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Why Can't They?

Summary: After a 3 year disappearance, Pan returns to her family and friends, grown up, mature, and expecting change. However things barely have, her best friend Bulla is still locked in a threesome battle with Marron and Uub, Her uncle Goten is still oblivious to the affections of his childhood friend Rika, and Trunks still sees her as a little kid. Determined for change Pan uses her mischievousness, and new found world wisdom to stir things up.

Chapter 1: Pan's Return

The planet shook from the fury of the mighty gold ape. The instability of power caused volcanoes to erupt, earthquakes to shudder, and the sky to darken. Pan couldn't remember the last time she had been so scared. The red eyes of her grandmother's monstrous form staring past her and up at the glowing blue planet above. The revenge seeking maniac Baby had sealed the fate of the Earth, but it didn't stop her grandmother Rikku from reaching out for it, her hands seeking home. The orb was so big and beautiful the ape swore she could touch it. She roared in defiance when it couldn't be reached and she stomped and slammed her feet and fists on the rocky terrain.

"Grandma, please, control yourself! You have to come to your senses!" The words of love and reminiscence had been spoken but Rikku struggled internally. Pan shouted to her again, the ring her voice matching that of the animal. The ape glowed bright with power and Pan screamed as the light became too bright to see.

Rikku's body contorted and shifted, while her inner self battled with the animal inside. She roared still shifting from ape to woman, her raven colored hair pilling down her back in heavy spikes. The fur that grew on her skin was a deep crimson, almost blood colored and it coated her well-shaped top from shoulder to knuckle, and slid up her sides barely covering her breasts, she may as well be naked. Rikku panted and simmered her eyes gold and red lit with a fury Pan had never seen her endure.

"Grandma… Rikku."

Rikku's eyes shot to her granddaughter… though her body was tense and she looked just as wild as her ape form, she spoke with a struggling tenderness. "Pan… Run!"

Pan woke with a start her heart banging in her chest as she looked at her surroundings. She sighed in relief recognizing the confines of her tent. "Just a dream…" She had been fourteen years old when that cataclysmic event had taken place. She could still feel the burn of her grandmother's power as it threatened to spiral out of control. She'd been so scared, scared that she would lose the grandmother she had devoted herself to. She had always admired and idolized her grandmother not just for her strength but for her purity. She had raised a family with great love, and took nothing for granted.

She had just been a child when she explored the universe with her grandmother and best friend Trunks. She hadn't been completely accepted at first, but as their journey continued she felt she had made as much a contribution to the journey as the others did. She wasn't as strong as her grandmother or as brilliant in scientific knowledge like Trunks, but she knew she held special power. At eighteen she sought to prove herself to the world. She took off, leaving only a note and a promise to return when she felt she satisfied herself.

Now, at twenty-one, Pan had achieved a pinnacle of power that her grandmother had been the first to attain. She had become a super Saiyan, and unlike the ferociousness of her grandmother's ssj4 transformation, her super Saiyan strength had been reached through brute strength and severity. She had traveled the world, faced every earthly danger, and conquered every human fear, but couldn't escape her nightmares.

Exiting her tent Pan strolled ten feet to the little river. Dipping her hands into the cool water she splashed her face and sighed with relief. Her mind had been plagued with thoughts of the past, and of her family for days, and she knew now what it was telling her. She'd been gone long enough. It was time to go home.

~Capsule Corporation~

Bulla China Son was a woman on the rampage. With the dark good looks of her parents, the fire of the Saiyan race in her blood, and the fashion sense of any Earth model, she was the depiction of loveliness. She looked like her mother, with thick black hair cut to her liking, her trademark blue headband keeping her bangs in place. Her onyx eyes could both appear gentile and feminine, as well as fierce and furious.

"He's your best friend," she accused harshly at her eldest brother Trunks. "I wish you would talk some sense into our brother, he's completely oblivious!"

"Why should I interfere in Goten's life? If he likes her he'll let her know." For 15 years Trunks took head position as Capsule Corps. At first he'd been an absolute flake, bailing paperwork, and responsibilities after only putting an hour of work under his belt. Now a days he took his work seriously, so serious Bulla could label him boring.

