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Warnings: You're reading a Hilson story. It's a relationship between House and Wilson (two men) so if this is not your cuppa tea, don't drink it! Simply move along. Contains strong language at some points. AU in which House and Wilson are waiting the birth of their two babies. Watch them survive their first few weeks of parenthood along with the struggles it takes to be a parent. Of course, what's a House M.D fan fiction without a little Cuddy and The Ducklings? Pairings include House and Wilson (Hilson), a hint of Park and Chase (Chark), and Foreman and Thirteen (Foreteen). Also, please excuse any errors in my grammar and spelling, I tried my very best without a beta.

In this story: Kutner is alive (because I love him okay and he didn't deserve to die) , Thirteen does not have Huntington's disease, Cameron is still on the team, so is Park and Taub. Wilson does not have cancer (I repeat, Jimmy-boy does not have cancer.) House is off Vicodin and is clean for many months. I don't really think it's OOC, but if it is...well, oops. It was hard to write House in character but I think I managed...even he can't be mean when there are babies involved! Enough...let's go on to the story!

"House," Wilson said as he shook the sleeping lump that lay in front of him. "House, wake up!"

House slapped Wilson's hands away from his face with an annoyed expression. He turned away and threw a pillow over his head. "I don't know what time it is, or what day it is either but Wilson, I swear to God if you're just waking me up at—," House grabbed the alarm clock sitting on their nightstand. "—5 A.M in the morning there better be a damn good reason."

House rolled over and pulled the covers over his head, intending to go back to sleep. He had no time for Wilson's little games, especially early this morning.

Wilson sighed and reached out to grab the sheets and yanked them off of House. "I'm not playing, Greg. Wake up, we have to go."

The tone of voice Wilson was using should have alarmed House, as well as the fact that he just called him Gregory. He never used his first name unless something was wrong (or it was in the heat of the moment, but that's a story for another day), but House was too tired and groggy to think clearly. Besides, it was hard to know whether Wilson wanted to say something serious or he was in the mood when he called House 'Gregory'.

Finally, House sat up in his bed and eyed at the younger doctor standing in front of him. Wilson was half clothed- he had on a pair of jeans on and his shirt was not tucked in yet. Only one sock clothed his naked foot while the other one stood bare.

"Let me guess. New episode of General Hospital? Blow drier broke? Are we out of ice-cream?"

The look in Wilson's eyes told House he was not kidding.

"I just got a call from Hayley. She's in labor."

House suddenly jumped from his bed and grabbed his pants from the floor, struggling to put them on. Wilson went over to help him but House waved him off and proceeded to grab his cane.

"How is she?"

"She's alone at home and the midwife's on her way and she wants us to be there too," Wilson continued.

House limped over to the window and parted the curtains. He cursed under his breath and turned over to look at Wilson.

"There's gotta be at least 4 inches of snow on the ground," he said, bending over to sit on the bed to put his sneakers on. "And there's gonna be more if we don't leave now. You should have told me straight up and we would have left ages ago!"

Wilson rolled his eyes and scrambled to put the remainder of his clothes on before he ran down the hallway. House followed him, the soft 'thump-clunk, thump-clunk' sound of his feet and cane hitting the floor. He sat down on the couch and waited as he watched Wilson scurry around the living room.

House could hear Wilson's feet scampering across their bedroom floor, grabbing certain things from drawers and snatching documents here and there. He could hear him running back to the living room, only to slip on something and fall down on the hard wooden floor with a 'thump'.

"You okay there, Cinderella?" House playfully called out, smirking to himself.

Wilson picked himself up and entered the living room.

"I am not your Cinderella," he declared, grabbing his coat and throwing House's coat over to the couch, where the amused doctor was still sitting.

House seized his coat and walked over to where Wilson was frantically tugging the sleeves on. He put his hands softly on Wilson's shoulders.

"You okay? You know there's no reason to stress about it,"

When House was kind and compassionate; he was...well, a whole new person. And Wilson liked that.

Wilson nodded anxiously and let House help him with his coat.

