This is my first story on FF, and English is my third Language.

What to expect from this story: It is a story totally different from Cannon, and falls under the angst/romance genre. So, it will stay in that genre, so don't expect a light hearted story. It will be very dark Anbu fic that will explore the brutalities of the ninja world.

Drawbacks: The grammar is not up to the mark for the first 3-4 chapters, though I have improved later on. There is a mob scene in the 1st chapter, along with some bashing of Sasuke/Sakura/and Ino in only 1 chapter. If it's any consolation, these cliches do have an impact on Naruto's character, the plot, and the mentioned characters in the story.

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Chapter 1:The Awakening.

The village hidden in the leaves, the first village of the shinobi world. The leaf village is considered to be the strongest village among all the other villages. Many legends and heroes have been born in this village. The leaf village was known for its compassion and teamwork and considered its citizens and shinobi as equal and made no discrimination. However that was not the case for a 5-year old boy.

This boy was none other than Naruto Uzumaki. The boy was the Jinchuriki of the Nine tail fox that attacked Konoha few years ago. The Kyubi attack had severely harmed Konoha ,countless shinobi had died sacrificing their lives in protecting the village. There were also many civilian casualties and destruction of the village and its properties. In the end,through a valiant and self-sacrificing ritual the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze was able to restrain the fox and seal it into a new born child. The Fourth Hokage is still considered the biggest hero of the Hidden Leaf and had wished for Naruto to be seen as a hero that saved the village, Unfortunately his wish was not fulfilled.

This leads us to the present where a 5-year old Naruto was being mercilessly beaten by a mob of people consisting of many shinobi and civilians. He had bruises all over his body, some of his bones were broken but the worst part was that he was still conscious and could feel each blow being dealt on his body and many painful words like,


"That is for my father."



"Bastard Fox"

And many more words were being spoken by the people.

"Why do you hate me? What I have I ever done to you?" asked Naruto meekly while sobbing

"You dare ask what you have done you monster, now I will show you what you have done." yelled one shinobi and started performing hand seals.

"Magen: Narakumi no Jutsu(Demonic Illusion:Hell Viewing Technique)"

Naruto slowly felt himself surrounded in a swirl of leaves and after a moment he was faced with the worst nightmare of his life. He was standing in a clearing field where a fierce battle was going on between many shinobi and a giant nine tailed fox. Naruto had many nightmares of this fox since his early childhood and had always been terrified of it. The fox was killing people everywhere, people were dying, many body parts were littered all over the place, screams of the injured, fearful cries of the civilians, smell of blood all over the place and the malicious aura of the fox all over the place. All in all it was a nightmare.

"Please make it stop." yelled Naruto in agony

"I'm sorry,stop it, stop it, stop." cried Naruto but on hearing his pleas the mob was overjoyed and decided to kill him and get their revenge on their so called demon.

"Lets finish the demon." yelled one civilian and the entire croud cheered.

The shinobi threw several Kunai and shuriken towards Naruto who had fallen unconscious due to the trauma.


All of the Kunai and shuriken were blocked by a squad of Anbu who were now standing in between Naruto and the mob. Leading the Anbu was Hiruzen Sarutobi, The third Hokage and was leaking such killing intent that made many civilians fall unconscious and many shinobi were cowering under his piercing gaze.

Hiruzen deeply cared for the boy. He respected the fourth's wishes and tried to make it come true but was not successful. He tried to make Naruto's life easy but faced many difficulties but he would be damned if he would let anything happen to the boy whom he considered a grandson.

"Anbu execute all of these criminals for breaking the the law," yelled Hiruzen and the Anbu squad immediately followed his orders and started executing the criminals while ignoring their pleas of mercy and killing the demon instead of them; but this just enraged Hiruzen more and within a few minutes where once was a crowd who were willing to kill an innocent child lay only dead bodies.

"Lets take him to the hospital." said Hiruzen picking up Naruto and checking over his injuries

"Forgive me Minato." thought Hiruzen sadly

"Hai Hokage-sama" said The female ANbu captain "Neko"softly.

She along with most of the Anbu did not hate the boy in fact they cared for him. They knew the difference between a jailor and its prisoner and had utmost faith in the Fourth Hokage's seal unlike the rest of the villagers. They had seen how the boy was just a normal kid who just wanted attention and protected him many times. But today they were a little late as the boy was severely wounded.

