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Chapter 4: Moms and Doctors


I was out of my seat in an instant, Andrew's cries were loud and strong, I barely heard the commotion behind me as everyone followed. He was lying on the grass, holding his left arm to his chest. My heart was beating furiously as I knelt next to him and tried to see it but that only made him scream harder.

"NO! MOMMY!" He cried pulling away from me.

"I'm here baby." Bella said kneeling on his other side and touching his face.

"Baby, I need to see your arm." I told him, noticing a bruise was already forming. "Bella, hold him please."

Andrew's screams became even more louder as carefully as I could, inspected his arm. It was definitely broken.

"We need to take him to the hospital, he's going to need a cast."

"Is it broken?" Bella asked with tears filling her eyes.

"I'm afraid so. Why don't yo-"

"Oh my god, what happened?!" Mom came running out of the house followed by Alice and Jasper.

"Andrew fell from the swing." Dad who was next to me answered her.

"Is he Ok?"

Dad shook his head as I took Andrew in my arms and stood up.

"I'm pretty sure he broke an arm, we are taking him to the hospital."

"Want me to drive you?" Jasper asked and I nodded thankfully.

"Yes, please."

"Esme, can you look after Marie, please?" Bella cried caressing Andrew's head who was still screaming and crying as loud as his little lungs would let him.

"Of course." Mom answered placing Marie on her hip. She was staring at us with wide scared eyes.

"Thank you, Edward, please give him to me?" Bella pleaded extending her arms towards me while Andrew kept crying louder and louder, but I shook my head already heading towards the house.

"You can't carry anything heavy in your state." I reminded her and she huffed following me.

Dad opened the door to Jasper's car and Bella and I sat on the backseat. I had to put Andrew on her lap, he was asking for his mommy and Jasper drove us to the hospital, dad came with us too in the passenger seat. Twenty minutes later we were walking into the emergency room and Andrew was strapped to a gurney ready to be taken to the x-ray room.

"Can I go with him?" Bella asked me and I kissed her forehead.

"Sorry pretty girl, it can be dangerous for the peanuts." I touched her stomach.

"But he'll be scared." She cried holding Andrew's hand and caressing his cheek. A nurse was applying a splint so Andrew wouldn't move his arm and injure himself further.

"I'll be with him, don't worry, and they already gave him painkillers so he should calm down soon." I said over Andrew's cries.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, stop worrying, he'll be fine. Go sit outside with Jasper, you shouldn't stress yourself."

"What?! No, I'm not leaving my baby!" She protested.

"Bella, go wait outside." I was firm.

"Are you serious?!" She asked incredulous.

"Yes, all these is making you anxious." I said worriedly.


"Isabella, remember what Lee said." I said sternly "You had an accident baby, you have to take it easy and you already pushed the limits this week with the party." I explained and she nodded reluctantly.

"Ok, but… let me know if he asks for me, please." She sniffed.

"I will."

Bella leaned down and kissed our son's cheek before turning around and heading towards the waiting room. Just then the radiologist came in with a nurse and they prepared Andrew for the X-ray.

"You are going to be Ok, buddy. I promise." I told Andrew whose cries were starting to stop. Seeing him in pain was killing me, and I could tell he was scared about all the doctors and machines surrounding him in the emergency room.

"I don't want a shot." He whimpered looking around. "Don't leave me daddy, please."

"You won't need one, and I'll stay with you all the time, I promise." I winked before kissing his hair.

An hour later, the radiologist and I were inspecting Andrew's X-rays, he had a sprained wrist and a broken forearm, he'd need surgery to reset the bone and would have to wear a cast for 6 weeks.

This was going to be a long night.

I let out a long sigh.

As they prepped Andrew for surgery, Dad stayed with him while I went to the waiting room to inform Bella what was going on. She was pacing nervously from one side to another, Rose was here now too, trying to calm her.

"Bella?" I called her name and she immediately turned to me. She was pale and her eyes swollen with tears. I sighed. "Bella, I told you to stop worrying." I said annoyed but she ignored me.

"How is he? Why did you leave him alone?" Now she was mad.

I took her hands and sat her next to Rose, then knelt in front of her.

"He is with dad, he is fine. They are preparing him for surgery."

"What?! Why?!"

"He has a displaced fracture, the doctor needs to reset the bone before applying the cast. It's a simple surgery, it's normal procedure." I tried to appease her.

"I should have stopped him, I knew he was going too fast." She blamed herself crying.

