Chapter 3

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The bass hammered in Shepard's chest. She felt as if her heart was beating with it. She could smell cigar smoke, alcohol, and vomit. People of all species laughed and danced together. Shepard glanced at the bar and saw a Turian law a seductive hand on an Asari. Shepard shook her head. She was here for one thing, a bitch named Aria. Who demanded her attention as soon as she stepped off the ship.

"You're not a stealthy as you thing Shepard." A Batarian said
"You know who I am?" Shepard asked.

"We had your ship tagged as soon as you entered orbit. Aria wished to speak with you, I suggest you get to afterlife."

"I'll go to afterlife when I damn well please." How dare he order her around!

"Afterlife. Now." And the Batarian stalked off.

Now, Shepard was in afterlife, with her new acquired teammate Zaeed, and she had no god damn idea where to go.

Next time, ask for directions. Shepard thought. She scanned the area, and chewed on her cheek as she found nothing. Only a few strippers, a large pink sign, and some Asari staring at her from a balcony.

Shepard almost slapped herself. With determined steps she weaved through the crowd of people and walked up the few steps to the balcony. The Asari didn't turn around, and they were stopped at gun point. Miranda and Zaeed pulled out their own weapons, Shepard however held up her hands in surrender.

"Scan them." The Asari said.

"Like hell!" Shepard said.

"Sorry Shepard, but I have to. Can't have a dead specter turn out to be somebody else. You want to talk, you get scanned." Shepard bit her tongue as the Batarian scanned their bodies.

"Their clean." He said. The Asari turned around, and Shepard widened her eyes at her beauty.

All Asari were beautiful, but this women held herself with pride and authority. She had a sense of 'Don't fuck with me' written all over her lean features.

"Aria I presume?" Shepard asked. Aria smiled

"The one and only."

"You run Omega?" Aria laughed and turned back around. She held her hands out, as if she were basking in the sun

"I am Omega." She turned back around

"Omega has only one rule Shepard." Aria turned back around and sat down on a pink couch. Shepard cocked an eyebrow.

"Don't Fuck with Aria." A sneer came to her lips Shepard herself chuckled

"Simple rule. I like it." Shepard sat down next to her.

"So what is a dead specter doing here anyways?"

"I was wondering the same thing…" Came a mutter from Miranda. Aria ignored her, and kept her purple eyes on Shepard.

"Looking for someone. A guy named Archangel." It was Aria's turn to raise an eyebrow

"You want him dead to?" Shepard shook her head

"I need him for a mission." Aria snorted.

"Good luck. Half of Omega wants this guy's head. I'd say you can get in if you sign up with the mercs. There is a recruiting area downstairs. Hopefully this guy knows you're trying to help him." Shepard raised a curious eyebrow, but didn't asking any further questions. With a curt nod, she gathered her team and walked down the stairs and onto the main floor of Afterlife. Shepard sighed and rubbed her temples. A migraine was starting to form behind her eyes, it thumbed with the music.

Great. Shepard thought. She shook her head and spotted a Batarian in a blue suns get up. He noticed her, and then jerked his head towards a door not far from him. Shepard followed the direction and walked in to find another Batarian sending someone out. He looked up from his desk and chuckled.

"You're cute honey. But stripper's quarters are on the other side of Afterlife." Shepard growled and her biotics flared, illuminating the room in a soft purple glow. The Batarian smiled

"Got a temper do we? I might have use for you yet." Shepard didn't let her guard down, the purple energy was like a second skin. Not even phased, the Batarian continued

"We need you to help us in a plan to take down Archangel. This does not make you a member of the blue suns, eclipse, or blood pack. You get paid when the job is done and no your friends can't pick it up for you. You are a freelancer, that's it. You need your own weapons and armor, but looks like you got that covered. Ilk is outside waiting by a red hover car, meet him soon and he will take you where you need to go. Next!" He shouted. Shepard's shield went down and she turned her heel only to run smack dab into a young teenage boy. Her Migraine grew.

"Hey watch it!" He sneered. He was young, probably 18. Asian, human, and a wanna-be thug. Shepard shook her head

"What are you doing here kid?"

