The smaller hunter seemsvery self confident, and a little voice at the back of Saskia's head just wondered what he would look like with his hair on fire.


Mama's voice. It's distinct, with that panic in her voice. But still. He's annoying and he has just thrown holy water at her. At this point, tied to her chair, she has only two options: killing them both or trying to talk her way through it.

- I'm a hunter, just like you. Who are you?
- I'm Dean Winchester, and this is my brother Sam.

Gun names, how ridiculous...

- And you what's your name?
- Saskia Jager is my real name.
- Like the singer?
- No, like "hunter" in german

That's precisely why she's always thought it wasn't her mother's real name, but it's the only one she's ever known.

- Untie me, I...I just wanted to exorcise that wardrobe so it doesn't kill anymore that's all.
- So why didn't you tell us in the first place? asked Sam
- Because...because I wasn't proud of what i did. I bought it largely below its real price.

The one called Dean one burst out laughing

- You were afraid of what we could think of you?

Look innocent.

- Well I know it sounds silly but...
- It still doesn't tell us how you did what you did.
- I just...can, there's nothing mysterious about it. My mother came from an old family of witches and psychics so...I have a few powers of my own.

Dean's eyes suddenly change, and he looks much older. There is something really hard in his gaze, and he looks very judgmental.

- But you waited for us to be here to kill the ghost? What the hell were you waiting for? You want to know what I think? I think you were going to ship that thing away without giving a crap about what could happen to its new owner. What kind of hunter are you? Sam, call Garth.
- What? said Sam
- I wanna know if he knows if she's really a hunter.

Sam walks away with his phone

- Who's Garth?
- He know every hunters. If you're one of us he'll know.
- He won't! I...I do it for money, from times to times. I'm not affilated with any group whatsoever. And I would never ship something dangerous, please!

Kill them.
Kill them and nobody will know.
I won't do it, I won't kill people.
You know you can do it, you just have to want it You remember when you...

Saskia's hearbeat is rising and her eyes are burning. She feels threatened, and she know she doesn't react well to threats. She doesn't want any hunter to know where she is, those two are already more than enough. She's been patiently building a safe life here. If anyone from her past resurface, she will have to leave everyone. They need to stop doing that, stop showing of their guns and untie her. Quick. The headache is getting worse and she needs to lie down.

- Listen, i really feel sick, i need some medicine... i will tell you what you want to know, but please untie me.

She has tears in her eyes, and she's not faking them. These last few months, she has been asking herself if she was really taking the good decision; getting married, settle here, with Mike. Now she feels she's on the verge of loosing everything, anxiety is smothering her. Mike is certainly going to come to her house tomorrow morning with coffee and muffins, like he always do when he's been away. If she's not home he's going to worry, he's going to look for her.

The only solution to get away would be letting the Thing loose, but then it would mean losing herself into that very dark place she don't want to go back to. She's helpless. But then Dean comes to her and slice the rope with a hunting knife.

- Stay put. What do you need?
- Uh...water and my my purse, thank you.

Dean walks away and her vision becomes blurry. She can't stay sit, now her back hurts, as if someone was cutting her with a sharp blade. Left shoulder, like always when the Thing wants to go out. Fucking tattoo. She collapses and just has the time to see Dean running back to her.

- Where are we going Mama?

One of Saskia's first memories, she was five, or maybe a little younger. She was in the car with Ellen, it was during the summer. The car was old, with no air conditionning, and it was awfully hot inside. Ellen seemed tired, very tired. It had been a week of sleeping in the car, trying to find jobs. Saskia knew it was not he kind of question to ask a tired adult, but still, she wanted to know where they were going. She wanted to know if they would go back where? She can't remember. But Mama was very clear:

- We're not going back there.
- But why?
- Because it's dangerous.
- Everything is dangerous with you! Why can't you be a normal mom?
- Why can't you be a normal child! yelled Ellen, parking the car on the side of the road.

She looked at her daughter and saw the tears filling her eyes. Ellen began to cry and apologize at the same time. I'm sorry my love, i'm sorry, Mama's tired, i didn't mean it. But it was too late. I am not normal, and we're running because of me.

Later that day, Ellen tried to find a motel, so her daughter could sleep in a real bed. She didn't have any money, so she tried to pity the owner, begging for just one night so her kid could rest. The man was ugly. He seemed dirty. He looked at Ellen with a weird gaze, with a mean smile. Saskia instantly hated him, and she began to feel very, very angry. The mean man was asking Mama what she would be ready to do to have a room, that if she was nice, she could stay a whole week. He had a filthy way to say "nice". Saskia suddenly thought that in a ideal world, like, if she was a queen and everybody had to listen to her, that kind of person would be put to death, and that would be justice. She could feel Mama's unease.

Mama's begging. And the dirty man won't help.

- Oh my God! What the hell is that?

The dirty man is scared. Good.

- Wha...what's wrong?
- The kid...her eyes...

Mama covered her eyes with her hand and said

- Why?
- Not on people, never!
- What are you talking about?!

Saskia just wanted the bad man to disappear. She didn't know what Mama was talking about. Now her eyes were burning, she was tired and hungry, and Mama's scared. Of her. She's scared of her.

- Are you angry Mama?
- No, no i'm not angry. But Saskia you must never, you hear me, never, get mad like this at people. I'm very serious.
- He was mean.
- Never. Now let's go...
- I can sleep in the car, i don't want to stay here...
- Ok, allright.

They left the motel and slept in the car, again, Saskia wrapped up in her favorite blankie. In the morning, when Saskia woke up, her mother was sit on the car's trunk, reading the newspaper. She said she had found "a job", but that it was far away. Saskia sighed. Driving. Again! They drove for two days, almost straight, and Saskia had nothing else to do that asking questions to her mom. Question that would always remain unanswered like, were do you come from, why don't we have a home, who's my daddy, and of course, where are we going.

The job wasn't waiting tables or working in a mini market, it was killing a "monster" that was preying on teenage girls. Saskia had no idea how that kind of job could bring them any kind of money. Mama had found the monster, and had said to Saskia to stay in the car, to hide. But Mama wasn't coming back from this nasty warehouse. So she decided to go inside, to see if Mama had killed the monster or not. Everything was dark and rusty, and dirty, and then she saw her mom lying on the ground, with a woman beside her. The woman had her hand inside her chest, inside! Saskia screamed the loudest she could "GET AWAY FROM MY MAMA!", and felt her eyes burn, just like what happened with the dirty man. Except this time, the woman caught on fire, a fire so bright, so...beautiful. And then she vanished.

Saskia ran to her mother, and Ellen whispered

- On can.

- Oh my God Dean she's burning up!
- Fever?
- A brutal one me lie her down on that couch. Here, take off her coat.

Dean carefully takes off Saskia's coat. She's just wearing a white tanktop, and he can't miss the huge tattoo on her back.

- Sammy what's that?
- Uh...runes I think...I can't read that...
- Who the hell is this girl...

I have no idea.