Midnight Fire

Chapter 5

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Freeye's P.O.V

Me and Harry were sitting in Dumbledore's office talking to him about what me and Harry wanted to do but we needed his permission when he told us stop and listen to him since he was revealing a big secret that he had kept unknown for 12 years now "Okay Freeye this goes directly to you but I thought you ought to know Harry, Freeye isn't really your name and your surname isn't really Malfoy and you don't belong in Slytherin. Your real name is Siriana Lupin and your middle names are Sirius and Midnight, you do have a Twin Brother but it's not Mr Malfoy. It is Remus Lupin Jr. And you were born on the 15th of July 2000 at 2:00 am while Remus was born on the 15th of July 2000 at Midnight. You also have a older brother by the name of Reani Lupin and an older sister by the name of Rosalyn Silioa Lupin but she died at the age of 17 along with Harry's Parents when you both were 1" He explained "What so my sister died protecting me while Lily protected Harry from Voldemort?" "Yes Freeye or Siriana as you are now named" He Replied and then he continued "Also you have 2 other sisters "Crystal Lupin from Slytherin and Ashley Lupin from Hufflepuff who started this year" "Sir is this why Free- I mean Siriana-" Harry started to say until I interrupted him "Harry just call me Siri or Sy" "Okay is this why Siri has the exact same scar as me but on her hand and Remus on the side of his neck?" Asked Harry "Yes Harry and speaking of Mr Lupin" He waved his wand and the door to his office opened and a girl with Rainbow-Coloured Hair (By the way she is half metamorphgus so she can only change her hair colour but she likes to keep it on rainbow) and Ruby Eyes Who Looked about 16 years old, A boy with neat mousy Brown hair and Sapphire Blue Eyes (About 14 years old), another boy who had Jet Black Hair Streaked with Emerald Green, Ruby Red, Diamond White and Starstone Lilac (A Lilac coloured Gem I created) that was medium length and Messy but also slightly wavy, Pale Blue Eyes, Extremely Pale White Skin With 3 Freckles on either side of his Face like me and He Was Also the exact same height as me whereas Draco was Taller and He was as thin as me (Who by the way were so thin that on our first year when it was 4 to a boat across the lake me and Remus were so thin that they could fit 6 people in our boat) (The Boy Looked Exactly The same age as me) and a girl with Ruby Red hair with Ginger streaks and Warm Chocolate Brown eyes (About 11 years old) came in. "Mr Potter, Miss Lupin this is Miss Crystal Emma Lupin who is in her 6th year" Professor Dumbledore pointed to the girl with Multi-Coloured Hair "Mr Reani Matthew Lupin who is in his 4th year" He pointed to the boy with Sapphire Eyes "Mr Remus Ali Lupin Jr. who is in his 2nd Year" He pointed to the boy with the Jet Black Hair "And Miss Ashley Amber Lupin who is in her 1st year" He pointed to the girl with Chocolate Brown eyes. "Hey" was all I could say I had found my true family. I had often wondered if I was really a Malfoy since my hair was Jet Black whereas the rest of the Malfoy's were blonde.

