Summary: Bella moves to Forks her senior year in order to care for a sick Charlie. She meets her mate in the town doctor, rumors and gossip fly when the whole town finds out. Not only will they have to deal with the gossip but with the shapeshifters and werewolves.

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Bella POV

"Honey you sure you want to go?" My mother asked me for the fourth time today.

"Yes Renee, Charlie needs me there to help him." I walked back into my closet and pulled out Forks appropriate clothing that I bought yesterday. It isn't a lot, there's not much winter clothing that can be bought in Phoenix, but I did find some things at stores like Hollister and The Gap. The rest I'll buy in Washington.

Renee grabbed some sweaters from me and placed them in my suitcase. "I know." she sighs. "My little middle-aged teenager. What will I do without you? I'll miss you." She says hugging me. I chuckled and pulled away from her suffocating hug. "I'll miss you too, but I've raised you right, I think you're good enough to go on your own. Plus I really miss Charlie."

"You must be what 46 now," my mother laughed but it sounded more like sobbing. "You're an amazing kid Bella, we got lucky with you." With that she left and let me continue packing.

Normally she would have stay in my room until I was done, but she need seem like she needed some time to herself. I'm really gonna miss Renee. She always gave me something to do with her tendencies to pick up and drop hobbies.

The most memorable ones were first knitting; she never finished one of the knit hats she promised the shelter of orphans, I ended up going to the Gap and purchasing some for them in her name. I even read to them, everyday after school.

Then the book club; she never made it through even a quarter of the book Wuthering Heights. I read the book and she would discuss what I told her about it to the other members.

Next, was cooking a class, which was a disaster she almost burnt the house down twice with the same dish! She pulled out a burning casserole out of the oven and placed it on the stovetop that she left on. I put the fire out, and banned her from cooking.

Some activities she either tried to get me to do, or have us do together. Ballet for one was the first thing she enrolled me in. I was a very clumsily kid tripping on flat surfaces, and air alone. She thought it might help with my gracefulness. I guess you can say it kind of helped.

About 2 months into classes I stumbled a little while stretching my leg in the air near the practice bar, good thing is I didn't fall but I did knock over a couple of the girls. After that I literally put my foot down, and told her I was ready to go.

We ice skated together and that I loved and it helped my clumsiness a little more I don't trip over air anymore at least. But being Renee after I repeatedly told her to wear her jacket at the rink, she caught the flu, and I spent two weeks nursing her back to health.

My mother was an amazing mom, she was just scatter-brained forgetting to pay bills or stock the place with food. I love her though she's my best friend we often joked that our mother, daughter relationship was much like that of Gilmore Girls. We would spend hours watching the season DVDs and comparing us to them.

They were good times but Renee married Phil and with the fact of Charlie being sick I thought it was time to stay with him, and let mom and Phil have their time alone as newly weds. Phil is great for my mom and keeps her out of trouble.

I've never cared much for the little rainy town of Forks, WA but I will gladly endure it if it meant that I could help my father. Charlie suffered from a heart attack a couple of days ago, I'm thankful he wasn't alone when it happened, but at a local diner. It scares me to think about what would have happened if he were eating alone at home. I push back that thought because tomorrow, I'll be with him.

Alice POV

The new school year starts on Monday and I have to make sure everyone's wardrobe is perfect! I just finish setting up Edward's closet the last one before I do mine and Jasper's. I walk into our closet and immediately notice Jasper's old cowboy boots out that he tried to hide from me, until now.

"Nice try, Jazz." I mumble. I heard him laughed downstairs in response and he sends me waves of hopefulness and love. I sigh.

"Thank you," he responds to my acceptance. Really, I couldn't deny him anything. Before I can pick out a pair of jeans to go with his boots, I get sucked into a vision.

She pulls back from a hug and laughs. "I'll miss you too Renee, but I've raised you right, I think you're good enough to go on your own. Plus I really miss Charlie." The vision changes and I see her landing in Seattle airport.

I gasped. "Carlisle! Carlisle!" I run downstairs at vampire speed. Everyone rushes into the living room with puzzled gazes.

"She's so beautiful." Edward smiles. I smile back at him and turn to everyone else. Carlisle's face looks hopeful, "You mean-?"

"The decision has been made! It's the clearest vision I've seen of her!" I interrupt him. "Your mate and our mother will be in Forks tomorrow afternoon."

The first vision I've had of her was 5 years ago, but I could never get anything specific on her and she was always blurry. Carlisle has been waiting a long time to finally meet his mate. Our family will finally have a mother.

Since Edward was changed younger than the rest of us and he doesn't have a mate yet, he's coming to really bond with her almost as if he was really her son.

"Well, don't keep us waiting. Who is she?" Emmet's voice boomed in anticipation.

"Oh!" I bounced excitedly. "Her name is Isabella Swan, she's Chief Swan's daughter." Edward smiled so widely it brightened his whole face.

And Carlisle seemed to me glowing, he blow out a relieved breath. "I thought we missed her. We've been in forks for two years and…." He stops and frowns. "It maybe difficult considering her father is the Chief of the town. With the mating bond I won't be able to stay away from her. I doubt the chief would appreciate the town doctor dating his high school daughter."

Jasper frowns and walks up to Carlisle. "I'm sure we'll find a away but that's not it. I can sense that you feel insecure." I walk over to Carlisle and wrap my arms around his waist. "She's a sight to see, and she's going to love us so much, especially you."

He nods and smiles. "But first we have to figure out a way to approach her without overwhelming her." Rosaline stood there silently throughout the family's exchange; she never had a good relationship with her mother. She's excited about Bella but still remains guarded.

We spent the rest of the night planning just how we were going to introduce ourselves. We all decided when we moved here to all be in the same grade, and it's going to be our senior year, along with Bella.

Carlisle is posing as a 24-year-old doctor who completed all his studies really quickly and is in his 3 year of being a doctor. He's our uncle who adopted Edward, Emmett and me when our parents died two years ago. And six months after that took in Rosaline and Jasper as foster kids. I knew the whole town would be wary of us being 'raised' by someone so close to our age but we proved to be excellent kids.

I'm hoping the town doesn't give Carlisle and Bella too much trouble or those dogs. We will approach her Monday morning and befriend her. Carlisle however, will see her beforehand when she picks Charlie up from the hospital, but he won't be able to speak to her. Because the mating bond can be so intense especially to a human, we have to ease into everything. Starting tomorrow everything is going to change!

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