Ladies and gentlemen, I regret to inform you that I have decided to end this particular fanfiction. I know I promised that I would see it through to the end but I've been doing a lot of thinking recently and I've decided that it would be better for me to move on to new ideas.

I started this fanfiction over two years ago when I still had a lot of love for the Naruto franchise, but since then my interest in the series has died and I no longer have the passion that I feel is necessary for me to continue writing this story. I would rather call it quits than continue putting out subpar writing with no heart behind it.

To the people who have given me support and criticism, thank you. I took every review (That wasn't blatant troll bait by an anonymous twelve year old) to heart. The positive reviews helped keep me going and validated my writing while the more critical reviews helped me realise what some of my weaknesses are.

If anyone is curious about what my future plans had been for the story feel free to PM me and I'll answer any questions. I do a lot of my writing on the fly but I did have some long term ideas that I never got around to implementing. I'm even up for letting someone take over for me if I feel they would be a good fit for finishing it and keeping in line with my overall style of silliness and perversion.

Rest assured that I will continue to write, just not for Naruto. Some silly oneshots aren't out of the question but nothing on the scale of Naruto of the cloud again. I haven't decided what series to tackle next but some of the ones I've considered are Zelda (no duh. If you've read this story I'm sure you've put together that I like Zelda by now), fire emblem (IkeXLethe OTP I don't care if it's a sunken ship), Bayonetta (Silly and perverted fun? The series is basically made for assholes like me), and life is strange (If you haven't heard about this game then read my fangasm a little lower down). Hell I may do some more blue exorcist stuff though I haven't been keeping up with that one as much as I should.

Once again I thank everyone who read this story. I hope that you won't be too let down by my decision and I hope that you continue to follow me as I move on to new things.

(Life is strange fangasm inbound. Do not read further if you don't give a shit)

This is the most beautiful video game I've ever played. No I don't mean graphically. I mean in terms of the themes explored and the interactions between the characters. This game deals with serious topics like bullying, victim blaming, and suicide, and does it in a respectful way that doesn't come off as cheap attempts at easy drama. The voice acting for the two main characters is beautiful and I genuinely cried during a certain part of the game when one of them has a breakdown after a major plot relevation. I won't spoil it but anyone who's played the game will know what scene I'm talking about. Of course the game isn't perfect (The graphics are legit ass) but it's still a wonderful experience that will really bring out the feels in anyone who can relate to any of the powerful themes present in the game. It's a story heavy experience with not much gameplay but I recommend it to anyone who likes that style of game. Okay fangasm over. I know that this was a huge digression but god damn it have I been wanting to gush about this game ever since I beat it.