"Meanwhile he and Rika have been "friends" since birth, and where she's too shy to say it out right, he's too dumb deaf and blind to not see how much she's in love with him. If this keeps up they'll never be together!" Which was more than she could say for herself, Bulla admitted silently. Rika and Goten were at least friends. The only man she ever liked barely knew she existed.

"It's none of our business Bulla. You're putting yourself between a rock and a hard place. Stop interfering."

"How can I not interfere? Goten loves her, I know it. He's just… dense!" Aggravated she sighed and plopped into the seat across her brother's desk. Since her birth Trunks and Goten had forever been the hitch in her stride. They both tormented, and protected her, choosing the first over the other more often. Nevertheless she loved them both for they were family. "If Pan were here, she'd agree with me."

Trunks paused on his paperwork to look his sister in the face. She hadn't mentioned Pan's name in months. For a while he thought she'd finally accepted that the little quarter Saiyan wasn't coming back. Pan had chosen to leave and become a woman. He respected her audacity, but loathed her decision. "Why bring her up?"

"Oh please, my niece is as much my best friend as she is yours. She'd back me up because she knows I'm right."

"Which you usually are," Pan's voice suddenly popped out of nowhere. Both heads whip towards the little window of Trunks' office. Pan, all grown up and grinning waved to the two. "It's good to see some things don't change."

"PAN! You're back!" Bulla was out of her chair in a shot. The window was too small to contain the force of Bulla's attack and when she blasted through to hug her niece she took a good portion of the wall with her. Papers flew everywhere, but it didn't derail Trunks from the fact he'd just seen the girl he'd spent the past three years removing from his mind.

The girls hug and laugh spinning in the air above the busy metropolis below. "Oh wow it's so good to see you Bulla. You look great."

"So do you, I have to say you bloomed late, but you bloomed well. Are those real?" Bulla anchored her head down and squeezed Pan's boobs making her blush.


"I love it that you don't call me Aunt Bulla."

"We're too close in age for me to call you Aunt Bulla. Besides," she wraps an arm around her. "Wasn't it you who said we're as much friends as Trunks and I?"

"Yeah, true, so" Bulla's eyes go soft and gooey. "You're really back for good?"

"Yeah," Pan laughed and tugged on the ends of her long hair. Over the past three years the shoulder length hair had grown out past her back making the ends easy access. "I figured three years is too long to be away from my family. I've been gone too long."

"Yes you have, but I hate to be the one to tell you that little has changed since you left." Bulla motioned her back towards the wrecked window. "Goten's still a dense jerk, Rika's still a pacifist liberal speaker, Your dad is still a geek, and my dad is still a train-a-holic." Bulla shrugged. "The only thing that did change is Trunks actually became a dedicated president. Without you around he's been glued to his work. Guess without you around he feels like an old man."

Trunks, Pan's heart did a flip flop at the mention of his name. She'd gotten a brief look of him at his desk. He'd ditched the sour lemon suit, and dorky glasses, and had actually looked like a professional. His hair had been slicked back and tied in a ponytail. His suit was a dark blue with gold cufflinks, and brown leather business shoes. He'd looked like the rich handsome business tycoon all the tabloids had raved him to be. She guessed Trunks wanted it that way. "Bulma must be happy."

"Actually, not in the slightest. She's been begging him to settle down and get married, but you know Trunks. No single woman would suffice. He's been gaggling around so many woman even Bulma can't get their names straight."

"So," with some hope she pushed further into the subject. Trunks had quickly busied himself by collecting up papers and was too busy to take in the conversation. "There hasn't been anyone solid?"

"Well, not necessarily. Last year he dated this girl for nearly the entire year. They just broke up last winter." Bulla pulled back even more not wanting Trunks to hear them. "Don't bring it up, it was pretty nasty. Marriage was even discussed."

Pan's hope shattered at her feet. He'd been in love, and marriage had been discussed. Good, god she HAD been away too long. "That's awful," she whispered.

"Are you two going to float out there all day, or are you going to come in and help me pick up the papers you scattered?" Trunks saved Pan from sympathizing any farther. The girls slid into the room, Pan was immediately on her hands and knees sliding papers into a neat pile. Her hands brushed over his a moment and their eyes finally latched.

