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July 1, 2017, outside of Tokyo Settlement

Lucy and Lelouch are riding on a flying horse. His arms slip around her effortlessly. Lucy is quickly introduced to Lelouch and Nunnally's friends. Gray is the blue haired boy without a shirt. He is riding on a flying horse as well. The pink haired boy is Natsu, and he is being carried by his flying cat. Happy. Nunnally flies on her magical wheelchair created by their friend Nina Einstein. The wheelchair is also Nunnally's magical armor, but very few people know that.

"Lucy, you remember Icarus, don't you?" Lelouch asks as he pats the horse.

The horse neighs.

"Um I remember you introduced me to some flying horses once."

After a few minutes of flying, Happy gets tired of carrying Natsu and drops onto a flying horse. Happy lands conveniently on Nunnally's lap. Natsu and Gray begin to do horse riding tricks.

"Icarus, put us down by that village."

Lucy watches as Lelouch walks over to a small hut. She sighs and stays on Icarus who decides to go over to graze in a nearby field. Gray and Natsu get off their horses and begin to stretch out.

"Hey Luigi, are you going to get off?"

Gray hits Natsu in the shoulder.

"Her name is Lucy."

"Why'd you hit me, you shirtless iceman?"

"It's go time, you annoying fireball!" Gray yells out.

Nunnally scowls and punches them both in the gut, "Can't the two of you keep it down? We don't want people to know that we are here. Go inside the hut. Happy, go get Lucy."

"Aye sir."

Happy lugs Lucy over to the hut. He grumbles about her weight. Natsu and Gray stop fighting because the family that lives in the hut gives them food. Nunnally points ahead at the entrance to another room and nods for Lucy to go in. The man of the house (Lucy supposes) leads her down a staircase hidden behind a wall to room filled with electronic gadgets. Lelouch is having a conversation with white haired woman in a maroon dress with a pink bow on the front of it along with pink trimmings. She has blue tear drop shaped necklace and a white flower bracelet. She has blue eyes, large breasts, and a voluptuous body. She has long white hair and has a portion of it bound in a frontward pony tail. Lucy freezes when she realizes that Lelouch is speaking with Mirajane.

"I was hoping to do a few jobs around here so that Lucy can get used to things. I guess if its urgent, we will go back now," Lelouch blushes a little, "I kind of miss you. It's been two weeks."

Mirajane nods and motions behind Lelouch. He turns around and sees Lucy.

"Lucy Heartfilia meet Mirajane Strauss."

Lucy waves and blushes. Mirajane is her idol, and she has always wanted to meet her. By the sound of things Lelouch and Mirajane have a very close relationship. Lucy wonders if she is interfering.

"We will head straight for the guild. We should be there in a little while," Lelouch stands up and cuts the connection, "Come on, Lucy. I was hoping things would be calmer. But it seems that Nunnally is right, and I waited too long to get you."

Lelouch and Lucy head back upstairs.

Nunnally and Happy are now joining Natsu and Gray and are eating. Natsu grabs some food in his hand.

"Hey Lelouch-sama, do you want some magic enhancing food? This food really gets me fired up."

Lelouch smirks and puts his arms around Lucy and lightly kisses her shoulder.

"I have my own magic enhancing methods."

Everybody including Lucy blushes.

"Brother, don't talk dirty," Nunnally scolds.

"We have to back to the guild right now. There is something that I have to deal with."

Outside the flying horses are still grazing in a nearby field. Lelouch calls them over. After a few minutes of discussion, several other horses come over. Lucy doesn't really have another way to put it because Lelouch stands there with his head leaning against the head of Icarus. Lucy recognizes him now.

"Let's go. Icarus says that they can make it back to the guild."

They all get on a horse except for Nunnally and Happy and set off for Fairy Tail. Lucy's mind is racing through hundreds of different emotions as Lelouch wraps his arms around her once more. They land at the edge of a small village. Lucy knows that it is Magnolia. As soon as they are off, the horses leave. While walking through the city, people randomly come up to Lelouch and Nunnally and thank them for certain things. Lucy wraps herself around Lelouch's arm after some girls run up and kiss him on the cheek. Lelouch shrugs and puts his arm around Lucy.

"Why don't you guys take Lucy to the guild. I have to check up on something."

Nunnally frowns as Lelouch walks away, but Natsu takes the initiative.

"Come on Luigi. I'll introduce you to everyone."

Meanwhile inside the guild, everyone is sitting around having some good clean fun. One would think that Rivalz Cardemonde is living a dream by being surrounded by so many girls, but the girls don't see him that way. They are waiting for Lelouch to return. Sitting with Rivalz at the table are Milly Ashford, Shirley Fennette, Nina Einstein, Anya Alstriem, Marika Soresi, and Liliana Vergamon. Sitting nearby are Villetta Nu, Sayoko Shinozaki, and Cecile Croomy.

