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April 12, 2009, Aries Villa

"Lelouch, are you paying attention to me?"

Lelouch sighs and puts down what he is reading. He finally gets a day away from his sisters only for him to receive a visitor, Lucy Heartfilia. She is the daughter of Lord Heartfelia, an important ally of Lelouch's mother.

"Of course Lucy. I heard every word you said about Phantom Tail, Fairy Pegasus, and Blue Lord. I know all about magic guilds. My brother Clovis is involved in overseeing them," Lelouch says with a slight smirk hoping that Lucy will take the bait he provides.

However she doesn't. Instead she turns her attention to what Lelouch is reading.

"What is that?"

"Oh nothing just knightmare manuals. Mother is involved in the manufacturing along with the Ashford family."

The Ashford family is another of his mother's important allies. Not surprisingly they also have a daughter that is about Lelouch's age. Lelouch enjoys the meeting from the elder Ashfords because the current head of the family, Ruben, talks about a variety of things with Lelouch. He even humors him with a few games of chess which Lelouch always wins. Lord Heartfilia is not as fun because he only discusses business although his daughter is kind of cute.

Lucy feints interest in Lelouch's knightmare manual. She only does it because she knows that Lelouch will return the favor and pay attention to her. Lelouch pays some attention because of her enthusiasm, but he already knows about every guild. After all he is a Britannian prince, and one quite away from inheriting the throne. Therefore he will most likely end up as part of the bureaucracy. He just has to choose between Schniezel, Cornelia, or Clovis.

Suddenly an idea hits Lelouch, "Hey you want to go see some horses?"

Lucy twists her mouth in a bit of confusion. Like most people of noble birth Lucy takes equestrian lessons. Lelouch has never been the athletic type.

"Come on, Lucy. You'll see what I mean."

Lelouch grabs Lucy by the hand and pulls her towards into the garden. Lucy is certain that the stables are not in this direction. Although it is possible for there to be private stables on this side. Lelouch stops moving

"Wait here, Lucy. They don't always like meeting new people."

Lelouch goes on ahead without her. Lucy hopes that Lelouch isn't just trying to ditch her. If that is what he is planning, then she will never forgive him. Lucy peeks to see where Lelouch is heading just in case he tries to make a run for it. Lucy gasps in surprise at what she sees. Several flying horses land near Lelouch. Not just any flying horses but Pegasus class flying horses. Only the most skilled magical horse tamers are able to get anywhere near Pegasus horses even then one person is usually tied to one horse, but here Lelouch has about half a dozen of them. Lelouch gestures back towards Lucy and appears to be explaining who Lucy is. Lucy scowls at the manner in which Lelouch seems to be presenting her. Suddenly he waves her over.

"You can come over now Lucy."

Lelouch takes Lucy's hands and moves them over the biggest horse's mane.

"This one is named Icarus. He is the leader of this pack."

The horse neighs in agreement and allows Lucy to stroke it hair. The other horses come over and allow Lucy to pet them as well. A few lick her face causing her to laugh. Lelouch places his hands over the hand of Icarus and appears to be conversing with him through telepathy.

"Do you want to go for a ride? Icarus says you can ride on him. He says that he is the only one that can handle you. I'll ride on one of the other ones."

Lucy is taken aback by the offer. Only experienced people ever ride flying horses. Only master riders are able to use Pegasus class horses. All the information Lucy has ever gathered tells her so. The horse named Icarus kneels to allow Lucy to get on it. She still needs Lelouch's help. He makes sure to keep her pink dress down. Once she is on, Lelouch shows her how to handle Icarus. She can tell that he is experienced with this particular horse. Lucy has never ridden a horse without a saddle. All flying horse riders use the traditional equipment. Only top level masters ride without saddle and bridles because they need to have a special connection with a horse.

"Hang on; Lucy the first time feels a little weird." Lelouch gets on his own horse and gently caresses and kisses the mane, "Okay Icarus, let's go."

(Cue Colors: Code Geass opening 1)

Lucy squeals as her horse lifts off. The feeling is one that she cannot explain. It is less forceful than a plane taking off. It is majestic and rough at the same time.

"Hey Lucy watch this."

