The Untitled Wound

Author: Gleekship

Spoilers: Set during Season 1 and Into Season 2, but No Big Spoilers

Summary: Kurt does everything he can do to survive the final moments of a shooting at McKinley.

Pairings: Kurt/?

The Untitled Wound

The school year was flying by faster than anyone could have predicted and while part of Kurt was happy to have one of his favorite holidays coming up in the form of Christmas, more than anything it felt sad knowing that everything that had been defining who he was recently was getting further and further away. He wanted to be known for doing something in the world beyond just surviving. It doesn't help with the sixth month anniversary only just passing awhile ago, that the vultures, also known as the news, are starting to sleuth around the town more for a story.

It's not that he doesn't want to get his story out there and attempt to change something on a higher level, but he's just starting to feel the strain of the worlds eye on him. He had talked to Noah only the night before, but the other man wasn't as bothered by the world. He just told reporters and journalists to back up before he called the police. At first he laughed, but Noah seems to take the police a lot more serious after seeing them actually work for their titles with the shooting.

"I'm thinking of maybe even being a cop." Noah had shrugged as he sat on Kurt's staircase before he left for the night. "You know me. I'm not going to change the world with words or by being a public speaker. But going out there and saving people in smaller situations. That leads to helping people on a more personal level where I know I'm actually doing something." Kurt stands at the bottom of the staircase, shrugging until Noah nudged him with his foot. "Plus we both know that with my arms and body that I would look killer in a uniform. Criminals would turn themselves in just so they could get pinned down by me."

Kurt had laughed sarcastically at the remark, but inside he himself had started a visual for a later time in the privacy of his own shower. "Sure." He had said before sending Noah on his way.

Kurt blinks himself back to the present and slides his shoes on as he mentally prepares himself for the last day of fall break before going back to school. Although he tries to focus on the date that he has in just a few minutes, his thoughts go back to Noah. His sudden realization that he does indeed find himself attracted to Noah at first led him to playing sick one evening so Noah would stay home took him down a rabbit hole.

How could he be attracted to his best friend? He didn't think of Noah that way. Even when Noah was Puck. Even if he was attracted to him there was no point. Noah was very clearly straight. Well sure he hadn't dated much since the previous school year, but he was probably just still jumbled from everything. It was probably just because he had started seeing Sam in a more romantic sense and it's just stirring all of his emotions. He's never really had a crush crush so Sam just probably opened the flood gates of his lusty heart. Sure, when Sam first kissed him he really enjoyed himself, but afterwards he felt kind of guilty. Even when he told Noah about it it felt like he was confessing a sin. And yeah, Puck look surprised and acted like an annoying five year old for the rest of Mario Kart, but it's just because they've become so close recently. He's not attracted to Noah. At all. Right?

"Kurt." His dad bellows down into his room. "Your dude in blue is here."

"Thank you dad." Kurt yells back as he hits his bedroom light off while ascending the stairs.

Before he can step out of the door at the top, his dad stops him with a smile. "Make sure you get some free food out of this date so I can save some money."

"Dad." Kurt chuckles before nudges the older man out of the way. "I asked him."

"Well we Hummel men are good about wooing others." Burt puts a hand on his shoulder. "I think I'm feeling pride for the first time."

"Oh shut up." Kurt laughs as he makes his way to the front door to greet Sam, leaving his hushed words with his father out of Sam's earshot. "Well hello handsome."

If anything could light up a room as fast as Sam's smile did, it would be a light switch. Kurt finds himself matching the smile as he sees Sam's. He then takes a second to enjoy the eye candy that he had recently started appreciating more and more. While he was one for more fashionable clothing options, he had to admit that Sam really pulled off a V-neck and tight jeans well enough to be a model.

Kurt bites his lip before approaching Sam and reaching up to run his hand through Sam's tousled hair. "You look like you've been sweating. Did you walk here again?"

