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Chapter 8- a traumatic fight

Still flash back- 3rd persons POV

When they got back, everyone had gone, all but one. And the lab was chaos, all the staff was still there of course, but nothing was in order. "We gotta get outta here!" the male ralts shouted over all the noise. The other 2 nodded. They were no longer smiling, but dashing toward the door. They narrowly made it. Rally, the only ralts that had stayed behind… he became…"

*end of flash back*

Kyogre's POV

My first love… everyone gasped. No one knew that garde had ever loved anyone, she is a person. But she is so distant and cold they all thought it was impossible. Jaracai and garde had finally caught up to the rest of the group. Destroying every enemy in their path.

"incredible." Magikarps voice piped up from the awkward silence "….I….I…..I never knew…."

"No one does. Only us and you now." Jaracai stated. "It's not something we share with people."


And it really wasn't. in this day in age, we can't really say or do very much about our past. I don't have a past like that. I lived a life of luxury, raised on a sea side palace. I was crown princess of the sea. And I came to the school for a little, well, humbleness. I found comfort in Hoeya, Who was the same as me on both levels. She had been brought up as the fire princess of the skies. I asked her who came up with that ridiculous name, she said "EJF of course!" I didn't get it, but laughed anyway. The dark atmosphere of the lab took its toll on us. How big was this place? I was uneasy. It was so hard, we couldn't do anything other than just be here. Until we got to the lord of this place. We fought and we won, many a battle. Somehow, we managed to get split up, again. It was now, me, Hoeya, and Magikarp. And now, we fight a battle. A really TOUGH BATTLE.

The room was dark, only a dim light. Someone flicked the light switch on. A young lady, no older than Poirot, stood in front of us.

"heya peeps!" she said, playfully, at least she seemed nice enough. But, as always, Hoeya had her suspicions

"Who are you?!" the brunette cried.

"Oh? Lil old me?" she asked skipping; she bent down so she could come into eye contact with magik. Upon further inspection, she had a mini (and I do mean mini) sports dress/leotard thing, pink and white, thigh high boots which were red, and a pink mask, that looked like a mask you pull over your face when there is a bright light. Pink and white and red. It was obvious what her favourite colours where. She had silver hair, tied into a sporty, choppy pony tail, from behind her ears, two long strands of hair defied gravity. Not to mention, she was tall, had a huge bust, and a rather odd triangle on her chest. "I'm Assessi (ah-ses-ee) nice to meet cha. Will you be my friend? I'll play with ya!"

I heard Hoeya growl, something was weird about this girl. She was older than us, about 3 years, yet, acted like a 5 year old.

"Why would we want to play with you?! We are not 5 you know!" Hoe shouted.

Assessi got up. "Ah, so ya don't wanna play? Fine, be that way. But, no one escapes playing with the great Assi!"

Normally, I would have snorted at that nick name, but not now. She flew really high. And a hue of pink zoomed past our faces. She was fast. Insanely fast. She pouted "see, if I don't play with ya, boss'll get mad at me, and I'll be fired, so I can't feed my lil brother…" she put a pair of white gloves on. "if I don't wear these, I'll burn my lil handies!"

All I could see was a massive, white ball of mist going straight into my face… what will happen now?!

Elsewhere- jaracai's POV

Oh look, we got separated. Oh look, another enemy. Oh look, we defeated them. Pretty boring don't you agree. Well, it was. Until now. Somehow, that little victini kid managed to tag along with us, she is ok, just…. Talkative. Sigh, oh well. But now is not the time for that. Not at all. The room was brightly lit. As we stepped in, garde started shaking again, no wonder. The room was big, like a hall. But BUILT INTO THE WALLS, were cages. Loads of then. The floor space was massive. Her trouser leg knocked against one. She shuddered. And turned to look, and there, right in front of her was a cage, with a label. #71-75. Ah, this was hers. The one she was kept captive in. a young man, no older than me, was standing in front of us, clad in 2 tone blue and white. And a weird mask.

"Hello…" he mumbled quietly. "I am ossossie (o-sos-ee) pleasure."

Garde growled. He lowered his mask slightly, like you would do with a hat.

"Be thankful…. That you didn't run into my elder sister…."

And with that, a melancholy of blue flew past our faces. The boy was muscular. Very muscular. And amazingly fast.

Back in the lab with assessie- kyogres POV

I could hear a bang, from above me. I looked up. Magik?! Magik saved me? No, there was someone above him, a heavy gold cloth had fallen onto my sleeve, and gold ropes tie too, not just any cloth. An OBI, a kimono sash. I heard coughing and spluttering, bare white shoulders and a red, shiny silk halfway down the bust. Long brunette hair, below the hip.




"Hoeya!" I cried. Her beloved hair clip that her first love gave her had fallen out; she hadn't taken it out in years. Her hair was silky, so smooth, competing with the kimono in those categories. I pulled the cloth up, and pulled off my over cloak, she had something to cover herself up in, I didn't know how to do kimono or obi's. Her breathing was harsh and slow, she took that mist ball. And hoeya's tough, but, something that strong was pushing it. a hand on my shoulder. I looked up. Magikarp, his eyes were closed and he had his fists clenched. A tear rolled down his cheek.

"I-I-I-I-is… is she ok….?"

I couldn't lie to him, but I couldn't tell him the truth either. Hoeya was at deaths door, wasn't fine at all. "She will be ok. I know healing…" that's not necessarily a lie. I was obliged to take the lessons when I was a kid, but I dropped them, thinking I would never need to use them.

"we need to beat this devil first." He stated through gritted teeth. I looked up. Assessi smiled and waved.

A devil? No, something worse…


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