Ryuichi's Love


By Kitty-Kat =^.^=

I've been charmed by your eyes from far away; wake up and wait for me

Call out and break the night's barricade; the crowd comes out of the reflection


Hold me gently, catch me forever, do more until my heart breaks down

-Sleepless Beauty

A young man with incredible talent and charisma had it all, but maybe he really didn't have it all. He was the lead singer of a very popular band called Nittle Grasper. Time made him extremely famous and, most of all, better and better. But he was in reality a lonely man- that was why he was mostly seen playing- like a child- with a pink bunny he named Kumagorou.

Kumagorou was his companion, his pal, and his escape of reality- he was a grown up.

Sakuma Ryuichi liked acting like a young boy even when he was 31 years old because he felt the need to love and the only one close to him was Kumagorou. Day after day Kumagoru will accompany him to every single place he went to, and to the extreme point that he will even dressed up as him to feel at home. Every time he dressed as Kuma-chan he felt like he had a family and that family was Kuma.

Time to play Kumagorou!!!

Those were his words every morning when he woke up and saw the cute plushie beside his pillow. But every time he had to step into the spot light he changed and turned into the coolest guy alive. That guy was the one with the fame and love from all, but the one behind the curtains was a lonely man.

But everything changed for him that night- the night he met his number one fan, Shindo Shuichi . Shuichi was a cute boy with pink hair that wears the same haircut as him. His eyes were big and rounded and had a beautiful smile drawn on his lips. He wasn't very tall, probably a few inches less than Sakuma, and was even slimmer than him, but all of those qualities caught the young singer's attention, because at the same instant he saw the boy on stage something big hit him, something so strong he even felt the need to meet him right away. So when Sakuma saw the boy was in trouble in front of his audience, he decides to give him a hand.

The lead singer of Bad Luck, ShindoShuichi, has suddenly stopped talking and even moving. He probably had stage fright or who knows what was going through his mind. But Ryuichi couldn't just stay there and watch how people mock at the beautiful treasure he just discovered- he just couldn't. So he walked to the stage where Shindo-kun was standing completely perplex with the view of the man he loved- but it wasn't Sakuma.

Ima mo todokanu hikari no yukue azayaka ni mau omoi o egakou

michibiku kotoba ga koborete shimawanu you ni utsuru toki o osorenaide

Ryuichi sung to the audience to give comfort to the lead singer of Bad Luck, and, as he did, Shuichi stare amazed to be on the same stage with his all time hero.

Sakuma Ryuichi The boy pronounced as he watched closely, but Ryuichi continued singing. It wasn't long after Ryuichi's intervention that Bad Luck finally rocked the stage, and Shindo was lucky enough to even sing along with his hero Sakuma-san.

The night was over and Sakuma lay on his hotel room bed completely alone thinking of the boy that reminded him of himself. He brushed his brown hair with his fingertips and then held Kumagorou against his chest while he sighed. it was destiny.


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