"Baby, this wasn't your fault. It was an accident." I soothed her.

"But I'm his mommy," She cried "I should have made sure he was being safe."

"Shh… shh…" I hugged her "Bella, Andy is reckless you know him, it was an accident. It's no one's fault."

"Is he Ok? Is he in pain?"

I shook my head.

"He's not in pain anymore, he is medicated." I pulled away to look into her eyes "Now, they allowed me to be present during the surgery, but before I go in I need to know you are going to be Ok, otherwise I'll send dad in and I'll stay with you."

"No, no, go with him, I'm fine." She cried trying to put a brave face.

"Seriously baby, he'll be Ok. He's not even in pain anymore."

"Ok," she nodded to herself "please tell him I love him and that mommy's here."

I smiled at her.

"I will."

I kissed her lips, then gave Rose a look telling her to please take care of her. She nodded before asking Bella if she wanted to go to the cafeteria for a snack or something.

I went back into the emergency room and sat on the chair next to Andrew's bed. The nurse gave me some papers to fill and sign with Andrew's information before the surgery and they took my blood in case Andrew needed it. About and hour later, everything was ready and I was scrubbed in and dad left the room to inform Bella we were about to go in.

"Daddy?" Andrew whimpered, the anesthesiologist was about to apply the general anesthesia.

"Yes, buddy?" I squeezed his hand.

"Don't leave, please." He said scared.

"I'll be in there with you, I promise." I kissed his cheek.

"Will it hurt?"

"No baby, you won't feel a thing. The doctor here is going to put you to sleep. You won't even remember it, I promise. Next thing you know you'll be back home with me and mommy."


"I love you, buddy." I kissed him again "sweet dreams."

"Night, daddy."

It was early in the morning by the time we were able to leave the hospital. Jasper dropped us home and Dad told us mom would drive my car later after she dropped Marie at school. I carried a sleeping Andrew into our house, he was still medicated and placed him on our bed. Bella immediately crashed next to him, I had told her to come home and rest as soon as Andrew was out of surgery last night but of course she didn't even want to hear about it.

I took a shower and got dressed in a fresh pair of pants and a white shirt. I had a busy day ahead of me at the clinic and with the lack of sleep I knew it was going to be a long day, I didn't even bother shaving. When I was done getting ready for the day, I sat at the edge of the bed and kissed Bella's hair. She stirred as I continued kissing her face and fluttered her eyes open. She eyed my clean clothes and frowned.

"Where are you going?"

"I gotta go to work, how are you?" I touched her face, looking for any signs of distress.

"I'm fine," she yawned "just tired."

"I shouldn't have let you stay up so late." I regretted but she shook her head.

"Even if I had come home, I wouldn't have been able to sleep. God, Edward I was so scared." She cried, hugging Andrew tighter to her chest.

"Shh… it's alright, he'll be Ok. He'll be out for a while but call me when he wakes up, and if he feels any pain you can give him one of these." I held up a bottle with ibuprofen. "But call me first so I can talk to him and see how he's doing."

I put the bottle on her nightstand and turned back to her.

"You had a rough night too, please don't forget to take your medicines."

"I'm Ok Edward, don't worry about me." She yawned.

"Then don't give me a reason to worry, please promise me you are going to take it easy today? Melanie should be here soon, let her do her work for once."

She rolled her eyes and I chuckled.

"I love you, pretty girl."

"I love you more, pretty boy."

I kissed her one last time, then pecked her belly and finally smooched my son. Now that he was home safe and sound, I was able to feel the panic I hadn't let myself feel last night. Seeing my babies in pain was my worst nightmare, but seeing them unconscious in an operating table was ten times worse. He was my baby, I wish I could protect them from any harm.

"I love you buddy," I whispered "please don't scare me like that again."



"Mommy? Are you up?"

The tiny voice became louder and clearer. I felt someone pat my shoulder and that's when I finally opened my eyes only to shut them close again. The bright sun coming through the windows hurting my retinas.

"Mommy? Can you hear me?"

"What's up baby?" I asked, already falling back asleep.

"My arm hurts." Andrew cried quietly, and that's when everything that happened the day before came back. I opened my eyes and sat up in a heartbeat.

"Andrew? Baby, are you Ok? How's your arm?"

"It hurts." He whimpered.

He was lying curled into a ball on Edward's side of the bed, between me and two huge pillows Edward must have put on his other side so he wouldn't fall off the bed. He was a wild sleeper, I had lost count of the times he had woken us up crying because he had fallen of the bed, even with his bed bars he sometimes managed to roll to the foot of the bed.

