Divinations - Possible ways to get killed

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. I only own the supply teacher.

"Hello class. I am your temporary teacher while Professor Trelawney is in the infirmary with the flu" the lady spoke her mid-length brown hair up in a high ponytail, her blue-grey eyes behind a pair of blue thin rimmed glasses.

Harry and Ron glanced at each other as the teacher checked the register speaking when their names cropped up.

"As I said, Professor Trelawney is in the infirmary with the flu so I will be taking you class," spoke the Professor. "I am Rachael Ardorlur, you may address me as Madam Raven."

"Madam Raven? As in the famous tarot reader, Madam Raven?" asked one of the students.

Madam Raven nodded with a smile and the class broke out in whispers. "I have decided that since your teacher is… a distrusted member of the sight guild," Madam Raven shuddered at the word distrusted. "That we are going to have a fun lesson today."

The class stared at her as if she was crazy. Madam Raven grinned and placed her hands together. "The lesson today is that we are going to make a list of possible ways to get killed. Remember anything is possible."

Falling down a flight of stairs

Spontaneous combustion

Attacked by drapery

Death by laughter

Falling into a volcano


Getting shot in the head/heart

The killing curse

Christmas tinsel ("It is possible!" spoke the student that suggested it.)


Attacked by wild animals



Lack of air

Internal bleeding

Beaten to death

Struck by lightning


Alcohol poisoning








Strangulation by another

Stabbed to death


Car crash

Plane crash

Falling objects

Freezing to death

Terminal illness

Crushed to death

Buried alive

Burned alive

Bathing in acid


Snapped neck

Punctured organ


Allergic reaction

Scalding (hot water)

Hit by a train ("Bye bye birdie" spoke one of the students causing the class to snicker.)

Russian Roulette

Covered in tuna and thrown in a pit full of hungry cats

Scared to death

Attacked by Fluttershy ("Who is Fluttershy?" half the class and Madam Raven winced as the boy was dragged from the room by a yellow pegasi with pale pink mane and tail.)


Being a German spy in Britan during WW1 [Guest]

Made into cupcakes (Pinkie Pie, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

Half-Death by ghost portal

Melted by Vlad (Danny Phantom character)

Killed by Amity Park ghost

Killed by Basilisk

Killed by Medusa

Death by chocking on words

Pissed off a halfa named Vlad

Clockwork stopping you from being conceived [from cupcakes to Clockwork – 1eragon33]

Trampled by a rampaging Hippogriff

Dip -if you're a cartoon character ((Infra: Question what is dip Cynthia?))


Eaten by a dragon [Hippogriff to Dragon by CynthiaW]

The bell rang for the end of class and the class walked out of the room chatting wildly. "Well that was a fun class. Right, Harry?" spoke Ron.

Harry snickered. "Hermione would not believe us if we told her."

The two boys walked down to the great hall to get lunch.


Rachael: Hehe… If you guys know anymore silly/stupid ones tell me and I'll add it to the list. I started this back in 2012. The ideas just were not coming so I was just putting them in as they came…