Author's note: This is my first story on and will be a Harry/Ginny story as they're my favourite Harry Potter pairing. This will be a Good but Dark!Independent!Powerful!Harry story as well, with some Dumbledore and select Weasley bashing. So, let's begin the story...

Chapter 1: This is my life, and it's under my control

Harry James Potter woke up to a nice sunny day and when he saw the date on his clock, he smirked. He had finally turned 11-years-old today. In just over a month, he would be going to start his first year of magical training at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He came downstairs and entered the kitchen to make himself some breakfast. He watched his 'relatives', the Dursleys, look up at him with frightened expressions on their faces as they were also eating their breakfast that Harry's aunt, Petunia, made. This had been the routine for years ever since Harry finally stood up for himself and made his 'relatives' look like the ignorant fools they were.

When Harry was old enough to walk, the Dursleys forced Harry to do all of the chores as they hated the fact that he was a wizard, but at the time, he didn't know this as they never told him anything. They used to beat him if he made one minor mistake or took just a second too long to do a chore, which only served to increase his bottled anger. When Harry turned 7-years-old, he let his anger out just before his uncle, Vernon, was able to beat him for getting better marks in an exam at primary school then his cousin, Dudley, causing some sort of repulsive shockwave to radiate off of him, sending Vernon into the wall behind him, knocking the large man out cold, and frightening Petunia and Dudley to stay away from Harry for the rest of the day.

From then on, Harry learned to harness his new powers and used them whenever the Dursleys attempted to force him to do the chores they should be doing, or attempted to beat him. As a result, he beat them himself, and never offered to help with chores, as he didn't think they deserved help, which caused them to now live in fear of him. Harry also learned martial arts and weapon mastery a few years ago to further punish Dudley when he carried on bullying at their primary school. Needless to say, after his training, Harry ended Dudley and his gang's reign of terror at their primary school, causing many pupils to see him as a school hero.

It was also around this time when Harry finally got Petunia to tell him about the real cause of his parents death as he didn't believe the lies his 'relatives' fed him as they kept on changing too much to be true. Petunia told him everything, including her hatred of his mother and her sister, Lily, when they found out that Lily was a witch and she wasn't. She told him how Lily met his father, James Potter, at Hogwarts and that they had got married and had him later on. She then told him how they were actually murdered by a man who called himself Lord Voldemort, which led Harry to become an orphan and to be left on the Dursleys' doorstep by the Hogwarts Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore. Harry then realised where he got his powers from; it was genetic as his parents were also magical, and there was an entire community of magic users. He also swore that if this 'Lord' Voldemort ever showed his head again, he would rue the day he ever decided to mess with Harry Potter as he didn't give second chances.

When Harry received his Hogwarts invitation letter, he was able to read it without interruption. He then made plans to go to Diagon Alley on his birthday. So, in the present, Harry says goodbye to the Dursleys before heading to London via the Knight Bus, which he learned about from Mrs. Figg who's the squib from the house next door to the Dursleys. He asked the driver to take him to the Leaky Cauldron as he needed to get to Diagon Alley, but he never gave his true name. He didn't trust people easily, in personal matters especially. When he finally got to Diagon Alley from the back of the Leaky Cauldron, he observed the wizards and witches walking up and down the cobblestone street, going into shops, looking in shop windows, and also just talking to their friends and families. As he observed this, he smirked and felt a small sense of home in this world of magic. He then went to Gringotts to get some money and took his time looking around the different shops, making sure to get all of his equipment he needed before moving onto the next shop.

When Harry entered Eeylop's Owl Emporium and the Magical Menagerie, he bought two animals, regardless of what the letter implied about only having one. He bought a beautiful snowy owl, whom he called Hedwig, and a black cat, whom he called Shade (cliché, but Shade seemed to like the name, so Harry stuck with it). They both actually bound to him as his familiars, bonds that hadn't been seen for many years, so he just had to have them, and no-one would be able to say anything about it. He was never really one to follow rules. Oh how he would love to put more pompous people in their places like he did the Dursleys once he entered Hogwarts with Shade and Hedwig and got away with keeping them due to their familiar bonds with him.

Harry's final stop was Ollivander's Wand Shop, where he would obtain his first wand. He entered the shop and rang the bell just before seeing who he assumed to be Mr. Ollivander zoom down to the desk on a set of bookshelf ladders.

"I wondered when I'd be seeing you Mr. Potter. Quite sooner than expected, I might add. You seem a lot stronger than what a certain friend of mine has led me to believe, but never mind that. It seems like only yesterday when your parents were in here to buy their first wands themselves. However, you seem most unusual, Mr. Potter. I don't think that one single wand will do for you. No, no, no! Hmm...I wonder..." Mr. Ollivander said before zooming off back into his storage area to find Harry his wands.

Soon, Mr. Ollivander came back with two wand boxes and handed them over to Harry. As soon as Harry took the wands, both lit up with a green light being ignited from each tip that seemed to surround him before they dimmed down again. They had chosen him.

"Curious...Very curious..." Mr. Ollivander said in a mix of awe and fear in his voice.

"I'm sorry, sir, but what's so curious?" Harry asked, looking at the old wand maker with a confused expression.

"I remember every wand I ever sell, Mr. Potter. The wand in your left hand is 11 inches, made from holly wood, and has a phoenix feather core. It just so happens that the phoenix, whose tail feather resides in your wand, gave another feather, but just one other. It's curious that this wand should be destined for you, when it's brother...gave you that scar on your forehead," Mr. Ollivander explained.

"Voldemort's my wand's brother...? Very intriguing...Anyway, what about my second wand?" Harry asked.

"Yes, as to the second wand that's in your right hand, it's curious as not many people have ever received a second wand from me unless they've broken their first wand. To have two wands destined for you is rare indeed. What's even rarer is your wand type. Again, it's 11 inches, but it's made from hazel wood, and has a dual-core consisting of a dark phoenix feather and a light phoenix feather. How I was able to put the two together is a mystery, but it was like I was being driven by an otherworldly force. The two cores and the hazel wood mean that this wand will serve you well as it will allow you to become very powerful in magic. However, you must be cautious when it comes to your emotions. Focus and the clearing of your mind is vital for your magic to reach its full potential when you cast a spell, otherwise you might end up hurting others severely. Another positive, or negative depending on your opinion of it, is that if you're particularly angry or depressed, and someone tries to steal and use your wand, it will attack the thief instead. Hazel wood wands are notoriously loyal wands, I will tell you this. I expect great things from you, Mr. Potter," Mr. Ollivander explained.

"Well, thank you for explaining this to me. I appreciate it, sir," Harry said politely.

"You're welcome, Mr. Potter. Not many people bother to ask about their wands nowadays. Now then, since I didn't expect you to have a second wand, I'll give you it half price...So, that will be 12 galleons for them both please," Mr. Ollivander said.

Harry handed over the money and bid the old wand maker goodbye before exiting the shop and Diagon Alley as he had now completed his shopping list. He caught the Knight Bus back to Privet Drive and entered his 'relatives' house to see an almost empty living space. It seems like they had gone out, which suited Harry just fine as it meant that he could have some proper alone time with his new familiars and so that he could think about the adventure that laid ahead of him.

One thing's for sure though, the wizarding world was in for a shock when Harry finally made his debut at Hogwarts as he won't be anything they expect him to be. He'll play by his own rules, and no-one will be able to control him or tell him what to do. Those who try will not get any second chances from this unconventional Harry James Potter...