"Also contact Kakashi and tell him to meet me at the hospital and tell him if he's late, I'll strip him to genin, make him catch tora for months, and I'll burn his entire Icha Icha books." said Hiruzen angrily

"At once" said Neko and disappeared in a shunshin to fetch the masked Jounin. If Hiruzen had observed more carefully he could have heard "Neko" smirk when Hiruzen mentioned burning Kakashi's Icha Icha.

(Konoha Hospital:2 Hours later)

Currently sitting in a hospital room were three people. They were Hiruzen Sarutobi, Kakashi Hatake and Dr. Misumi. They were all seated around Naruto who was sleeping and was covered in bandages.

"How is he?" asked Kakashi sadly.

Kakashi knew Naruto's parents, in fact Naruto's father was the Yondaime Hokage , Minato Namikaze who happened to be Kakashi's sensei and the closest thing he had to a father. Kakashi cared about Naruto and wanted to adopt him but the council had prevented him from doing, so much to his regret. He had tried to be there for Naruto but had failed miserably due to being continuously on missions. But today seeing Naruto in this state made Kakashi very angry and if the culprit's hadn't been executed by the Hokage he would have executed them himself.

"He has a few broken bones, a mild concussion, and bruises all over his body." said Misumi sympathetically.

"How long will it take him to recover?" asked Hiruzen with a frown as he still was pissed off with what happened with Naruto.

"Physically his wounds shall heal due to his "tenant" within a few hours but that's not the problem." sighed Misumi. She hated such cruelty done to kids whether the child be a Jinchuriki or not.

"What happened?" asked Kakashi worriedly.

"It appears that the Genjutsu casted on him , has affected Naruto. He is in immense emotional trauma; and I'm sorry to say that Hokage-sama but he will not be the same again." said Misumi sadly.

"Isn't there anything you could do like erase the memory of the incident?" asked Kakashi

"That is possible but unfortunately he has been harassed and shunned by the villagers for years . He has been beaten ,abused, ostracized , and this was the last nail in the coffin and has broken his mind completely. Apparently he was shown his nightmares over and over again." said Misumi

Hiruzen and Kakashi lowered their heads in shame and guilt for failing to protect Naruto.

"Hokage-sama right now the boy's spirit is broken and I'm afraid if he stays alone longer then he might become insane as the villagers will continue to harass him. He needs a family right now Hokage-sama, people who care for him and can protect him. He is still a child and as such needs the warmth and comfort that only a family can provide. It is the only possible solution to overcome his trauma." explained Misumi briefly

"I see…Arigatou Misumi-san. You are dismissed." said Hiruzen

Misumi bowed to the Hokage and left the room leaving Hiruzen and Kakashi.

"Hokage-sama I would like to adopt naruto. Enough of this, he has suffered long enough. I gave my word to Minato-sensei that I will protect him like my younger brother and I have failed again. But not anymore I'm gonna adopt him and if the council have an objection they can kiss my ass." yelled Kakashi angrily

"I understand Kakashi and I agree with you completely. Naruto needs a family and I will support your decision but first we have to see if Naruto agrees or not, If he agrees then you can adopt him, I will handle the council. The clan leaders agree with me and as for the elders and the civilian council I will show them why I am the Hokage." said Hiruzen with determination

"Arigatou Sandaime-sama." said Kakashi with a bow. Both the men were shaken from their conversation when they heard Naruto's voice.

"Where am I ? "asked Naruto quietly opening his eyes slowly.

"I'm relieved to see you are alright Naruto-kun. You are in a hospital. " said Hiruzen sadly.

"I see" said Naruto dejectedly.

"Naruto what's wrong?" asked Hiruzen sensing Naruto's sad look in his eyes.

"Jiji why do they hate me?" asked Naruto sadly

"Naruto I will tell you someday when you are older." said Hiruzen averting his eyes from the piercing blue eyes of Naruto.

"No jiji you will tell me now. I'm tired of being called a monster, demon, scum, I have been beaten , spitted, abused I deserve the right to know. I can't take it anymore." said Naruto with tears dropping from his eyes. Hiruzen hugged Naruto tightly and tried to comfort him.

"Alright Naruto I will tell you the truth. What do you know about the Nine tails attack that happened five years ago?" asked Hiruzen cautiously.

"The Yondaime Hokage defeated him and killed the nine tails and saved the village." said Naruto with a little pride in his eyes. He considered the Yondaime his hero and wanted to surpass him.