"It's gonna be okay, Wilson. You got everything? The papers, the bag with all the clothes and anything else we might need? And you called the attorney?"

House watched as Wilson nodded again. He grabbed his cane and opened their front door, stepping out and bringing the cold air into the hallway. Wilson followed, clutching a briefcase and a medium sized blue bag—containing countless baby clothes, diapers, bottles and more.

The couple hurried over to their car, which was parked right in front of their home. Although there was less than 5 inches of snow on the ground, the roads were already cleared and all Wilson had to do was to grab a snow shovel and push any excess snow that might have found its way under their car.

House stood and watched as Wilson hurriedly removed the snow that had fallen on the car. It was dark and cold outside, and he wondered why Hayley couldn't have picked a better day to go into labor; a sunny day would have been better, maybe. A good day, maybe at noon or something, anything that was not 5 A.M on a cold Saturday morning.

But House was pleased. He was beyond pleased, although he didn't want Wilson to see him standing there with a big grin on his face. They had waited 2 years before the perfect surrogate mother had been found for them. Those years had been long and stressful and left the couple agonizing over whether she would accept to carry a child for them, but when they found Hayley, all their troubles and questions seemed to have vanished.

Well, some anyway.

Wilson finished removing the snow and hastily threw the shovel in the direction of their yard and they got in the car. House sat in the passenger seat in the front, the bag and papers sitting on his lap. They sat in silence as they waited for the car to warm up, but the silence was broken when Wilson turned to House with a small smile on his face.

He didn't know what to say; what do couples say when the time for their children to be born comes? But Wilson found the words; simple, small words that caused both men to smile internally.

"It's time, House," he said, the smile lingering on his face before he leaned over and gave House a small kiss.

"It's about time," House said, glancing away so that Wilson couldn't see the smile on his face.

But Wilson had seen it anyway and now they sat in silence again, looking at each others grinning faces.

The car had warmed enough and Wilson started driving the 20 minute long drive it took to get to the Hayley's house. The roads were deserted, except for the occasional car and snow plow trucks removing the snow that gathered on the roads.

They tried turning on the radio, but the stations were not on yet, and the ones that were were talk shows and the news.

The ride was only 20 minutes, but to the both of the anxious men it felt like hours. Wilson's knuckles were harsh and white as he held the steering wheel and sometimes stopping to chew at his nails nervously.

"Wilson, stop it, stop worrying. It's going to be okay, I can promise you that. Everything is going to be okay," he assured him, reaching out to pat him on the back.

It was usually the other way around; Wilson comforted and took care of House, but today the roles were reversed.

Wilson nodded but started to hyperventilate, to which House rolled his eyes.

"But what if something goes wrong, House? What if one of the babies gets stuck or gets sick or is stillborn, or what if Hayley changes her mind and keeps them?"

They came to a red light and House turned to face Wilson.

"I already told you, everything is going to be alright. Both of them are going to be okay, and I'll make sure they're okay too, so you can count on me. You're going to be a good wifey, Wilson."

Wilson huffed a bit at the 'wifey' part but smiled anyway. It seemed like House had a never-ending list of embarrassing nicknames for him, 'wifey' and 'Cinderella' being the latest.

He recalled how happy he and House had been when they found out Hayley was pregnant; the day was filled with hugs and kisses and a nice dinner. Honestly, it was the happiest Wilson had seen House in the past months and their happiness increased when they found out Hayley would be having twins; one girl and a boy, to be specific.

They had decided that Wilson was more compatible and that he would be a good match to be the babies' father; so they fertilized Hayley's egg through artificial insemination. House thought it was a bit gross to be truthful at first, but Wilson was so happy that he didn't try to ruin the mood.

Both men became close to the surrogate mother. They visited often and had dinners and got to know one another well. Wilson dragged House to many meetings with other surrogate mothers and families. They were not the only gay couple awaiting a baby; in fact, there were two other men who had gone down the same path as House and Wilson and decided to get a surrogate.

They were there to comfort Hayley through the nausea and mood swings and to feel the first kicks (which by the way, brought tears to Wilson's eyes and House's face was brightened by his lopsided grin.)