Lelouch's horse does several spins through the air. Lucy stares in amazement. She has never seen Lelouch act like this, so carefree and blithe. Icarus tilts a little, but Lucy shakes her head. The horse seems to understand that she does not want to spin. Below her Lucy can see the city of Pendragon. People are going about their everyday lives. As they leave the royal and noble districts, Lucy sees a red haired girl pulling an older boy over to look at them riding. Lelouch waves at them so Lucy does the same. The girl frantically waves back. As they approach the business and shopping districts, Lucy hopes that her father doesn't see her. Lelouch flies close to an apartment complex where he gives a blue haired boy a high five. The boy acts like his hand is now made of gold. Lelouch continues his flight through the city. He stops to greet a girl whose long flowing hair appears to be orange.

Lucy and Icarus stay high above the city with the other horses. She sees Lelouch approach a car while flying upside down. A blue haired girl pokes her head and begins waving at Lelouch. After a few moments Lelouch flies away and rejoins the pack. They fly towards the edge of the city. Even though Pendragon is in the middle of the desert, the surrounding area is well irrigated with the help of some massive terraforming it is transformed into a bountiful grassland. After landing Lelouch and Lucy get off their horses. All the horses but Icarus neigh loudly and fly off. Lelouch approaches the horse and places his hands over its head.

(end Colors)

"Holy shit. We're in trouble."

At first Lucy is a little shocked by Lelouch's language, but realizes what he said.


"Icarus says that something bad is hiding up in those mountains. Get on Icarus. He will take you back to the city and then come back for me."

"No!" Lucy screams, "I can't leave you here alone."

"Damn!" Lelouch yells, "Why do girls always have to be so difficult?' Lelouch sighs, "Icarus, just take her back now."

It is already too late. A giant black dragon lands about a hundred yards away but that distance is nothing for its kind. Its power even at that distance is enough to make Lucy feel woozy. Lelouch catches Lucy as she faints. He is having a little trouble standing himself, but he knows he has stay up to help Icarus until the other males from his group come. Even so against such a large foe, there will be little they can do.

"Icarus, we have to keep it away from Lucy."

The horse nods.

The dragon snarls at Lelouch, "If you surrender that girl, I will allow you to live."

Lelouch shakes his head, "Stay away from Lucy, you bastard!" Lelouch screams as he charges at the dragon.

The dragon appears to laugh at Lelouch as it swings its right claw at it. Icarus flies in and lifts Lelouch up. The dragon's claw just misses the prince. Lelouch tries to get on Icarus's back, but the dragon knocks the horse down with its left claw. Lelouch tumbles to the ground.

"Foolish boy. This girl will be added to my collection. Your horse will make fine meal for my offspring. You will suffer as my eternal slave."

Lelouch struggles to stand as the dragon moves towards Lucy.

"Get away from Lucy."

The dragon swings his tail towards Lelouch, but Icarus stops it. Lelouch takes advantage and runs over to Lucy.

"Scutum ultimum."

Lelouch casts his most powerful protection spell over Lucy. It is the only kind of magic that he knows. The dragon pounds Lelouch's shield over Lucy, but is unable to break it. The dragon glares at Lelouch trying to break him. Lelouch is unable to move. He can see that Icarus is severely injured as well. In the distance Lelouch can see a group of flying horses. He wonders if they will make it on time.

Lelouch begins to feel faint. It isn't just the dragon's gaze. The spell he cast to protect Lucy is a power drainer for an untrained mage like Lelouch. As Lelouch begins to fall, he sees a Glasgow knightmare slam into the dragon.

"Hey Lulu, are you trying to take my prize? I've been following this bastard for several weeks."

Lelouch smiles and falls to his knees.

"Now isn't the time to be joking around, Nonette."

Being a Knight of the Round, Nonette has access to knightmare frames equipped magical defense devices. Nonette swings her stun tonfas at the dragon that backs up. The Glasgow's assault rifle is ineffective against a black dragon. Nonette expertly moves the dragon away from Lucy and Lelouch. Icarus's friends arrive and form a guard around Lucy. Lelouch runs over to Icarus.

"Icarus, come on we have to get out of here. The Tribe is here to help."

Icarus shakes his head, 'I'm sorry, my lord. I have failed you.'