Nab Lasaro is staring at the job board trying to decide what task to accept. Jet and Droy are asking Levy McGarden to give them another chance. She on the other hand is ignoring them and waiting for a certain wheelchair bound princess to ride into the building. Alzack Connell and Bisca Mulan are trying not to stare at each other. Mirajane and Lisanna are behind the counter making sure that everyone is getting what they want. Macao Conbolt and Wakaba Mine are hitting on them. Laki Olietta is thinking of a way to get rid of those two perverts. Cana Alberona is drinking from her beer mug which happens to be a barrel. Reedus Jonah is drawing a portrait of the scene. Elfman, Mirajane and Lisanna's brother, is talking about men doing manly things while being men. There are many others that belong to the guild, but they are off on various missions.

Suddenly the door is kicked open, and Natsu yells out, "We're back!"

Rivalz and Elfman smile.



They stand by the door ready to attack. Rivalz wants to attack Lelouch because he gets all the girls. Elfman wants to attack Natsu because according to him Natsu has yet to prove he is man enough to be Lisanna's friend. Of course Elfman also wants to attack Lelouch as well. They jump into action. Unfortunately for them, Happy, Nunnally and Lucy are the first to enter because Natsu and Gray are arguing about something. Rivalz punches Lucy in the chest causing her face to turn red. Elfman hits the floating Happy into Nunnally. Happy is knocked out, and Nunnally is crying.

"Elfman, how could you?" Nunnally inquires with tears running down her eyes.

Natsu grinds his teeth.

"Hey you jerks hit Happy and Lelouch-sama's friend, Loopy."

Lucy is too stunned to correct him or hit Rivalz, but Natsu and Gray take care of him. Nunnally handles Elfman on her own.

"Nunnally punch!" Nunnally yells out smacking Elfman in the gut. Nunnally pulls out a sledge hammer from her wheelchair, "Who's next?"

Shirley comes over to calm Nunnally down.

"Nunna, don't you think that this is taking it too far?'

Nunnally tosses her hammer at Shirley who quickly puts up a shield.

"That's it this means war!" Shirley yells.

Shirley shapes her shield in to a pole and fires it at Nunnally who deflects it and sends it into someone else. Suddenly the entire guild begins to engage in random fighting leaving Lucy a little confused. The fighting continues for some time until Master Makarov comes and ends the fighting. After stopping the fighting, he gives a little speech at what makes a Fairy Tail wizard. Lucy nervously introduces herself to Mirajane. Shirley calls Natsu over.

"Hey Natsu, who is that girl?"

Natsu smiles, "That Lelouch-sama and Nunnally-sama's friend, Loony."

Milly shakes her head.

"I think her name is Lucy."


Milly stands up and makes a dramatic pose.

"And another rival for Lelouch's heart appears. What will Shirley do?"

The others shake their head. For some reason Milly refuses to admit that it is her that secretly pines after Lelouch not Shirley. Kallen looks around.

"Speaking if which, where is Lelouch?"

Milly looks at Kallen in faux dismay.

"Kallen, you too."

Kallen reacts in horror.

"No, I was just wondering where he is. He's been gone for two weeks."

Milly wags her finger.

"Ah the plot thickens."

Before Kallen can sputter more denials about her lack of interest in Lelouch, Nunnally brings Lucy over.

"Hey girls this is Lucy."

Lucy waves at Nunnally's friends. Milly tries to hide.

"Milly is that you."

"Oh hey Lucy, what's up."

"Do you two know each other?" Rivalz asks trying to keep his bloody nose under control.

"Lucy's father is the president of the Heartfilia Conglomerate and is a noble," Kallen answers.

Lucy looks over at the unfamiliar red head and shrugs.

"So you're a noble like Milly and Kallen," Nina states.

"Did you know Lulu and Nunna when they were younger?" Shirley asks, "Do you have any embarrassing stories?"

"Oh I have lots of stories," Lucy says with a grin, "Milly is involved in a lot of them"

Milly smiles weakly, "Oh look there's Lelouch."

Sure enough the raven haired prince walks into the guild. Natsu tries to wave Lelouch over in an attempt to get the amethyst eyed prince to pay for his food.

"Lelouch-sama, we saved a spot for you."

Lelouch nods as Natsu devours his food.

"I will be there in a minute, Natsu."

Lelouch walks over and sits at the bar. Macao and Wakaba immediately find something else to do. Preferably something that will not get them killed.

"Here Lelouch-kun, Mira-nee made this for you," Lisanna says placing a plate in front of Lelouch.

