Ok here is a little poem that i wrote! Something that i don't do often! i don't own WOWP Please comment

When no one else is there I know you will be

Eyes closed, blood pumping in ear, the sound of voices in the background

Everyone laughs and talking excitedly but not at her expense

It is all for him

Alex Russo hated him but also loved him

Things are just so confusing. She wanted him gone but she also wanted

him at her side

Running away Alex runs into him. But it is not the he she is jealous of.

It was the him in which she loved. It was her one and only

Mason Greyback

"My Darling Love, what pains you to make you cry like you do?"

He asks his English accent thick on his words

His one and only love cries, "No one loves me. They only like him."

"Alex, my love. I love you and only you."

With a slight scoff Alex replies back in tears,

"Mason you know you don't you only pity me."

"If I didn't would I do this?" He asks as he kisses her with Passion

"When no one else is there you know that I will be." Mason say as he

envelopes her in a tight hug