"Maybe." Sam teases coyly as he reaches up for Kurt's hand and puts it into his own. "I wanted a layer of bed head and some post-gym swagger. Think I pulled it off."

"Very much so." Kurt all but mutters while licking his lips. "Cause I know what I want to pull off."

"Kurt!" Sam blushes as Burt groans behind them. "I know we're all men and all, but I think Noah is rubbing off on you a bit too much."

Kurt rolls his eyes as he starts dragging Sam out of the front door. "Don't you have a bedtime to be getting to?"

"Yeah, yeah. Insert old man joke here." Burt grumbles as he steps up the door to shut it. "Got your phone on you? Pocket knife?"

"Yeah." Kurt's hand goes straight to his back pocket to feel the small bulge there. "And freshly sharpened."

"That's my boy. Sam?" Burt's fondness for Sam showed for a second as he clamps a hand on the blondes shoulder. "Be safe too tonight. You have my number as well."

"Yes sir." Sam nods before Kurt is again pulling them away from the house. "Have a good night Mister Hummel."

"Night, dad." Kurt yells with a smile before opening his car door and sliding in.

He doesn't hear what his dad says once his door is shut, but he's sure that he's just being snarky. He's been that way a lot more recently. Less worrying about Kurt and more getting things back to normal, which Kurt is greatly appreciative of. It's been nice. They've even been getting back to their normal family meals recently, although Noah has been a permanent guest in those as well. It works for the three of them. It's actually weird how much his dad likes Noah giving that he's more than well aware of their history. Even though Noah had saved him, his dad had started to give some blow back after awhile on Noah's constant presence.

"I don't like it Kurt." Burt shakes his head as they sit in the dimmed dining room. "I know you guys are close now and I owe that boy my life and then some, but-"

"But nothing." Kurt dismisses his father. "He is very clearly a changed man. Aren't we all after everything? I highly doubt that he'll revert to a future prison guest. He's changed."

"I know." Burt lets out a deep sigh, the long nights at work to catch up with bills getting to him. "I just don't know what I would do if something just suddenly clicked in him and he hurt you. Cause you always said he hated you because you were gay and that's not changing nor will change."

"Why change what you're good at?" Kurt's attempt at humor just makes his dad shake his head. "But we've talked about it. I used to hate him for being a dumb jock with no ambitions in life besides being a father of three to three different woman so his child support is cheaper." This does get his father to laugh fortunately. "And plus we all know that jocks aren't dumb. Some grow up to be amazing fathers who will understand his child when said child is smart enough to judge people on how they are now. We can judge people on the past, but if we don't forgive when someone has changed then aren't we stuck in the past."

Burt huffs and sits back in his chair, folding his arms while scanning Kurt's face. "I don't like it when you're right . . . , but . . ."


"But you're right." Burt leans forward and sets his hand on the table. "And I do have to admit that he is growing on me."

Kurt takes his hand and gives it a squeeze. "Me too, dad. Me too."

Kurt looks over at Sam, smiling as Sam purposefully sings off pitch to the radio. Sam actually has a nice soothing voice. Not like Noah's which has the soothing part down, but Noah has some extra roughness with it. Sam's voice isn't as rich as Noah's, but it's enough to make Kurt feel like he could be snagging his first official boyfriend soon. Well that and many other characteristics that Sam has.

"So . . ." Sam's hand finds Kurt's on the gear shift between them. "This is like date number six with us. Not that I'm counting."

"No. Not at all." Kurt's sarcasm is very clear and Sam chuckles.

"Well, it just seems that we've been talking for a few months and talking talking for a bit less than that." Sam's hand suddenly seems extra sweaty in his. "So I was just wondering when we could make it official?"

Kurt almost jerks the car in surprise, because he wasn't expecting this. "Oh. What are we making official?"

His heart starts beating fast. Does he always sweat this much? He's trying to focus on the road but for some reason his heart is being extra loud in his ears. Why is he suddenly nervous about this? He's always wanted a boyfriend and Sam is a wonderfully delightful person and a match to everything that he sees for his own future. He's been waiting for a boyfriend for ages. He even told Noah this, although it seemed a lot easier to talk to him about it.