"I'm sorry baby," I kissed his head "I'll just let daddy know you are up, then mommy's gonna take care of you, alright?"

He nodded with tears filling his gorgeous green eyes.

I called Edward and told him Andrew had woken up in pain. He asked me to let him speak with him and after Edward asked him some questions he told me to give him a pill and just let him rest.

So after giving him a pill, I turned on the TV in Edward's and I room and put on some cartoons while I went downstairs to make him breakfast. Normally, I'd only allow him to have pancakes on the weekends, but… he was hurt and my momma's heart didn't let me deny him.

It was a little past noon by the time I came downstairs. I didn't hear Melanie around the house, but when I entered the kitchen I saw a note on the fridge. She had taken Sam to the vet for a bath, apparently she hadn't been able to take the paint off of his fur. I had totally forgotten about Andrew going through my paints yesterday, which reminded me I had to call Adam to see about the new carpet and wall papers.

I was going up the stairs with a tray with Andrew's breakfast when I felt a pang in my lower abdomen. I got a hold of the bannister and took deep breaths as I waited for the pain to pass.

Braxton hicks? So early? That didn't seem right.

I took another deep breath and when I was sure the pain was completely gone, I took the last steps to the second floor.

"I better call Lee." I muttered to myself.

I entered my room and forgot about what had happened for a second when I saw my poor baby's face. I could tell he was still in a little discomfort even though his face had brightened a little as soon as he saw what I had on the tray. I placed a towel next to him and put the tray on top so he wouldn't spread syrup around the sheets and make a mess.

"Your breakfast baby." I kissed his head and he immediately dig in "Listen baby, I'm going to be on the studio making a few calls… if you need anything just call me, Ok?"

"Yeff, mommy." He said with a full mouth.

I smiled at him.

"Love you honey."

"Wove you too." He smiled.

I went into the studio and called Lee, but Heidi told me he was busy with a patient but that he'd call me as soon as he could. So while I waited for his call, I called Adam. We chatted for a bit and he promised he would come by later today to take measurements.

I was on my way to check on Andrew when the doorbell rang. Melanie must have forgotten her key so I turned around and slowly took the stairs to the first floor and headed for the front door.

"Coming!" I said as the doorbell ran again, I turned the doorknob and opened the door "Melanie you sh-"

I stopped on my tracks when I saw her.

I hardly recognized her, because the woman in front of me, didn't look at all like the woman I remembered from my childhood. The woman who had abandoned me and my dad all those years ago in the middle of a storm, the woman who had insulted me and thrown me against a bookshelf as I begged her to stay. That woman was gone, the only thing left were her eyes, which were so much like mine.

I hadn't seen her since that time on the supermarket when we run into Phil last December. And she was already different then, I remember noticing her changed nose and the botox on her lips but now… How can someone change so much in just five months? This woman was so different, but the same at the same time… her skin looked like plastic, her cheeks more pronounced and her nose disfigured from so many surgeries. She had no expression on her face but her eyes, which were as surprised as mine. Her eyes, the only beautiful thing left from the gorgeous woman that I remembered.

"What are you doing here?" I finally found my voice.

"Isabella, honey." She took a step forward as if to hug me but I retreated.

"Don't touch me, I though Edward told you to stay away?" My voice trembled, my breathing was short and I started to feel uneasy.

"He did," she cried "but… I had hoped you changed your mind?"

"I have nothing to say to you, and this is not a good time so I'll have to ask you to leave." I was about to close the door but she stopped me before I could.

"Isabella, please… just, hear me out. Let me explain." She pleaded.

"I don't want to hear anything you have to say." I glared "Please go."

"I'm not leaving until you hear me out, please sweetie… just give me a minute."

Just then, a sharp pain hit me, right below my abdomen but I was able to mask it away. I think.

"Right now is not a good time Renee," I gritted my teeth "please, go before I call the police."

"But Isab-"

"Goodbye." I closed the door and reclined on the wall as I tried to regain my breath. Another pain hit me, stronger than the last one and I gasped at its intensity. What was going on? I was starting to panic.

"Isabella?" I heard Renee from the other side of the door. "Are you all right? Honey, open the door."

"Go away!" I cried as I looked for my phone. Shit! I must have left it upstairs! "Agh!" I gasped as I tried to hold myself up by gripping the staircase.

