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"Don't underestimate the power of darkness. Even the purest hearts are drawn to it."


Caroline tossed and turned in bed. The crescent moon was too bright, the covers too hot and the air too chilly. Of course, she wasn't really feeling any of it, but to her they sounded like pretty valid excuses, vampire or not.

In all honesty, what was really bothering her, was the day's events. Klaus being tormented by Silas and Caroline desperate, though not showing it, to get the pieces of white oak out of him.

She was thankful, in a way, that it had just been Silas' twisted mind that made it seem real, when it infact wasn't. Had it been true, then pretty much the entire town had been extinct due to Klaus' death, including Caroline.

It annoyed her that her mind was toying with her emotions. She didn't really like Klaus, not after everything he'd done, but after seeing him so vulnerable and terrified earlier and the relief of knowing it was really her there, it made her wonder how he had been while still a human. Caroline smiled to herself as she thought about the layers of evil, anger and terror peeling off him to reveal his true, human self.

In her mind, adding the pieces together of everything she'd learned about Klaus, she soon realized with a frown, that once those layers were off, there wasn't much left.

It pained her in a way. Tugged at her heart strings.

Friends then? He had asked her. She hadn't said a word, but she knew, he knew, that she accepted.

"I'll be your friend, Klaus" she whispered to the image in her mind of a broken, frightened man with so much love to give, but that no one wanted to recieve.

She finally fell asleep with the image of Klaus still on her mind, his blue eyes full of hidden emotions, a small smile tugging at his lips. Just friends.

She had been going back and forth in her mind about what to do. After 20 minutes pending with her car keys in a tight grasp, walking back and forth in the hall she finally left the house and drove towards the Mikaelson Mansion.

Her fingers were still on the wheel as she looked out the window and towards the large house. It was quiet appart from the wind in the trees.

She was confused. Things had changed so quickly lately, and yet she knew that ever since she became a vampire, her friends had treated her differently.

She had tried her best to ignore it, not to care, but as things got worse she couldn't hide behind a mask anymore. It was obvious.

Her friends pushed her away, all of their focus on Elena and her constantly being in danger. No matter what she needed, people were ready to provide it and not a single one ever wasted a second to ask Caroline how she was doing in all this.

Tyler was gone, her father was dead, Elena attacked her mother, Matt felt he owed her everything for being alive and was always at her side if she asked him and it was as if it was just a part of life's little bumps in the road.

And now Caroline was outside the home of their enemy, the only person she had left. She couldn't help but let out a chuckle of disbelief at the thought.

She took a deep breath and cleared her mind. No one was going to ruin her prom.

She stepped out of the car, grabbing her handbag from the passenger seat on her way out and slammed the door shut.

It was a beautiful day and if she closed her eyes she could imagine what the sun would feel like on her face.

The gravel was crispy crackling under her sandals as she approached the huge mansion. The slight wind made the dress dance around her knees and she walked up the stairs without hesitation. It wasn't until she reached the door, she felt a nervous flutter in her stomach. It felt like a big desicion that could affect her future, and yet it wasn't such a big deal, not really.

She let out a shaky breath as she rang the doorbell and pulled at a loose thread on her denim jacket. God, what am I doing...

A part of her was relieved they didn't have a window in the door. Just seeing the slight movement might have caused her to run, but she remained outside the massive, dark wooden door, moving her feet nervously.

She heard footsteps as someone approached the door and she held her breath, as the door opened and she was greeted by that familiar smirk. Klaus had his shirt unbuttoned, his chest lightly toned with muscles and for a second Caroline caught herself thinking that those were muscles made to feel, not really see and she imagined what his slightest movement would feel under her fingers. She quickly shook the thoughts out of her head.

Klaus tilted his head slightly, his deep saphire gaze scanning her from top to bottom.

"Good morning, Caroline" he said softly, still smirking. She bit her lower lip. His voice would be the death of her.

"Did I wake you?" she asked with a glance at his bare chest. He chuckled and for some reason he began to button up his shirt.