"Thank you Lisanna. How much did Natsu and Gray eat?"

Lisanna smiles, "A lot," she says walking over to speak with her friends from Ashford Magical Academy. She is interested in meeting Lucy. The other girls come over to meet Lucy as well.

Lelouch begins to eat his food which like everything that Mirajane makes for him it is delicious. The voluptuous white haired mage comes over to speak with Lelouch.

"So how is it?" Mirajane asks.

"Delicious like always."

Mirajane sit down across from Lelouch and begins to pick food off his plate.

Over with Lucy, Nunnally is introducing her to the other girls.

"This is my roommate and teammate, Levy."

"Don't you live with Lelouch?" Lucy asks.

"Well kind of. Big brother owns some apartments so we live there."

Lucy over at Lelouch who is still eating and talking with Mirajane.

"Are Lelouch and Mirajane close?" Lucy asks.

Everybody looks towards Lelouch and Mirajane. Over to the side, Elfman is starting to get angry. He slowly makes his way towards Lelouch.

"You have to be more man than me to date my sister!" Elfman yells out attracting everyone's attention.

Lelouch simply mumbles something and points towards a running Elfman. Suddenly a force field forms around Elfman. Natsu, Happy, and Gray go over to check it out. Elfman pounds away but is unable to break it.

"Check it out, Lisanna," Natsu says as he blows fire over the force field. Gray is forming ice crystals on the other side.

Lelouch raises his hand earning him a smack on the head from Lisanna.

"Don't even think about it," Lisanna says.

Lelouch places his hand in front of Mirajane who begins to massage it.

"I wasn't going to do anything. Besides Elfman needs to calm down."

Mirajane pulls Lelouch closer.

"Can you release Elfman?" she asks, "If you do, I will."

The rest of it is on a whisper. Everyone leans in to listen, but they are unable to here what she says.

Lelouch shrugs, "I guess."

Lelouch releases Elfman who falls to the ground. Lisanna begins to help her brother to his feet.

"Oh I must have forgotten to let air flow into the force field," Lelouch says while shrugging his shoulders.

Elfman begins mumble about men acting like men doing manly things. Lisanna helps her brother stand.

"Brother, stop picking fights with Lelouch. He is an S-class wizard," Lisanna comments.

"Actually I am an SS-class wizard," Lelouch responds, "With all the damage caused today, I better find a nice high paying job."

"Ya Lelouch-sama is the best!" Natsu yells, "One day he fought Gildarts," Natsu scratches his head, "I don't remember much about it because I got so excited that I fainted.

"What a loser," Gray comments.

"What was that you perverted snowman?" Natsu asks growling.

Natsu and Gray prepare to fight, but Lelouch stops them before they get going. Lelouch decides to go check on Lucy. He finds her talking with everyone from Ashford Magical Academy.

"Have you guys been telling Lucy about Fairy Tail or gossiping?" Lelouch asks.

Milly bats her eyes at Lelouch.

"What do you think?"

Lelouch sighs, "That is what I thought," Lelouch yawns, "Well I better get some rest because I have to go kill a wyvern or something tomorrow."

Natsu's eyes light up at that comment.

"I will be selecting two or three people to with me on this mission," Lelouch states.

Natsu and Gray accidentally high five each other. After that they begin arguing about who Lelouch is taking on this mission. Lelouch pulls out some bills to pay for their food. Cana promises not to drunkenly walk into Lelouch's bedroom again if he pays her bill for the day. He reluctantly agrees and leaves the guildhall.

Mirajane stamps the Fairy Tail mark on Lucy's left hand. Afterwards Lucy goes over to see what Natsu and Gray are up to. Of course they are still fighting. After a few minutes of this, Kallen forcefully stops them.

"What are those two idiots fighting about?" Nunnally asks.

"I think it's about who Lelouch is taking on the S class quest," Kallen replies.

"I seriously doubt that Lulu would take them again," Shirley comments.

"Especially after what happened last time," Rivalz remarks.

Lucy asks the obvious question, "What happened last time?"

"Me and big brother were on a mission to clear some griffins from a town in the south," Nunnally sighs, "Natsu and Happy hid in our luggage. They ended up burning some houses down. Luckily we were able to take care of the griffins."

"Why does everyone want to go on the mission with Lelouch?" Lucy asks, "What is an S class wizard."

"You see, whenever we have a request it is placed on our board," Mirajane explains as she points towards the job board, "Sometimes there are missions that require a little more skill. Those are S-class missions that are placed on a job board on the second floor. Only S-class wizards are allowed on that floor. There is also a higher class called SS which only high level mages can attempt."