Icarus's breath gets faint. Lelouch stares at the flying horse he befriends several years ago. In a manner of speaking Icarus is Lelouch's first friend. Lelouch stares at his dying friend for a few moments. In the background he can hear Nonette battling the dragon. Lelouch stands as a black light surrounds his body which begins to move on it's own towards the dragon. The dragon manages to slash at Nonette with its right claw pushing her back. It swings its tail to finish Nonette off, but it is blocked by Lelouch. Nonette sees Lelouch but cannot do anything to help him.

"Lelouch! What the hell are you doing?!" She notices that he is glowing with a black light, "What the hell is going in?"

The dragon stares at Lelouch, "What sort of devilry is this? This boy is full of dark magic of a kind I have not seen since the days of Zeref."

Lelouch is still holding onto the dragon's tail, "Potentzia drainatzea."

The dragon growls and thrashes around Lelouch who stands there calmly. As the dragon collapses several other knightmares reach the area.

"Nonette, what happened? Where are the prince and Miss Heartfilia?"

Nonette points towards the dragon, but Lelouch is walking over towards Icarus.

"Holy shit. Bismarck, are you seeing this? That little punk took down a black dragon on his own. That isn't any ordinary black dragon. We've been chasing that bastard around for months."

"I know Luciano."

Lelouch collapses on top of Icarus. For a few seconds a black light surrounds them, but it is quickly overtaken by a white light. Icarus stands up, and in a very human manner looks down at his body knowing that he should be dead. The horse strokes Lelouch's head.

"You don't owe me anything. We're friends after all," Lelouch comments and looks towards Lucy, "Besides you make me look cool in front of cute girls."

Lelouch collapses after he says this. Nonette moves towards him, but Bismarck stops her. The other flying horses surround Lelouch. A white light surrounds Lelouch, and he begins to float.

Luciano's mouth opens wide, "That's badass," Bismarck glares at Luciano who shrugs, "Well it is. Have you ever seen someone ride a Pegasus class horse without a saddle? He wasn't riding any old horse. He was on the fucking alpha female," Luciano glances at Bismarck, "Have you ever ridden on an alpha female?"

"Shut both of you. They're leaving," Nonette says pointing towards Lelouch.

Bismarck signals that he isn't saying anything, but Nonette ignores him and walks over towards Lelouch. Icarus stands over Lelouch.

"It's okay, Icarus. That's Nonie. She's a good guy."

Icarus neighs and flies away. Bismarck moves over the picks up Lelouch. Lelouch strokes the Knight of One's hair.

"You don't have to be scared anymore, Bismarck. Icarus took care of the dragon."

Lelouch closes his eyes. Before falling asleep he moves his hand towards Lucy taking away the protective shield. Luciano shrugs and picks Lucy up.

"Be careful with that girl," Nonette comments looking over at the dead dragon.

"I know who she is!" Luciano growls back.

Lucy is lying in an Aries Villa guest bedroom. She isn't really sure what happened. She remembers riding on Icarus. According to Lelouch, she faints because of the excitement from riding the flying horse. So that her dad doesn't get mad, they decide to tell him that Nunnally invites Lucy over for a sleepover. Lucy doesn't feel very sleepy having slept through much of the evening. She decides to go for a walk. Lucy sees that a light is on in one of the rooms. She creeps over to see who is in there.

"Your highness, it was like nothing I have every seen. The prince charged at the dragon with no concern for his own safety."

"And he took it down on his own."

"More or less. The flying horse and Nonette provided assistance. In fact it was their failure to beat the dragon that made the prince do what you did."

"What was it?"

Bismarck shrugs, "I wish I knew. Nobody really saw it. Nonette was struggling to move her knightmare from the dragon's grip. Miss Heartfilia was knocked out. The Tribe as the prince likes to call that group of flying horses has moved elsewhere. Barring asking the prince what he remembers, what else can we do?"

Lucy decides to go back to her room but bumps into someone.

"Hey Lucy, what are you doing?" Lelouch asks.

"Um well I was having trouble sleeping."


There is movement in the room that Lucy was looking into. Lelouch grabs her hand.

"Come on, Lucy, Follow me."

Lelouch pulls Lucy along with him and takes her back to her room taking a special route that Lucy would have never thought of.

"Good night Lucy. See you later."

Lelouch quickly makes his exit. Moments later Lucy hears the door open just as she closes her eyes.

