Hello, this is the author's notes here. =p Anyway, this is not connected to the main storyline, therefore, an alternate universe. Various significant differences here are as follows:

-The Digital World never occurred.

-The boys don't know the girls (of the set of main characters in Digimon) before this story.

-Taichi and Hikari are still siblings, they just don't know it.

That's about it! Also, if you are only familiar with the names set out by the English dub, this guide would be of use to you.

Japanese - English

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Yagami Taichi - Tai Kamiya

Ishida Yamato - Matt Ishida

Takenouchi Sora - Sora Takenouchi (no change)

Tachikawa Mimi - Mimi Tachikawa (no change)

Takaishi Takeru - T.K. Takaishi

Yagami Hikari - Kari Kamiya

Izumi Koushiro - Izzy Izumi

Kido Jyou - Joe Kido

Ichijouji Ken - Ken Ichijouji (no change)

Inoue Miyako - Yolie Miyako

Motomiya Daisuke - Davis Motomiya

Hida Iori - Cody Hida

Note that although in Japanese names, the order of the names are inverted, but the way they place it is so that the last name comes first, and the first name comes last, so Yamato's first name wouldn't be Ishida in Japanese. ^^;

This is a redone version, apparently, I couldn't use italics without having my document in HTML, which just kind of screws up all the spacing and whatnot, so from now on, I'll use // to denote thoughts, and of course, the [ ] brackets to define the not-so-obvious situations where you're not sure who's thinking what.

Well. This first chapter is a bit unrelated to the main plot of this story, but it's an important take-off. Anyway, read on, and do review. To me, every review counts, so please review. =)

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon, or any thing else officially related to it - aside from purely fictional ideas which I have inserted in to this fiction and is not in Digimon - which is owned by Toei. And it will continue to stay that way until I get rich enough to buy Toei. Which I will not.

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Prelude- Chapter 0: This is us, today.

"Too bad Iori and Jyou couldn't come." sighed Takeru, his eyes wandering in boredom.

"Those two guys are stiffs anyway, plus, it would be worse if we brought them to the mall." Taichi shook his head.

Yamato sat quietly. "I guess."

Koushiro suddenly stood up from his seat. "Come on, guys, we have a break, and the days until school comes and depleting quickly, let's spend this time having fun!" he said enthusiastically.


"Never mind." Koushiro said as he sat back down.

"I think it's about time I left. The stupid coach wants us to practice over the break, so we have to go back to school to have practices, plus, he said he'd kick me out of the team from being late last time, so I'd have to go and meet that old bastard now." Daisuke grumbled.

"Oh, that's too bad, Daisuke." Ken said, frowning.

Taking his bag, he stood up and started walking away from the table. After five steps, he turned around.

"Bye." he waved.

Everyone else chorused. "Bye."

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

"Say, why don't you have basketball practice?" Yamato poked Takeru.

"Well, it's just that since they fired that other teacher, so that this teacher became the coach for both the teams, and whenever there's a soccer practice, there can't be a basketball practice." Takeru shrugged.

"Oh. Okay."


More silence.

Taichi banged the table. "We can't stay like this any longer, I'll go walk around, you guys do whatever you want!" And he ran off.

Koushiro looked at everyone's blank faces, then said, "Hmm. Come to think of it. I should go change my RAM in my laptop. I'll go to that computer store to see if there's any for sale."

"Well. In that case. I'll go look at the guitars." Yamato said as he coolly walked off.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

"That leaves the two of us sitting here like idiots." Takeru skillfully described the situation.

"Does that mean.......?" Ken glanced at the glitter in Takeru's eyes.

Ken clenched his fist in a fit of passion and excitement, as he and Takeru stood up at the same time.

"Let's go find some girls!" They unisoned.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

Takeru and Ken wandered aimlessly down the infinite grounds of the shopping mall, unsure of where their target might hide. They both glanced at the stores, each at their own side, whether that stores has girls.

"Where might they be?" Takeru frowned.

".....The Sanrio gift shop?" Ken shrugged.

"Really. And how do we convince them that we're not pedophiles, gay, have a girlfriend, or something, going into a Sanrio gift shop." Takeru scoffed.

Ken scratched his head. "We could say that we're getting gifts for our sisters."

"You know that you lie as well as Jyou does."

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

"We'll use a psychological algorithm to find the solution!" Ken suggested.

