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What if Elena had met Elijah when she was younger, and Elijah didn't erase her memory. What do you think would happen then.

Preface + Chapter 1

In a vast landscape of flowers, roses, and trees. I sat there playing. Waving my small arms around and around. Just losing myself in the blue sky, as I spiraled on and on. I suddenly became lost, as I gently sat down, on the green grass.

I laid deep down in the flowers. Enclosing me so it would like there wasn't anyone here. I was snuggling into the warmth that the bright beautiful day gave off, and I couldn't get enough of it. I technically loved the outside just as much as I love the inside. My mom would say that I looked like a princess with my long curly brunette hair and my flower pattern dresses.

I gently sat up and looked at the flower in front of me. It was a red rose, one of the prettiest that I have ever seen. Located there in the rose bush. I reached my hand towards the rose and as a result I pricked myself a numerous amount of times. The rose was so far into the bush that just reaching for it would be it's own problem.

I had the flower, but now my arm beheld an array of pricks. Letting my blood seep down my entire arm. I looked around for something to cover it with. But there was nothing. I then made my way back to my house. When a person appeared in front of me.

He had short brunette hair. He was wearing long black pants with a nice navy blue shirt. Topped off with a black coat and tie. I then had a good look of his eyes. They were a blue color( Idk if they are) as he knelt down beside me.

"Are you alright little one?" As he took out what looked like a bandage.

I nodded in reply. But did it look like that I was alright.

"Thank you sir. I really appreciate.."

"Stop, no need on calling me sir. You can call me Elijah."

"Elijah. That's a cute name." As I blushed red.