September 15, 2009

Today is the funeral for Lelouch and Nunnally's mother. She has been dead since the 9th, but certain matters pushed the funeral back a few days. Cornelia, Euphemia, Clovis, several Knights of the Round, and several of Marianne's friends are present. Lelouch isn't really expecting anyone to show up. But he supposes after his audience with the emperor a few days ago, they all want to keep an eye on him. After the funeral they head back to Aries Villa. Lucy's mother also dies on the 9th, but she is buried on the 11th. Her father allows her to stay at Aries for a few days.

Even with the loss of their mother, Lelouch and Nunnally are still royal children so angering them is still not desired since they inherit their mother's holdings. Not that they care much about it, but Lelouch and Nunnally are millionaires over night. For now their wealth goes into a special savings fund. For the next few years Cornelia, Schniezel, and Clovis will keep an eye on their money until Lelouch is old enough to handle the matter himself. Of course they are wary of people trying to get a hold of that money.

"How was the funeral?"

"A bit eerie."

"Nobody forced you to attend. Besides your body is not in the coffin."

"Speaking of bodies, I need to find a more suitable one. This body is devoid of magical abilities."

"I thought you wanted to use it to keep an eye on your children."

"Yes but in the future that could lead to some unusual situations. By the way why did you have Bismarck and the others attend the funeral. It shows a level of favoritism."

"You know what that boy is capable of, Marianne."

Marianne wags Anya's little finger.

"You shouldn't say my name. Is the big bad emperor afraid of a nine year old boy?"

"That isn't a boy. He is a demon, and you know that," Charles says as he puts his hands around his neck. The audience with Lelouch from a few days ago still fresh in his head.

"Are you still planning on sending them to Japan hoping that CC looks for them."

"Yes, sending them away puts some distance between them and other elements."

Marianne/Anya nods. Keeping Lelouch and Nunnally away from Schniezel and Guinevere's scheme is just as important as finding CC. Keeping Lelouch's magical potential away from Clovis and his ambitions is also key. Keeping Lelouch's mind away from Cornelia and her military aspirations is something that Marianne wants to do. Finally keeping Lelouch away form Euphemia is something that others want. The prince and princess seem to be too close for comfort for many people.

"Fine, but send that Gottwald with him. That man is as fanatical a guard as I've ever seen. He wouldn't hesitate to put his life on the line," Marianne discovers that it is difficult to strike a seductive pose in a six year old body, "I also think that Ruben is fleeing to Japan to wait things out. I've always liked that little granddaughter of his. It gives Lelouch someone to stay with in case things go bad."

July 1, 2017, Tokyo Settlement

The last eight years have been difficult for Lucy. Of course for most of the last year she has been on her own. Today she is also expecting to meet her old friends, Lelouch and Nunnally. It has been several months since they have seen each other, although Lucy usually corresponds with Nunnally at least three or four times a month. Lelouch writes sometimes. Several years ago there is lots of talk of the two of them getting married, but several things get in the way of that. Lucy wonders how he feels about her. Even with everything that has happened Lelouch is still a prince and has influence. Not that any of that matters because Lucy left her home several months ago. Of course her father sends people after her, but she manages to elude them with some help with her friends. Lelouch and Nunnally provide Lucy with secret bank accounts and places to stay. She wonders how they do it.

Lucy is in Area 11 where they are living at the moment. A few months after the death of their mother, they are sent to Japan by the emperor. But after the invasion of Japan, they return to Britannia. A little after their return the emperor allows them to go their own way with the condition that they are to return to the imperial fold if they are needed. Lucy comes to Area 11 for another reason. The Area is full of magical guilds. It is actually full of all sorts of guilds because of the abundance of sakuradite. Nunnally mentions that she and Lelouch work at a guild. Lucy doesn't bother asking what kind. Knowing Lelouch it is probably a science or technology guild because they will be able to help with Nunnally's condition by building her something to move around in.

At the moment Lucy is treating herself because of her birthday. She is in a small magic shop looking for anything interesting. In particular she wants to find Celestial Spirit keys. Presently she has six, three gold and three silver. Her three gold keys are Aquarius, Taurus, and Cancer. Her three silver keys are Crux, Horologium, and Lyra. Lucy finds what she is looking for.

"Ah the key to Canis Minor," Lucy looks over at the cashier, "How much is this key?"

"Oh that one. You know it isn't very powerful."

Lucy squints her eyes and replies, "I'm looking for it anyways. So how much is it?"