"Yes he defeated the Kyubi but he could not kill it . The Kyubi cannot be killed by a human being. Despite being powerful the Yondaime was still a man and so he could not kill the fox so he had to do the only thing possible-" said Hiruzen but before he could continue Naruto interrupted him.

"He sealed it in me didn't he?" said Naruto sadly which shocked both Hiruzen and Kakashi who was silently observing the talk from a corner in the room.

"How do you know that Naruto?" asked Hiruzen shock evident in his eyes.

"Its not that hard Jiji. I was born on October 10, the day the Kyubi attacked, the villagers call me demon, fox, and many other things. It also happens that I have a seal on my stomach which I saw once before and the nightmares I have often about the Kyubi attack on the village. And now that you clarified that the Yondaime couldn't kill it it all makes sense. Why Jiji? Why me?" asked Naruto sadly with a few tears dropping from his eyes.

Both the men standing in the room were astonished on Naruto's accurate deduction.

"He is truly your son sensei. I won't fail you anymore." thought Kakashi impressed with Naruto's deduction and also not snapping immediately.

It took a few moments for Hiruzen to get over his shock and after a few moments got out of his daze. He then stared at Naruto and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Naruto, the Yondaime didn't want to do this to you but he had no choice. So in order to protect the village he had to seal the Kyubi in you. He wished that you be seen as a hero for protecting the village. That was his dying wish but the villagers have not followed it and for that I am sorry. And as for why he chose you because he believed in you and trusted only you to protect the village." explained Hiruzen.

"The. .Yondaime…believed…in…me?" asked a wide eyed Naruto. The man whom he considered his hero believed in him and trusted him to protect the village.

"Yes he believed in you Naruto and trusted you." said Hiruzen kindly giving Naruto a smile.

"Jiji can you tell me who were my parents?" asked Naruto with hope in his eyes.

"Naruto I will tell you about your parents when you are older. Tell you what if you decide to become a ninja and reach chunin rank I will tell you, don't worry even if you don't become a ninja I will tell you. Their identity is a big secret . They truly loved you and cared for you and if they were alive they would still be with you. "said Hiruzen but knew that Naruto would insist more and was just waiting for the reply.

"I…understand, I trust you jiji and I hope one day you will tell me. But still I wish I had a family." said Naruto averting his eyes from Hiruzen.

"You have a family Naruto." said Kakashi placing a hand on Naruto's shoulders.

"Who are you?" asked Naruto and looked up at the teenager.

He was tall and had at an impressive height of 6'1". He was wearing the usual Konoha Shinobi attire, His Hitai-ate was wrapped around his forehead but slanted so the cloth covers his left eye. The lower half of his face is covered by a blue face mask, his silver hair and single black eye were the only distinguishable features available with his face so heavily covered. His chest was covered by his green Jounin vest which had many pockets for placing various things. His blue undershirt was shown as his shoulders, and arms are covered in the blue fabric from his shirt. The only break of the blue was the same red swirl presented proudly on his left shoulder. His hands were covered in finger less black gloves with metal hand guards. His pants were a dark blue which are rolled up allowing for his shins to be wrapped in tape and his feet to be covered with the common blue open-toed shoes. His leg was wrapped similarly with tape and his kunai pouch on his right leg.

"My name is Kakashi Hatake and I would like to adopt you naruto." said Kakashi with an eye smile.

"Why would you do that?" asked Naruto suspiciously

"Naruto I won't lie to you. I knew your parents, they were like family to me. I wanted to adopt you and raise you from the start. You are the only family I've got but the council were preventing me, but Sandaime-sama has now made it possible for me to adopt you. I know I have not been there for you but I would like to amend my mistake. You may disapprove if you do not want me to adopt you I will understand." said Kakashi solemnly.

"Will you never abandon me? Do you truly care for me or just pity me; or just want to adopt me just because you knew my parents?" asked Naruto pleadingly.

"Naruto I do not pity you and I truly care for you. You are like a little brother I never had.." said Kakashi sadly

"Arigatou…Kakashi-ni-san." said Naruto with a smile which Kakashi replicated with his own.

"Naruto so do you accept?" asked Hiruzen hoping Naruto would accept the offer.

"Hai" said Naruto with a small smile.