"Awe." Noah pauses the game and sets his controller down before reaching over to pinch Kurt's cheek. "Is little Kurt catching feelings?"

"No." Kurt says a bit too loud as he swats Noah's hand away. "I'm just saying that I think I'm ready to date. Spread my wings so to speak."

"And other things." Noah mumbles to himself so Kurt can't hear. "So does this have anything to do with the blonde hunk that you blew me off for the other day?"

"No." Again, a bit too loud. "And hunk? Isn't that a bit too gay for you to say that about another man?"

Noah laughs, knowing that between the red blush and defense mechanism kicking it, he knows he's on the right track. "Well first off, I call it as I've seen it. I've seen Sam in the gym and he's a hunk. A different type of hunk than you, but hunk nonetheless."

Kurt gulps, flattered and confused both at the same time. "Well thank you Noah. And I'm not thinking specifically Sam, although I wouldn't say no. I'm just saying that I'm ready to start trying to share my life with someone. Someone to know all of my secrets, and for him to know mine. I just want that unique bond."

"I gotcha." Noah nods his head as he picks back up his controller and hits start. "It's kind of like how you and I are then, right? Just with the dating title?"

"Yeah." Kurt trails off as he side-eyes Noah, confused about the statement. "Something like that."

"Kurt." Sam squeezes his hand. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah." Kurt glances at Sam while continuing to drive them. "But what are we making official."

Sam leans over in his seat belt until his mouth is close to Kurt's ear. "You and me . . ."

Kurt feels like his heart is in his stomach now with the butterflies. "Starting up glee club again?"

"Really?" Kurt all but slams his breaks and has them skidding to the side of the fortunately empty road. "Sam Evans."


"Oh don't you act like you're all cute and innocent! Glee club? Really?" Kurt's not mad, but boy was he actually hoping for an official question.

Sam chuckles. "Oh. What were you hoping I was going to ask?" Sam leans closer to Kurt again with a coy smile on his face. "What question were you hoping I would ask while we're on a date."

"Nothing." Kurt mutters, his face flushed with blood. "You're just a butt-head. And a booger."

"Awe." Sam gushes before kissing Kurt on the cheek, letting his lips linger for a second longer before pulling away. "We should get going though. I want to win you a stuffed animal before all of the good ones are gone."

Kurt just huffs to himself as he gets them back on the road, more annoyed than anything about the tease. Yeah, a tease is fun and great and brings out more of a playful side to things, but now he's just feeling pent up energy. Although it's one of the things he really likes about Sam: the playfulness. It's charming and endearing and a way straight to his heart.

It reminds him of how Noah is. How he teases and plays around with Kurt. It's almost like they're closer than brothers because there's no hiding how they feel. If they want to tease, they tease. If they want to be serious, then it shall be. It makes things feel more spontaneous and intimate all in one go. It's weird how Sam is almost so similar to Noah, but has his own vibe. Sam's teasing and playfulness is almost more childlike than Noah and his control of it. It's almost seductive at times. Because Kurt knows that they're just teasing, but Noah always seems to have a command of it and knows how to rile Kurt up the most.

"You're still a butt-head." Kurt makes it known to a chuckling Sam as he pulls into the gravel parking lot of the fairgrounds. "And you now owe me two stuffed animals. One named Butt-head and the other Booger."

"I'm flattered." Sam sticks his tongue out as Kurt comes to a stop and shuts the car off. "But I do have one other request if you're feeling up to it."

Kurt takes his seat belt off and leans towards Sam. "Which is?"

Sam goes for a quick kiss before opening his door. "Keep up with me and find out."

Sam is out the door and coming to Kurt's side while Kurt tries to keep himself from becoming a pop-up book. It's amazing how one small kiss, how one tease, could get him going fast than a, well a teenager. Sam opens his door and holds out his hand. Kurt gracefully accepts and makes sure to press his body up against Sam's as he stands up.

