Okay here it is my very first fanfic I ever wrote, it started as a short story and four and a half years later and if I remember rightly 45 chapters in length. My daughter asked me to write what I thought may have happened after the end of Breaking dawn so here it is. I may have changed some of the semantics but most things are the same as SM wrote them. This is as raw as it gets, written from the heart I own none of the characters and although the storyline was mine 'Sunrise' belongs to Charley x It isn't beta'd either so if the grammatical errors are killing you please click on the X don't Pm me please.

Sunrise: Chapter 1

It was coming up to a year since , Edward and Bella had taken their wedding vows , not that time mattered to either of them anymore , but Charlie and Renee now speaking on a daily basis thoughtfully reminded them that their one year anniversary was upon them.

"We should throw a party" laughed Alice with a twinkle in her golden eyes.

Edward grimaced; Bella had still not gotten over her dislike of being centre stage,

"Alice you'd throw a party for anything if you could" he sighed

Bella was sat reading with renesmee who was now the size of a six year old , her beautiful brown curls fell like a waterfall down her lavender skin, she looked away from her book and smiled at her father.

"Please daddy" her pure white teeth shone as she smiled.

"My angel how can I refuse you", Bella snorted,

"So who was it then" Bella glanced round at her sisters "who promised you a new party dress"

Renesmees eyes darted over towards Rosalie who simply smiled and shrugged.

"Oh okay" Bella laughed "Not as if you didn't know I was going to agree though Alice" she smiled at her favourite sister.

Renesmee jumped into Edwards arms,

"Can we invite granddad Charlie and Jacob and..." she squealed

Edward looked softly at his wife; although the bitterness between the wolves and themselves was all but resolved Jacob was still a fragile talking point.

"If you wish to invite the whole of Forks, young lady you must hunt first you know the rules" Bella said sitting her back next to her.

"Yeah yeah I know, no biting granddad or the other wolves, I can still bite Jake though can't I" she flashed her teeth at Bella.

"Of course my darling" Edward laughed bending down to kiss his wife and daughter on the head.

"Cool, oh I'm so excited" Renesmee began bouncing up and down on the settee,

"Do I need to call Jasper in to calm you down Renesmee" Bella shot a warning look at her daughter,

"Ah Jazz won't do anything" she giggled,

"Did someone say my name" smiled jasper entering the room.

"Jazz" screamed Renesmee and she threw herself into his arms.

"Hello angel cakes" he smiled hugging her and she immediately calmed and he sat her back next to Bella and nodded to Edward

"Thanks" mouthed Bella and he smiled back.

So the party was set for the weekend, Friday Bella and Edward took Nessie out to hunt and then she was spending the night at La Push whilst the adults hunted.

"Okay see you later and be good for Jake and Billy" she shouted as her daughter ran to meet Jacob,

Although things were more relaxed the treaty line still stood, so as Edward had done with her before she delivered Renesmee to Jacob.

Edward tried to read her thoughts as she arrived back at the cottage but she had put her shield up,

"Bella what's the matter" he asked pulling her close, "nothing...it's just..." she broke off,

"Just what?" his eyes were darkening, they weren't there usual topaz which even after her change didn't fail to dazzle her.

"Do you think Nessie misses out because she doesn't go to school" she turned to look up at Edward

"I don't know, why?"

"I just feel sometimes she misses out on being a kid, having a normal life, she is still part human" she sighed

"She's very bright" he smiled kissing her palm,

"I don't mean academically I mean socially" she was trying not to get distracted by his touch.

"We'll sit down and ask her after the party is out of the way" he smiled she loved how he always knew the right thing to say to her.

"Now shall we go meet the others" he asked, turning to the door.

"Erm... no" she grabbed his wrist and pulled him back, she loved how she could do that still.

She lifted his hand and kissed his palm then moved down to his wrist and continued upwards till she found his neck.

"Are you trying to distract me" he laughed

"Maybe" she mumbled "Is it working?"

"Doesn't it always" he smiled,

And in one movement they were on the giant white bed...

They joined the others a while later,

"Nice of you to join us, something good on TV?" laughed Emmett, Rosalie nudged him laughing,

The girls hunted close to home and the guys went further up the mountains where there was beginning to be a bit of a cougar problem.

After they had all had their fill they met up again near the river,

Walking and laughing they made their way back towards the house, suddenly Edward and Alice froze,

"Edward, Alice what is it?" asked Carlisle,

They looked and each other, having one of their silent conversations, she shook her head finally and Jaspers eyes narrowed

"Again?" he whispered into Alice's ear, she shrugged and continued to walk pulling her brother alongside.

"What was that all about?" Bella asked Esme

"I'm not sure, Alice has been having visions but she won't tell any of us" replied Esme

As they reached the riverbank they stopped, Jasper took hold of Alice's hand and turned her towards him,

"It's time" he said looking round at Emmett and Rosalie then to the others,

She pulled back ground and then Edward hissed, they were both looking into the undergrowth across the river everyone followed their gaze and there curled up in the ferns was a child not much older than renesmee, he had tousled blonde hair he had a ferial look about him.

"Who is he" Esme whispered,

"He's Rosalie's and Emmett's" said Edward and Alice in unison; they turned to look at the couple stood behind them.

"Ours?" sighed Rosalie holding onto Emmett as she might fall, her once perfect stone facade broken with a pained look,

"Yes" Alice sighed looking at Jasper who smiled and pulled her closer.

"She's been seeing him for a while now, he's like renesmee half human half vampire, he always runs to you and Emmett, we think he's meant to be your son?"

"But where did he come from, who's is he?" asked Carlisle walking towards Alice and Jasper.

"I don't know" Alice sighed; Edward growled in the back of his throat she sent him a warning hiss back.

"Alice" he whispered...

"No!" she hissed back he turned and looked to Jasper, who shrugged Alice, had been very careful what to tell him so that he couldn't betray her.

They all stared at the frail figure asleep, Rosalie went to move closer and Jasper was by her side like a flash,