Time for another chapter, and now we are reaching towards the last stages of Operation Ghost.

Many mysteries and problems are on the verge of being completed, also I explained a little about the origins of the ninja world with Hachimon (The God of War).

There will be some concepts from the manga but they will be changed entirely, as I want to do a different setup of the ninja world.

So, enjoy the 50th chapter of this story...

Chapter 50

Reunions and Prophecy

Jiraya sat nervously in his chair observing the vast green fields of Mount Myoboko. For the past few weeks, he had been investigating about the military activities of Suna and he did find some very interesting facts which were quickly reported to Sarutobi, who just said that "Suna won't be a problem for long".

The Toad Sage was still thinking about those words, just what was Hiruzen planning to do?

Was he going to attack Suna?

Not likely, Hiruzen was not a person who started a war. It had to be something else, despite being known as a kind and soft leader- Hiruzen was a veteran Kage, he knew the dynamics of politics better than anyone else in the world. He practically led Konoha to victories in two great ninja wars, stopped two coups that could have destroyed Konoha.

However he also performed some inhuman acts leaving Jiraiya confused. As a shinobi who had been through wars and had practically experienced the shinobi world, Jiraiya knew that Hiruzen's actions were extremely right as the leader of a village but as a person he had failed on many aspects.

The only thing Jiraiya was worried about were the repercussions that the future generations will have to face due to their mistakes...

And being urgently summoned to the Toad Realm was extremely alarming. In all the years he had known the Toad Sage, never had he called for him so urgently which only meant something drastic was going to happen.

A light cough brought him out of his thoughts as he spotted his teacher standing beside him. The tiny green little toad with a faint amount of white hair on his head would look amusing to many people, but only Jiraiya knew how knowledgeable and powerful the entity beside him was.

Fukasaku was one of the two great Sages of the Toad clan, and was the person who had made Jiraiya a Sage by teaching him various Sage arts.

"Why have you summoned me here, Sensei?" asked Jiraiya seriously, as the toad took in a deep breath.

"The Great Elder Toad has a prophecy for you..." said Fukasaku gravely, and judging from the dark and worried tone of his voice made Jiraiya nervous.

"But I already have a prophecy to fulfill...finding the one who shall bring peace to this world," said Jiraiya in confusion, as his teacher shook his head lightly.

"I'm afraid we were mistaken, that prophecy died the day Minato fell in battle against the Kyuubi. The elder told you there would be a person who would lead the people of this world to prosperity, and Minato did that. He improved the relations between villages and the world was heading towards peace but everything fell apart the day he died." explained Fukasaku briefly,

"But I have his son, Naruto. He is the child of prophecy, Minato believed in him and I shall believe in his power too.." said Jiraiya stubbornly, as Fukasaku shot him one of his most dangerous glares.

"Jiraiya, if you believe that, then there is no bigger fool than you..." said Fukasaku harshly, as an uneasy feeling surfaced in Jiraiya's heart.


"Because that boy is the destroyer..."

Time seemed to have freezed as a look of shock, disbelief and horror spread across every inch of Jiraiya's face. His analytical mind simply could not accept this overwhelming fact and was desperately hoping that his ears had fooled him.

"Impossible..." said Jiraiya in disbelief, as Fukasaku looked at him sympathetically. Even he had a hard time believing this fact.

"It's the truth, in the very near future two destroyers will rise who will shake the entire world. It would be a bloodbath which humanity has never seen in its entire existence..." said Fukasaku darkly,

"Two? You just said there was one. And what do you mean by bloodbath? How can I stop it?" asked Jiraiya haphazardly,

"You can't stop it, the cards have already been played. It won't be long before you will meet the first one, the boy who shall destroy the ninja world" said Fukasaku seriously, as Jiraiya looked at his teacher pleadingly.

"There must be a way to stop it...I will do anything to stop it. Did they Elder say anything else?" asked Jiraiya flatly,

"No, he only told you to follow your heart no matter what. It's out of our hands now, boy. The sins of our ancestors and ours too have finally brought us to this day, and now the fate of the entire world will depend upon the choices these two boys will make," said Fukasaku worriedly,

Jiraiya's eyes shifted towards the rising sun in the sky, however instead of being totally yellow in color this one had dark shades of red on its edges.

"Let's hope they make the right choices..."


"It's been a long time...Naru-chan,"

Tsunade watched curiously as her nephew just stood there with a strange expression in his eyes, his face was hidden by a face mask so she couldn't guess what he was feeling in reality.