"Not at all, love" he said and moved aside. "Please, come in".

She didn't even hesitate and it surprised her as she entered the Mikaelson Mansion, still as breathtaking as when she had been attending their ball. The white marble foyer seemed never ending, it's only decor being a giant chandelier and the two staircases flowing down on each side. She cleared her head to remain focused of why she had come in the first place.

"As you might now..." she began and turned to face him. He looked at her softly, a way that still confused her a bit about who he really was. "... it's our senior prom tonight", she continued. He let out a soft chuckle and looked down at the floor as he took a few steps towards her, before his eyes met hers again.

"How could I forget" he stated and his gaze caused her to swallow hard. She was certain he could hear her heart racing.

"A-and I was wondering..." she began before she had to look away not to lose it completely. She had wondered many times if it was some sort of trick, maybe magic even that he used to make her feel that way around him. She swallowed. "Uhm... If you'd like to accompany me to the ball?".

She let her eyes meet his again. It was like a drug. You didn't want to keep doing it and yet your every fibre craved it. He smirked again.

"You're asking me to be your date". It was a statement, not a question. She huffed.

"Not 'date', just my male friend being my company during the most important night of my life" she said, trying to find any other excuse. He raised his eyebrow, making a point. She let out a frustrated sigh. "Fine! Klaus, will you be my date to my prom?".

It was worth the smile she recieved and she couldn't help the tugging at her own lips as she tried not to smile herself.

He closed the distance between them and leaned in. She thought she'd die right there, vampire or not, she thought her heart would explode. She could feel his hot breath against her neck as he whispered.

"I'd be honored, sweetheart".

She closed her eyes, unable to move an inch. She felt his hands softly slide from her shoulders down her arms. "What about your dress, tell me" he whispered against her cheek as he slowly pulled back. Caroline opened her eyes and smirked.

"That is a secret", she stated. "And don't even try to sneak around to find out".

She moved past him and headed towards the door.

"When shall I pick you up?" he asked and turned to look at her. She looked so simple, like the girl next door, and yet she could mesmerize him without even trying. She opened the door and looked over her shoulder halfway out.

"Six thirty?" she suggested. "The ball starts at seven".

He nodded.

"I'll be there".

With a smile she left and headed towards her car. Her heart was pounding in her chest and for the first time in a long while she felt happy.


Caroline parked her car outside her house and noticed her mom was home, the sheriff's car being parked next to where she pulled in. She knew her mom was supposed to have the day shift, but figured she had switched schedule with someone to be with her on this special day. It made her smile. Her relationship with her mother was a bit strained and she couldn't really blame her, but she was thankful that she wanted to spend the day of her senior prom like any mother would.

She locked her car as she approached her house and quickly headed inside. She had a lot to do.

"There you are!"

She had just made it inside when she was embraced by her mother and though it caught her off guard, it felt nice to be treated like a teenage daughter and not a vampire.

"Mom, you're home" Caroline exclaimed and hugged her back. Sheriff Forbes pulled away and her eyes flickered as she studied her daughter's face.

"It's your prom, honey, of course I'm home". She gave her daughter a proud smile before she continued. "Where have you been?".

Caroline bit her lip as she thought of what to say.

"I made sure I wasn't without a date tonight", she explained. "Tyler's not back and Matt is... well, not the same".

Liz nodded slowly.

"So who are you going with?"


Caroline let out a sigh.

"Mom, please. Ths is my night and I don't want any fighting..."

"It's Klaus, isn't it", Liz said with a sigh and shook her head slightly. "Caroline, he's dangerous and like you said, this is your special night...".

Caroline just looked at her, her eyes pleeding her mother to stop and just for once accept things the way they were. Liz let out a heavy sigh of defeat. "Alright, if he's behaving and he'll treat you right I promise I'll be objective for tonight...".

Caroline smiled.

"Thank you". She said and glanced up towards the clock on the wall and felt a rush of panic strike her. "Seriously!? It's past noon already?!". She rushed up the stairs towards her room.