"Excuse me, do you need anything?"


"Hello, I'm Renee, I'm Isabella's mother… I think there's something wrong with her."

By now, I was on my knees by the bottom of the staircase, my eyes shut as I gripped my belly in pain. No, no, no!

"Melanie!" I screamed.

"Bella?! Are you alright?! Hold on, I'm coming in!"

Sam started barking while Melanie fumble with the keys as she tried to open the door, but then another pain ripped through me and I felt warm liquid spread between my legs.

I stared down at the pool of blood as Melanie opened the door, then looked up just in time to see her terrified face before everything turned black.


"What color do you want princess?" I asked the beautiful girl. She reminded me of my own daughter, shy and reserved.


"Pink it is." I smiled at her, giving her her strawberry lollipop. "Now remember, listen to everything mommy says and you'll feel so much better in no time."

"Thank you so much Dr. Cullen. Claire, say thanks to Dr. Cullen."

"Thank you Dr. Cullen" The little girl blushed as she hid behind her mother's leg.

"You are welcome, take care princess."

Claire's mom thanked me once again before turning around and walking out of the exam room. I cleaned up and turned off the lights before walking back to my office, passing Dad and Garret -my dad's intern- in the hallway.

"Good morning, son."

"Morning dad."

"How's my grandson? Have you talked to Bella?"

"Yes, she called a while ago… he was in pain when he woke up so Bella gave him a painkiller."

"What happened?" Garret asked tilting his head to the side.

"He broke his forearm and sprained a wrist." I explained.

"Ouch, poor thing." He winced.

"I know, I better call Bella. See if everything's alright."

"You do that son. Let me know if you need anything."

"Thanks dad."

I walked into my office and reached for my phone, noticing I had three missed calls from a private number. I frowned but ignored it for the moment as I went through my contacts' list until I found Bella's cell. I tried her phone a couple times but she didn't answer, then the house but no one answered as well.

A strange feeling started forming at the pit of my stomach. Something was wrong, someone always answered. I tried Bella's phone again but nothing. I was going to try the house again when a private call came in again.



I knew immediately who it was.

"I'm hanging up."

"NO! NO! Wait! I'm with Isabella!"

"What?! I told you to stay away from her!" I yelled enraged.

"No Edward, listen! We are at the hospital. Bella's just been admitted."

My whole body turned to ice.

"I don't really know what happened but, she was bleeding and then fainted so I called an ambulance."

"What? Why?! What did you do?!"

I was already in motion, hanging my white coat and closing my office.

"I don't know! I didn't do anything! She was already in pain when I came."

"What hospital are you at?"

"We are at St. Mary's."

"Where's Andrew?"

"He stayed home with the nanny."

"I'm on my way."

I closed the door to my office and run to the front desk.

"Heidi, I've got to go. Bella's at the hospital, please let dad and Lee know and cancel my appointments for today." I said hurriedly.

I didn't hear what Heidi said afterwards, I was already out and hailing a cab.

"St. Mary's hospital please."

Forty minutes later I was about to pull my hair out until I finally saw the hospital ahead. I threw a hundred dollar bill at the driver and got out of the cab, running towards the emergency room.

I saw Renee pacing and stopped as soon as she saw me.

"How is she?" I asked out of breath.

She shook her head.

"I don't know, the doctors won't tell me anything."

I run past her to the front desk and got a nurse's attention.

"Hi, hello. My wife has just been admitted, can I talk to her doctor?"

"Whose your wife?" The nurse asked looking through her computer.

"Isabella Cullen, she's almost five months pregnant with twins."

The nurse nodded.

"I'll go get Dr. Gerandy for you, he's the one who received her."

"Thank you."

I turned around and saw Renee still waiting.

"Edward, I swear, I didn't do-"

"Shut up, I'll deal with you later." I snapped, just then I heard my father's voice.

"Edward!" I turned to my left and saw him and Lee approach me. "What happened?"

"I don't know, I just got here, no one has told me anything. The nurse went to get the doctor."

"Edward, I'm really so-"

"I told you to shut up!" I yelled at the infuriating woman. "Just go Renee! Or I'll call the police!"

"She's my daughter! I have as much right as you to be here!"

I started laughing.

"Are you insane?! Really, are you mental?!"

"Edward." Dad put a hand on my shoulder, telling me to calm down but I ignored him.

"If I find out you had anything to do with this, I swear to god Renee, I'll kill you myself!"