"I'm so gonna pay you back Hatake...you made my Naru-chan your clone!" thought Tsunade viciously,



Anko watched curiously as Kakashi started coughing as a small smile came on her face, both of them were currently sitting in a small local shop which just happened to be her favorite dango shop.

"Oh, Kakashi-kun...seems like you don't like my dango, do you?" asked Anko dangerously, as a small snake peaked through the sleeves of her trench coat as Kakashi got even more nervous when he spotted the creature's predator eyes on him.

"I think I might have just pissed someone off..." said Kakashi shyly, as he scratched the back of his head in a silly manner.

"Oh, Naruto...sometimes he acts just like you," thought Anko nostalgically,

(Back at the Orphanage)

Nono watched curiously as Naruto just stared at Tsunade, even she couldn't understand what he was feeling right now. Was he happy, surprised, angry, just what was that strange glint in his eyes as he was seeing his only alive family relative.

Suddenly, she realized just what the boy was going through...

She saw Tsunade looking at him expectantly wishing he would say something or react in some way. However the Senju woman or any other person in the world could never understanding just how historic this moment was for Naruto.

For a person who had longed for his 'real' family his entire life, this could be one of the most emotional moment of his life.

Both the ladies watched patiently as he tried to say something, but words were not coming out of his mouth nor the faint tear that was waiting to slip from his eyes, begging him to let it go.

So, he did the only thing he had done his entire life...


Tsunade was a little surprised when he just said those two words before storming out of the front door, his voice was so low and weak and that faint tear which she saw in his eyes broke her heart.

She felt someone putting a gentle hand on her shoulder, and she found it was none other than Nono who was giving her a knowing look.

"It's okay...Go" said Nono suggestively, as the blonde Sannin looked at her hesitantly.

"He's angry and with proper reason...I-" said Tsunade sadly, as Nono just smiled in return.

"Trust me, he's far from angry...it's his habit off running away when faced with an emotional situation. He has been like this since childhood..." said Nono reassuringly,

Tsunade looked at Nono for a few moments but eventually she relaxed a little as Nono gave her a reassuring smile. She had waited for this moment for years...and now when Nono explained why Naruto ran away she could understand him a little bit more.

He was so much like her with his emotional traumas...

"And that's why I will make sure you don't go through what I had to undergo..." thought Tsunade with determination,

Nono was relieved when Tsunade regained her confidence as her eyes shifted towards the door through which Naruto had went out...

"He'll be near the lake..." said Nono calmly, as she knew that was the place where Naruto used to spend most of his time.

And watching Tsunade go through that door gave her hope, finally something good had happened in Naruto's life and she was thankful to Kami for that.


The sound of footsteps could be heard heading towards his position, his eyes were currently fixed on the reflection of the shining sun in the lake. The water was so calm and peaceful, and the cool breeze that occasionally ruffled his silky blonde hair brought him a sense of comfort.

Another person gently sat beside him as both of them stared at the peaceful lake in front of them.

He hesitantly glanced at her, and he wouldn't deny the fact that she was one of the most beautiful women he had seen in his entire life, not to mention his only blood relative left alive in the world.

But more than that, she was one of the legendary Sannin and the greatest medic ninja of their world. She was a legend...

"You can look as much as you want..." said Tsunade teasingly, and she smirked a little when his cheeks went bright red in embarrassment.

"It's...not...like...that.." said Naruto shyly,

Even Kurama was surprised with Naruto's reaction, in his entire existence he had considered humans to be stupid animals who loved violence. But now that he had lived with Naruto, he had seen what were the factors that determined the path of a person. Everyday he learned more and more about humanity, and could understand what his creator had said that day.

Humans were not creatures of violence...rather they were creatures of emotions. And there was not a single human in the world who was not driven by emotions, it was Madara who changed his views about humanity but this boy had showed him another side of humanity.

The Biju watched as both aunt and nephew sat peacefully at the shore, none of them said a word and were trying to give each other time.

"Tsunade-sama..." said Naruto slowly, he just didn't know where to start the conversation.

"You can call me Oba-san...Naru-chan" said Tsunade encouragingly, and it surprised the boy a little.

"Um, yeah...look, I'm not good at this..." said Naruto hesitantly,


"I'm not good at being attached...I am grateful to you for coming here, but I don't know where to start. I don't know what we are..." said Naruto politely, he choose each and every word carefully as he did not want to hurt her feelings.

