Chapter 2: Old friends meet again.

Shepard rolled behind a crate, barely having enough time to get out of the way before the Fenris mech exploded. Shards of metal bounced of Shepard's barriers, and she took in a deep breath. Ever since they landed on Freedom's progress, it was a rough fire fight. Shepard was impressed with Jacob's skill, as well as Miranda's. As Miranda shot the last Mechs head off, Shepard reloaded her SMG and started to walk towards a building.

As the door's slid open, Shepard found herself at gun point, surrounded by Quarians. Shocked, Sheppard held up both of her hands, but Jacob and Miranda pulled but their guns in response.

"What is Cerberus doing here!?" A Quarian shouted through his mask. Another voice came into play

"Prazza you said you'd let me handle this!" Shepard knew that voice…

Out from the crowd came a very familiar, very curvy Quarian. Her mask was purple, as well as most of her suit. She looked at Shepard, and through the mask her glowing eyes widened.

"Sh… Shepard?" Shepard smiled

"It's me Tali." Shepard went to take a step forward, but the man named Prazza shoved the gun in her face. Okay, this guy… Shepard's biotics flared, lighting up the room in a purple glow.

"Prazza lower your weapon!"

"But she's with Cerberus! You can-t really think-"

"I don't know what to think, but if you calm the FUCK down, maybe we can figure this out!" Tali shouted. Shepard's eyebrows shot skyward, she never heard Tali speak like that before. Prazza seemed reluctant, but with a growl he lowered his weapon. The sheen of purple faded quickly, and Shepard looked at Tali, who seemed like she had just seen a ghost.

"Did I miss something between you and Cerberus?" Shepard asked.

"They infiltrated our flotilla, took information, and tried to blow up one of our ships." Prazza sneered

"I wouldn't word it that way. It was nothing personal, just business" Miranda's smug voice came from behind Shepard. Prazza took a step forward, but Tali's arm shot out in front of him

"What are you doing here?" she asked

"Investigating the missing colonies. And you?" Shepard asked

"One of our people is was here on pilgrimage."

"How do you know he's alive?" Jacob asked

"We saw him running into a warehouse when we arrived." Tali spoke calmly, but her gaze never left Shepards face.

"We should team up." Shepard grinned, she could almost feel the 'what the fuck' face on Miranda.

"Now we're working for Cerberus!?" Prazza protested.

"No Prazza, you're working for me and if you can't follow orders, go wait in the ship." Prazza crossed his arms, his shoulders tense. His glowing eyes narrowed through his dark mask, anger was just flowing from him in rivers.

"I'll take my team around the back, you go to the loading bay doors and we'll let you through." Tali said. She went to leave, But Shepard's hand snagged onto her small wrist.

"I missed you Tali. It's good to see you again." Shepard smiled

"I'm still trying to get over the fact that you're even Alive Shepard. I saw you floating in space…" a feeling of panic washed over Shepard, she remembered the cold numb feeling spreading up her legs, feeling her oxygen leaving her suit. She shook her head, and let go on Tali's wrist.

"It's all thanks to Cerberus I guess. I'll meet you on the other side of those doors" The two teams split up, and soon they were in position. Tali came over the comm.

"Shepard! Prazza took his team ahead; they are trying to get to Veetor before you get here! An YMIR mech is tearing his team apart!

"We should have seen this coming." Miranda commented. Shepard rolled her eyes

"Open the bay doors." As the giant metal doors slid open, Shepard's first sight was seeing a Quarian flying across the space before them. A giant robot, 9 feet tall, came stomping towards the fleeing Quarians. It leaned back, blasting a rocket out of one arm.

"Damn." Shepard gasped. Quickly she ran behind a crate and sent Miranda and Jacob in to other positions surrounding the Mech. The robot stomped on a Quarian, and then blasted her head off with his Mass accelerated machine gun.

"Shields and Heavy armor plating. This is going to be one tough son-of-a-bitch to take down." Miranda said.

"Overload his Shields!" Shepard ordered. Miranda did as she was told, popping out of cover, and tapping on her Omni-tool. Soon a blue spark emanated from the mechs chest.

"Shields at 50%" Jacob said as he glanced at his own Omni-tool. Shepard flew out of cover, throwing a warp in its direction. The Mech turned its attention to her, and started to shoot.

"Shit!" Shepard hid back behind her crate, the bullets flying past her face.

"Over-load! Quickly!" Shepard shouted. The crate started to shake, vibrating violently.

"Of course. It had to be a fragile one." Shepard growled. The shooting stopped, and Shepard dared to peek.

She saw the mech lean back, and hold up its rocket launcher towards her crate

"Miranda! NOW!" Shepard screamed. The Mech shot the rocket, and it exploded against the crate, throwing Shepard onto the ground.

She was in open space, with nowhere to go to. She knew her shields wouldn't hold long enough for her to make a mad dash for cover by Jacob. The Mech held up its other arm, Shepard could hear the parts in its arm start to whirr. Shepard threw her hands in front of her face, crossing her forearms.

There was another blue spark, and the Mech stumbled backwards.

"SHIELDS ARE GONE!" Jacob shouted. He began shooting at it with his shot-gun. Sheppard grinned, and threw both of her hands out. Tendrils of purple energy snaked around the Mechs body. The robot looked around in confusion.

