Summary: Her world had turned upside down since the day Vega, Princess of all Saiyans finally up rose against Frieza and escaped to Earth. Though now her child is six years old, growing stronger day by day, she wonders if she'll ever be able to defeat the evil tyrant. Unbeknownst to her Nappa has betrayed her and the Saiyan race to save his own life, and now makes his way to lure the Saiyan Princess out into the open for Frieza to grab hold once again.


Chapter 1: Frieza?!

Each and every morning was spent like clockwork. At sunrise they ate, consuming a full meal before they journeyed outside for a long and arduous flight around the world five times, before they land on the outskirts of a deserted island where they swim around in shark infested waters until their legs burned and their lungs grew weary from holding deep breaths. Finally they would battle, fist-to-fist, leg-to-leg, heart to heart, until a winner was clearly won amongst them, which normally ended up being the elder of the two warriors, and the female in the relationship.

"This isn't fair, Xena, you ALWAYS win." Gohan fell flat on his butt his face bruised and his body ragged from exertion. "What's the difference in the year that makes you better than me?"

"Unlike yours, my mother encourages brutality in training. She makes sure my skin is tough as nails." Xena smirked wringing out the water from her long black hair before pushing it over her shoulder. The water made the spikes flatten out but it didn't take away from the thick rich texture of it. She had a baby's face, but the eyes of a true warrior, deep rich and black like her mother. Her lips curved into a proud smirk and she holds out her hand for the boy to take.

Gohan narrowed his eyes at it. Xena was much like her mother, proud, strong, and arrogant, and didn't really care to help. He hesitated before taking her hand. He felt her squeeze it, but instead of pulling him up she flung him up into the air. Gohan squealed and screamed as he was sent sky high, the feel of the clouds against his face, his lungs tightening from the lack of oxygen.

Xena waited patiently for him to fall back down before catching him in her arms and setting him down on his feet. "When you asked me to train you, Gohan, I expected better of you. " She then proceeds to walk to a palm tree to collect cocoanuts for their snack. "If you want to beat me that badly you shouldn't just rely on my teachings. You should train on your own, challenge yourself longer, harder, fight with your own style so I'm not always able to predict your movements."

For being a girl of only 6 years she had the vocabulary of a third year college graduate. She'd been living with her Aunt Bulma long enough to quickly pick up words and sentences as well as their meanings with little to no trouble. In fact, she made a note to do so.

"I guess you do have a point. Do you think Mr. Piccolo would train me some? He's the one that taught me and my father to fly after all, since your mom wouldn't do it." Gohan broke the fruit apart and drank the milk inside before munching the moist pulp.

"My mother is trying to become a super Saiyan. She doesn't have time to do frivolous things such as teach you the basics you should have already been born with. The only reason she taught me is because I'm her daughter, but she merely showed me the basics, and then I was left to figure everything else out myself. She spars with me at night, beats the crap out of me, and then expects me to figure out what to do from there. I rely on my Saiyan strength alone and you should too."

Gohan sighed as he listened to his cousin rant as he munched on his fruit. He liked her, respected her, but damn if she didn't like to rant. She was a lot like her mother that way, always praising her own talents and barely mouthing an "okay" to his own. "I should get going, my mom's got to be wondering where I've been for the past couple of hours."

"You want to talk about annoying mother's you should save some of that for your own. Your mom is a shrew." She said calmly as she dug into her own fruit. She eyed her cousin with a steel eye. He had the look of his father. Young and vibrant

"Hey I'll take the insults but leave my mother out of it okay? I know she's mouthy and grumpy but she means well. Least she kisses my boo-boos where your mother just gives you more."

"My mother's trying to teach me not to be a pansy." Although it was hard to deny that she'd longed for a little more affection, but Xena was old enough now to see the underlying kindness of her mother's actions. It made her respect Vega all the more. Besides she had enough fussing and what not from Bulma, she didn't need more.

She went to take another bite out of her fruit and paused her senses going mad as she sensed a power level approaching and her head darted up to the sky. "Gohan do you sense that?"

"Yeah! That level is huge! I wonder who it is!" Gohan looked around trying to pinpoint the figure… then he spotted a glimmer in the sky and his eyes widen. "Xena, look at that! It's coming out of the sky!"

"It's a spaceship," Xena's heart suddenly jumped into her throat, fearing it might be Frieza… but then she calmed. No, it was too small a power to be Frieza. Her mother was twice as strong as the one she felt, and though she knew her mother was powerful, she knew Frieza to be ten times her. The space pod shot down to Earth and crashed onto the island opposite them creating massive waves and ripples along the ocean coastline.

"Shall we go find out who our visitor is?" Suddenly intrigued instead of frightened now, Xena launched herself into the air heading straight for the crash. Gohan stammered and hesitated then gripped his fists and took off after her.

"Wait for me!"

Back at Capsule Corps Vega had just pulled herself from the gravity room and was wiping away the sweat as she entered the large garden area that served as the tea room. Dr, and Mrs. Briefs were already enjoying their munchies and Bulma was tinkering with her scouter… again.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to play with that, woman?" She snatched the scouter away. "I rather you dismantle it and toss it in the garbage. I no longer need it now that I can sense power levels on my own." Vega snatches it from Bulma's hands making her curse and pulls up her goggles.

"Oh, come on Vega. This is the only thing you have left of your technology ever since Xena laid your space ship to waste."

"Don't remind me," Vega sneered in distaste. She was still angry at the girl for that. It was bad enough that he training was going slower than she'd planned, but now she was stuck on this mudball planet like a trapped fly under glass. "Do you think you can up the gravity on that machine?"

