AN: This is my first Les Miserables story, so give some positive feedback.

This is based on the 25th Anniversary concert.

Cast list

Enjolras -Ramin Karimloo

Grantaire- Hadley Fraser

Eponine- Samantha Barks

Jean Valjean- Alfie Boe

Marius- Michael Ball

Cosette- Katie Hall

Javert- Norm Lewis

Joly- Jamie Muscato

Gavroche- Robert Madge

Courfeyrac-Fra Fee

Combeferre -Killian Donnelly

I loved how Fra Fee played Courfeyrac in the movie.I also loved how Killian Donnelly played Combeferre in the movie. Michael Ball in my opinion is a better as Marius then Nick Jonas is.

Summary: Eponine is not killed, but injured. Enjolras is love with her and is greatly devastated, believing she is dead. Valjean finds her and gets her medical treatment. He takes her to his house where she recovers. During the final battle Enjolras, Grantaire,Jean Valjean, Marius,Joly, andGavroche escape. As a result of the death of his friends and Eponine, Enjolras plans to take his life. Grantaire,Marius,and Joly reveal Eponine is alive, snapping Enjolras out of his depression. As Eponine and Enjolras are reunited, the National Guard are told about their whereabouts, and and go to arrest them for treason. They escape and fled to England.


Eponine walked to where her parents were begging. She saw her friend Marius and ran up to him.

"How are you today?" she asked.

Marius looked at her "I'm doing excellent, Ponine."

They arrived and saw Eponine's father attempting to rob a man. Marius went over to the man's daughter and protected her. Eponine recognized the girl as Cosette, the girl who worked at her parent's inn years ago, before a man took her away.

Eponine noticed Javert was coming and called out "It's the police! Disappear! It's Javert!"

She turned and ran into a man, with black hair and brown eyes, knocking herself down.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't know you were behind me!" she apologized.

He carefully pulled her up. "It's alright. I saw you were trying to get away from Javert. I'm Enjolras Bravaille."

"I'm Eponine Thénardier."