"Naruto would you like to retain your Uzumaki name or accept Kakashi's family name. Either is fine by us. You can still retain the name when you are older if you like." said Hiruzen with a smile while Kakashi gave him a nod.

"I would like to keep Kakashi-ni-san's name." said Naruto with a smile which pleased Kakashi's even more.

"Minato-sensei, Obito, Rin…I finally have a family. I won't let you down." thought Kakashi.

''Jiji i want to become a ninja and protect the village."said Naruto. Hiruzen and Kakashi both smiled and nodded.

"Naruto you will be moving to Kakashi's house and soon you will be entering the ninja academy. Kakashi will teach you Naruto, but tell me what is your dream naruto?" asked Hiruzen.

"I want to be a ninja in order to protect the village, the Yondaime believed in me and I will make sure that his trust in me was the best choice. And as for my dream I want to join the Anbu." said Naruto shocking Hiruzen and Kakashi.

"Why do you want to join the Anbu?" asked Hiruzen curiously.

"I want to protect the village ,the Anbu are the elite of the village, also the people respect the Anbu the most after the Hokage. They never showed any discrimination towards me and they're kind of cool. I want to be like them." said Naruto with determination.

"Alright Naruto but you will have to work very hard to be an Anbu. I was an Anbu once and I know they are the toughest so you will have to work and train harder." said Kakashi strictly

"I won't let you down Nii-san." said Naruto with a grin

"Good" said Hiruzen happy to see that Naruto was slowly getting out of his trauma by having a family.

"Jiji, Nii-san there is a problem." said Naruto carefully.

"What is it?" asked Kakashi curiously

"I know that the villagers hate me and it will take sometime to prove it to them that I am not the Kyubi, but some people may attack me again and I'm not strong enough to defend myself against ninja." said Naruto firmly

Hiruzen frowned on hearing the truth in Naruto's words. Of course after today's incident the attacks would decrease but one cannot be sure as there were many people who hated Naruto.

"I have a solution," said Kakashi and took out a black face mask from his vest and tossed it to Naruto. Naruto immediately caught it and the smile he had on his face could light up someone's day. It also pained Hiruzen and Kakashi to see that this was the first gift the boy had received and was happy.

"Thanks Nii-san." said Naruto and put on his face mask.

"Naruto from now on you are Naruto Hatake. Become a good man and a strong and proud shinobi of the leaf." said Hiruzen and patted the boy on the back.

"Hai" said Naruto happily

(Timeskip: 6 months)

It had been 6 months since Naruto was adopted by Kakashi. These 6 months were an entirely new experience for Naruto. He found out that Kakashi was a very calm, collected guy but was also lazy and liked to read Icha Icha books, a porn book. Naruto did not hate the book but was also not fond of reading it every time like Kakashi. He was also not lazy like Kakashi and always wanted to train. He knew that Kakashi had lost his teammates who were his closest friends and used many means to hide his pain, reading porn was one of them.

Naruto's life had also been turned upside down. No longer was he a hot-headed guy who screamed for attention. It had taken a lot of time and effort from Kakashi and a lot of reading books based on human psychology for Naruto to understand that a person should assess the situation, be in control of his emotions and not get agitated soon , if he wants to be a true shinobi.

Kakashi had started training Naruto. He had taught Naruto all about chakra and had taught him to fight with shuriken and kunai. Naruto had also learned the basic chakra controlling exercises like Tree walking, water walking and leaf balancing. Though it was very tough for Naruto as he discovered that he had enormous chakra reserves as he was a jinchuriki.

Many villagers seemed to believe that Naruto was dead as they could not see his face as he always wore his mask. This was the only habit in which he followed Kakashi completely. When some people did recognize him; and showed any hostility or taunted him he was able to maintain a calm demeanor and did not respond, which was one of the reasons the people now simply used to ignore him which was better than being beaten. But what he did not know was that there had been few attempts to harm him but were stopped by Kakashi and the Hokage and the culprits had been dealt with, without Naruto even noticing them.

But today was not the case. Naruto was doing his shuriken training at training ground 7 waiting for Kakashi to arrive. He knew his brother would be late so decided to start his training. He was getting better and better at throwing shuriken and was achieving most of the targets.

Suddenly two people arrived at the training ground. Naruto looked at them and saw two Anbu standing there, their face were hidden by their masks, however their masks were different than most Anbu, because they were "blank".

"Naruto Hatake." said the anbu on the left flatly.

