Sorry this is so short and late but thanks to The Guest Girl I wanted to post as soon as possible. Again I'm sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes.

Jack tumbled down the tunnel feeling lost and confused, one moment his feet were facing one way, the next the other. He couldn't tell if he was facing left or right, up or down, or forward or backward. When he noticed the an opening with a bright light shining through he tried diving for it, but only succeeded in running right into Sandy.

The moment Jack was out of the tunnel, he quickly began to wish he was back in it. All the colors and noise! This was way to much, what did he do to deserve this? Everything was to bright, to cheerful, and it hurt his eyes! And the noise! Giant, furry creatures grumbling in a language he didn't understand, and annoying little creatures running around with bells on their heads, making a mess everywhere they went. This was too much! He was use to gray, white, black, brown, and maybe some blue, dark blue, but here, here everything was bright. The noise too; back home the loudest thing there was him, but EVERYTHING here was loud.

"BOY!" He jumped at the loud, Russian voice behind him. He turned to see an annoyed looking North and realized he must have be trying to get his attention for a while now. Jack gave a cocky grin when he saw the annoyed look.

"Didn't Wind tell you that he better not find out that you even looked at me the wrong way?" The look vanished for a second and was replaced with a flash of fear before coming back tenfold.

"He does not frighten me." North answered, while Jack just flashed him a knowing smirk. "We do not have time for this. Now come on I will show you to the room you will be staying in." Jack fell in step beside him before realizing something.

"Where did the others go?" North gave him a blank look. When he realized Jack was serious he sighed and answered.

"You really don't pay attention, do you? They all said that they had to check on things back home and then they would be back soon." Jack nodded and followed behind him, looking at everything they pasted with wonderfilled eyes. Wonder? That was the name of this kingdom, wasn't it? North put wonder into this world, once you get past the noise and brightness. He wondered what he put into the world.

"Here." North stood in front of an old-looking door. The room was very small, smaller than the one back home and that was small. The only thing in there was a bed, the room didn't even have any windows!

"Don't you have anything nicer?" He asked hopefully, trying to look as innocent as possible.

"No." It didn't work, " You are a prisoner, so this is the room you get." North pushed him gently into the room and shut the door. He didn't need to test the door to know that North put some kind of spell on it so he couldn't open it from the inside.

With a sigh Jack flopped down on his bed; he hoped Wind knew what he was doing.

Again I'm sorry that it's short. And don't worry won't act that way with Jack for long, I mean how could they, he's so cute and happy all the time, always bring people fun.