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Carlos's P.O.V.

"Umm... Hi I'm Carlos , what's your name"

I just stood there stunned that she was ignoring me. But I felt so sorry for her because she seemed hurt and somewhat lonely. Before I could talk to her again the elevator door opened and the bodyguards stepped out leading the way for her.

Then before the door could close I looked up to see her waving at me with a beautiful smile. All I could do was smile with a wave and watched her walk away. I probably was smiling to big because the guys were staring at me weird.

"Ummm... Carlos what are you smiling about " Kendall said with a raised eyebrows . Logan looked up from the book his eyes were glued too and said " Yea Los, why are you so happy"

Everyone was questioning him except for James. He was to busy looking at his gorgeous face in the mirror of the elevator. "Looking good handsome, may I say you're the sexiest guy ever " But then he looks up to see all the guys looking up at him.

"What?" James said, it made all of us bust out laughing ..." Laugh all you want guys, your just jealous because I'm gorgeous"

"Yea Jaime , your very pretty " Kendall said trying to hold back his laugh

"Would you like a comb for your pretty hair, Jamie " I said making the other two laughing so hard .

"Ummm , Carlos you still didn't answer our question...so why were you smiling " Logan said

"Well I just met a new girl "

"What!" They all said

"Yea she was just in the elevator with these huge guys and she seems nice "

"What ...when...your lying .." They said together "...stop copying me...shut up ...no you ..."

"Guys calm down and no I'm not lying she was in here and got off right away "

"Was she hot" James said

"What does she look like ..." Logan included

"Is she nice ..." Kendall finished

"Well yes she's hot um she has beautiful big brown eyes with dark brown hair that flows beautifully but it looks black ...um and oh yea she seems sweet "

"Wow...yup not my type if she's sweet " James declared

"You're an idiot " Kendall said while slapping James head

"Yea okay well um I'm still good-looking " James said

"Let's see how far that takes ya" Kendall replied back

"You know what"

"What?" Kendall interrupted

"I don't have to deal with this ...if your ready to apologize ...I'll be at the pool "

"Fine " Kendall hissed

"Fine" with that being said James walked out of the elevator to the pool

" Great going Kendall , you know he hates being called stupid!" Logan and I screamed

"I know...I know .. I didn't mean it , it's just ...I'm still not over Jo being gone still"

"Dude its been 2 weeks since she left " I said

"Dude!" Logan slapped Carlos in the back of the head

"Look Kendall , I don't how your feeling but you have to keep it together okay ...Jo loves you and she'll be back ...okay" Logan said sincerely

"Thanks Loges ...I'll just go take a walk to clear my mind "

" Sorry Kendall ...I didn't mean what I said earlier "

"It fine Los " then Kendall left the elevator

"That went great" Logan said

"Yea" I replied

Izzy P.O.V.

I have to escape from these guys. Ugh how am I suppose to do that. Ha I got it , I can tell them I need lady items for a certain situation. That's it! I'm gonna do it .

"Hey since I can't leave this apartment can I ask lady if she has pads " I said with a smirk

"That's gross" two guards replied "you go do it"

"Okay whatever you guys say" said acting all innocent

I walked out of the room .." Yes I'm free " bang! I walked into someone "shit! I'm sorry I should have looked where I was going " I said while lying on top of the person I knocked over .

" Haha It's fine and man are you strong " he said with beautiful green eyes looking into my eyes

" I probably should get off you right now and help you up"

" yea we should probably get up before someone thinks otherwise "

I stood up and held out my hand to help him... to my surprise he gladly took it and stood up.

"Thanks and my name Kendall, Kendall Knight"

"Hi Kendall, my name is Isabella Angel Cruz but call me Izzy , or Bella, please " I said but then noticed we were still holding hands. So I pulled my hand away and felt awkward.

" Well Izzy, it seem to me your new and need a tour of the place" he said with a smile and omg dimples. Ugh he's so hot ...wait he's one of them from the elevator. Shit Izzy , you can't go with him ...fuck!

"Um Kendall I'm sorry I can't I have to get back before I get in trouble ...I'm really sorry"

"Hey It's fine ...don't worry maybe next time ... I'm just gonna go to the pool"

"Wait pool"

"Yup there's a pool here ..why"

"Omg show me!"


"It's fine I love danger ...c'mon what you're waiting for let's go"


Then we went to the elevator and took turns talking about each other. Who would have knew this guy was so passionate and sweet at the same time. He's the first one who listened to me and never judge me about how I feel.

"Well Izzy from what I hear, your amazingly talented and your mom would be very proud of you"

"Thanks Kendall, you're the first person who actually listened to me and who didn't judge what path I choose to do"

"You're welcome and if you ever need to talk here's my number. He said handing my a piece of paper"

"Kendall don't worry that girl Jo will come back to you ... If I was her I would"

"Thanks Izzy"

"Your welcome"

We stepped out of the elevator and walked out to the pool.

"Hey I'll get us smoothie"

"Okay I'll get us seats"

At the Pool

I was gonna find a seat when I heard someone... crying ? Awe why is this guy all alone and upset .

"Hey , I can't help it but notice your upset"

"Yea well you would too if your best friend thought you were stupid and had no feelings"

"Awe you're not stupid"

"How would you know"

"Cause if your stupid then I guess I'm stupid too"

"Your not stupid, don't put yourself down like that"

"Then why are you doing it"

"Because I am stupid"

"Look, you seem like a nice guy ...so please don't be sad and your friend the stupid one who told you that you were"

"No he's right, I am the stupid one ... I never think before I say stupid things"

"Hey that's not stupid"

"It's not"

"No its called being human...we all say stupid things we didn't mean but we learn and move on ...okay"

"Yea your right, It's just ...he thinks I don't have feelings ... I guess I can be self-centered and conceited sometimes but I still have feeling ya know..."

"Yea I get it"

"I'm sorry if I'm ruining your mood ...I'm James, James Diamond."

"Hi James, I'm Isabella Angel Cruz but you can call me Izzy or Bella."

"Thanks for listening , can I call you Beautiful"

" Um sure" I said while blushing

"I'm gonna go talk to my pal now and tell what I said to you "

"Good... I'm glad, good luck"

"And Beautiful"


"Here's my number... if you ever wanna talk"

"Thanks James ...I hope everything works out"

"Thanks ..." with that James disappeared into the lobby

Kendall P.O.V.

I was walking back to the pool were Izzy was when I stopped to look at her. No it's not stalking ,

I was just observing. Wow shes amazing , her hair is so beautiful and her eyes sparkle in the sun.

"Hey Izzy, here you go"

"Thanks Kendall"

"Hey something wrong"

"Nah just helped out a friend"

"Oh that's nice"


"So what you're doing tonight"

"Um well my grandmom comes to visit me and talks to me about not talking to anyone and blah blah blah ..."

"Oh fun"

"How about you"

"Oh nothing really"


"Haha yea ...were so fun aren't we"

"Yup party animals"

We just sat there laughing, talking, and enjoying each other company. I havent done this ever , not even with Jo. We always would rush on our dates or sometimes argue . This was nice just sitting and getting to know each other.

"Well Kendall , I must go and see if the devil ready to take my soul"

"Haha you have fun with that text me if you need a macho Man to save ya"

"Wait you know where I can find one"

"Very funny Izzy"

"Haha I thought so , I will text if I need one"



I think I might be falling for this girl. Whats wrong with me ...I just met her.

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