Midnight Fire: Year 2

Chapter 1

A/N: Hey sorry most of you have read the original Midnight Fire: Year 2 but in it I got mixed up with MF: Year 1 so in Year 2 chapter 3 it says she's a new student well she's not she's been at Hogwarts for a year in her potions class the thing about joining on Saturday I'll change it to they had their tests on Saturday and then I'll change the rest to fit but Chapter 1 will stay the same also Chapter 2, Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 only Chapter 3 will change. Also the fact that Draco becomes kind to Muggles when he finds out Freeye is a Muggle.

The boy looked out the window and gazed at the dark stormy clouds moments after his beautiful snowy owl had left for her usual midnight hunt.

The stuff going through his mind were things words can't explain. The first day of year two began that day and for some reason he knew that something bad was going to happen that year like the last year he'd been at Hogwarts but this time he had a hunch that it was going to be worse then last year.

He felt like it had something to do with his Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher Professor Lockhart. He seemed nice enough but something about him he just didn't like and the trouble is he said that about last year's Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher.

Then without warning, a large tawny school owl had flown in the window and straight into Harry. He got scratched in the face but it was worth it, because it looked like the owl was in distress from the thunder and lightning outside. But his eyes weren't on the owl they were on the letter and box of chocolate hearts that it was carrying. Carefully detaching the things from its leg he put the owl in his owl's cage to calm down before he set her off once more. He read the note then stared at it with open eyes this is what the note said:

Dear Harry,

It would be great if we could finally meet each other tonight face to face because I saw you today at the sorting ceremony but I don't think you saw mw but even if you did it's not like you know me I mean everyone thinks I'm not even there like I'm under an invisibility cloak which you should know all about because you own one and don't ask how I know when we meet because I never tell ANYONE! So meet me at the transfiguration room at 10 pm sharp.

See you soon

Your secret admirer


Harry was gobsmacked after he read the letter 4 more times how did she know that he had a invisibility cloak and of course he didn't know her because otherwise he would've known who sent it but maybe just maybe Ron or Hermione knew…