"Wow, so there are some tough jobs out there," Lucy notes

"Then there are some really tough jobs," Nunnally states, "Those are called five and ten year jobs."

"There are also fifty and hundred year jobs," Mirajane comments, "The number of years indicates how long it has been since anyone has accomplished the job."

Lucy's face is one of complete shock.

"Don't worry about it. There are plenty of jobs for us weaker wizards," Milly reveals.

"Although it is nice of Lulu and Nunna to take us on their tougher missions," Shirley states, "It helps us prepare."

Lucy notices that Shirley keeps calling Lelouch, Lulu. She notices that they keep referring to Nunnally going on those hard missions. She knows that Lelouch would never endanger Nunnally in that fashion.

"Wait so Nunnally goes on these missions too?" Lucy inquires.

"Of course Nunna is an S-class wizard too," states a blue haired girl standing by Nunnally.

"Oh Lucy, meet my best friend Levy McGarden," Nunnally states, "You can stay with us until you get your own place."

"Why don't we have a slumber party at Nunnally and Levy's?" Milly proclaims.

"Good idea," Natsu declares, "I will heat the smores."

"This is a GIRLS ONLY sleepover," Kallen announces, "hentai."

While Lelouch and Nunnally teach them Japanese, that is one word that they do not teach. However they quickly realize that it means something bad.

"Ya, you hentie," Gray states. Ironically he is only wearing his underwear now, "Girls don't need the likes of you at their slumber party."

Lucy quickly averts her eyes. Levy quickly covers Nunnally's eyes.

"Put some clothes on, you pervert!" Lisanna screams as she punches Gray into a wall.

"Oh my," Mirajane states, "It seems that Gray is growing."

"Real men war clothes!" Elfman yells, "Put on some clothes." Ironically Elfman's shirt is unbuttoned.

Elfman charges at Gray causing another fight amongst the guild members. Fifteen minutes later everyone is on the floor because Mirajane calls Lelouch to take care of the situation.

"Sorry to bother you. I know that it is your meditation time," Mirajane states.

"No problem," Lelouch responds, "I needed a little workout."

Mirajane looks at the carnage caused by Lelouch's magic.

"Well you only overdid it a little this time."

Lelouch shrugs.

"If you are going to do something, you have to do it to the max. It is the Fairy Tail way. Why don't we close up early tonight? We can go have a nice dinner."

Mirajane looks around.

"Well I really shouldn't close up just in case something urgent happens. I guess I can leave Kallen or Lisanna in charge here."

"You guys can leave," Kallen states, "I can handle things around here. If any of these idiots try to get out of line, I will take care of them."

Lucy is still sitting there completely shocked wondering how and why everyone in this guild appears to be insane. Still it probably makes for lots of fun.

After everything settles down, they close up the guild hall for the night. All the girls head to Nunnally and Levy's apartment for their slumber party. Lucy notices a few similar looking apartments next to Nunnally's.

"Hey, which one if Lelouch's?" Lucy asks out of curiosity.

"The one on the end belongs to big brother," Nunnally responds.

"Oh I would have thought he would be closer to you."

Milly's grin tells Lucy all she needs to know about what goes on in Lelouch's apartment. She would rather not think about it. Once inside Lucy notices that the apartment is quite spacious. Seemingly from out of nowhere food and drinks appear for all the girls.

"Oh I don't think anyone said why people like to go on missions with Lelouch," Lucy states.

"That's easy. It's because big brother always picks tough missions to go on," Nunnally replies.

"Sometimes the master also sends him out on missions to take care of certain creatures that are affecting nearby towns," Lisanna comments, " I think there is a good chance that he will pick me to go on tomorrow's mission."

"No fair!" Milly shouts, "Your sister is probably using her talents to convince Lelouch to take you on his mission."

All the girls including Lucy immediately blush. Over at his home Lelouch's sneezes waking Mirajane.

"Oh my, look at this we fell asleep on the couch."

Lelouch snuggles against Mirajane's breasts and mumbles, "Yeah I like doughnuts too."

Mirajane strokes his hair.

"I guess you are really tired. I should take you over to your bed."

Mirajane shakes her head as she places Lelouch on his bed. Lelouch pulls her down to the bed.

"Doughnuts are good, but hugs are better."

Mirajane succumbs to exhaustion and collapses atop Lelouch.

In the morning the scent of breakfast begin to feel Lelouch's nostrils. Lelouch slides Mirajane to the side.

"Another wild night, huh," Lelouch says with a smirk.

Most of his nights with Mirajane end up with both of them to exhausted to even change into their sleepwear. Having younger siblings can be such a pain. Having unasked for younger siblings is even a bigger pain. However they are good for some things, breakfast being one of those things.