"Huh?" asked Naruto curious as to why the Anbu were here and asking for him.

Suddenly both the Anbu charged at him, drawing their swords ready to strike him down. Naruto had only time to blink as he barely dodged the strike of the swords but still got a cut on his face mask. It was due to sheer luck and due to some of Kakashi's training that he was barely able to dodge the blow.

"What the hell are you doing?" shouted Naruto angrily.

The Anbu were surprised that he was able to dodge the strike but neither showed any emotions. They never showed emotions.

Getting out of their daze they started leaking a massive amount of killing intent. This was the type of killing intent of silent assassins.

Naruto was frozen in shock. His body wasn't moving, his heartbeat was increasing every second, he was already hearing it beating so many times. He barely was able to get a Kunai from his pouch but his hands were trembling. He had faced a lot of angry villagers on many occasions but the killing intent these Anbu were leaking were the most powerful one he had faced in his entire life. There was a sharp pain in his eyes.

The Anbu rushed at him, one of them swinged his sword towards Naruto' chest while the other anbu jumped in the air with his sword drawn ready to cleave naruto in half.

Time seemed to slow down for Naruto, all the things started to move much more slowly around him. He could see the leaves rustling in the air at a much slower pace, he could see that the Anbu were drawing closer towards him. To any other shinobi the Anbu would seem like blurs but for Naruto he was able to read their movements and the exact angle through which they were going to strike him.

"I..can't...move..What...is..happening..I...can't. ..die...here...I will not die."thought Naruto in fear

Acting purely on what his instincts were telling him he back flipped a few meter's away; but the Anbu's attacked him again, the one on the left tried to attack him with a diagonal slash from his sword but before his attack could even connect, he felt something cold pierce his chest but when he looked down all he could see was two red eyes with two tomoes in it and a kunai buried deep in his heart.

The Anbu's lifeless body fell dead on the ground and after a few seconds a glow came from his left arm and the entire body was engulfed in flames burning the body to ashes.

Meanwhile Naruto was frozen in his spot, his hands were shaking, he was looking at the blood stained on his hands and realized he had just killed a man. He didn't know what happened he had just ducked before the blow hit him; and before he realized what was happening his kunai was lodged into the Anbu's heart. He had seen the shock in the man's eyes hidden behind his mask which were then replaced with emptiness before he fell on the ground, and was burned to a crisp.

"I..Killed..Him..I..am..a..murderer" thought naruto sadly and tears started to drop from his eyes.

Meanwhile the remaining Anbu was shocked to see his partner killed by the boy and was just about to attack him; and was already charging towards him, Naruto was frozen in his spot so it looked much easy.

The Anbu readied his sword to deliver the blow but his entire body was electrocuted as something had pierced his chest. He looked down to see a hand sticking out of his chest which was covered in a ball of lightning. He only heard a single word before he fell lifeless on the ground.


Kakashi was just returning after his visit to the memorial stone when he had felt the killing intent coming from the training ground where Naruto was. He immediately rushed towards the spot and was shocked to see Naruto pierce a kunai through an anbu's chest. But before he could understand what was happening he saw another Anbu charging towards Naruto who was in shock due to his first kill. He quickly formed his Raikiri and disposed off the Anbu. He did not even wait to see the body burn as he immediately rushed towards Naruto.

He immediately pulled Naruto in a hug and started patting his back. Naruto finally saw that Kakashi was here and started crying. After what seemed like a few minutes Naruto's sobs stopped and he looked at kakashi.

"Nii-san i killed him; I am a murderer."said Naruto with regret in his voice.

Meanwhile Kakashi was shocked when he looked at Naruto's eyes. Naruto's sapphire blue eyes were now red with two black tomoes in it.

"How in the hell does he have the Sharingan?" thought Kakashi not believing what he was seeing.

"Its okay Naruto, you just defended yourself; Now please tell me what happened?" asked Kakashi softly.

Naruto hesitantly nodded and told Kakashi about the entire incident.

To say Kakashi was livid would be saying that Jiraya was not a pervert. He was furious at Danzo, he knew that these Anbu belonged to Danzo.

"I need to talk to Hokage-sama but first i need to do something for Naruto." thought Kakashi tactically

"Naruto let's go to eat at Ichiraku's. You can talk to me there and also eat your Ramen. I'll let you eat as much as you can today. But before that stop sending chakra to your eyes."said Kakashi with a smile hoping Naruto would not understand why he wanted it to do it.