"To sign up for freelancing, what do you think?" He narrowed his dark eyes.

"Get out of here before you get yourself hurt."

"I grew up here on Omega, I can handle myself grandma." Grandma! Shepard was only 26! She took in a deep breath, and tried to rein in her emotions. Before she could retort, Zaeed stepped in

"If the boy wants to kill himself let him. Mom won't be getting the money, and she'll get bad news too. He wants to be a tough guy, a man. Let the little douche try." Zaeed sneered. Shepard nearly fell to the floor laughing, but she bit her lip trying not to.

"We have a mission to do Shepard, I suggest we do it." Miranda sneered. Shepard was about done with that snobby little bitch. She took in a deep breath, and walked out of the recruiting center. She needed out of afterlife, she wanted to just go kill something already.

A few minutes later they were sitting in the red hover car, heading towards the bridge where Archangel was hiding out. Miranda talked to the Batarian Ilk, trying to get any sort of information. Zaeed sat quietly, and Shepard laid her head against the cool glass window. Her head throbbed, She had no idea why it was hurting so god damn bad…

"Here we are." Ilk said as he landed the hover car. Shepard climbed out without as much as a word, her team right on their heels

"You need to go from Trask! He is head of the infiltration team!" Ilk shouted. Shepard headed down the hallway and turned the corner. She stopped however, when she say three doors in front of her

"Dammit." She growled. She chose the one of the right, and found it filled with Mechs.

"Maybe we should reprogram these, so they attack everyone else." Miranda suggested

"Do it." Miranda nodded and walked over to a terminal. Zaeed and Shepard stood watch. A few seconds later Miranda turned around with a look of triumph on her face

"Piece of cake." Shepard smiled back, and then walked through the center door.

She was met with a vorcha being blown off its feet. Bright red blood stained the floor and Shepard flinched. Looks like they were in the right direction

"Careful! Archangel is good with sniper!" Another Vorcha shouted as he ducked behind a crate. Shepard nodded and ran to the other side. She scanned the area, looking for Trask.

"He's over there, by the gunship." A male voice said. Shepard spun around and saw another human freelancer pointing in the direction behind her.

"Thanks." She said curtly and continued on her way.

She was almost to the gunship when suddenly her shields hissed. They beeped as they shattered.

She'd been shot with a disrupter round. Crafty little bastard. Shepard looked at the bridge to fine someone in bright blue armor. He had on a blue helmet, and was point a sniper right at her. When she thought she was done for, he moved a little to the left and shot a freelancer instead. Shepard grimaced as the man's head detached from his body.

He'd only taken down her shields. And chose NOT to kill her. Shepard continued on her way, deciding to figure that out later. She came into a garage to find another Batarian welding something onto a gunship.

"Trask?" Shepard shouted over the noise. Trask stopped his work and turned towards her.

"You must be the new recruit. You look like you can handle yourself." He pressed a button on the side of his helmet and the black visor slid up. He lit a cigarette and blew the smoke in Shepard's face.

"When do we start?" Shepard said as she waved the smoke away from her face.

"Soon. Once the blue suns give the word we'll be launching a full attack."

"Are you going to fight?" Trask snorted

"No way, they don't pay me enough for that. I just fix this baby up when she breaks." Shepard opened her mouth to reply, but the terminal behind her started to beep. Trask walked over to it and then turned back to her

"Looks like they're starting. I better get this ship fixed." Trask turned his back on Shepard, and continued his word. With no hesitation, she grabbed ahold of his head.

"You're working too hard." She whispered as she twisted his neck. There was a snap, then nothing. His body dropped in a dead heap.

Shepard shot down the last merc as she made her way upstairs. A titanium door was waiting for her. The light changed from red to green and Shepard walked through. She had her gun at the ready as she turned the corner, but lowered it when she saw Archangel perched on the same ledge.

"Archangel?" she asked dryly. He held up a finger to his mouth, then went back to his gun. There was a loud POP! and he ejected his now empty thermal clip. He got to his feet and walked over to her, helmet still on. Shepard was tense, her headache was at its worst and she really wasn't in the mood for this man's mysterious act. Before she had a chance to speak he pulled off his helmet.

Shepard nearly shit herself.

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