"Here Lisanna, let me show you how to cook Lelouch-sama's breakfast. He likes it super extra well done," Natsu states.

"Don't be stupid," Gray retorts, "He likes his breakfast to be a little on the cold side."

Of course sometime after entering Lelouch's place, Gray manages to take off his clothes.

"Hey you pervert put some clothes on!" Natsu screams.

Naturally this leads to a fight between Natsu and Gray.

"Is it okay for us to be here in Lelouch's house?" Lucy asks, "It is pretty early."

"It's okay," Nunnally responds, "It's part of the courting process."

"Courting process, what do you mean?" Lucy inquires.

"Ya, everybody is trying to get big brother's attention for the S-class mission. He usually only picks two people to go with him."

"Oh so you aren't going with him?"

"No, I'm going on my own mission with Levy and Sayoko. Big brother is going on a mission that the master asked him to do. He has to hunt a wyvern or something like that."

"Oh so who do you think he is going to pick?"

Nunnally twists her mouth as she begins to think.

"Well things always end up badly when Natsu and Gray go so it will probably end up being a few girls."

Lelouch steps out of his room after hearing all the commotion. Luckily for everyone, Natsu and Gray are too exhausted to finish breakfast so Lisanna makes it.

Despite all of Milly's innuendo, Lelouch and Mirajane act more like an old married couple than some wild teenage lovers. Natsu and Gray act very much like their children. However Lucy does detect some of that sexual tension that Milly keeps talking about between Lelouch and Lisanna. By all accounts Lelouch seems to be much more of a ladies' man than Lucy remembers. Of course it has been several years since she spends much time with him.

When Levy enters the room, Lucy notices that both Lelouch and Nunnally look at her. She wonders what that is about. Levy takes the seat next to Lelouch that Mirajane vacates. The slender blue haired girl is not like Lelouch's other girls. At least the ones that Milly mentions last night.

"Well I'm off to the guild," Mirajane states, "I have to make sure that they are not tearing it apart. I will have some food ready for you when you head down to the guild."

Lelouch nods his head. As soon as Mirajane is gone, he begins to play with his food. Levy gently touches his hand. Lelouch glances in her direction and finishes his food.

"I am going to the guild to gather some information for my mission," Lelouch states, "I will make my choice by lunchtime. Do not break anything around here."

"Before you leave, do you have that book of scripts spells that I asked for?" Levy asks.

"It should be in the study. You know you can take anything you want. Just leave a note," Lelouch replies as he walks out.

Levy giggles in delight and asks, "Hey Lucy, do you like books? Lelouch has a lot of great books in his study. Do you want to see?"

Lucy looks over as Nunnally and Lisanna are trying to keep Natsu and Gray from fighting, again. Lucy decides to follow Levy to Lelouch's study. The previous night she is introduced to the blue haired mage and her love of literature.

"Wow, Lelouch has a lot of books!" Lucy exclaims as she enters the study.

Levy immediately grabs several books. She looks around in a secretive manner.

"Want to know a secret?" Levy asks. Lucy nods affirmatively. "A lot of these books are mine. I ran out of space so I started bringing some of my older books here. Lelouch hasn't noticed yet," Levy states with a bit of a chuckle.

"Hey Levy, it's time to go. Sayoko is waiting for us at the guild!" Nunnally screams.

"Come on, Lu-chan. Let's go back to the guild," Levy comments.

Lucy nods and follows them. It is going to take some time for her to get used to the other guild members and their odd use of Japanese honorifics.

Over at the guildhall everyone is causing a ruckus again. Lucy looks around for Lelouch but does not see him. Mirajane and Lisanna are training new waitresses just in case they need to go out on missions. Nunnally is planning her mission with Levy and Sayoko. Lucy is unsure what to do. Her attention is drawn to a giant board around which several guild members are gathered. She notices that Natsu and Gray are standing on opposite sides of the board.

"I wonder what that is." Lucy inquires.

"That is the job board." Mirajane replies, "Whenever someone has a request, they give it to the guild office. After that it is placed on the board so if there is anything that interests you, just tell me or Lisanna."

Lucy nods and looks over at the board.

"Hey Natsu, is there anything interesting there?"

"Hey Luigi, I'm looking for something exciting."

"My name is Lucy," Lucy grumbles.

"Perhaps you could find something exciting here," an orange haired mage says as he lifts Lucy's hand to his lips.

Lucy quickly pulls her hand back and notices that the mage is surrounded by girls. As Lucy pulls back, her Celestial Keys clink. This causes the orange haired mage to look down at them and begins to run away.

"I didn't know you were a Celestial mage. Sorry I have somewhere else to be."

Lucy looks at him in confusion.

