From the TARDIS' POV

Chapter Six

The Doctor should've figured it out by now! He should clearly see the pattern! I love patterns! Patterns are fun. But really, how can he not see this?! He's figured out that I've been talking to someone far away but he can't figure it out. That's a first. Well, I never really talk to people anyway. Oh! I'm getting a message now!

Is everyone present and accounted for?

Yes they're all here just like you asked. The Doctors, Rose, Amy, Rory, Captain Jack, River, Sherlock and John are all here.

The paradox is holding nicely, though it is growing stronger. After they help me then they will have to forget everything that happens today.

True, true but that's really tragic…

Why is that tragic?

No reason, it's just that if they do forget then some of them will forget that they love each other.

Not my problem.

All right…

I'll contact you again when I need you to fly here.


That's that I guess. That's sad. I was really looking forward to all the adorableness…

Short chapter, I know but it needed it's own chapter.