It was another rough day at work, and this time, Adam was ruthless. There was punching, kicking, and yelling.

The thing was, Cody wanted to say something. He always wanted to say something, but when he saw Adam standing tall in front of him, Cody ignored the signals in his head.

By the end of the night, Cody couldn't move his arm. He wanted to tell Adam about the pain that was shooting up his arm and aching him, but Adam had already fallen asleep.

After an hour of debating to wake Adam up, Cody lay on his back and tried painfully hard to go to sleep. He also kind of wished he would never wake up.

It was Tuesday. Cody liked Tuesdays admittedly. It was the only day he had off that Adam didn't. However, instead of going to the coffee shop like he usually did, Cody went to the hospital.

It wasn't the first time Cody had been to the hospital because of Adam. He went once for his ribs; because Adam had punched him for being home three hours late. He went another time for his back, but Cody doesn't really remember what he did wrong for earning that.

His arm was surrounded by the white cast, and Cody wondered what story he would tell Noah- if Noah even wanted to talk to him.

"So," the doctor asked, "How'd you end up with a broken arm?"

Cody looked to his feet, "I tripped, and it must've hit the ground the wrong way, heh?"

The doctor raised an eyebrow at Cody's response but thankfully didn't question it.

Once everything was good to go, Cody left the hospital with thoughts of going to the coffee shop. After thinking, Cody decided against it. He wasn't really confident in telling Noah a lie.

"What'd you tell them?' Adam asked sternly, looking at Cody from across the table.

"I tripped," Cody replied meekly.

"Damn right you did," Adam exclaimed, pointing at his boyfriend, "That's going to stay the story."

Cody looked down nervously and continued to eat his food.

"Hey Noah," Cody greeted, smiling across the counter.

Noah merely shrugged him off and continued to read his book. "Aren't you forbidden here?" Noah snapped, brushing hair off of his eyes.

The words struck Cody hard, and he bit his lip nervously. "Noah it's not like-"

"Well what then? Because you seemed to be clearly pissed at me the other day for no reason," Noah retorted, placing his book onto the counter, "And since you're boyfriend forbids you from being here, I really don't see why you're here right now."

"Noah, Adam...he-" And before he knew what he was doing, Cody rolled up his sleeve to reveal the white cast. Tears were welling in his eyes, but he made positive that they didn't fall.

Noah's eyes widened in shock. It didn't take long to figure it all out. "He did that to you?"

Cody nodded shortly. Looking at Noah, Cody saw a different look in his eyes. It made Cody feel comfortable and weird at the same time.

"I, shit. I'm sorry Cody. I didn't know," he said looking at the said boy, "How long?"

Cody presumed Noah was talking about how long Adam had done stuff like this to him. Cody swallowed a lump in his throat, "It's been six months."

"And is that the worse he's done to you?" Noah asked, nodding at Cody's arm.

Cody hated crying. He hated it so much. It was just another sign of weakness, and he felt like such a girl. He was acting like a fucking girl, but his eyes couldn't hold the tears anymore.

"No, it's not." Cody answered, looking aside so Noah wouldn't see him crying.

A long silence passed, and Cody guessed that Noah was trying to take it in. Cody had gathered enough willpower to stop crying, and Noah seemed to be thinking through things in his head.

"Cody," Noah said in a strict yet almost sincere tone, "you have to get out of there."

"No!" Cody exclaimed loudly, "I can't."

Noah exhaled slowly, "Yes you can-"

"I love him." Cody really hoped Noah hadn't detected the falter and uncertainty of his voice.

But the look on Noah's face said that he did.

"I have to go," Cody said, handing Noah the game controller, "I don't want to make him upset."

Noah looked at him with disappointment, "Alright"

Cody frowned, "I'll be fine."

Noah sighed, "It's not fine. He's not just hurting you physically, Cody. He's hurting you emotionally too."

"I don't want to have this discussion." Cody stated pathetically, grabbing his coat.

"Okay, fine. But if you change your mind, I live in the apartments by the city park. Just buzz me, and I'll answer." Noah said with an indifferent tone.

"Thanks," Cody smiled half-heartedly and hastily walked out of the shop.

Cody really just wanted to visit Noah. But his brain told him not to. Going to a coffee shop is one thing, but going to Noah's house; that was another.

Adam had set the time Cody had to be home fifteen minutes earlier. He said that it was because he wanted to spend more time with Cody, but Cody was positive it was a way to ensure that Cody would go home directly- not take breaks at the local coffee shop.