They went to all ultrasound sessions and got to catch the very first glimpses of the babies, their babies, and got to meet their midwife, Laura. Hayley had decided to go with a natural birth even after countless protests by both doctors, and they had attended some sessions that Hayley had with the midwife to prepare for the birth.

Hayley wanted a natural birth at home and she didn't want to be in a hospital. She thought a baby should be born in a small and cozy place and not the white and blue walls of the operating room.

"Besides," she had said when House and Wilson showed their disapproval. "I'll have my own two doctors with me in the room if we ever need help."

Wilson remembered how House's team had reacted when he told them they were having a baby.

"I'm having a baby," House had announced to his unsuspecting team one Monday morning.

"You're a woman?" Park had asked.

They looked at him confused, until House continued.

"Oh, I didn't mean me. See, I actually payed attention in sixth grade biology class and contrary to popular beliefs I am actually a male," he had said.

"Hooker got pregnant?" Chase suggested.

House scoffed. "No, you dimwit. My surrogate's pregnant. With my baby. Well, technically Wilson's."

Foreman frowned and shook his head. "You're making no sense, House. Are you okay?"

House looked at his team. "You still don't get it, do you? Me and Wilson like to stick—"

Wilson had flushed pink and coughed real loud. He practically yelled, "They get it, House! No need for a visual image."

But the ducklings had heard him alright. Chase and Thirteen had both blushed a deep shade of red, Park muttered an 'ohh, I see', Cameron turned her head away, obviously still infatuated with House and disappointed that he was attracted to men, realizing she had absolutely no chance against Wilson, and Taub squirmed uncomfortably in his seat.

"Um, yeah. He—House and me—we're in a relationship. We're having a baby, two, actually. We got a surrogate mother and she conceived through means of artificial insemination."

Everyone had fallen silent and glanced at each other until Thirteen, Kutner, and Foreman triumphantly yelled.

"Oh yes," said Thirteen, standing up and moving over to where Taub, Adams, Park, Chase and Cameron were sitting with shocked faces.

"Fork over the money," Foreman said as he extended his hand and waited as each of the losers dropped a 100 dollar bill in his hand.

Kutner went around gathering the money with a grin until he counted everything up and evenly divided it between Foreman, Thirteen and himself.

House looked at everyone with a confused face until he exclaimed, "You had a bet on whether I was gay or not?"

Thirteen nodded and smiled as she pocketed her money.

"Yes, we did. We suspected something was going on between you and Wilson since last December, at the Christmas party," she revealed as everyone nodded.

House looked at them with a gleam in his eyes before he stated, "I've taught you well." Then he walked away.

Wilson smiled as he remembered that day. House's team had taken the news alright. Cuddy on the other hand was a little shocked, but she gave them her blessings. She avoided them for a while until House forced Park to snitch, and he found out that Cuddy still had some feelings for him. House then told her that he didn't have any feelings for her anymore and that he loved Wilson.

That was only the second time House had said he loved him, and Wilson recalled how pleased he felt after House had said the dreaded 'L' word.

"Wilson, you're smiling into the distance. You okay?" House said, bringing Wilson back to the present.

"Yeah," he said as they approached Hayley's house. "Just remembering stuff. Happy stuff."

"This is gonna be a happy memory too one day, Wilson."

Wilson almost chocked on his own saliva.

"You sap," he joked as he pulled up to the street.

"I'm not the sap; you're the sap…jerk face."

Wilson scoffed and killed the engine. "I'm quite aware of your inability to be nice, House. Let's go."

The snow had begun to fall harder as House and Wilson got out of the car. They grabbed their things and walked to Hayley's house, and waited as Wilson rang the doorbell at least a ten times.

"I bet that's them," they both heard Hayley yell from somewhere inside the house.

Laura opened the door and ushered them in.

"Oh thank heavens you're here," she said as Wilson and House pulled their coats and wet shoes off. "She's been holding them in—can you believe her—and refusing to push unless you arrived!"

"Where is she?"