Remus's P.O.V

I was pulled out of my thoughts (About the girl *Siriana* who was basically a female copy of me) when Dumbledore spoke again "Miss Crystal Lupin, Mr Reani Lupin, Mr Remus Lupin and Miss Ashley Lupin this is Mr Harry James Potter" He pointed to the Boy with Jet Black hair almost as messy as mine but mine is still messier. "And Miss Siriana Sirius Midnight Lupin" He pointed to the girl who looked exactly like me. I. Was. Shocked. That's all I can say. Me and my siblings were told about how me, Harry Potter and my twin sister Siriana Lupin defeated Lord Voldemort when we were only 1 which is why me and Reani had to stay with my God mother Emily Black and my God siblings Alice Black and Sync Black until I found my twin sister again and I go stay with her and Harry at the place where they're staying and I've been told that the people who live there have been warned that a third child would be coming at any time. But again I was shocked especially when Dumbledore told me and my siblings that Sy was taken by Mr. Malfoy and she grew up there thinking she was one of them because they told, when she was old enough to understand, that her name was Freeye Malfoy but she always called herself Freeye Fireneze. Then Dumbledore spoke to Sy about her house "So Miss Lupin you have 2 choices about your house 1. You can Stay in Slytherin with Miss Black and Miss Lupin or 2. You can be sorted again at the Halloween feast" "I think I'd rather be sorted again because I don't want to be in a house that's enemies with my brother's house" She replied with Loyalty in every Syllable. I finally found my voice "You know Siri you don't have to do that" She turned her round Pale Blue Eyes to me then she walked forward and place her right hand on my left shoulder then she spoke directly to me "Look Rem, as much as I love Crystal and would love to be in Slytherin with her and Alice" I flinched I was afraid she would say and I was expecting her to walk away without another word but surprisingly she continued "But I Love You more ever since we've became friends last year I always wished that you were my twin brother not Dra… Malfoy and I don't want to stay in Slytherin because if I did whenever we would hang out all the Ravenclaws would give you Dirty looks because your hanging out with a Slytherin. Plus it would be weird wouldn't it?" She smiled "Why would it be weird?" I was nearly on the verge of tears. "Because I mean Twin siblings in houses that are enemies" We laughed at exactly the same time like we were 1 person. In Sync like Twin should be. We also shared the same laugh Soft and Quiet yet her laugh was Melodious almost a tinkling sound. Like Music. Everyone else Laughed as well when we did our first thing in sync. This was defiantly going to be the best year ever!

Harry's P.O.V

We as in, Me, Remus and Siriana, were walking round the grounds heading to hagrid's. Me and Siriana were walking hand in hand and we were laughing at a joke Remus told us. Speaking of Rem he seemed to be taking mine and Siriana's relationship pretty well seeing as in 10 minuets we were sitting in Dumbledore's office having him tell us that Siri and Rem are twins. Siriana only said yes when I asked her out after she found out that she would never have to see Malfoy again (except for classes) because she had found her real family. When we were Halfway to Hagrid's Sy whispered in my ear "You know your going to have to tell Rem about the Dursleys right?" I whispered back "I know and I plan on telling him now" (A/N I know that in the summary it says Siri was taken by the Malfoy's when she was 2 but that's not true! She was taken when she was 9! I will change that when I have the time) I then turned to Rem "Hey Rem." "Yeah?" He replied "You know how your meant to stay with us once you find your twin sister…" I told him "Yeah…" Rem said Slowly "Well I have to warn you the Muggles that I live with are extremely anti-magic and they made us clean the rooms, cook breakfast etc. So when you talk to them make sure you don't mention anything about Hogwarts or the wizarding world that also goes to you to Siri" I warned them both "I know Harry I lived with them for 9 years didn't I?" Siri replied "Pssh! That's Pips!" Rem said "How is it pips? I thought you lived with Pure-Bloods?" I asked him "I do. But Dumbledore told me, when I stayed back while the rest of you went on, that Dad was a Muggle and Mum came from a long line of Magic Trainers (Some sort of more powerful Type of people you'll find out about them I year one so the first Midnight Fire Story) but no witches or Wizards so she was the first Witch in her Family so she was technically a Muggle so that makes us…" He explained "Muggles!" Siriana finished the sentence for him "Exactly!" He replied "Come on guys let's go you've so got to meet Hagrid" I moaned at them "We're coming dear" Siriana said to me, her musical voice jingling with every syllable. When they caught up with me, because I ran ahead, which didn't take very long seeing as they were half leopard (Again see the first story). We all set off to Hagrid's

A/N There you go 7 pages and a new character has just been transformed into the long lost twin of Remus Lupin Jr. Again I will change the summary so it matches the story. Anyway I really hope you like Freeye new name, Back-story and Family thing is I planned to do the turn back time thing and then make her Rem's Twin but for some reason I ended up writing that Dumbledore tells them that unknown secret but to be honest with you if I did follow what I'd planned I most likely wouldn't be able to pick from there so I'm glad it ended like this. YEAH!