"Hey." Pan whispered with a smile.

"Hi," Trunks greeted back his hand turning to take hers in his. Screw the past, she was back. He offered a warm smile. "Welcome back."

The warm smile and welcome made her smile widen. She dropped the papers and pounced on Trunks knocking them both to the floor. "I'm BACK!"

Seven years was too long. Seven years of longing, seven years of regrets, and seven years of wishing he could feel the smooth fragrant skin of his mate once again. Vegeta sat on the training room floor, his face and body covered in sweat, pale and shivering as he stared at the center of the room. The brutal workout had left him nearly paralyzed, but no matter how hard her worked, no matter what amount of gravity he pushed his training to, nothing could remove the pain.

He just couldn't forget, and therefore couldn't remove the pain. He managed to hide it for the most part playing parent with Bulla and Trunks, or with the other members of the Z gang. However when the crowd dispersed, and he left himself alone in the training hall, the haunting memories of his mate disappearing with Shenron


Rikku, in Super Saiyan four form stared up at Shenron. The familiar long green body stretch out across the sky but his head lowered to meet her eye to eye. "You're leaving for good, aren't you Shenron?"

"Yes, and you Rikku must come with me."

"What?" Her eyes widen and she held her heart and then her forehead. "It's because of the dragon ball isn't it?"

"Because you have merged with them it is imperative you come with me, and protect them from ever being used again." Shenron said simply in his usual tone of power and concern. Rikku looked down and lowered herself out of Super Saiyan four form.

As her head lifted up, back to a child mode, she smiled big but with tears in her throat. "Should have known it would turn out this way." She jumped up onto Shenron's head and turned to Vegeta. The man was frozen stiff for a moment, stumbling forward.

"Karat, where are you going? I don't understand… wait are you going to train?"

Rikku shook her head and she leaned over onto her belly putting a finger to her lips. "Shhh they're in your hands now Vegeta, take good care of them." She reached out her little hand touching his fingers. "Don't ever forget me."

Vegeta grasped her hand his Saiyan pride making him hold back the tears that burned in his eyes. "Y-You know damn well that's impossible!"

She grinned ear to ear a single tear falling down her cheek as Shenron lifted his head breaking their hold and she quickly waved to the others. "Goodbye, everyone!"

~End of Flashback~

The vision of his lover disappeared with the sounds of their friends and family crying out to her echoing in muffled tones in his ears. Everyone else had been so verbal but the moment that Rikku had let go of his hand he had been as silent as the grave. He stared at it now, broken skin and bleeding under his gloves. "Karat… why can't you come back to me?"


Vegeta's eyes shot up and his heart leapt into his throat and he was on his feet as a figure stood in the door of his gravity chamber. All that black hair pulled up into a ponytail, eyes kind and softly almond shaped to make them just enough mysterious and hungry. As the lips curved into a smile he felt that heart in his throat beat rapidly. "K-Karat?"

"Close," Pan said with a laugh rubbing the back of her head sheepishly. "But you're about two generation's off Grandpa."

The heart dropped at his feet… but didn't break, his tense muscles went lax and his shocked expression turned into one of grim disappointment. "Well it's about time you showed your face again, brat."

Though his voice was callous and disproving, he still couldn't get over just how much the daughter of Gohan took after her grandmother. Rikku had always been idolized by Pan, he could see it as a young age the determination and Saiyan spirit in her.

Pan smiled sadly at him and she walked over and hugged her grandfather tightly. Though they weren't of blood Pan had always considered Vegeta as her true Grandfather. "It's good to be back."

First chapter to a new chapter in the "Why Can't" Series! Hope that this gives you a little taste of what's to come, and I can tell you to expect a lot of flash backs to the GT and many, many surprises ahead!

You will notice of course I changed the circumstances of Rikku's leaving a bit as well as the initial flashback of Rikku's SS4 transformation. Reason being is that you have to remember this is an ALTERNATE timeline so not everything is gonna be the same circumstantially. Rikku would NOT have wanted to leave so in order to keep the stories close related I had to sort of FORCE the issue.

Anyway that's the beginning so look forward to the continuation!

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