"Right. Hmm." Takeru bit his finger as he pondered. "We must find girls that also want to find guys, or else, they most likely will slap you before you get in 5 yards of their radius."

"And therefore, if they also want to find guys, then they will most likely approach locations in which guys dwell." explained Ken as he took a sheet of the mall map from his pocket.

Takeru took a pen out of his pocket instantaneously when he saw the map, the pulled the cap off.

"And it would be.....places like.....the arcade. Here." mumbled Takeru as he circled big thick ellipses on the map. "And the computer store.....right here. As well as the sports store here. And here, here. Here."

"Right!" Ken said triumphantly as he held the map in light.



"Aren't these the places we usually go to?"

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

"Sigh.....I guess we have no luck today." Takeru holds both his hands behind him.

"Hmm?" Ken questioned himself, finding both he and Takeru reaching the end of the mall. It seems as they ran out of places to walk to, there is more, but that would on the other side of the food court, where they departed. Travelling back and forth is not the most entertaining passtime, afterall.

Takeru stared at the ceiling. Then at the pensive Ken. Feeling nothing of interest, he looked in front of him. A series of connecting pieces of glass rather than a wall, and in the middle, a door. Above it, an old wooden sign, with fancy type letters engraved onto it. 'Glass Café'. He found his sight to travel past the windows, and into the small café. All tables and chair sets are in light colours that compliment each other, but every set is different. The glass acts like crystals, dividing sunlight into respective colours, each shining upon a section in the café.


"You want to go in and get a drink?" Ken asked.


Takeru opened the door hesitantly, and went inside. His eyes scanned everywhere thoroughly as he walked further inside. Some force had suddenly repelled him backwards.


//I just walked straight into someone. I have to remind myself to kick myself when I get home.


"Woah, surround sound." Ken joked.

Takeru shook his head and took a clear look at the situation. After all, he felt, just saying sorry and walking away seems a bit rude.

"No, it was my fault, since I walked into you blindly-" Takeru caught himself cut off by seeing who he was apologizing to.

"Oh, no, it's okay, it's my fault too for not paying attention." said the waitress, smiling brightly.

To Takeru, this waitress is the prettiest girl he had ever seen, aside maybe some of the stars he had seen on television. Bright amber eyes, with a fine nose and thin lips, within a well shaped face. A clip lightly maintains her brown hair from its original shape. The casual pink and white clothing she wears outlines her slender figure, but doesn't display her waitress status. At a more right section of her chest area, a tag with "Yagami Hikari" is placed on her shirt.

Takeru's current dokidoki level: 139%

(Note: Dokidoki stands for the imitation of heartbeat in Japanese, so, simply, it means heartbeat.)

"For two?" Hikari asked Takeru.

"Oh.....umm. Ye.....yeah." Takeru stuttered, unsure of what to answer, but know that he answered correctly once he cleared his head.

"Oh.....umm....." Hikari turned around and looked clumsily around the tables, and let out a small smile when she found an unoccupied table, took two menus off the stack, turned back around, smiled, and started walking towards the table.

Takeru and Ken silently followed her.

"Here you are!" Hikari happily put down the menu on a four-seated table, and left to the counter and deliver some drinks to other customers.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

"She's pretty cute, isn't she?" Ken poked Takeru. Multiple times.

"Huh.....yeah. Very."

"You seem zoned out. No matter, let's order something to drink." Ken said as he took one of the colourful menus.

"Yeah. Let's." Takeru replied in monotone.

At that point, both Ken and Takeru were dizzied by the large list in the menu, as it had coffee, the different tastes and scents of different coffee, and the same with everything else. Everything was purely potable.

Insert 5 minutes of silence here

Hikari walks by, seeing as they haven't ordered anything yet,

"Hmm.....I think I'll have....." Takeru muttered as his finger trailed down the menu list, then promptly stopped. "Lemon tea."

"And I'll take the apple coffee." Ken said quickly as he returned his menu to Hikari.

Hikari roughly scribbled on her paperpad, then said, "Okay, I'll be back with your drinks in a second." Smiling as she walked away.


"What? What are you staring at me for?" Ken looked back at Takeru, somewhat concerned about his own safety.

"Apple coffee?"

"Yeah? What about it?"

"I mean, apple coffee?"