"Oh that's Loke," Mirajane states, "He has a bad past with Celestial mages.

Lucy notices that Natsu is looking at her intently.

"Is something wrong?" Lucy asks.

Natsu violently shakes his head. He scampers off to confer with Happy and Milly. Lucy wonders what the pink haired mage is up to. She really does not know anyone here except for Lelouch, Nunnally, and Milly. She vaguely knows Kallen. She also meets other girls the night before but is a little unsure.

"Hey Lucy over here," Shirley calls out, "Lulu will be coming soon to select his team for his mission."

"Don't worry, he is going to pick me," Natsu says with a mouth full of food. Lisanna scolds him for talking with food in his mouth.

"Why would he pick a hot-head like you?" Gray questions. Naturally Gray is down to his underwear. "He will pick someone who can help him."

"Gray, your clothes," Cana states as she picks up a new barrel.

Gray walks over to Lucy and asks, "Can I borrow your clothes?"

Lucy blushes and shakes her head.

"Hey, no perverts allowed !" Kallen yells as she tosses Gray out of the building. "That's better."

Lelouch enters the guildhall. "Why is Gray sleeping outside in his underwear?"

"Because he is a pervert," Kallen replies.

"That sounds reasonable," Lelouch says as he sits down. "Now where is my lunch?" Mirajane serves Lelouch his lunch causing him to drool. "Hmm lunch."

Lelouch is oblivious to the world as he eats his food. The others wait attentively since Lelouch is the only S class wizard who takes non-family members on all his missions. Since all the young mages want the experience, they all want to go. Lelouch's selection also affects available personnel for other missions. Even people who dislike Lelouch (Elfman) hope that he selects them.

Lelouch stands up and yawns. "Well time for my afternoon nap."

"Lelouch, aren't you forgetting something," Mirajane says with her scary smile.

Lelouch sees the others in the guildhall staring at him. "Oh yeah, I am going on that wyvern hunt. Let me see, what sort of people do I need for this mission?" Lelouch walks around the guildhall inspecting the other members. Happy sits on his shoulder and assists in the inspection. Lelouch, Happy, and Lelouch's manservant/bodyguard/secretary, Jeremiah Gottwald discuss the results of the inspection. "I have decided to take Kallen, Milly, and Lisanna with me. We shall meet at the train station at six," Lelouch informs his selections.

The other guild members have varying emotions.

Elfman grunts, "Let's go men. Now is the time when men become men," he says to the other members of the Man's Team, Rivalz, Jet, Droy.

"Hey Rivalz, I am going on a mission with Alzak and Bisca. Do you want to come?" Shirley asks.

Rivalz grins and nods. "I pledge my guns to this mission."

Cecile takes Nina off to the weapon creation lab. Milly only agrees to go with Lelouch if the other members of her Team Ashford (Nina and Shirley) have something to do.

Natsu appears to be the most disappointed since he figures that Happy will put in a good word for him. Of course Natsu tends to blow things up whenever he is on missions with Lelouch. Well he tends to blow things up even when not with Lelouch.

Nunnally begins to form her own team for her mission. Normally she goes with Sayoko and Levy, but today she also asks Alice to come. Alice uses speed magic which may be helpful. Villetta may also tag along since she is the one that secures the job.

Mirajane smiles at Lucy. "You should take it easy since you just arrived. There are several easy jobs. You can look for one of those just to get started."

Lucy sighs and heads to her new home. Since Lelouch is her landlord, she is able to get a good rate, but eventually she will have to perform jobs. Lucy begins to prepare a bath. The last few days have been tiring, and a nice bath is just what Lucy needs. After her bath Lucy puts on a robe and goes to her desk. She has many things to write about. Lucy is quite surprised to find Natsu and Happy sitting at her table eating.

"Hey Lucy!"

"What are you doing here?" Lucy asks as she hits the young mage and his cat.

"Hey, what was that for?"

"How did you get in here?" Lucy asks.

"Oh, Mira asked me to bring you the extra key to your room," Natsu answers.

Lucy wonders why Mirajane could not have just given her the key.

"Hey Lucy, Milly and Nunnally say that you use key guys as magic."

"They are not key guys. They are Celestial Spirits," Lucy replies. Suddenly a thought occurs to her. "Do you want to see me make a contract with my latest key?"

Natsu and Happy nod so Lucy calls forth Canis Minor. A small white figure with a yellow conical nose appears. Natsu and Happy appear confused since they assume that Lucy's spirits would be bigger. At least that is the information they receive from Nunnally.

"Well better luck next time," Happy states.

Lucy shakes her head. "No, he is supposed to be like this. Since they require very little magical power, they are used as spirit pets. Now what should I name you."