"I was going to tell you to keep up, but-" Kurt whispers against Sam's lips as he lets his hands settle on the blondes hips. "I think I can start feeling you come up now."

Sam chuckles as he leans forward slightly, pinning Kurt against the car. "If you want me to be honest, absolutely. Because one kiss, one peck, one look from you makes me feel like I am the luckiest man in the world." Kurt finds himself shivering as Sam runs his own hands up Kurt's body. "And I have to tell you, being with a man that can make me feel that way does indeed-" He leans down and puts his lips next to Kurt's ear. "Make me rock hard." He slightly bites down on Kurt's ear. "But if you don't want me to keep up then I can stop."

Kurt's arms immediately go around Sam, keeping them pressed together. "Sam, I swear to god that I will probably go insane if you do that." Kurt lets out a shaky breath as he turns his head to kiss Sam's cheek. "But I'm also torn because we're in public and not in an ideal place to explore our teenage hormones."

Sam chuckles before stepping back, Kurt reluctantly letting loos his grip and just grabbing Sam's hands instead. "Nah. My hormones for you will last long beyond my teen-aged years." Sam glances down at Kurt's own problem. "And I am more than fine."

Kurt laughs nervously before dropping their hands and shutting his door. "Yes you are. Now think about dead kittens and be happy that it's already dark out."

With a roaring laugh, Sam takes his hand and they set across the parking lot towards the fair. Fortunately it's a long enough walk and they're both nervous enough about the other people that they don't have any reason for people to stare at their crotches. Kurt is actually happy just because public display of affection is very new to him. He and Sam had only shared a few small kisses when saying good morning or good night after one of their dates. They have yet to even have one make-out session.

While he's looking forward to that, he's actually quite nervous. Lips to lips is quite easy but he's nervous about anything more. What if he's bad? Sam said that he only kissed one other person before Kurt so it's not like he was an expert, but Kurt takes pride in being good at everything that he does regularly and he's hoping that making out can be one of those things.

"It's not hard." Noah states as he sits down on Kurt's bed, looking at the nervous boy with concern. "Once you do it you'll be able to practice and find what feels good. Like with me, you'd be perfect. A big mouth means more tongue action which always feels nice."

"Really? Whenever people in the movies kiss it looks so nasty." Kurt shutters.

"That's because you're watching porn." Noah laughs before setting a hand on Kurt's knee. "And it can be. That's why it works better with couples because you find what each other likes it and it sort of just fits. And since you're primarily looking to date and not just do one-offs, you shouldn't have to worry."

Kurt looks up at Noah, slightly less nervous. "Because of my big mouth?"

"Yes." Noah laughs before reaching out and poking Kurt's bottom lip, letting it bounce back up. "Because of your amazingly big mouth."

"What should we do first?" Kurt starts tugging Sam towards the Ferris Wheel before Sam is able to answer. "Great answer. I love silence because it means I get to choose."

Sam laughs as the smaller boy drags him through a crowd. "You can always choose."

Kurt's eyes are so focused on the Ferris wheel that towers above everything else at the fairgrounds that he doesn't he realize it until he's running into someone. Kurt stumbles, his hands flying off of Sam as he prepares to brace himself for impact with the ground. The impact doesn't come, but instead a set of muscled arms catch him just as he sees dirt calling his name a foot away from his face. He lets out a sigh of relief as the stranger helps stand him back up.

"I'm so sorry."Kurt's words rush out as Sam helps stabilize him a bit. "I wasn't watching-"

"Clearly not." The amused voice of one Noah Puckerman breaks his daze as he sees that man who saved him from becoming a mole. "I didn't know you were coming tonight, Kurt."

"Noah." Kurt smiles before pulling Noah in for a hug, very aware of a few set of eyes lingering on him. "I'm so sorry. And yeah. I didn't know until last night. I hadn't had a chance to text you. Noah, you remember Sam."

