind us.

"Now that was uncalled for wasn't it ave?!"

Ave gasped at this monstrosity! How DARE how very DARE her measly older sister talk to her like that! Poirot (pu-why-oh) was standing up and pointing at me. Poirot melode was ave's older sister, and one of the biggest-and most elegant- fighters in the whole school.

"Oh you've done it now hon!" ave shouted. They both scowled. Ave had a type advantage, but poirot was clearly stronger. The sisters rose to their feet and initiated their battle stances. Poirot held her hand in a diagonal. One in front of her, one behind. (Like neji from naruto when he is doing the 64 palms jutsu.) Whilst ave held her hands up to her chest as if she was holding a microphone.

"Battle commence!" shouted the battle loving boy Terrakion.

The two of them launched in to one of the most intense battles I have ever seen in my life.

Psychic, close combat and even the occasional relic song where being exchanged between the siblings. The peace lover quaziz (qu-ah-ziz) lost it and oxyis (ox-is) had to escort him out of the hall. Blows and blows where exchanged until finally someone came to stop them. The head girl arzcye. (ar-zz-yee, yeah weird spelling.) One judgment and BANG they were down.

"Now you," she said "BETTER CALM DOWN OR I WILL SEND YOU TO THE HEADS OFFICE!" she was shouting directly at ave, after all, it was no joke that arzcye was very, VERY good friends with Poirot. They both shared a love, and talent, for fighting and war.

It would be world war 3 when the two of them battled.

Still, ave was scared like hell and was forced to retreat to her fashion invaded locker.

"Well….."Arzcye sighed "that should do it."

"Thanks!" Poirot cheered and went over to get her special deputy head girls' lunch.

I quietly made my way over to the back table- table 9- where celeba and slackoth where sitting.

"Man!" celeba said, hands on hips "Poirot and ave should be called the 'attitude sisters'!"

"That's rich coming from you celeba." I remarked.

"Watch your mouth!" she cried.

"CALM DOWN THE BOTH OF YOU!" slackoth shouted

"Is something wrong?" a silvery voice asked from above us. Kyogre! But, why has she come to our table? She is always on table two, with her mates, or table three, picking a fight with Groudon. And Kyogre wasn't the only one there either! Her boyfriend- curse him- Lugia and her best friend Hoeya (h-oh-ay-ya) where there too! They sat down on OUR table! The lame-o table nine!

"So," celeba said bluntly "what brings you here?"

"Well, we've been looking around the spots round these parts and we think that this table has the best view." Hoeya stated.

"Fine with me." Celeba shrugged "welcome to the gang!"

"Thanks!" kyogre giggled.

But all of this time something was off with lugia, he was sating off in to space all of a sudden, when normally, he is looking and guarding kyogre non-stop.

"Something wrong lugia?" Hoeya asked

"I've gotta go. Um….see ya later guys." Lugia said as he got up from the table.

"Um…bye then." Hoeya frowned

"Hey I don't know if you guys have noticed but…" kyogre started "lugia has been acting a little strange lately, like he's seeing another girl."

"nah." Hoeya and celeba said in unison,

"Lugia's not the kind of guy that would do such a thing." I pointed out.

"yeah." She sighed "I guess you're right."

"Look." Hoeya said, putting a hand on Kyogre's shoulder "everything is gonna be ok, you know that key."

"Yeah perhaps…"

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