Liz let out a chuckle and shook her head as she headed towards the kitchen to start lunch.

Caroline had just stepped out of the shower, the entire bathroom filled with the scent of her cherry blossom shampoo, when her phone rang. Wrapped in a towel she sat down on her bed and glanced at the caller ID. It was Elena and she was unsure if she wanted to pick up or not. They were not the best of friends right now with Elena turning into Katherine more and more, the otherwise sweet and caring girl becoming an evil bitch to say the least. She sighed and decided to pick up.


"Hey, Care. How's it going?"

How's it going? Really?

"I'm really busy getting ready for tonight" Caroline said and made her way over to her dresser to find some underwear.

"Yeah, me too", Elena said with a sigh. "Look, I'm sorry about everything, alright. I know things are different now, but this is our prom and I don't want us to become enemies..:"

Caroline dropped the pair of underwear she was holding and let out a deep sigh.

"I know... I don't want that either. We should stick together, now with Bonnie being messed up and Silas lurking around...".

"Yeah..." Elena sighed. "So, are we cool?"

Caroline bit her lip and reminded herself not to let anything ruin her prom night.

"Of course!" she said. "We're friends and friends forgive eachother... and then we get really drunk in our pretty dresses and enjoy our final day of highschool".

The girls laughed and for a moment it felt as if things were back to normal.

"Damon and Stefan will keep an eye on Bonnie tonight, just to make sure nothing happens", Elena said. "And hopefully Rebekah won't try to kill her".

It was weird hearing Elena who hated the Originals to mention Rebekah as if they were on the same side. Well, at the moment they kind of were, since Silas was a shared enemy.

"Okay" Caroline began. "Look, I have to go now I have so much to do...".

"See you tonight".

As they hung up, Caroline felt relieved that at least for one night, this night, things would be good, maybe even civilized for once.

She grabbed her set of white, lace underwear again from the drawer and put them on. It was a strapless bra, since she would be wearing a strapless dress, but for now she just wrapped herself in her bathing coat and braided her wet hair.

"Caroline, lunch is ready!"

She smiled to herself at how nice her mother was today, not that she wasn't otherwise, but today was different... It was as if they were normal.


It was close to 3pm when Caroline had finished both a delicious chicken salad and a bag of chilled O-neg and she was ready to lock herself in her bedroom infront of her mirror and vanity table. She had carefully chosen her hair and makeup to make sure she looked the best and she couldn't help but glance over at her pale, rose petal pink silk dress. She then let out a deep sigh and looked determined.

"Right, let's do this" she told herself and put some music on as she sat down in front of the mirror to moisturize and put her makeup on.

She curled her hair and followed the instructions she had printed out to put it up in a sofisticated and beautiful almost rose shaped bun, letting some strands hang in wavy, golden streaks around her face.

She put on a set of sparkly, silver jewelry and carefully put her dress on. She couldn't help but glance in the mirror as she zipped up. This was the day she'd been waiting for since she first started highschool and looking back at her first year it amazed her how quickly things can be turned upside down.

She checked the time on her phone before she headed towards her closet to get the shoes and purse. Just past six. She was right on time, as usual. Planning was her thing, afterall.

She sat down on the bed as she put the sparkling, silver high heel sandalettes and grabbed her matching purse, before she gave herself one last look in the mirror, applying some of her sweet orchid and rose perfume and putting the neccesities, including her phone, keys, lipgloss and powder in her tiny silver bag.

In the light of her room she was glistening, from the zirconian studs in her ears, to her glossy lips, down to the tiny crystals on her dress and glittering heels.

Caroline took a deep breath and exited her room, turning the lights off on her way out the door.

"I'm ready", she called to her mother who was quick to appear at the foot of the stairs with the camera in front of her face. The flash went off once, twice, three times and for only a second Caroline fantasized of being someone of importance on the red carpet.

"Honey, you look beautiful!" Liz gasped and gave her a light hug as she reached the bottom. She then hurried to the kitchen, leaving Caroline in the hallway, just infront of the mirror.