Tsunade looked at her nephew for a few moments, his eyes showed sincerity and confusion. And given the circumstances, what he was feeling was true.

"Guess, I'll have to take things slowly...I can't just barge in his life and act like his mother. I may have known him for years, but he has met me for the first time. What should I do?" thought Tsunade briefly,

She was not good at taking care of children, hell she never even had any kids of her own after Dan died. Naruto was probably the closest person she could claim as her child and pressuring him on their very first meeting would not bode well for their relationship.

Kurama watched silently as the Senju woman put a hand on his friend's shoulder and gave him a warm smile.

"Then we'll just have to get to know each other...I'm Senju Tsunade, nice to meet you," introduced Tsunade happily, as Naruto gave her a warm eye smile.

"It's a pleasure to meet you...I'm Naruto Uchiha," said Naruto respectfully, as one of Tsunade's eyebrows raised up a little in curiosity.

"Uchiha?" asked Tsunade curiously, as he gave her a firm nod.

"He's registered as Naruto Hatake in Konoha, with Naruto Uzumaki being his original name. Then why does he call himself Uchiha, instead of being called an Uzumaki or Hatake?" thought Tsunade curiously,

Well, she just had one more mystery to uncover...

"Let's go have some breakfast in town, I hear they have quite good food...and it will be my treat" said Tsunade cheerfully, as he tried to deny it.

"There's no need for that..."

"No ifs and no excuses...Naru-chan. We have a lot of catching up to do..." said Tsunade happily, and from the way she was speaking he didn't have any choice.

"Naruto, I know you have screwed up most your relationships but give this woman a chance, she does mean well. Trust your heart for once, she's your only living family..." suggested Kurama patiently, as Naruto agreed with his partner, albeit a bit hesitantly.

"I'll be happy to go with you..." said Naruto truthfully,

And the bright smile that came on Tsunade's face, eased his heart and made him happy.

A feeling which he had not experienced much in a long time...

(Saizkuma Town)

Naruto and Tsunade slowly walked through the streets. He was henged into a young 16 year old boy, with brown hair and an average face while Tsunade had transformed into a beautiful woman in her mid-30's, who happened to be this boy's mother.

Naruto had suggested her to avoid transforming her face into someone who could attract attention, but she had said that she couldn't imagine herself not being beautiful.

In the end, Naruto had to just assume that it was a woman's trait and let it go. Besides, there were no shinobi in this town, he had been to this place a few times during his time at the orphanage and as such was well aware of the security measures of this town. This town only had local civilian police force in order to deal with thugs or murderers.

Tsunade pointed her finger at a fancy restaurant, and after glancing it for a few moments Naruto gave her a curt nod indicating his consent.

As he walked ahead of her, Tsunade couldn't admire the fact that he was so different. Admittedly, she had only seen him during the early years of his life but frankly she did not expect Kushina Uzumaki's son to be so quiet and reserved.

He had been respectful to her, but at the same time he was also withdrawn. It was as if he was afraid of relationships of any nature, and considering his past and what he had been through she would not be surprised if he wanted to be a loner.

But loneliness brought only more misery and grief. A fact well known to her...

"If not for Shizune, I would have kicked the bucket a long time ago..." thought Tsunade nostalgically,

These were one of the few things she had learned from her life, it was too late for her but he still had a long way ahead of him. She still regretted not being there for him all this time, and a part of her heart blamed herself thinking that if only she had stayed with him or took him away, then he wouldn't have to join Root and the dominoes of disaster would not have fallen in his life.

"You coming?" asked Naruto casually, as he spotted her standing in the same position for a few moments.

His voice brought her out of her thoughts, as she gave him a quick nod and followed him inside the restaurant. The place was a little crowded, even though if it was early morning.

"It's better to stay in the crowd...than sitting alone. We can avoid suspicion this way, I'll place silencing seals just to be safe" assured Naruto calmly,

"I understand...you thought this through the moment I showed you this place, didn't you?" asked Tsunade proudly, so what Hiruzen had told him was indeed right. He truly had the skills to be an Anbu.

"You are too kind..." said Naruto modestly, and quickly signaled her to follow him.

Both of them sat on a table towards the far end of the room, it provided quite an exotic view of the town as the restaurant was located on the 7th floor of the building. She watched curiously as he placed 5 silencing seals around their table after giving their order to the waiter.

As she glanced hesitantly, he realized just what doubts were going through her mind.