"Let me see about 200 pounds."

"How about now?" Lucy asks while striking a sexy pose.

"Well 190 pounds."

Lucy pouts, but a familiar voice calls from the door.

"Now now, there's no need to be rude to the young lady just trying to get by."

"Ah master Lelouch, this young lady is a friend of yours."

"You could say that," Lelouch walks towards Lucy who puts her arms around him. Lelouch returns the hug, "Just put the key on my tab. Come on, Lucy. I have reservations at a nice restaurant."

Lelouch takes Lucy's hand and leads her out of the store. On the way to the restaurant Lelouch seems to be nervous about something. Lucy's heart begins to beat faster. She knows that Lelouch and Nunnally would never turn her over to her father.

"Is Nunnally joining us?"

"Maybe she's visiting Euphie over at the government building."

"Oh you didn't visit her?"

"Well we live in a neighboring town, and I make more visits here because of guild work so I get to see Euphie and Clovis quite a bit. Besides Euphie comes to visit us a lot. The people at the guild know who we are."

After being taken over to their seats, Lelouch helps Lucy into hers. Lelouch seems oddly nervous about something. Lucy begins to fantasize about the many things that Lelouch is going to tell her. The biggest being of course him asking to marry her. Lucy shakes her. She is not quite ready for something like that. She probably should get a boyfriend before looking for a husband.

"So how are things with you, Lucy?"

Lucy smiles. Lelouch knows that she ran away from home and that her father is hiring people to come after her.

"Well they could be better."

Lelouch sighs, "I see. You know I spoke to your father a few weeks ago. He's been going to different guilds to see if any will help him find you. I guess it finally occurred to him that you might be here in Japan because of all the magical guilds."

Lucy gulps, "What did you talk with him about?"

"Well he won't budge on the issue, but I think managed to make some sort of arrangement with him. He does care about you. It's just in a weird sort of way."

"You mean you paid him to let me free."

"Well it's a little more complicated then that. I made some promises to him about the future. It should be enough for now."

They don't notice that a waiter is approaching them with a weapon and a job posting for the capture of Lucy. However at that moment a small girl in a wheelchair slams the waiter into the wall.

"Oh I'm very sorry. I should be more careful. This old wheelchair seems to have a mind of its own," Nunnally states moving towards Lelouch and Lucy, "Hello Lucy."

"Hi Nunna," Lucy says as she stands to hug Nunnally.

"Has brother told you yet or is he stuttering like an idiot?"

Lucy smiles and sips from her tea.

Lelouch clears his throat, "Well if you hadn't come and interfered I was just about to get to it," Lelouch turns to face Lucy and sighs.

Lucy gets impatient and yells, "Yes I'll do it."

Lelouch remembers that Lucy has a bit of a run away imagination so who knows what she is thinking about.

Lelouch nods, "Okay. Well it's only to get you free from your dad. You don't have to go through with any of it if you don't want to. You can go to a magical guild just like you always wanted. If you need anything, Nunnally and I will always be here for you."

Lucy can tell by the look on Nunnally's face that she disagrees with this part of Lelouch's idea. Lucy wonders if there are any magical guilds near where Lelouch and Nunnally live.

"Well I would rather go with you two for now. I," Lucy looks down for a moment, "I love the two of you and don't want to be alone anymore."

Nunnally takes Lucy's hands, "Don't worry Lucy. You're always going to have us," Nunnally hands Lelouch some papers, "Here brother, Euphie says these are from the emperor."

Lelouch smiles, "Good, the old man came through for once."

Nunnally shrugs, "We should go shopping and talk to Clovis about keeping these thugs away from Lucy."

Lelouch's smile gets bigger, "We don't need to talk with that dope. Here look at this. The emperor already approved it. I have permission to do things without having to worry about Clovis. He also talked with Mr. Heartfilia."

Lucy's hands are shaking as she holds the document. It is a contract that guarantees that Lucy and Lelouch will get married within the next few years or Lelouch will pay Mr. Heartfilia a large sum of money. She isn't mad at Lelouch for getting ahead of himself. She actually admires his ingenuity. With the emperor approving the marriage, no one but the emperor can go against it. In fact Lelouch doesn't even have to deal with Lucy's father. Nunnally takes the contract and puts it back in the folder.