"Why on Earth would you want me to increase the gravity even more? I understand you come from a times 10 atmosphere, but-"

"That's just it… you made it go to ten, but I've already trained ten. If I want to improve I need to up my weight, I need to feel a struggle. Make the gravity times a hundred!"

"One Hundred?! You're insane!"

"Look it's bad enough Kakarott has already become near equal power level to mine because of him coming up with the times ten gravity idea, so I want ten times the amount! I want to be more than stronger than Kakarott, I want to be INVINCIBLE against Kakarott!"

"Oh Shoot, speaking of which, I'm late!" Bulma looked at her watch and she quickly brushed back her short hair and pulled up her purse. "I was supposed to meet him and the other's at Roshi's house. Are you sure you don't want to come along? We're gonna have a lot of fun!"

"No thanks, if Kakarott is going it's best that I not be there. You know how his wife is." Vega turned her back to Bulma to snatch a cookie from the snack tray and munch on it. She had to admit, Bunny wasn't the brightest of the bunch, but she could really cook.

"Well lucky for you, Chichi isn't going." She nudged Vega. "Come on, you know you wanna go and challenge him."

Vega contemplated and tossed her head side to side and she groaned. "alright, alright I'll go. Where's Xena, if I know her she'll want a chance to torture the Spawn of Kakarott."

"She left early this morning to do some of her own training." Bulma ushered her to the showers. "She'll be fine; she has your blood after all. Now go, get showered and dressed and make it fast we don't wanna be late!"

"Gohan!" Chichi called out from her house frowning when she received no answer. "Gohan where are you- ah hey Goku," she greeted her husband with a smile when he approached with a large tree. "Do you think you have enough firewood?"

The ground shook as Goku propped it down next to their little house grinning. "Yep, this should hold us for a while."

"You're gonna hurt yourself doing that one of these days."

"Ah, don't worry about me Chichi, I'm fine. Do you know where Gohan is?" He looked around for his pint sized son.

"No, and I'm getting worried. You two were supposed to be heading for Master Roshi's soon." She touched a hand to her face feeling the first of her aging lines starting to appear. She was only in her twenties and already she could feel her youth slipping away… while her husband… she looked at him now searching around under rocks for their son… didn't change a bit. "You better go off and find him. As much as I hate to say this you better fly around and see where he could have gone. He's probably gotten himself lost, the poor dear."

"Alright Chichi, don't worry I'll find him." He floated and just before he turned to blast off he heard Chichi's sudden last minute calls.

"Goku! Remember I don't you or Gohan anywhere near that Saiyan woman and her daughter. They're nothing but trouble!"

"I don't think she's the kind who'd show up to a party anyway, but in all honesty Chichi she's changed, trust me she puts up a mean front but she's a nice person, I can tell."

"nice person or not Xena is a bad example on Gohan. I don't want her putting any crazy ideas in Gohan's head!"

"What kind of trouble could a couple of Saiyan kids possibly get into?"

"Do you think he's dead? Xena asked poking the body that was half in and half out of the space pod. The shiny metal ball was so small she wondered just how the big brute managed to squeeze himself in. "Maybe he suffered from suffocation, it IS a small ship."

"Well my dad said your mom came in a pod kind of like that."

"That's different; do you not see how small my mom is? This guy is a giant- GAH!" Speak of the devil the large hand grabbed her leg and Xena panicked and sent a ki blast into his head making the giant scream and jump out his all the way and he looked around furiously before eying the two cowering kids below.

"What are you two brats looking at?"

"N-Nothing!" Gohan said with atremble as he and Xena held onto each other.

"Y-Yeah, n-no looking here!" Xena pushed Gohan back step by step as Nappa got up to his feet and dusted himself off. He looked a little worse for wear, obvious he had a little tumble coming in for his landing. Head to toe Saiyan uniform a few pieces broken on the shoulder plate. His tail was fluffed in annoyance, and his face was- wait… his tail.

Xena looked down and she stopped cowering and came forward.

"Xena what are you doing get away from him!" Gohan said still trembling and trying to pull his cousin out of harm's way.

"You're a Saiyan, aren't you?" Xena said proudly letting her own tail unfurl and wave in the air. Nappa stopped playing with his scouter long enough to glance down and have his eyes bug out.

"Well I'll be, heh this was easier than I thought. What's your name kid?"

"Xena! Princess Xena Vegeta, the heir to the throne and future ruler of all Saiyans!" She points down to her boots her chin up high. "Now since you're a Saiyan you must bow down before me! For I am royalty and the daughter of Princess Vega! My mother will not tolerate any Saiyan who does not bow at my presence!"

Nappa had to snort at that. The kid was definitely Vega's alright. She had the attitude, the looks, even the smirk down to a T. "Why yes your Majesty," he bowed until they were of equal height and then his arm suddenly snatched her up making her gasp.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?! Let go of me! How dare you treat the princess of Saiyans this way?" Xena kicked and squirmed but Nappa had a good solid grip on her tail leaving her near defenseless.

"Xena! No! Let my cousin go!" Suddenly with the smallest bursts of courage he rushed Nappa trying to get to Xena. He was snatched up by the scruff of his neck.

"Did you say Cousin? Ha! It's my lucky day! You must be the son of Kakarott!" Nappa laughed with glee. "I know have two pieces of bait to lure in the last of our race. Frieza is going to be pleased with me. I'll surely get off the hook with this lot."

The two kids gave each other wide eyed looks of horror. "Frieza?!"

First chapter to a whole new saga! Uh-Oh it looks like the son of Goku and the daughter of Vegeta have gotten themselves caught by the traitorous Nappa. Will Vega and Goku spot his power level in time, or are the kids doomed to become Frieza's prisoners? Find out next time…

Next Chapter: Rivals Unite!