Kurt steps back to Sam's side as the blonde extends a hand to shake with Noah. "It was partially my fault, Puck. I suppose with Kurt dragging me I should have been more focused on our surroundings."

"It's all good." Noah laughs before awkwardly putting his arm around a blonde lady at his side that Kurt just noticed for the first time. "Kurt, Sam, this is Denise."

Kurt suddenly realizes all of the signs of a date that's going on that he interrupted. Denise, was a very attractive blonde lady who wasn't wearing enough clothing for that chilly night of the fair. It would appear that she was lacking with clothing she made up with makeup. Kurt would have said that she was in her teens from a distance, but she's clearly much older up close.

"Denise." Kurt forces a smile even though he's feeling an overwhelming distaste coat his mouth. "It's wonderful meeting you. Are you guys, you know, on a date?"

"That's right!" Her nasally voice breaks his eardrums as she wraps an arm around Noah's waste, snuggling in closer to the man out of her league. "Date number 2, actually."

"Oh." Kurt's smile is frozen as he looks to Noah with saddened eyes.

Sure, Kurt had been hanging out with Sam more frequently and working with his dad more, but he thought that Noah would have kept him updated on something like this. He had been talking about Sam so much in the past few weeks, but he still made sure that Noah talked about his life and such. Why wouldn't he tell him? He could see why because clearly she wasn't a catch, but he should have at least mentioned a date even if he was settling.

Kurt frowns, realizing that he's feeling jealousy towards his best friend. Why should he be jealous? Noah is an amazing and sweet man that deserves someone to match his caliber of greatness. Kurt would have thought that based on how well they clicked that Noah would have chosen someone similar to him, but in female form.

"Well that is great." Sam chimes in as he squeezes Kurt's hand, noting the nervous expression on his face. "We had ours not that long ago as well. It's that time of year I suppose."

"Right." The laugh of the broad is somehow worse than her voice and Kurt feels like he wants to throw up.

"Well it's our first date." Noah speaks for the first time in a minute, very nervous suddenly and constantly looking at Kurt. "We had coffee the other day when we bumped into each other. She actually works here and I'm not gonna turn down some free tickets."

"He's being modest." Her poorly manicured hand goes to pat Noah on the chest. "I also have a few food vouchers. Would you two want to join us? I would love to learn more about this sexy man. You can tell me what kind of girls he's into."

"Oh I'm sure they want to do their own thing." Noah rushes to say before seeing Kurt shake his head. "Or not?"

"No. I'm just feeling a bit dizzy." Kurt lets out a shaky breath before letting his eyes locate the nearest picnic table. "I just might sit down for a bit."

"Let me go get you some water." Denise offers as she finally takes her claws off of Noah. "Puck, Sam? Can I get you anything?"

"I'll come help you carry a few things!" Sam helps Kurt to his seat before stepping up next to Denise. "Probably just water for myself." He looks to Noah. "Are you okay to watch Kurt for a second?"

"Of course."

"I can watch myself." Kurt speaks over Noah before laughing. "Thank you Sam. Denise."

"Absolutely." Denise suddenly loops her arm through Sam and starts guiding them towards the concession stand. "So Sam, has anyone ever told you that you would make a great model?"

Kurt chuckles at Sam's awkward expression as they walk out of earshot. His stomach is feeling better now, thinking it was just the adrenaline of getting the wind knocked out of him as the cause. Although as he looked up at Noah, who was staring intently back at Kurt, he had to wonder if it might be the tinge of jealousy that he had started feeling.

"I didn't know you were seeing anyone." Kurt almost whispers as Noah sits down opposite of him, looking very awkward at the recent chain of events. "She seems . . . nice."

"She's awful." Noah groans before putting his face into his hands with a sigh. "I don't even want to be here. She almost spilled coffee on me and wouldn't let me leave until she had my number and the promise to meet her here tonight. She's not even my type."

