a vs s

aliens vs spyro


That was the last sound i heard besides "hello spyro" in a voice i have heard before and recognize as dangerous. when i wake up i an in a dark building with this weird yellow stuff on the wall. i get up and walk out a huge doorway. when i get out of the room i hear the most ear splitting roar\scream i have ever heard just then somthing jumps on my back so i quickly knock it off and fire at it makeing it run out of sight the glimpse i get of it i recognise the black body, bean shaped head and tailblade from somewhere.

i hear movement on the ceiling above me so i look on the roof above me, look up and almost faint. the roof is covered in xeno drones and warriors all looking at me i run as fast as i can into the next room and close the door behind me without even looking at what's in their. god why did micheal do this i never did anything to him and he wants me dead my thought is broken by a menacing hiss and a hand wrapping around me and picking me up. when i turn around i am looking into the face of a praetorian the last thing i saw ever was the praetorian opening its mouth and its small mouth coming out into my skull.