"Well that's nice that brother thought that far ahead, but there are more romantic ways to do things. We should begin to set a wedding date."

Lucy turns completely red as Nunnally says this. No matter how Nunnally feels about Lelouch's plan, this is something that she won't budge about. Regardless of what else happens Nunnally wants Lelouch and Lucy to have a wedding.

Nunnally continues, "Let's see what days look good. Well today would have been a good day because it's your birthday, but brother screwed it up by taking too long to ask. Maybe next year. You two aren't getting any younger."

Lucy shivers at Nunnally's comment.

"But Nunna, we are only seventeen."

"Yes, but soon it will be eighteen, the twenty-five, or thirty-five," Nunnally shakes her head, "It is never too early to begin planning for the future."

Lelouch scowls and stands up. He accidentally trips over Nunnally's wheelchair and lands on the waiter that Nunnally slammed into the wall.

"Oh man. I'm really sorry about that," Lelouch picks up the man's weapon, "Oh my. I didn't know that being a waiter in Tokyo was so dangerous."

After a few minutes of discussion with the restaurant manager, they figure out that the man does not work there. Lelouch lets them deal with the situation and goes back over to Lucy and Nunnally.

"Are you girls ready to go? I assume that we have lots of work still to do."

Nunnally sighs, "Brother, you must not think of it as work or Lucy will feel bad."

Lucy raises her hands and shakes her head, "It's okay Nunnally. As long this is what Lelouch wants, I'm happy."

Lelouch takes Lucy's hands, "Deal, I'll try my best to make you happy as well. Now let's go. We still lots of fun things to do," Lelouch sticks his tongue out at Nunnally as he says this.

Nunnally immediately takes them towards the shopping district. She wants to begin searching for wedding items immediately. As they walk a blue cat wearing a small green backpack flies straight for Lelouch.


Nunnally looks up in surprise, "Brother, why is Happy here?"

Lelouch looks nervous, "Well you see Nunnally. Natsu and Gray wanted to meet Lucy to compare her to Mirajane."

"Wait Natsu and Gray are here too," Nunnally doesn't appear to be pleased by this turn of events.

Lucy stops walking, "Wait, did you say Mirajane," Lucy pulls out a copy of the Weekly Sorcerer, "Do you mean this Mirajane?" she asks pointing to a picture as she glows in anticipation of the answer.

The blue cat takes Lucy's magazine, "Look Lelouch-sama, there's a picture of Mira-san in here."

Lucy is a little confused, "Lelouch-sama, Mira-san?"

The blue cat, Happy, answers, "Oh Lelouch-sama and Nunnally-sama taught everyone in the guild Japanese so we could get more jobs."

Happy takes a close look at the picture.

"Ah look you can see my shadow here. I was standing on Lelouch-sama's shoulder that day. We had to make sure that the camera man didn't take any weird pictures of Mira-san."

Lucy is surprised and a little hopeful.

"You two were there during the photo shoot."

Happy puts his hands on his hips and states, "Of course Mira-san is Lelouch-sama's love," Nunnally accidentally runs over Happy's tail causing him to yelp.

Nunnally smiles, "Oh I'm sorry Happy. You see Mira-san is our lovely friend," Nunnally says slightly glaring at Lelouch, "Now back to the subject. What are Natsu and Gray doing here?"

"I told you already they want to see Lucy, and there is a small job that they wanted to handle."

"Brother, don't tell you only came because of a job."

Lelouch looks quite angry, "No I came here for Lucy. Natsu and Gray came for the job."

Before Nunnally can retort, several explosions take place a few blocks away. Lelouch face palms and groans, "Damn those two jerks can't do anything without destroying a city block."

A pink haired boy wearing a blue and yellow vest and a blue haired boy wearing green pants but no shirt are running towards Lelouch.


Behind them are several soldiers wearing armor and holding spears.

Nunnally groans, "Oh man those two are at it again. They even have brother Clovis' special troops after them. Ah crap this time Jeremiah and Sayoko are going to be really mad at us"

Lucy's heartbeat gets faster when she realizes that the soldiers after the two boys are the Britannian Magic Council Corps under the control of Prince Clovis. The two boys run past them and smile. Lucy can see a guild mark on their bodies. Suddenly Lelouch grabs Lucy's hand and pulls her along.

"Come on Lucy. Let's go."