"She's in the living room, on the floor. I've put a birthing mat on the floor so she would be comfortable."

Wilson ran to the living room and House followed as fast as he could manage with his cane. They were greeted by a very sweaty and pregnant Hayley, sitting on the floor with her legs bent under her. The room was bare, except for the birthing mat. The place smelled sterile and clean.

"Greg? James? You're here, oh thank God," she said as she moved her legs. She was only wearing an extra-large T-shirt that came up to her knees. "My water broke a while ago, but I wanted you two to be here—," she paused as a contraction ripped through her body. "They're yours, after all. Daddies need to be here for the birth of their babies."

"How're you feeling?" House asked as he reached in his pocket, pulling out a travel size stethoscope. He listened to her heart beat before giving a thumbs up and asking Laura her blood pressure.

"I feel pregnant..." she answered truthfully. "And sore."

Wilson knelt next to her and watched as Laura set up things she needed; a basin filled with clean warm water, surgical instruments, towels, and stirrups for her legs.

House cautiously sat down next to her, careful to avoid his bad leg.

"Are you in pain? We could get you to the hospital and give you an epidural." he said as he watched her push through another contraction.

Hayley shook her head no and laughed. "It's my third birth, you know. I'm a pro by now."

"Yes, but it's your first set of twins. It's a little bit harder; but we'll help you through it, honey," Laura said as she moved to dab her sweaty forehead.

"We'll move you to the bathtub if it becomes too hard to push, okay?" Wilson snapped on latex gloves and passed some around to Laura and House.

After at least 20 minutes of pushing, Laura then said, "We need to put your feet in stirrups now, Hayley. Think you can do that?"

Hayley nodded and moved as Wilson and House lifted her legs and put them in the small green stirrups. Laura lifted Hayley's oversized shirt and felt around for a bit. House cringed.

"God, it must feel weird to have a five pound football charging through your most precious orifice—," House paused, looked again and cocked his head. "—Well, what looks like your most precious orifice. What's left of it anyway."

Hayley managed to chuckle but she was caught short as she felt a stronger contraction pull through.

"I want to push!" she screamed, holding her thighs closer to her chest.

Laura pressed a hand on her belly. "You can push, but not all at once and not too hard. You don't want to tear, or we'll have to put stitches...careful now,"

"Oh, I feel it coming," she screamed as she held her thighs closer to her chest. "Get it out, get it out!"

Wilson paled as he saw the head of the baby start to appear.

"Come on honey, you can do it! I see the head," Laura exclaimed, sending Wilson off to gather more towels and fill the small basin with lukewarm water.

Wilson scampered off only to return moments later with the needed items. Laura turned to House and handed him special scissors to cut the umbilical cord.

Wilson glanced over and smiled at House when he noticed how scared he looked.

"It'll be okay," Wilson guaranteed as he clutched a small towel in his hands.

After a loud yell and curses from Hayley's part, all three of them watched as the baby's head and shoulders slipped out. Laura then slowly touched the baby and then all of its body came out, leaving Hayley's tired body with a cry.

The room was filled with cries and Wilson and House looked up to see Laura holding a crying baby, the umbilical cord still attached.

"It's a boy!" Laura said as she put the baby in the basin. His little cries were loud and strong as he breathed in his first breaths of fresh air. She cleaned him and dried him off, patting his back and using a special tool to remove excess mucus from his nasal passage and lungs.

She placed the squirming and still crying baby on Hayley's chest, and Wilson and House took their first looks at their baby.

Hayley was still panting but she was smiling, and she placed a small kiss on the baby's head. Wilson watched with tears in his eyes, and he smoothed Hayley's head and hair, murmuring 'good job' in her ear.

All four of them sat and watched the fidgeting baby on Hayley's chest. It was peacefully quiet, except for Hayley's still labored breathing, the baby's soft crying, and the movements Laura made when her hands reached under Hayley to check on her.

Laura then piped up, "You're going great, Hayley. The other little one won't be coming for a good 10 minutes or so. We'll cut the umbilical cord."