"Hai."said Naruto still in deep thought, and stopped channeling chakra in his eyes which turned back to his sapphire blue eyes.

"I guess eating ramen and talking with Niii-san will help," thought Naruto dejectedly

Kakashi felt relieved that Naruto did not notice the change in his eyes yet.


Kakashi watched Naruto eat ramen quietly while talking to Ayame who understood that naruto was disturbed and was cracking some jokes to ease his mood. Talking with Teuchi and Ayame and eating 10 bowls of ramen had improved Naruto's mood to some extent. Kakashi had explained to him that he was attacked and he did what he had to do in order to protect himself and it was not his fault, and it was an accident.

This seemed to ease Naruto a bit, but he still regretted that he had killed the man but not as much as before. After he finished his meal, Kakashi paid for the meal and when Naruto was about to leave he felt someone hugged him from behind. He looked back to see Ayame was holding him and Teuchi had a kind smile on his face.

"Naru-chan, please be okay. I am always there for you."said Ayame with a kind smile which was filled with warmth.

She then slightly pulled his mask down and gave him a soft kiss on his cheek. Naruto blushed, Ayame was beautiful and he loved her like his older sister and she cared for him. Apart from Hiruzen and Kakashi, Teuchi and Ayame were the only ones who cared for him in the village and loved him.

"Arigatou...Nee-chan."said Naruto happily; and hugged Ayame back as a lone tear escaped from his eye.

Meanwhile Kakashi and Teuchi both had smiles on their faces on seeing the affection between the brother and sister. After a few moments Naruto recomposed himself but still had a blush on his face as he touched his cheek where he could still feel's Ayame's lipstick mark.

"Aww you two look so cute, it looked as if you were his girlfriend." teased Teuchi playfully

Naruto had a deep blush on his face while Ayame's cheeks went a little pink.

"I wouldn't mind that, would you naruto-kun?" Ayame whispered in Naruto's ears mischievously.

This got different reactions from the men. Kakashi had a perverted smile on his face, Teuchi was just dumbfounded by his daughter's reply but after a few moments chuckled, but the person who was embarrassed the most was Naruto whose blush just got a lot deeper.

"What?'' asked Naruto dumbly after a few moments.

"I'm hurt..you don't think I'm good for you."said Ayame and pouted.

"No..No..I didn't mean that Ayame-chan, you are so beautiful, kind and caring-"spoke Naruto quickly; but quickly covered his mouth on realizing what he had said.

All the others laughed at his innocent answer while Ayame just got a light blush on her face.

"Looks like you'll have to learn ototo. Here,"said Kakashi happily, and tried to hand Naruto his Icha Icha book but before he could even blink Ayame took the book from his hands and tore it to pieces and pointed a kunai just between Kakashi's legs.

"My precious..."yelled Kakashi in horror, as he saw his book getting destroyed.

"Kakashi if I you ever try to corrupt my Naru-chan with that smut. I'll castrate you."said Ayame threateningly and in such a voice that promised a lot of pain.

"H-ai"said Kakashi nervously when he felt a knife being pressed a little harder on his crotch.

"Woah she's scary. Looks like I'll have to hide my book. Aw man!" whined Teuchi in his mind.

"Never read Icha Icha in front of women. Troublesome."thought Naruto with fear.

Somewhere two nara's sneezed.

"Good" Ayame stated with a smile.

All three men face faulted on her sudden change in behavior. At one moment she threatens you and the next she is back to normal.

"Troublesome women."thought Naruto, Kakashi and Teuchi at the same time.

Somewhere two nara's sneezed again,

"Looks like some poor soul is tortured by some troublesome women." thought both at the same time.

Before any further talk could take place Kakashi simply dragged Naruto away from the ramen stand hoping to save his balls.

It had been a few minutes since they left the ramen stand. They were now standing in front of a playground. It was already evening and Kakashi had to report the incident to the Hokage.

"Naruto why don't you go and play with those kids. It'll be fun."said Kakashi pointing towards four boys of Naruto's age who were playing.

"Are you sure Niii-san? You know that they may not accept me."said Naruto sadly.

Kakashi frowned on thinking how much the villagers had traumatized Naruto but not any longer.

"I am sure Naruto. Go have fun, I have to talk to Hokage-sama about what happened today. I'll pick you up in an hour." said Kakashi and disappeared via a shunshin.

