Okay so this is my first attempt at a fanfiction. I used to read them alot when I was in middle school and recently got back into reading them. I have a few ideas for stories floating around in my head so I finally decided to write them. This first story is a kind of what if scenario. What if Naruto was raised up in the cloud village with Killer Bee as his sensei? The story will start around the time of the chunin exams and will be drastically different from the canon. On a side note don't expect me to use any japanese honorifics or the japanese names for the hidden villages. I find that kind of thing annoying and if you don't like it then you don't have to read it. Anyway this prologue will serve to set up how Naruto ends up in the cloud and how he meets Killer Bee. After that we will timeskip over to the chunin exams and introduce the rookies.

On a side note this will definitely be a Naruhina story since that is my favorite pairing. I'll try to keep the bashing on characters I hate to a minimum COUGHSAKURACOUGH but I can't make any promises.

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Deep in a forest in the fire country there was a boy. A boy who had been burdened with a curse that no man should have to carry. Right now this boy was running for his life.

"Got to keep running!" The young blond child kept mentally screaming to himself as he ran.

"Got to get away from that freak" This young boy wearing an old torn up prisoners garb was running from someone but who?

"Why hello there Naruto my boy." Naruto jumped back at the sight of the tall snake like man who said those words.

"Where the hell did he come from! I was so close!" Naruto was petrified. The object of his nightmares had caught him attempting to escape.

"Did you really think you could get away from me? You know me better than that." The snake like man was starting to walk towards the boy with an evil look on his face.

"Get the hell away from me! I won't let you have kurama!"

"Oh I see you finally started conversing with the demon inside you. No matter, even if the demon chose to help you escape you can't defeat me."

The bastard was right. Naruto was just a boy seven years of age. His tiny body wouldn't be able to handle the amount of demon chakra the fox would need to give him in order to kill one of the legendary sannin.

"Now Naruto why don't you give up this fruitless escape attempt and come back with me? Haven't I been good to you these past two years? I treated you better than they did at the orphanage didn't I?" The man never dropped the evil look on his face.

"You monster! You just wanted me so you can take kurama out of me! Kurama told me the truth!He says that if I let you take him I'll die and you'll put him under some nasty genjutsu and make him attack the village again!" The boy was scared but didn't let that show as he stood up to the monster in front of him.

"Oh so you would really believe the word of a demon? How do you know the demon isn't just lying to you?"

"I can tell when someone lies to me. For a second their chakra gets really cold and then heats up again. That doesn't happen with kurama but it happens everytime you say you aren't gonna hurt me and then you do."

Orochmaru was stunned to say the least.

"So the boy inherited the Uzumaki clans ability to sense chakra eh? He can even sense feelings from it. Only Mito Uzumaki ever had sensory powers that strong."

"That is quite an impressive ability you have there. Perhaps I was wasting my time trying to replicate your healing abilities. Those sensory powers should be much easier to replicate."

Orochimaru was now standing right next to Naruto. He picked him up by the throat and stared directly into his eyes

"You were so close to escaping too. Just a few more miles and you would have reached the leaf village. Too bad. I can promise you that I won't let you get this far ever again."

The boy was crying now. "Please someone help me!" The boy barely managed to choke out.

"Whats this? A creepy pale faced goon hurting a poor defenseles child? That is something I won't stand for!"

"You tell them brother! "

Two large dark skinned men suddenly dropped from the trees in front of the pair.

Naruto couldn't believe it someone heard him and judging by their headbands they were ninja. He didn't recognize the village but he didn't care he was just happy he was saved.

"What?! What are the Raikage and his idiot brother doing here!?

Orochimaru was not pleased by this turn of events. He was confident he could possibly defeat one or the other but both the Raikage and his brother Killer Bee were too much even for him.

"Hey you! Let that kid go before I get serious! If you hurt him I may just get furious!

"...This man truly is as stupid as the rumors say."

"I guess I have no choice" Orochimaru said angrily as he tossed the boy toward the two cloud Ninja in front of him.

"I will retreat for now but don't think I'll forget this." The man stepped back into the shadows and disapeared.

The two men looked down at the young blond boy and asked if he was alright. Naruto replied by hugging each of the men and thanking them both with tears in his eyes.

"Child?" The Raikage said gaining the boys attention.

"You mentioned Kurama to that man. Would you happen to be the container for the nine tail demon fox?"

"Y-yes sir." Naruto was hoping that they didn't hear that part.

"You have been burdened with a terrible fate. My brother here is also burdened with such a fate"

Naruto looked up and had a curious look on his face. "You have a demon too mister?"

"Yeeeaaahhh! Inside my body I contain the eight tails! With his help my enemies always seem to fail!"

"The demon inside you helps you mister? The one in me just gets mad and yells at me what he wants me to do."

Bee looked down at this child with a serious look on his face. "Would you like to learn how to control the demon inside you child?"

At the sound of this Naruto perked up instantly. "Yes sir!"

"Come with us to the cloud village and I will train you to become a ninja and teach you how to control the demon inside of you."

"Now hold up a minute Bee! We can't just go around picking up random children! Besides the Leaf village will not agree to this."

"You mean to tell me you aren't down for taking a child who wants to come with us and yet you order an ambassader to kidnap a sleeping child from her bed?"

The raikage was not pleased with that comment and neither was Naruto.

"You tried to kidnap someone!? You're a bad man!"

"Listen here boy I did not try to kidnap anyone. The incident my brother is refering too was the result of one of my advisors acting on his own. I would never hurt a defenseless child."

Naruto calmed down a bit. "I can tell that's the truth. I'm sorry for calling you a bad man."

A was slightly taken aback "This kid really can tell whether someone is lying or not. Maybe we should take him."

"Okay child I have a few questions to ask you and depending on the way you answer I will decide on whether or not to bring you."

"Okay. What are the questions?"

"First how old are you?"


"Whats the story with that man you were just with?"

"He's a bad man who kidnapped me two years ago."

"Do you have any family?"

"No I was raised in an orphanage until that man took me on my fifth birthday."

"Were you ever officially entered into the ninja academy?"

"No the man took me before I could go."

"Well there shouldn't be a problem then. You won't be considered a missing nin if you never entered the ninja academy and since you are choosing to come with us of your own will the leaf will not be able to do anything to try and take you away."

Naruto was happy for the first time in years he would finally learn to become a Ninja and he was finally going to learn to control the demon inside him.

"Thank you both very much! My name is Naruto Uzumaki!"

"Uzumaki? This could get interesting"

"My name is A. I am the raikage of the cloud village."

"My name is Killer Bee I am the raikage's brother and the toughest ninja you will ever meet yeeaaahhh!

And so Naruto was taken to the cloud village and started training under his new sensei Killer Bee.

Next chapter: Introducing Konoha's rookies and the prodigal son returns.

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