She picked up the baby and swaddled him in a soft towel and handed him to House. House looked at the soft newborn laying in the towel, his eyes still closed and unopened to the world around him, and he was suddenly afraid to touch him.

A soft pat on the back from Wilson and an encouraging look from both Hayley and Laura, and House carefully took the baby and brought him close to his chest.

That telltale lopsided grin of his played on his lips as he touched his son for the first time. He smelled of newborn and was warm. House carefully felt the umbilical cord and cut a few inches above the baby's soft skin.

He gave the rest of the cord to Laura for her to dispose, and clipped the remainder of the umbilical cord.

"What's his name?" Hayley asked, beaming from ear to ear.

House and Wilson glanced at each other.

"His name is Levy," Wilson said.

"You wanted to call him Levy. I wanted to call him Ravi—,"

Wilson grinned. "Yeah, and watch him be teased for the rest of his life with a name like that? I think not! I can already imagine the kids at school calling him Ravioli."

House pictured the scene in his head and couldn't suppress a chuckle. His finger softly trailed down Levy's cheeks, his skin still pink and flushed.

"We'll still bring them for a check-up after the girl is born, right? PPTH is just 10 minutes away and I'm not certified to give them a clean bill of health. I'll call the Newborn Center in an hour or two," he stated.

Laura agreed and went to the kitchen to get some ice for Hayley.

Wilson moved near House and they sat next to each other and watched their son. House passed Levy to a very emotional Wilson and watched as he carefully took the baby into his arms for the very first time. His brown eyes twinkled as he smiled at the bundle in his arms.

"Hi, Levy. It's James; I'm your dad." He thought for a while before continuing."Well, one of your dads, actually."

House watched as Wilson touched the soft wisps of brown hair on the baby's head. "Are you going to cry, Jimmy? I was right; you are a sap!" he teased.

Wilson scoffed and turned to House. "I am not a sap, thank you very much. I just have a lot of emotions. I've waited almost 3 years," he stated, his voice cracking and becoming high pitched at the end of his sentence.

House loved teasing him, but he smirked and kissed the top of his head anyways.

It was a perfect moment.

They waited for the next baby. Ten minutes, twenty minutes, then minutes turned to hours. Levy was fast asleep, cuddled in fresh new clothes Wilson and House brought from their home.

Laura frowned.

"Is it supposed to take this much time?" House asked as he surveyed Hayley, who was experiencing another contraction.

"No, not this long; usually, a few minutes interval is all there is between the babies." She asked Hayley to lie back down as she inspected her. She frowned again and shook her head.

"I don't feel the baby's head."

Panic arose in both men as Wilson's fears came true. Hayley then pushed again with a loud yell and they stared as two pink feet appeared.

"I feel it. Something's wrong, Laura…God! Get it out, help the baby, something's wrong!" she shrieked as another painful contraction ripped through her body.

"It's a breech," Wilson muttered as he bent over to squeeze Hayley's sweaty hand. Laura moved fast; grabbing supplies and attending to Hayley. "Oh God, it's a breech. How did we not see this in the ultrasounds?!"

His breath was heavy as he looked at the woman's body next to him.

"Babies move a lot, James. This little one must have rotated a little after Levy popped out. She had more space than she ever had before; so I suppose she rotated her body, unfortunately, the wrong way." Laura explained, trying to calm the frantic oncologist.

House grabbed his phone, stood up and dialed the hospital's number. "I'm calling the hospital. I hope they can bring an ambulance over in this snow—yes, hello? This is Dr. House, department of Diagnostic Medicine—yes, I'm doing fine—yes, so's Wilson—no, I'm not at work—listen I need—will you shut up?! I need an ambulance over at...yes, that's right—a breech, we need assistance as fast as possible,"

He turned away and fell silent after a few moments. He hung up the phone, only to glance back at the agitated midwife and nervous Wilson.

"Ambulance isn't going to come," he muttered, his heart dropping to see such a panicked face from Hayley and Wilson. "Too much snow on the roads."

It was then that the four adults then realized how much in trouble they were in.

They had to deliver this baby, one way or the other.