Along with the new set time, Adam seemed to become a lot more strict about everything. It seemed like Cody had a mental 'rules' list, and if he didn't follow them exactly; he was to get punished through beatings or sex.

Since Cody had been ten minutes late, Adam had made sure Cody knew what would happen if he kept repeating this act.

The purple bruise on Cody's skinny arm seemed to make things clear.

Noah barely tried to mention the sore subject in front of Cody. Whenever he brought it up, the pale boy would respond that he didn't want to talk about it.

Noah tried to ignore the new bruises on Cody's body, but it was starting to get really hard to act like he didn't care.

It's not like they made manuals for these kind of things.

Cody didn't know what he liked more about going to the coffee shop: seeing Noah or getting away from Adam.

Maybe it was both.

Cody hadn't showed up the coffee shop for two weeks. Every time Cody said he was brave enough to deal with Adam, he backed out and walked home. He was scared.

Then Cody realized Adam wasn't even Adam anymore. He was a monster.

Adam would have never hurt him. Adam would have never threatened him. Adam would have never molested him -and worse- raped him. Adam would have never gotten jealous. Adam would have never banned Cody from seeing someone. Adam would have never given punishments.

Only a monster would do those things. Cody didn't fall in love with a monster.

And he wasn't going to stay with one either.

When Adam had almost forced Cody into sex that night, Cody said something he hadn't said in a while, "No."

Adam raised an eyebrow, "What did you say?"

"I said no," he replied, keeping his mouth in a firm line.

A silence filled the room. Cody's brain was yelling at him to apologize to Adam. It was telling him to get down on his knees and beg for Adam to forgive him.

Admittedly, Cody had never been more scared in his life. He was panicking inside. He was looking for an escape.

Instantly, his mind went to Noah. He would never forget the directions he was told.

That's when Cody ran. He quickly reached for his phone and house keys on the counter. After feeling for the wallet in his pocket, he dashed out of the house and slammed the door.

Cody's heart was beating fast, and he thought it might actually pop out of his chest. Quickly analyzing his surroundings, he headed for the apartments by the city park.

The sidewalks were crowded with people, and he knew he looked like an idiot, but he couldn't of cared less. Everything was blurred, and only one word ran through his mind: escape.

After a minute or so, Cody saw the faded image of the fountain that was placed in the middle of the park. Somehow, Cody's legs managed to have moved faster with nerves and a newfound motivation. The fountain seemed to get bigger and bigger every second, until he found himself sitting at it's edge.

He had never ran that fast before, admittedly, and he never thought he would. He felt dizzy and weightless. His hands gripped the edge of the fountain tighter, and he kept his face down. He couldn't do much of anything except for sit and wait for his breath to catch up with his heart.

Realizing where he was sitting, Cody's lips played a soft smile. This is where Adam and he had their first date together. The exact spot where they had taken the picture that was in Cody's wallet. Cody would've laughed if he wasn't so scared. Who knew this fountain would be the beginning and the end?

After minutes of thinking and panting, he looked up to survey the park. He realized that Adam hadn't bothered to chase him. It didn't surprise Cody as much as it should've.

Cody's gaze caught on a brick building about four stories high. He looked down at the sign near the entryway. Hilton Cove Apartments.

Near the door to the apartments, there stood a raven-haired boy digging a key out of his pocket.

A sense of tranquility spread through Cody's body.

"So, is there any reason you decided to visit?" Noah asked, sitting on the couch next to Cody.

"Wait, were you- are you supposed do be doing something?" Cody questioned worriedly.

"No, that's not it. It's just," Noah let out a sigh, "well, um, aren't you supposed to be home right now?"

The question caught Cody off guard. He grimaced slightly. He should've guessed this would've been asked at some point, but he never really had much time to think about it. After all, the last thirty minutes had been kind of blur.

Noah looked at Cody expectantly, ignoring the look of reluctance on the boy's face. Cody sighed, figuring Noah wasn't going to take 'nothing' as an answer, "I, well, I told Adam 'no'."

Noah raised his eyebrow and motioned for him to go on. Cody looked down, "He came home and he- he tried to force me, but I said no. And I didn't know where to go, but I remembered you told me I could come here, so I did. But now I'm starting to think that maybe it wasn't such a good idea, and maybe I should just-"

"Cody," Noah chuckled, "It's fine."

The pale boy gave a small smile. Noah smirked, but then his face turned to stone, "You're not going back there, are you?"

Cody took in a shaky breath, "I don't want to, but I- where can I stay?"

"You can stay here," Noah replied, "if you want."

Cody grinned slightly, "Really? I can? Are you sure?"