"Go where?"

(cue Kanpekigu No Ne, Fairy tail ending 1)

Lelouch smiles, "To Fairy Tail of course. You still want to join, right?'"

Lucy nods and begins running on her.

"Let's go!" Lucy yells as several flying horses come down to pick them up.

Author's note: If I had published this when I first finished this chapter, it would have been the first Code Geass/Fairy Tail crossover. Now it is like the eighth. It will help if you have watch Code Geass and some of Fairy Tail. Also the Knights of the Round that I have created for other works of fan-fiction will appear.

The story will mostly be told from Lucy and Lelouch's perspective. There will be a few chapters that focus on some of the other characters detailing their pasts. Japan is Area 11. Charles and Marianne are attempting Ragnarok, but it must be achieved through a different method. Lelouch and Nunnally are members of Fairy Tail in every sense of the word. If you do not know what that means, ask someone who does.

Someone from Code Geass is a member of the Thunder God Tribe. I am not sure who yet. I will put up a poll with the possible options.

Here is a little how this story came about. A few months ago, I was discussing with someone the layout of the Ashford Student Council Clubhouse. Isn't my life exciting? The actual student council room is located one the first floor. We know this because we see someone riding a horse in the window during the scene they are working on the budget. That is unless Britannia has flying horses. My friend stated that it would be funny if Britnania did have flying horses. Then I said Japan can have the best oats. I was originally going to just write a Code Geass story with magic. It would follow canon story for the most part. Then last year in March I discovered Fairy Tail. After a few months of catching up, I have seen every episode available. So I have decided to do a crossover.

Scutum ultimum is Latin for ultimate shield. Potentzia drainatzea is Basque for power drain. Most spells will have simple commands in older or very little used European languages or at least the spells for the non-Fairy Tail characters. One important note concerning this is that most European mages are German or Russian. This means that they are the dominate languages in Europe, German in the west and Russian in the east. Other European languages will be used for ancient more powerful spells since the languages are little used. Spanish and Latin will be the most used, mostly because I am fluent in the former. Charles is not the one with magical power but his wives. This is why only a few of his children have magical powers. However Charles manages to obtain some magical power through Marianne. His method is something that Lelouch will also use to gain and store magical power.

At times this might seem a little more Fairy Tail than Code Geass. Having said that it will be a little darker and more sexually explicit than Fairy Tail hence the rating. The tone will be a cross between the two. Lelouch is not simply taking Erza's role as Gray and Natsu's mentor/handler. Lelouch's role will be more like Mystogan's role only he is a lot more social. If Nunnally were dead then Lelouch's roll would be exactly like Mystogan's. Here Lelouch helps out sometimes, but mostly goes off on his own missions. Since he is an S class wizard, he occasionally chooses Fairy Tail members who are not S class wizards to come with him. Nunnally rides her wheelchair most of the time, but she is not crippled or blind. You will find out soon, but Nunnally does not actually need the wheelchair. She uses it as to carry weapons and as a weapon itself.

I also moved the date of the dragons disappearing and the death of Lucy's mom to September 9, 2009 (9/9/09). It is also the day Marianne dies. Nunnally is not blinded or crippled during this event. Lisanna is alive. The situation that led to her "death" will be used for something else. It also has to do with Lelouch and Mirajane's relationship. Jellal will have a similar role as he does in canon Fairy Tail, but some of Mystogan's role will be take by a character from Code Geass: The Nightmare of Nunnally.

Clovis is viceroy of Area 11 (Japan) with lots of help from Calares. He is not on the Magic Council, but is the imperial minister that oversees the council and controls their magic troops. He has slight magical power. For example someone like Lucy would have no problem handling him. Someone like Natsu and Gray would crush him. Ezra or Laxus could beat him with a simple look. But weaker mages like Levy, Jet, and Droy, he would fight with evenly.

The story will have several arcs. A few will happen before the events that lead up to Shinjuku. They will introduce the magic abilities of the Code Geass characters and everybody's relationships. The next arc will follow the Code Geass storyline. After that we will follow the Oracion Seis arc. Pieces of the Lullaby, Galuna Island, Phantom Lord, Tower of Heaven, Loke, Fighting Festival, Edolas, and Tenrou Island arcs will be sprinkled throughout. Eventually all characters from all Code Geass and Fairy Tail media will appear.