"Man I really need to learn that." thought naruto with a chuckle

There were currently four boys playing in the field, well not exactly.

The first boy which Naruto saw had pineapple colored hair which were tied upward in a short pony. His face was angular and he was busy watching the clouds.

The boy sitting next was continuously eating chips and was a little chubby and had light colored brown hair and a round face.

One of the boys was sitting next to the others and was playing with a little pup. He had two marks on his face and slightly pointed teeth and dark brown hair.

The last boy was sitting away from the others. He had black hair and his eyes were covered by sunglasses and he wore a light grey jacket.

As Naruto approached the boys, a little hesitantly, after years of being rejected he feared that even these kids would reject him like the kids from the orphanage.

"Who are you?" asked the boy with the pup curiously.

"I am Naruto Hatake, can I join you?"asked Naruto hesitantly.

"Sure, I am Chouji Akimichi,"said Chouji happily and offered some chips which Naruto accepted happily.

"I'm Inuzuka Kiba and this is Akamaru."said Kiba and Akamaru barked.

"Nara Shikamaru,"said Shikamaru curiously.

"Whats with the mask?" thought Shikamaru with a frown

"I'm happy to meet you all. Hey you, can I know your name too?"asked Naruto loudly, to the boy with bugs. On hearing being called he came towards the group and was surprised that they didn't back away from him when his bugs crawled in his shirt.

"Aburame Shino,"stated Shino stoically

"Naruto Hatake. Its nice to meet people from four different clans of konoha."said Naruto sharply

"You know about our clans?"asked Chouji in surprise

"Yeah, my brother taught me. You are from the Akimichi clan, your clan specializes in combat and is known for your physical strength and great research on food pills which were formed by your clan. Also you own many restaurants in Konoha."said Naruto briefly

"You are from the Nara clan, one of the smartest clans of Konoha. Your clansmen are known for your sharp knowledge and thinking; and advanced knowledge in medical ninjutsu and medicines."said Naruto simply

"You are from the Inuzuka clan, one of the three best tracker clans of Konoha. You and your ninken companions are best in tracking and hand-to-hand combat."said Naruto with a small smile

"You are from the Aburame clan, your clan use Kikai bugs for tracking or capturing an enemy. Your clan is known for your logical thinking and is one of the best tracker clans of konoha alongside the Inuzuka and the Hyuga."said Naruto seriously

Meanwhile all four boys stared dumbly at Naruto. Chouji was pleased that Naruto didn't call him fat like many kids, Shikamaru was interested in knowing more about Naruto, Kiba and Akamaru both were happy when Naruto praised their clan and didn't call Akamaru a dog but kiba's partner, while Shino was also intrigued as Naruto was not at all affected by his bugs and praised his clan.

"Woah! you know all about our clans, now tell us something about yourself."said Shikamaru curiously.

"Tell you what let's race, if you defeat me I'll tell you all you want."said Naruto with a smirk

"I know how lazy you nara's are. you won't get to know about me easily."thought Naruto with a smirk.

"Troublesome" muttered Shikamaru with a yawn

"Okay"said Chouji cheerfully

"You're on, I'll defeat you naruto" boasted Kiba loudly and akamaru barked happily.

"I accept your challenge Naruto-san," stated Shino simply

"Naruto's fine Shino, What say friends?"asked Naruto holding out his hand.

"Friends" they all agreed in unison and shook each others hand.

"I finally have some true friends."thought Naruto happily.

Only if he knew that these boys would become his best friends for life and would always stand by him.

(Hokage Tower)

Hiruzen smiled on watching the entire interaction between the kids through his crystal ball. At first when Kakashi reported the entire incident he was angry, but as the bodies of the attackers were destroyed by the seal on them, there was no proof against Danzo, so he had to let it go but he would keep a close eye on Danzo from now on.

He was saddened to hear that Naruto who was just 6 now had his first kill, but after watching the entire scene and seeing Naruto finding some true friends, he was overjoyed.