"No shields to save you now." Shepard grinned. The thick armor covering its body started to dent, and warp. Shepard closed her hands into fists, causing the Mech to impale on itself. She then scrambled to her feet, and ran like the wind as the mech exploded.

"Holy shit." Jacob said, awe all over his face.

"I like these new amps" Shepard grinned widely. Miranda chuckled

"I knew you would. Come on, let's get the Veetor guy." They started to walk towards the ware house door.

"Oh, thanks for saving me." Shepard whispered. Shame covered Miranda's face

"It… it wasn't me. Overload wouldn't charge back up on my Omni-tool." Miranda kept her eyes forward. Shepard glanced back to see Tali walking back inside a building. A soft smile came across Shepards face.

"Still, You did one hell of a job back their Miranda."

"I wasn't fast enough, and it could have cost you your life. If won't happen again." With that, Miranda opened the ware-house doors to find a man, hunched over many computer screens.

"They'll be back, No one is safe. Must hide, mechs will protect. No swarms. No no-no-no-no." The Quarian shook his head vigorously.

"Veetor? I'm commander Shepard, I'm here to help." The Quarian continued to mumble to himself, completely oblivious to their presence. Shepard tried again, but there still wasn't a response. She rolled her eyes, snatched up her pistol, and shot one round into a computer screen. The Quarian jumped, and gasped.

"Will you talk to me now?" Shepard asked. Veetor stood, and stared at them.

"How… How did you escape? Where did you hide?" He asked nervously.

"We just got here; can you explain to us what happened?" Veetor swallowed, and hit play on a keyboard. The computer screens went to surveillance, showing the colonists frozen in place. Small bugs flew all over the place, and then a large brown creature with a large angled head came into the picture. It walked over to a colonist, picked her up, and then tossed her in a 'egg' shaped case.

"My god… I think that's a collector." Miranda said

"A what?" Shepard asked

"A collector. They don't really leave the omega 4 relay, they usually do mercenary work. Why would they be doing-"
"Reapers." Shepard growled.

"The swarms came first, they froze everyone in place. Then the ships came, and the monsters took the people and then flew away. But they'll be back for me… No one escaped." Veetors voice was full of fear; Shepard's heart ached for the man.

"Great. Grab the Quarian, and let's go." Miranda said.

"No! Veetor needs medical attention! He's delirious and probably getting a horrible infection." Tali walked into the warehouse.

"Shepard, you are more than welcome to have his Omni-tool with the recorded data, but please let me take Veetor back home…" Tali turned to her old best friend. Shepard smiled.

"Veetor goes with Tali; we'll take his Omni-tool. That should satisfy the illusive man."

"But Shep-"

"That's an order Lawson." Shepard's voice hardened into stone. There was a sigh, and then a "aye commander"

"Thank you for saving my life Tali." Shepard said as they made it back to the loading pad.

"I couldn't let you die twice. Not when I could do something about it this time."

"Come with us." Shepard asked. Tali's shoulders tightened, and she fidgeted with her fingers.

"I'm still trying to get over the fact that you're alive… and I have a very important mission to do, I must see it through first. I will keep in touch however… Good luck Shepard." Tali wrapped her small arms around Shepard's waist. With a smile, Shepard hugged Tali back.

"See you soon Tali."
"See you soon Shepard."

"The Flotilla send Veetor's data over to us, however I would have liked to question the Quarian myself." The Illusive man took a long drag of his cigarette.

"We got more than enough data." The Illusive man blew out a long trail of smoke

"That we did! It proves our suspicions about the Collectors being behind the attacks."
"So you knew?"
"As I said, we had our suspicions." Shepard rolled her eyes

"The reapers are behind this, I know it." She said.

"I have the same thought. You'll need a team; you will have to hit the collectors hard, at their home through the omega 4 relay. I'll send some Dossiers your way, you can go collect whoever you wish to first while I search for a way to get you through that relay." Shepard nodded

"As much as I hate it, I guess we're partners." Shepard said The Illusive man smiled as he took another drag.

"Guess so. I've got someone for you to fly a ship, someone you trust." With that the hologram fluttered out of sight, and Shepard turned to see Joker smiling from behind her.

"Holy shit." Joker said. Shepard smiled, her heart soaring to see someone she loved dearly, and trusted with her life. She walked over to him and pulled him into a hug, his body tensed for a moment, but he hugged her back.

"I can't believe it's you Joker." Shepard said as they started to walk back up the stairs.

"You're telling me! I saw you get spaced… like looking at a ghost." They came by a set of large windows, looking into darkness.

"Speaking of ghosts' check this out." Joker smiled and turned to look outside the window. A series of lights turned on, shining on a large white black and yellow ship, with four large engines and SR2 painted on the wings.

It was like looking in a mirror… Shepard smiled; her baby came back to her, even if she flew in different colors.

"I guess we should give her a name." A small tear pulled from the corner of her eyes, quickly she wiped it away.

"Normandy." They both said in unison. They smiled, and watched as the word get painted on in white. Shepard took in a deep breath, and sighed. Her mind drifted to time before, time when she sat in the old Normandy's mess hall, drinking coffee with Garrus and Tali, laughing about whatever. She missed those days, but somehow…

She knew they would happen again.

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