At least, being a vampire kept me safe from annoying pimples, she thought as she inspected the smooth, ivory skin of her face.

Liz soon returned with two glasses of bubbly wine, a strawberry bouncing against the bottom of the glass. Caroline chuckled and accepted the glass her mother offered her.

"I know you're not technically eighteen.." her mother began. "And I know this is not the life either of us planned for you, but here you are ready for senior prom and you look beautiful and happy and...", her voice cracked slightly as her eyes glaced over with joyful and proud tears. "I had trouble adjusting to the new you, but I know now that being a vampire doesn't have to be a curse. It's what you make of it and you-", Liz reached out and placed a gentle hand on her daughters arm. "You've made me realise that it can also be a gift and use it to do good, and I'm so proud of you, Caroline".

Caroline couldn't hold back the tears and they threatened to escape her eyes as she laughed.

"Mom, I won't have time to fix my makeup", she chuckled and wiped her eyes with her thumb. She looked her mother in the eyes and smiled. "Thank you, mom".

Liz raised her glass.

"Have fun tonight", she said with a smile and nodded in a silent toast. They sipped their wine and Caroline let out a content sigh, glancing at the clock on the wall. 6.25.

Klaus would be there soon and Caroline felt a nervous flutter in her stomach. Her heart was racing and she bit her lip.

"You like him, don't you?" Liz asked, but for once not sounding disturbed about it. Caroline let out a twinkling laugh.

"No, I...", she cleared her thorat and looked down at the ground. "Honestly, I don't know". She met her mother's gaze with a sigh. "I like the good parts of him, the moments when he's just a real gentleman, the times when I for just a second forgets what he's done...".

Liz eyed her for a minute and nodded.

"I guess there aren't that many innocent people left in this town" she said, a smile slowly forming on her face. "But for tonight, as long as he's good to you, the past won't matter".

Caroline felt a warmth bubble in her chest, happy and relieved by her mother's words. Then the sound of the doorbell echoed through the house and Caroline held her breath as Liz moved past her to open the door. Caroline fiddled nervously with her clutch as she heard the familliar voice, his voice, politely greet her mother.

"Good evening, Sheriff Forbes", he said with a dimpled smile.

Liz had promised to not treat him badly for the night and made sure to keep her promise, for Caroline's sake.

"Good evening", she said and stepped to the side. "Come in".

He nodded a thank you and took a step inside, his eyes immediatly falling upon Caroline. He swallowed hard, not quite sure what to say and as she looked up to meet his eyes he was confused by the explosion of emotions inside him.

"Evening", she said quietly and a smile tugged at the corners of her lips. He shook his head slowly and stepped closer while Liz moved further down the hallway.

"You look...", he began, not sure if there even existed such words to describe her. "... you're beautiful, Caroline".

After just staring at her for a moment, he then smirked and revealed what he had hidden behind his back. It was a beautiful corsage with a lily in the same, soft pink as her dress. She returned the smirk and tilted her head to the side.

"I have a feeling you didn't just guess that I'd be wearing this exact same color", she said, her eyes glistening with mischief. He chuckled.

"Well, you know me, sweetheart. I don't just guess, I make sure to do my research".

He gently slid the beautiful piece on her wrist and she smiled, feeling a blush creep on her face.

"It's beautiful, thank you" she said quietly and in that very moment there was a flash of light and she noticed how Klaus' eyes darkened slightly and it made her giggle. He obviously wasn't fond of being included on photographs.

"Just one more", Caroline begged. "A real one".

He rolled his eyes, but she had him wrapped around her little finger at that moment and he complied, slipping his arm around her waist as Liz took another photograph.

"Got it", Liz said and waved for them to get a move on. "Go, go, have fun, and will you please call me if you won't come home tonight".

"Mom, I'll be fine, seriously", Caroline said as she walked outside, Klaus following right behind her.

"I can guarantee you her safety", he told Liz with his silky, whiskey smooth voice and the sheriff, to her own surprise, believed him.

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