"Perhaps there is still hope for Naruto's acceptance."thought Hiruzen hopefully

"He finally has some friends."said Kakashi happily

"Indeed, the Will of Fire burns brightly in them. They are the future of the village." said Hiruzen sagely

"Hokage-sama, I still can't understand how Naruto has the sharingan?" asked Kakashi curiously

"No you are wrong, he is a descendant of the Uchiha clan. So he has finally awakened his birth right."said Hiruzen more to himself than Kakashi

"What?"asked Kakashi a little loudly

"It is true Kakashi." said Hiruzen simply

"But Hokage-sama, Naruto's mother was an Uzumaki not an Uchiha ;and Minato sensei was an orphan."said Kakashi quickly

"Yes Kushina was not an Uchiha but that was not the truth about Minato."said Hiruzen seriously

"I don't like the sound of this." thought Kakashi worriedly; as he somehow had a guess as to what the answer would be.

"Kakashi what I am about to tell you is one of the biggest secrets of Konoha. Only I and Jiraya know about this, but as you are Naruto's guardian and you already know this much I will tell you the truth. This is an SS-rank secret, so I wouldn't need to remind you the penalties would I?" asked Hiruzen sternly and Kakashi immediately nodded.

"What do you know of Minato's parents?" asked Hiruzen seriously,

"Sensei was an orphan whose parents died in the second shinobi world war."said Kakashi simply and Hiruzen nodded

"Yes you are correct. Minato's parents died in the second shinobi world war but the more important thing is the identity of his parents."said Hiruzen suggestively

"Who were they?" asked Kakashi cautiously

"Yamato Namikaze and Rei Uchiha."said Hiruzen shocking Kakashi to the core

"Now I know why Minato sensei understood Obito better than me."thought Kakashi in surprise

"Rei Uchiha?"asked Kakashi curiously

"Her identity is not known by many people as she was banished from the Uchiha clan." explained Hiruzen slowly

"Why was she banished Hokage-sama?"asked Kakashi curiously

"Because of her lineage."said Hiruzen sadly

"What lineage?"asked Kakashi

"She is the daughter of Izuna Uchiha."said Hiruzen nervously

"Izuna Uchiha?"asked Kakashi

"He..he was the younger brother of Madara Uchiha."stated Hiruzen darkly

Kakashi was frozen on his place, the man was a legend and the thing he had just found was a great shock to him.

"Hokage-sama, so Naruto is the great-grandnephew of Madara Uchiha?"asked Kakashi nervously

"Hai, Izuna died during the war-torn era, this was before the formation of the hidden leaf village by the Uchiha and the Senju clans. But when Madara defected from the village, Rei was ostracized from the clan as she was Madara's niece and was banished from the clan after some time. She after sometime met a young jounin who was Yamato Namikaze, Minato's father, he was the clan head of the Namikaze clan. The Namikaze were not a big clan and were not quite famous at that time. They fell in love with each other and married discreetly with only me knowing of this as I was the hokage. But during the second war they died, and Minato became an orphan."said Hiruzen briefly and took a puff from his pipe.

"In order to protect Minato from the Uchiha, his identity was kept secret with only me, Jiraya, Minato and Kushina knowing this; also he was not able to awaken the sharingan so no one knew."said Hiruzen seriously

"So Naruto is the descendant of the Namikaze, Uchiha and the Uzumaki clans?" asked Kakashi in shock

"Yes and it must remain a secret until Naruto is old enough to understand this. And I must not explain it to you what would happen if the Uchiha came to know of this. They would demand Naruto to be taken into their clan and will use him as a weapon just like Danzo. Also they have been acting suspiciously a lot."said Hiruzen muttering the last line silently so Kakashi couldn't hear and was successful.

"I understand, but what should we do now?"asked Kakashi worriedly

"Train him in using the sharingan discreetly and if he asks any questions tell him they will be answered when he becomes a chunin. If he persists send him to me. Kakashi no one else should know of this, Naruto's sharingan should not become public knowledge as the council would then surely have another reason to turn him into a weapon and this time Danzo won't stop. He already sent his operatives today to test Naruto's skill. I'll keep an eye on him."said Hiruzen tiredly

"Understood Hokage-sama, I will train him and he will be entering the academy next year with his friends. I want him to be with his true friends and have a normal childhood. But I will also try to not make him entirely dependent on the sharingan"said Kakashi seriously.

"I'll have to inform Jiraya."thought Hiruzen sharply

"Agreed, you are dismissed Kakashi."said Hiruzen and Kakashi bowed and left the office

Hiruzen sighed, he was tired and looking at the paperwork in front of him, he groaned.

"Man i won't get to read My Icha Icha."thought Hiruzen sadly.

Author's Notes: End of chapter.

Hope you guys enjoyed it.