"I'm a sensor, so if anyone is heading towards our direction...I'll be aware of that fact, this place is secure" said Naruto reassuringly,

"A sensor?" asked Tsunade in surprise, her granduncle Tobirama was also a sensor and finding out that her nephew was also one surprised her a little.


Silence fell between the couple again as both of them tried to think of a topic in order to continue the conversation. Naruto didn't want to hurt her feelings and didn't know her very well, and as such was keeping his distance. Meanwhile Tsunade did not want to be seen as an intruder in his life, and was trying to find a common ground through which she could build an emotional rapport with the boy.

"So, the Hokage made you aware about my situation?" asked Naruto carefully, and he was intrigued when she scoffed on hearing the word "Hokage"

"Yes, that senile old geezer told me you were suffering from a strange disease. If not for Jiraiya, I would have killed that bastard for sending you on this mission..." said Tsunade frustratedly,

She watched in annoyance as he just freezed in shock, did she just say what he was thinking?

"WHAT?" asked Tsunade impatiently,

"Did you beat Jiji?" asked Naruto in shock, and he was even more surprised when she didn't even flinch...instead she was proud?

"He deserved it for breaking the promise..." said Tsunade without any remorse in her voice, as he rubbed his forehead slowly.

"That is probably one of the most insane things I have ever heard...you didn't beat him too much, did you?" asked Naruto hesitantly, as even he was aware of Tsunade's monstrous strength.

"Ah, nothing much...a few teeth, some ribs and few of his bones. That's it" said Tsunade nonchalantly, and the gobsmacked expression on his face annoyed her a little.

"And you were not imprisoned or killed for attacking the Hokage?" asked Naruto in surprise, as she gave him a victorious look.

"Perks of being a Sannin...besides they know better than to attack me," said Tsunade passionately, as she cracked her kncukles in order to emphasize her point.

"Women are crazy..." thought Naruto nervously,

"On that we can agree..." said Kurama bemusedly, in truth he was really enjoying this conversation.

Naruto took in a deep breath in order to digest this shocking information, just what crazy things happened in Konoha ever since he left?

"Look, I know you feel Jiji forced me to do this...but you are mistaken. I chose to do this, it was all me" explained Naruto truthfully, as she shook her head in disapproval.

"It still doesn't change the fact that he broke the promise which he made to me...before I left the village few years ago" said Tsunade seriously,

"What promise?" asked Naruto curiously, as her eyes averted to the ground.

"He promised to look after you, this was the condition which I had laid before I left the village. A choice which I regret deeply now...I'm sorry, Naruto" said Tsunade sadly,

She felt a soft pair of hands being laid on her own hands, and when she looked up- only to find him giving her a warm smile.

"You don't need to apologize, I know the truth...I know why you left, I know that you wanted to take you with me but were denied due to the Kyuubi being sealed in me" said Naruto truthfully, as she was a little startled with this revelation.

"You know?" asked Tsunade in shock,

"For a long time, but that's a story for another time. The point is that I don't blame you for leaving, every one of us has our own pain...I don't want to relive the past, so let's just make a fresh start, Oba-san?" asked Naruto happily, and the smile which he saw on her face warmed his heart.

"Your parents would be so proud of you...Naruto, you've become a great man," said Tsunade proudly, as a faint blush came on his face but it was hidden behind his face mask.

"I'll take your word for it..." said Naruto curtly, as he just didn't want to talk about his parents right now.

"I must admit, you grew up into quite a handsome young man...the last time when I saw you, you were a chibi who used to love playing with his toys" said Tsunade nostalgically,

"Really?" asked Naruto curiously,

"You really were a naughty child, I remember once you hid my sake bottles and I wrecked up the entire house but I never found them..." said Tsunade cluelessly,

"Maybe, it's better you ended up with Kakashi..." said Kurama sarcastically, as Naruto smirked a little on the comment.

"It must be pretty weird for you to see me like this...the last time you saw me as an innocent child and now as a mass murderer," said Naruto silently,


He was a little startled as she banged her fist on the table making some serious cracks, and one look in her fierce hazel eyes made him step back a little in caution.

"You did your duty as a Anbu captain. Even I'm no saint, I have killed people too and it's never easy because you can never forget it. But I also remember those lives that I saved, just as you saved the entire village and Fire country by stopping the coup. Can you imagine the consequences if Danzo had rose to power?" asked Tsunade fiercely,

She squeezed his hand gently in order to provide him some comfort, it was true that she had killed but none of them had been her own comrades or friends, and not as many as 300. She was a medic and as such she was slowly able to understand why he was so reserved, why he was not good at relationships...everything was connected to his past, the events that made him the person that was sitting in front of her.