Kurt suddenly feels better as he lets out a chuckle. "Well I'm sorry you're feeling trapped. I'm also sorry that I hadn't messaged today."

"You're fine." Noah mutters before looking to Kurt with his wonderfully kind brown eyes. "I was going to reach out but I remember you saying something about having plans. I didn't want to interrupt."

"Noah." Kurt reaches out and grabs Noah's hand. "You can talk to me anytime. Just because Sam and I have been hanging out more and more doesn't mean that you're not my best friend still."

"Yeah, but I don't want to get in the way of you finding love." Noah looks over his shoulder to see Sam and Denise standing at the concession counter. "Sam seems pretty great. And he clearly has great taste if he's still courting you."

"Awe. If you weren't straight then I would be highly flattered." Kurt laughs as a blush slowly starts creeping onto his face.

"I feel like I just love love, you know." Noah looks back to Kurt. "Why limit myself to potential happiness."


Kurt finds himself being way to invested in those specific words. Sure, it could just be a simple statement about being an open-minded individual, but the amateur sleuth in him really wanted it to be more. But not because he likes Noah. Of course not. He wouldn't be on a date with Sam if he liked someone else. That would be ridiculous.

"That's great, Noah." Kurt mutters. "Because you deserve all of the love in the world. But let me know when you find someone that loves you more than I do."

"Well shucks." Noah actually blushes, even though he tries to brush it off. "As much as my mom would try to turn that into fighting words, . . . I love you too. If only I could find someone like you then I would truly know happiness in the world."

Before Kurt could respond, the Alvin and the Chipmunk sounding wannabe sets a tray of drinks on the table. "You two must be talking about me something fierce because my ears are on fire."

"It's probably your hair spray meeting the outdoor heaters." Kurt mutters as Sam settles down next to him, snorting in the process. "But thank you so much, Denise. I'm already feeling better."

"Right. You know I'm always telling Puck here that water is so important for the world." Denise doesn't even see Noah's eye roll. "But I love this. We should just turn this into a double date. And then do it again. Oh wouldn't that be so much fun!"

"Oh so much." Kurt smiles before taking a sip of water.

"So." Kurt found himself a small moment with Noah while Sam was playing the whack-a-mole game and Denise was chatting up the workers. "She calls you Puck."

"Yeah." Noah chuckles awkwardly. "It was a defense kind of thing. I just don't want her to know me as Noah. That's for people that I actually care about. And seeing as I've been counting down the minutes until I can take her home and call it a night, I'm sticking with Puck when I'm with her."

"I get it. She's trying way too hard right now." Kurt looks to Denise at that moment to find her pretty much flirting with the workers. "And you can do loads better."

"Oh I know. I already know that I can find someone who exceeds my standards." Kurt looks back to Noah to find the man already staring at him. "But it was just bad timing I suppose."

"Oh. You have a crush on someone?" Kurt gulps before licking his lips. "Why didn't you tell me? Is it someone that I would know? From school?"

"Not sure if it's a crush as of yet." Noah mutters as he looks down to the ground. "I'm still trying to figure things out."

"You know you can talk to me, right?" Kurt offers with a warm smile. "I won't judge you."

"I know." Noah almost sounds sad about the statement. "And as much as I tell you about everything that pops into my head, and as much as you know more about me than anyone else ever will, I'm just going to keep thinking on this for awhile until I'm more sure."

"Okay mister." Kurt puts his hand on Noah's shoulder, getting Noah to look back at him once more. "I just hope everything works out. Bad timing be damned."

Noah chuckles as they look up to see Sam winning a giant teddy bear. Sam parades himself over to the duo with a victorious smile. With how happy he looks, Kurt doesn't have the heart to tell him that his heart to heart with Noah had left him feeling like he just wants to be home at the moment. He's just feeling all warm inside and he wants his blanket to be the one to match it.

Noah seems to sense it though. "You look like you're wiped out."

"Only kinda." Kurt shrugs.

