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James P.O.V.

I walked into my room that I shared with Logan to get dressed when I heard giggling. So I quickly got dressed to check out where it was coming from then I saw her, how beautiful one girl can be. She looked as if she was perfectly arranged from the stars and touched by heavenly angels from the sky. Everything about this girl is breathtaking and words don't match up how stunning she is. Man, am I a lucky man or what!

"What's up James"

"Well, don't you two look stunning and might I add I'm the luckiest man alive"

"Where are we going"

"You'll See when we get there"

Now here's part two for date night!

James P.O.V.

We walked out the lobby and I led her to my pick up truck. She was is so beautiful and I can't help but fall for her, hard. I open the door for her watched as she stepped into my truck and I ran to the other side to start the car. I really hope she likes the surprise because she's really a special woman to me.

"So where are we going" she asked me

"You'll have to wait and see"

"Please James" she gave me the cutest pout ever but I put on a strong face and shook my head saying no. she finally gave up and said "Fine".

The ride to the surprise was silent and it made me second guess myself. ' What if she hates it!? What if she hates me!? Oh my god this bad!'

"Umm, we're here" my voice cracked into a high pitch sound and Izzy giggled and stepped out of the car. 'Good going James. way to fuck it up already' I got out of the car and led her to our destination with my hands over her eyes. "Okay, I'm gonna move my hand now"

I took my hand off her eyes and grinned when I saw her expression.

Izzy P.O.V.

James had his freaking hands over my eyes so I wouldn't ruin the damn 'surprise' but really this is stupid, I'm not five. But the weirdest part was when I felt my feet in what feels like sand? Okay What the hell is going on? Then his hand left my eyes and it was breath taking.

"Oh my God James, how did you did the sand to look like chairs and it must of taken ages to get it so deep. Is this why you asked for today so can have two days to do this. "

"Yeah, I wanted it to be perfect, so I thought why note and spice it up a little"

"Wow this is breath taking James"

"Just like how you make me feel when you walk into the room."

"Your something special James"

"So are you"

We were about to take our seats when James phone started ringing but he said this was more important than a phone call. Wow isn't he amazing. James and I was really having the best time of our lives. After eating, we cuddled up and started to stare at the stars and the waves upon waves.

" James, this is the best date I ever had"

" Izzy I-" James phone started ringing again

I signed and told him to answer

James P.O.V.

"This better be good Logan"

"James, get to the hospital now!"

"Shit Carlos what happened"

"Logan what's going on" James asked


Fuck drop call!

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