And in her eyes, he was still a child. The boy was barely 15, and no other person except Itachi Uchiha had done such a massive massacre of his own people.

The shinobi world was really rotten to the core...

She was relieved when he too squeezed her hand and gave her a small thankful nod, it was a start atleast...

"Thanks..." said Naruto gratefully,

"Anytime, now can I see your sharingan...Nono said you had a Mangekyo too?" asked Tsunade cautiously, she had to take a deep analysis about the current state of his eyes before they went ahead with the replacement operation.


She was amazed when a dark red colored three tomoe sharingan appeared in his eyes, and before she could even relish the moment it quickly morphed into one of shock when his sharingan started spinning until it transformed into a shuriken with its three ends sticking to different corners of his eyes.

"Amazing..." said Tsunade in awe, she had heard the tales of Madara with his Mangekyo...but this was the first time she had ever seen such eyes.

"Well, they are quite deadly but I also cannot deny the fact that Mangekyo is a double edged sword. It does grant me great powers, but also reduces my eyesight with every passing day. I have already lost more than 40% vision in my right eye, and 50% in my left eye. At this rate, I only have a few months before I become totally blind," explained Naruto briefly,

"That bad, huh?" asked Tsunade sympathetically,

Naruto watched silently as she put her right hand on his forehead as a strange green aura glowed brightly. It spread across his entire forehead and his eyes, and he was startled when his vision improved a little...he could see a little more clearly even with his Mangekyo being active.

She continued the process for a few more moments, before removing her hand from his forehead only to come face to face with an astonished Naruto.

"How did you do that? My vision is slightly better than before..." said Naruto happily, as a small grin came on Tsunade's face.

"Well, you do have an awesome aunt like me...so don't worry, I will save your life- little Naru-chan" said Tsunade teasingly, as Naruto's eyebrow twitched in annoyance.

Sensing his anxiousness for an explanation, Tsunade decided to come clear...but she wouldn't deny the fact that it was highly entertaining to rile him up.

"Okay, I healed a little portion of your eyes. It's not permanent but it will help you for sometime until we prepare the clone cornea for one of your eyes, though we must be thankful to my grandfather for that" said Tsunade proudly,

"How so?" asked Naruto intriguingly,

"Nono told me that the virus that Danzo injected you with was destroying your body at a cellular level. When I arrived at the orphanage yesterday, she discussed your situation with me and the Hokage had already provided me a detailed report about your situation, so I came prepared," said Tsunade seriously,

"What do you have in mind? And how does it involve your grandfather?" asked Naruto curiously,

"Hiruzen provided me a few reports of Konoha's attempts to infuse my grandfather's DNA into young children to recreate the Mokuton, it was a despicable act but I also found interesting information that proved to be vital in finding a cure for you," said Tsunade briefly,

"I'm listening.."

"Your body is being currently destroyed by a poison which Danzo released through his curse mark, I was able to synthesize a few of my grandfather's DNA portion from the Mangekyo sharingan you brought but it is not enough to heal you, and it is also too dangerous to implant a large amount of Senju DNA in your body as the after effects could prove to be more fatal," said Tsunade suggestively,

"So, you're saying there is no cure?" asked Naruto flatly, as she disagreed with him.

"I didn't say that, while we don't have enough of Hashirama's DNA to completely heal you nor is it advisable, I do have another solution. As I am a direct descendant of Hashirama Senju, I too possess a portion of his power and my cells have amazing regeneration abilities. Both of us have the same blood group, and as such I can arrange blood transfusions in your body replacing your tainted blood with my own," explained Tsunade briefly, as a little hope was born in his heart.

"But it would only replace the tainted blood, my cells would still be destroyed and I will die" said Naruto accurately,

"It's not like that, my cells may not be as strong as my grandfather they do have great power in them. We tested this fact, when we attacked the virus in your blood sample with my cells. More than 60% of the virus was destroyed in the first transfusion, and as the number of transfusions increased my cells slowed contained the virus and stopped it from spreading further, and when we implanted a few DNA tissue of my grandfather...the virus was destroyed totally and within a few hours your body cells were back to full strength," explained Tsunade briefly,

Naruto was literally flabbergasted with such a discovery, it totally changed the entire outlook.

