Have an early Christmas present in the form of the REST OF THIS STORY THAT HAS GONE ON FOR SO FRICKIN LONG AND ISN'T EVEN DONE YET.

And just so you all can appreciate this, I've literally had these chapters done months ago. I just haven't gotten around to posting them…sorry…

Tis the end at last! Let me tell you, this fic has gone through a lot of painful trials in my life. From my computer crashing and deleting most of it. To my computer rising from the dead and giving me back what I thought was lost forever. To mishandled documents, lost scenes, lost words, re-written over and over…I just about went insane with this one. And I know what you're thinking. The end? How can this be? It's so abrupt! Where is the rest?

The answer: Resilience, the sequel. I found that, halfway through writing the first draft of Still Life, there wasn't going to be enough time to put in all the development that I wanted. So I set aside the more 'severitus' aspects of the story to put more of my character study of Lily in the front. And now that I've finished her arc, I can finally look closer into the relationship between Severus and Harry.

Now, when will Resilience be posted? Not soon. I have a tentative outline and about 10,000 words into the draft, but that's it. Hopefully, chapters might appear by spring 2014. Why so long? Several reasons. One, in my eternal quest to become a professional author, I have to focus more on my original work than my fanfiction. Two, I try to not post anything new unless I'm about halfway or more complete. Three, I may or may not start working on Star Trek fanfiction.

Thank you all for reading, commenting, sharing, passing by, etc! It would be ever so kind of you to have a look at my profile and the link there to my author blog! From there you can find some of my published work and news for upcoming publications (or just randomness). Feel free to PM here or by email (via the blog) with any questions/concerns/Star Trek.

EDIT: The first chapter of Resilience has been posted!