Sam's mood immediately changes. "We can head out. Besides making you happy, winning this bear was my only other goal."

Kurt laughs before reaching out to take Sam's hand in his own. "How about we just do the Ferris wheel next and then head out?"

"That works perfect for me." Sam looks to Noah. "Care to join?"

"Nah." Noah shakes his head and shoves his hands into his jacket pockets. "I think Denise has finally found company that isn't me so I'll probably head out. There's never a bad thing with getting extra sleep. Text you when I get home?"

"Absolutely." Kurt nods before giving Noah a half hug, loving the warm and cozy feel he gets from the man. "And I'll let you know when we head out."

"Great. Sam." Noah nods at Sam before turning and walking away fast, most likely to avoid an oblivious Denise.

"It's nice seeing him finally be with someone." Sam comments as he and Kurt start walking towards the Ferris wheel. "Although I don't think he was too happy about her."

"Oh not at all." Kurt laughs. "But you're right. I don't think he's actually been on a date since last year. Early last year."

"You guys were through a lot." Sam mumbles as they slow down to a standstill. "But it seems that you're starting to date too. Maybe it's time?"

"I've been thinking that too, Sam." Kurt turns to face Sam and takes his other hand in his own. "Maybe I'll get into the official dating scene soon as well."

"I think I would like that." Sam smiles as he leans forward to kiss Kurt softly, only pulling back to let out a shaky breath. "Very much so."

Kurt bites his lip before glancing to the long line at the Ferris wheel. "What do you say about us heading back early? I don't really want to pay to stand in line."

"I am right there with you." Sam is more than eager to start pulling Kurt away from the line. "Team Lets Be Cheap!"

"You really are perfect for me." Kurt mutters to himself.

That seems to be the dilemma that starts to cloud Kurt's mind as they start heading home. Does he like the idea of the perfect man or the idea of Sam the man? He hadn't been able to find anything too terribly wrong with the blonde, and he even found himself strongly liking him, but . . . there was something. He loved spending time with Sam and the man was the ideal perfect boyfriend material, but does he want perfection? Because clearly he was more than physical attracted to him, and their conversations weren't dull by any means. Maybe he's just nervous about having a relationship in general. He's had so much change in his life and he likes his life. He and Noah hanging out all the time is great. It's fun. He's closer to his father than ever before. Even school is loads easier now that everyone seems to have the utmost mutual respect for each other, and for teenagers.

"Earth to Kurt." The drive flew by and Kurt didn't even realize that he had already driven them back to his house. "Everything okay?"

"Yeah." Kurt smiles as he shuts his engine off and looks to Sam.

"Where did you go?"

"I'm not sure." Kurt shakes his head. "Just sort of spaced out, but thank you for bringing me back to earth."

Sam chuckles before giving Kurt a crooked smile. "You look like you could use some sleep. We're back to school soon again after all."

"Don't remind me." Kurt groans before reaching over and placing a hand on Sam's leg. "But sleep does sound nice. Is it too soon to ask you to stay the night?"

"Not at all." Sam quickly reassures him before placing his hand on Kurt's. "However I can't tonight because I still see that your living room light is on."

"What?" Kurt spins his head to look out the window to still see that the lights in his house are still on, with the shadow of his father blocking out on from the front. "Oh. Well that's unfortunate."

"Not at all." Sam chuckles. "It just builds the anticipation for the next time I am graced by your presence."

Kurt rolls his eyes before letting out a deep breath. "So see you at school?"

"Or in my dreams."

"Alright. Get out of the car." Kurt laughs as he gets out himself. "And go home before you run out of punchlines."

"Fine." A laughing Sam makes his way around the car with a big smile on his face. "But I wanted to let you know that this has been a fun night, even if we didn't do much. Just being with you has been a delight."

"I agree." Kurt leans forward and brushes his lips against Sam's. "And thank you."

Slowly trying to get back with finishing this up as I do have plans for more. But let me know what you all think.