"Jesus Edward! What do you think I am?! You really think I would harm my own daughter?!"

"You already have, and I've seen so much craziness these past years… It wouldn't surprise me."

"Well, I'm not a psycho or a druggie like your ex! I'd never put Isabella in harms way like you!"

Oh no, she didn't!

How dare she?!

I was about to drag her out of the room by force when someone cleared his throat. We all turned to see the nurse had come back with whom I assumed was Dr. Gerandy.

"Dr. Gerandy?" I asked extending my hand "I'm Edward Cullen… how's my wife?"

Dr. Gerandy was around my father's age, with brown hair mostly covered in greys. He shook my hand before answering.

"Nice to meet Mr. Cullen."

"How's Bella?" I asked again urgently.

"Mrs. Cullen almost had a miscarriage, but we managed to stop it. She's stable, for now. She was brought on time so we stopped the bleeding, but the next few days are critical."

"So the babies are fine?"

"As I said, for now, yes. Your sons are safe for now."

I gasped.


"Uhm, sorry… you didn't know they were boys?"

"No, we were going to find out on our next appointment." I gave Lee a glance. "This is Dr. Lee Stanley… He's Bella's OBGYN." Lee shook Dr. Gerandy's hand.

"Why did she almost miscarriage?"

"Placenta insufficiency, it's not growing big enough and on time."

"Why is that?" I asked.

"It could be a couple of things," Lee said thinking "first of all, because Bella's having twins but I don't think that's the issue here. I'm more inclined to think that the medicines she was administrated during her accident might have affected the development of the placenta. I'll have to run some tests to be sure."

Lee started asking his own questions to Dr. Gerandy. With the accident from back in January Bella's state was pretty delicate already, now add to that that she had been under a lot of stress lately with the kids' party and yesterday's episode with Andrew it was a matter of time her body reacted. I shouldn't have let things go this far, I should had been firm about not having the damn party. I should have taken better care of her.

Lee and I agreed that she would have to spend the rest of her pregnancy in bed, so as not to endanger her and the twins' life anymore. I hated to do this to her, but there was no other option, she wouldn't be able to take another scare like today's.

"Can I see her?" I asked.

"Yes, she's being transferred to a room as we speak. She'll have to stay here for a few days. The worst is over but there's still the risk of miscarriage. As I said, the next couple of days will be critical."

I nodded, feeling my whole body to turn into stone.

The nurse motioned me to follow her, Lee stayed with Dr. Gerandy, he was going to give him Bella's results from some analysis and discuss them. The nurse took me to the elevators and pressed the button to the 6th floor.

"She's on room 21." She smile sympathetically before walking back into the emergency room.

The elevator door's opened on the 6th floor, and I followed the directions the nurse had given me until I found the room. I stood in front of the door for a whole minute collecting my thoughts, taking deep breathes. I was scared and Bella couldn't see me like this.


We are having boys. They are fine, right? They are Ok. They have to be.

I took another deep breath and opened the door.

Bella was lying on the bed on her side, her back to me. I heard her sniff and I knew she was crying. She knew I was here, but she wouldn't turn around to see me. I knew my pretty girl, I knew what was bothering her.

I got closer to her bed and sat on the edge before lying next to her and pulling her back to my chest. Her sniffs turned into sobs and I held her while she cried.

"I'm so sorry." She sobbed.

I kissed her neck, then moved my lips to the back of her ear and lingered there, kissing the soft skin.

"Pretty girl, you've got to stop doing this to me." I choked.

"I'm so sorry." She cried again and I shook my head.

"I didn't mean it like that… it wasn't your fault, but you have to stop scaring me love. What am I going to do with you, huh?"

"I'm so, so sorry."

"Stop apologizing, it wasn't your fault. We just have to be more careful."

"I was so scared… I thought…"

"I know, me too." I kissed her hair and rubbed her belly. "But they are fine, we are all fine."

"We are fine." She nodded.

We were quiet while she cried, and I could do nothing but held her and try to assure her that we were gonna be Ok. It wasn't until several minutes later when she had calmed down enough that I asked her.

"What happened? Where you feeling ill?"

She nodded.

"I felt pains, I tried calling Lee but he was with a patient."

"Why didn't you call me?"

She shrugged.

"I don't know, I feel kinda stupid now… I got distracted with Adam and didn't feel anymore pain until…"

"Until what?" I lifted myself, supporting my body with my elbow to look better at her face "What happened next?"


My jaw clenched.

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