Noah rolled his eyes, smiling, "Yes, I'm sure. I wouldn't have offered if I-"

Noah was suddenly pulled into a tight hug, "Thank you very much. That's so nice of you!"

Noah stayed stiff throughout the hug but chuckled at the boy's excitement, "Yeah, whatever," he replied nonchalantly.

Cody pulled away and saw Noah slightly blushing. Cody was kind enough to not comment on it.

When Cody woke up the next morning, he heard the loud noise of his ringtone. His mind instantly went to Adam and a wave of nervousness took a course through his body. Because no it was Adam, and shit what was he going to say, and fuck he couldn't ignore Adam forever.

Cody sat up on the couch that had been pulled-out into a bed. He reached over to grab his phone from the table next to him. Taking a deep breath, he glanced at the contact's name. Instead of Adam's name, it was his boss.

It turned out that the pipe had broken again, and Cody had the day off. Cody didn't know if God was finally answering his prayers or if it was all just luck. He grinned happily. Now that he didn't have to work, he could go home and pick up his things from Adam's place while Adam was gone.

Cody placed his phone back down on the table and lay down. Pulling the blanket under his chin, he fell back asleep with ease.

"Noah, when does your shift at the coffee shop start?" Cody called to Noah, swallowing the cereal he was eating.

"Two, I think. Why?" Noah asked, walking towards the kitchen.

Cody looked down at his empty cereal bowl, "Well, I was thinking of getting my things from Adam's place while he's not there. I don't have a car anymore…"

"Sure," Noah shrugged, "Just let me change into some actual clothes." He gestured to his pajamas and started to walk away.

Cody drank the milk from his cereal bowl and set it in the sink where overflows of dirty dishes were placed. Cody didn't have to worry about Adam yelling at him to wash them.

Cody slowly made his way to the front door of Adam's house. Taking a deep breath, he looked back at Noah who was in the car. Seeing Noah made him a bit more comfortable. Feeling reassurance, he went back to the task at hand and shoved his key into the lock. Turning slowly, the lock clicked, and Cody pushed the door open.

The smell of wood hit his nose, and the all too familiar scent made Cody's stomach churn. Even though he knew Adam wasn't home, the place still scared him. Looking around, he gulped and closed the door behind him. He walked over the bedroom.

Trying to move quickly, Cody went to the closet and grabbed a suitcase and a duffel bag with his alumni's emblem stitched on it. He packed everything he deemed important or personal from the bedroom into his suitcase. Leaving his suitcase in the bedroom, the picked up his duffel bag and headed towards the bathroom.

When he flipped the light switch on, his eyes instantly roamed to see his makeup on the polished sink. The sudden realization hit him. He wasn't wearing his makeup. "Shit," Cody muttered and ran over to look at himself in the mirror. Cody looked to see bruises covering his face and neck. Had Noah seen those?

Cody set his duffel bag on the floor and quietly opened the foundation. Rubbing it over his face, he attempted to hide the angry purple and red marks. Once he felt content with his work, he grabbed the makeup bottles and shoved them into his duffel bag. Grabbing the last of his things from the bathroom, he zipped up his bag and headed back into the bedroom.

Cody slung the duffel bag's strap over his shoulder and grabbed his suitcase's handle to head to the living room. He made his way to the front door and checked his pockets to see if he had left anything. Feeling his wallet in his pocket, he suddenly thought of one last he thing had to do.

Setting the suitcase against the wall, he pulled the wallet out of his pocket and opened it up. He slipped the picture of Adam and him out of its lamination. With two fingers, he ripped the picture into two pieces, then four. With a humorless snort, he threw the pieces of paper on the hardwood floor. Cody grabbed hold of the suitcase handle with one hand and the door with the other. Sighing in relief, he opened the door and walked outside without a trace of regret.

Cody's boss explained that the pipe was getting fixed, but until further notice, Cody had the rest of the week off.

So in the meantime, Cody went to the coffee shop with Noah.

It was fun. They mostly played videogames. Cody would make up for the videogames he had missed and slowly started to regain his skill. He even beat Noah a few times. At times like that, Noah would claim that he wasn't really trying, but Cody could easily see through it.

Frankly, Cody still didn't know what kind of relationship they shared. He liked to call Noah his best friend. The term fit, and it made Cody feel comfortable after recent events. However, Cody wouldn't deny that he liked Noah a little more than just a friend.

It was crazy, Cody thought. He never felt so comfortable around someone before. It confused the boy. How could someone so sarcastic be so nice? It was some sort of mystery. Noah was a puzzle, but Cody was beginning to figure him out.