"I thought his name was Nikora or Candied Minor," Natsu remarks.

"Well that is the name for the type, but each one can have an individual name. Let me see. How about Plue?" The little guy appears happy with Lucy's selection so she continues, "Now the most important thing, the contract. For Celestial Mages, our word is our bond and is very important."

Plue seems to like his new name so Lucy begins to make their contract.

Natsu and Happy are surprised at the simplicity of it.

"It all seems rather simple, doesn't it." Happy comments.

Plue seems happy about the situation and begins to speak in his strange language. Lucy just giggles and hugs her new spirit. However Natsu begins to consider Plue's words.

"That's a good idea, Plue," Natsu says. "We should make a team."

Lucy is quite confused about how Natsu can understand Plue.

"What do you mean by make a team?" Lucy asks.

"Mages can go out on missions alone," Happy states, "but usually they team up with people that they like and are compatible with," Happy leans in to whisper, "Don't tell Natsu, but Lelouch-sama always picks Lisanna and Kallen for his missions. He is training them to be S-class wizards."

"So you want us to be a team?" Lucy question. "Well I don't know too many people here. I was hoping that Lelouch and Nunnally would help me out."

"Don't worry. We can find some easy jobs to get you started," Natsu replies. "In fact we have one in mind."

Lucy ponders the idea for a moment. "Alright, let's do it." Lucy and Natsu high-five to seal the deal. "What is this job you had in mind?"

Lucy begins to read the job request that Natsu hands her. She not exactly happy with what she reads. "What sort of job is this?" Lucy asks pulling on Natsu's ear. "I do not think that I want to participate now."

Natsu smirks, "I thought a Celestial Wizard's word was their bond."

Lucy begins to grumble. "Fine I will do it, but you better not get any weird ideas."

Natsu and Happy grin as they begin to explain the plan to Lucy.

Lelouch is sitting quietly aboard the train taking his team south towards Osaka where they will board a ship to Shikoku where the village being plagued by the wyvern is located. In addition to being set on magnetic tracks, the train is also sakuradite and magic powered. Many powerful mages perform such tasks rather than participating in the traditional guild jobs.

Each of Japan's four islands seems to be plagued by a different magical or creature issue. Kyushu and Shikoku seems to have problems with large creatures. Hokkaido seems to have a small creature problem. Honshu contains all kinds of magical guilds. The majority of those now being considered dark guilds. The issue is so bad that Clovis and the Magic Council try to avoid the issue.

Milly snuggles up to Lelouch. Kallen and Lisanna are sitting on the other side of the cabin. Being a member of Lelouch's "harem" is a special bond between the girls who understand the limits and privileges of the relationship. The girls form an alliance to keep outsiders away from Lelouch.

"Perhaps I should have brought Lucy along. It seems a little mean to leave her behind when she is new to the guild," Lelouch remarks.

"Lucy is a big girl. Besides she isn't entirely alone. The others will show her the ropes," Milly replies.

"Yes, but her father is sending people after her. Most of them will not stop simply because of our agreement."

Fairy Tail generally takes friendship to another level, but Lelouch and Nunnally, in particular, look out for the people that aid them after their mother's death, even if the aid comes for selfish reasons.

"The train is slowing down," Kallen notes reaching for her sword.

Lisanna looks out the window. "There appears to be something forcing the train to stop ahead."

"I sense something magical ahead," Milly states.

"Yes, someone is using runes to stop the train. Judging from time we have been riding, we must be near Osaka. Also the train is stopping quite smoothly, smoother even than a regular stop, this means that whoever cast the runes is quite skilled," Lelouch comments, "Perhaps it is time that we made our exit. I was planning on spending the night here in Osaka anyways."

Lelouch leads the three girls out of their room. Only Milly seems concerned about their bags. Lelouch uses his royal status to make his way towards the front of the train.

"Everyone please return to your seats or cabins. We are handing the situation,' someone from the train company states.

Several passengers complain about being late. Naturally some even try to use their social position to find out what is happening.

"Let me off this train this very instant. I am a baron, and I have important business to attend to."

"I am sorry sir, but we have orders to make sure that everyone stays in their cabin while the situation is being handled."

The baron notices Lelouch and the girls walking unmolested. "What about these children? Surely they cannot be more important then me. Now you will tell me what is happening."

Lelouch quickly cycles through his internal rolodex of nobles and government officials.

"Baron Otto von Goslick, someone of little consequence that Clovis keeps around for his personal amusement," Lelouch states.

The baron appears ready to smack Lelouch for his impertinence when he suddenly realizes that Lelouch calls the viceroy by his first name and nothing else. No Britannian, no matter how uncultured, would refer to a member of the royal family simply by their first name.