"So, your cells would act as the attacking force that will corner the virus, while your grandfather's cells will destroy the virus as well as restore my body back to full strength?" asked Naruto silently, as she gave him an encouraging smile.

"Precisely, you are going to live..." said Tsunade encouragingly, and what happened next surprised her a little.

He cried

She quickly got up from her seat and went towards his side, and the tears that were falling from his eyes were certainly not of happiness. They were currently sitting in an isolated corner of the restaurant and as such no one could see or hear them, but it didn't matter to her.

Naruto had one of his hands placed on his forehead as tears slipped from his eyes, she gently rubbed his back while whispering comforting words in his ear but something was off.

"He should be happy that we found the cure, it's as if..." thought Tsunade curiously, until...

"You didn't want a cure to be found, did you?" asked Tsunade sadly, and she had a pretty good idea why.

"I'll never forgive myself..." said Naruto remorsefully,

"For what? You did the right thing..." said Tsunade soothingly, as he shot her a harsh glare and that was the moment she realized the pain behind those eyes, and the horrfic events of that night which no one could describe in words.

"By killing my friends? My comrades? My Teachers? Every day I try to convince myself, that this lie is the truth but it's not. It's not..." said Naruto painfully,

"But Root would have taken over the village. You know what kind of man Danzo was, you had no choice." said Tsunade comfortingly, as he shook his head vehemently.

"I joined Root to stop that man, to stop the madness from hurting the people I care about. Those people that I killed that night were not monsters, they were innocent human beings forced into a world of darkness with no way of getting out. Danzo was not totally responsible for everything, Konoha and Hiruzen knew about him in the past and they were the ones who started Root. They knowingly put innocent kids through that torture, they experimented on young children leading them to their deaths just so they could have a Mokuton user?" asked Naruto angrily,

"Konoha has done some bad things, but you must-" said Tsunade calmly, as he banged his fist on the table.

"It is you who don't understand, I couldn't stop the coup and ended up killing my comrades and there is nothing in this world that can take that pain away. A part of me wishes I died that night, why do I get to live while my comrades died? And the irony is that if I succeed in my mission, and make it back alive...I'll be hailed as Konoha's greatest hero, a Hero? So, you're damn right it doesn't make me happy...it makes me sick" said Naruto passionately,

Tsunade just didn't know what to say to the boy, everything he said was the truth. She could claim to understand what he was going through, but the truth was she had no damn idea what hell he had been through. It was as if both of them were caught up in different dimensions...

"The world is not divided into just the light and dark side, there is another side too. The Grey side, where people like me exist and every time a conflict arises we get caught in the middle of it, and the most painful part is that this nightmare never ends for us. Sasuke, me, my Root comrades and millions of people of this rotten ninja world have been trapped in the middle of this endless fighting with no way of getting out, the only way this nightmare can stop is by our death" explained Naruto briefly,

She squeezed his hand gently, as she now realized just how horrible he felt...

"This is the ninja world, son. The 5 great ninja villages are always at war, they fight for money, land, resources, power, fame, and revenge. The smaller villages and millions of innocent people suffer every day. Even after 3 great wars, this fighting has not stopped. I cannot understand what you are going through, but I do know what it feels to lose someone you love and care about..." said Tsunade sadly, as memories of her brother and Dan came flooding back in her mind.

Tsunade watched silently as he wiped the tears from her face, and without another word he en-wrapped her in a warm hug.

"It hurts, doesn't it?'' asked Naruto knowingly, as he gently rubbed her back.


"H-how...do you deal with it? H-how...can you make yourself let go?' asked Naruto silently, as she snuggled deeper in his chest with her tears falling on his shirt.

"I'm still searching for that answer..." said Tsunade sadly,

Naruto's eyes shifted towards the town and the people living in it, this had to stop...this madness had to stop.

"Then perhaps it's time to change this rotten world..."

Author's Notes: End of chapter.

This was perhaps the most important chapter of this story, and drastic changes will happen after Operation Ghost.

The base for the Shippuden part of the story were laid in this chapter.

Naruto's ideologies are a mix between Indra and Ashura (The Two Sons of Rikudo Sennin). While he does have compassion and recognizes the importance of comrades, he also realized that the world needs a strong force that can keep it in check.

Everything that has happened in this story had reasons, two specific events happened in the two destroyers life that will determine their path and how they would change the entire world.

Guess, who these destroyers are and what they might do?