Everything seemed to work itself out- until Friday hit.

It was the last weekday Cody had off, so he, like usual, went to the coffee shop with Noah. They decided that no one was going to be heading into the coffee shop for awhile, so the pair went to the back of the store to play some new videogames.

"This game is absolute crap. The controls suck and the graphics are shit." Noah commented, dropping the controller to the ground.

Cody raised his eyebrow, "Oh really? You only seem to hate games that I'm good at."

Noah sighed, "Maybe. But you can't deny that this game has bad graphics."

Cody nodded, "Yeah, sort of does. Let's play the other one that came in. It looks like it's way better than this one."

"Alright," Noah said, crawling over to the game system.

While Noah was putting the disc into it's case, they heard a bell chime that signaled someone had opened the door.

Noah set the game down, "Who the hell comes to a coffee shop at two thirty on a Friday?"

"For real. That's weird," Cody said, wobbling to stand up. Once he was on his feet, he looked down at Noah, "Aren't you coming? It's your job."

"Maybe if we stay in here long enough, they'll go away." Noah responded, picking up his controller.

"Really Noah?" Cody said, looking into the back of Noah's head.

After a few more seconds, Noah caved in, "Fine, whatever. You need to stop giving me that look."

They walked out of the back room together, walking past the aisles of videogames. "Maybe if you wouldn't be so lazy I wouldn't have to."

Noah snorted, "Have fun with that. I have-"

Cody stopped in his tracks upon realizing who entered the coffee shop. "Noah."

Noah looked to the taller man who had entered the shop, "Is that him?" he asked quietly, hiding them behind an aisle of books, so they wouldn't be noticed.

Cody started panting softly, "Yeah, that's him. I don't know why he's here. I never told him exactly which coffee shop you worked at."

Noah looked concerned for the smaller boy, "We can go back and act like no one's here."

"No, I can't. I have to deal with this at some point," Cody gulped, "Might as well be now, right?"

There was worry in Cody's voice that made Noah consider if it was a good idea to let Cody go, but he didn't hold him back. If Cody wanted to do something crazy, Noah wasn't going to stop him. Noah would just be there for him when the aftershock hit. "Go ahead," Noah replied waving him towards the front of the shop. Once Cody started to walk, Noah followed behind him.

When Adam heard the sound of footsteps, he turned around and grimaced, "So you're the one that stole my boyfriend?"

Noah raised an eyebrow and rolled his eyes, "I didn't steal anything from you."

Adam huffed and looked over to Cody, "You left me for him?"

"I didn't leave you because of him. I left you because, believe it or not, you're a jerk." Cody said, a new wave of confidence spreading through his body.

Adam inched closer to the lighter brunette, "Cody, he'll never love you like I do. You can sit here and act all you want, but I know you love me."

Cody crossed his arms, "I used to love you, but I don't anymore. I haven't for awhile." There was a falter in his voice and he hoped Adam didn't notice.

Adam glanced between him and Noah, "I hope you know you're making the biggest mistake of your life. This little shit's going to break your heart, and I'm not going to be there to make it better. You aren't going to get me back."

"The only mistake I've ever made was deciding to go out with you!" Cody spat venomously.

Adam was taken aback. He looked over to Noah who was leaning against a bookshelf. "I'd suggest that you get off this lot right now," he said smugly, "or I will call the cops on you and tell them everything Cody's been through." Cody looked over at Noah and smiled halfheartedly before glaring back at Adam.

If looks could kill, Cody was pretty sure Noah would be dead. However, Adam didn't put up a fight. Instead, he sneered and marched out the shop, slamming the door behind him.

Cody stared at the door for countless minutes. A strange sense of pride welled up in his stomach, and he fought back tears of joy. This was real. This had actually happened. Cody actually stood up to his biggest fear for the last year of his life. It felt foreign.

He turned around to face the tanned boy. There he was, leaning up against the book shelf, smirking. Cody ran quickly up to him and hugged him, praising and thanking him. Noah let it go for a few minutes before pulling away.

"You're welcome," Noah replied to the frantic boy, "Now let's go play where we left off. We still have one more round to determine who wins."

Cody rolled his eyes, but there was absolutely no negativity behind. In fact, it was the opposite. Noah cared enough about Cody to stand up to Adam. Cody didn't need the sappy conversation. He knew exactly how Noah felt for him. That's how Cody knew everything was going to be alright.

It's funny to think; they would've have never met if Cody didn't crave hot chocolate.




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