Lelouch stretches forth his arm and the train begins to move forward. The train's crew is astonished that Lelouch can move the large train on his own.

"Just as I thought. These weak runes can only belong to one person."

A man with long green hair and a long red coat comes aboard the train.

"Only someone like you would be so impertinent, your highness. Did you ever consider that the train is stopping for a reason."

"Oh hello Freed, are the other three dopes with you?"

"How dare you insult the Thunder God Tribe?" Freed Justine asks indignantly. "For the honor of our leader, Laxus, we will put you in your place."

"You must have taken the Osaka train thief job," Lelouch remarks with a smile, "I guess will have to take that from you as a warm up for our bigger job."

"A large group is approaching the train," Kallen comments as she withdraws her sword.

"Good take care of them while I handle these dopes," Lelouch replies looking at Freed.

September 11, 2009

Lelouch is entering the throne room for his audience with the emperor. Lelouch immediately begins to berate the emperor for the situation surrounding is mother's death and Nunnally's injuries. However the emperor responds with disdain and refers to the event as old news.

Suddenly a dark aura falls upon the throne room. The Knight of One quickly reaches for the emperor who seems to be frozen on the throne. Bismarck Waldstein is blown back by a wave of dark magic. The nobles in the room begin to panic and head for the door only to find that it has been sealed.

"Old news, you say. I will show you old news," Lelouch says as a dark presence takes over his body. All of a sudden the black haired prince begins to transform into the dragon that he killed a few days before.

The dragon seems to take over Lelouch completely as it begins to kill and devour those in the throne room. Lelouch regains control and turns towards the emperor. He pounces upon his father and begins to throttle him. Lelouch is too occupied in his task that he does not notice Merlin Suzerain and Nonette Enngream coming up beside him. They use small metal rods to shock Lelouch, and he slowly regresses to his normal form.

Luciano Bradley rushes into the throne room and is shocked by the carnage. The other Knights of the Round follow him.

"How the fuck do we explain this?" Luciano asks.

"We blame it on terrorists," a recovering Bismarck states. "We say that they are after Lady Marianne's children, and they are willing to hurt whoever they must to accomplish this task."

Of the Knights of the Round only Bismarck knows the emperor's true plan and that he is planning on sending Lelouch and Nunnally to Japan in an effort to draw out CC.

"My head hurts," Lelouch states causing the Knights of the Round to stare at him.

Merlin and Nonette stare at their metal rods which should have knocked Lelouch out for some time. Bismarck quickly grabs the metal rods and rushes towards Lelouch.

Lelouch catches the metal rods in his hands. "Don't fuck around Bismarck. Is anyone else hungry? I feel like eating pizza," Lelouch says as he skips away.

(cue Kanpekigu No Ne, Fairy tail ending 1)

Author's note: How Lisanna is alive and what her relationship is with Lelouch will be explained soon. It has to do with the way she "dies." Mirajane has her nice personality and retains most of her powers although she does not go out on jobs much. Most chapters will feature a flashback. There poll regarding the fourth member of the Thunder God Tribe is still up. The result is needed for next chapter. I am writing the part with a few people in mind.

Due to genetic tampering Lelouch and Nunnally's magical power increases no matter how much they use it. Which is way Nunnally is not crippled. Her overwhelming magic power automatically heals her. If unchecked their power will grow and eventually engulf and destroy the world. It does cause them problems and makes them feel lonely because they know that they are essentially gods but don't understand why. Obviously Charles and Marianne want to use them along with VV and CC to destroy the gods and remake the world.

Rivalz uses gun magic. Normally they are handguns, but once he is able to call forth a giant cannon. Shirley uses shield magic. Her shields are able to withstand most any weapon. She can also shape her shields into weapons. Milly uses a combination of creation and reequip magic. She is in charge of all festivals and parties. Kallen uses a form of reequip magic although she is not as proficient as Erza. Nina uses creation magic. She uses her magic to build weapons for her fellow guildmates. Anya uses several magic rings. Little else is known about her magic powers. Marika and Liliana use armor which is enhanced by the magic ability. Sayoko uses reequip magic usually in the form of kunai and other kunoichi accessories. Cecile uses a more advance form of the creation magic that Nina uses. Her magic is aided by the use of sakuradite. Villetta uses Lance magic. With her magic power lance, she is a force to be reckoned with.

Amongst the Code Geass characters, Lelouch, Nunnally, Sayoko, and Villetta are S class wizards. Lelouch and Nunnally beat Mirajane and Erza to gain the S class ranking. This makes Nunnally the youngest S class wizard ever. Something that the red head hates being reminded of. They all get along now, but Natsu and Gray like to remind Erza of her defeat at Nunnally's hands.