"I'm not trying to act mature or anything, I mean, any of us have tried coffee, just not everyone of us are regular drinkers, and apple coffee sounds kind of interesting, so I thought I'd try it....." Ken explained thoroughly, attempting to take that stare off of himself.

"Hmph." Takeru turned so that he was not facing Ken. Although staring at him was abnormal already, since Ken was sitting right in front-opposite of Takeru, it could be somewhat reasoned, but turning so that he no longer faced Ken made it obvious of his purpose.

"You're just angry because my drinking coffee makes you look like a sissy in front of that waitress." Ken mocked.

Takeru silently agrees.

Unexpectedly, Hikari almost dashes to their table, and neatly place the drink in front of their respective owners, says, "Here you go!", and dashes off. However, she suddenly froze her movements, and turned around, and walked back to the table.

"Oh.....we don't have any more tables, do you mind if another customer sits here?" Hikari asked nervously, her fingers fidgeting behind her back.

"Umm.....sure, I guess....." Takeru answered, temporarily removing his lips from the straw to the lemon tea.

"Okay, thanks!" said Hikari gratefully as she jumped a little. She then walked away to guide someone else to a table. Takeru sealed his lips back to the straw, occasionally sipping.

"You're staring." Ken observed.

"I know." mumbled Takeru, biting the straw. His eyes trailed Hikari as she half-ran to the entrance and spoke with a lavender haired girl. Their conversation was surprisingly long, Takeru concluded that they are friends, to the least. Eventually, he noticed that Hikari started leading the girl to his current table, and he quickly directed his eyes back to Ken.

"Here you are!" Hikari put down a menu similarly as to before, took a step back, smiled at the girl, and returned to the counter. Although Takeru distinctly saw Hikari winking at the girl.

Ken watched as the girl sat beside him - she could either sit beside Ken or Takeru, it being a four seated table, and Ken and Takeru sitting on opposite sides and all - and stood up again to position herself properly on the seat.

The girl had long lavender hair, its colour reflecting the light lightly, and her big round glasses making her eyes seem small, although that would not be the case without the glasses, and overall more average facial features. She wears darker coloured clothes, a purple short sleeved shirt and longer pants of blue.

"Hello, I'm Inoue Miyako." she greeted Ken, then faced Takeru, then turned back to Ken again.

"What's your name?" Miyako asked, almost as an automatic reaction after saying her name.

" name is Ichijouji Ken." Ken answered slowly, almost as if he made an error.

"Hmm hmm. Ichijouji Ken, I've heard of you, then again. I don't think there's anyone that hasn't. You're that smart kid, right?" Miyako remarked, her elbow on the table, and her finger pointing at Ken.

" Yes."

"You must feel tough, having to keep up with standards and expectations." Miyako patted Ken's shoulder with her other arm. Of course, Ken felt weird being approached with such familiarity from a stranger.

"Umm.....yes." Certainly, he also felt the least bit stunned by it. Meanwhile, Miyako turned to face Takeru.

"And you, what's your name?"

"It's Takaishi Takeru." He said more confidently than Ken, but with still some holdback.

"Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you."

There was this difference in which Miyako treated them. Ken noticed that, although the differences became more bland as he tried to identify it; it simply reverted back to 'friendliness' for both of them.

Miyako's eyes slowly scanned around the table. She chuckled, seeing Ken's coffee, as if saying, "Pretending to be a big boy, aren't we?". Ken turned around to face the window, preventing anymore embarassment.

"You know, my friend owns this place....." Miyako said, trying to dig out more words from either of the silent boys.

"Miyako-chaaaan!" Hikari ran to their table. Her tag was missing. "I'm ready, let's go, Miyako-chan."

"Okay." Miyako stood up and started walking to the exit with Hikari, but stopped suddenly to reach her hands in her pocket. She turned around and expertly threw two cards at Takeru and Ken each, who catched it easily.

"Call me sometime." Miyako winked, then continued to the exit.

The card was somewhat designed like a business card, but only not. In the middle is a picture of both Miyako and Hikari, then their address and phone number, along with their names.

//[Ken] I never knew you could make cards like these.

//[Takeru] I wonder how many times she practiced to be able to throw cards like that.

Looking to another waitress, Takeru gestured for the bill.

The waitress approached them.

"It's already been paid for."

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

"It's pretty late already." Ken read his watch.

"Let's go find onii-san and Taichi and them at the mall entrance." (onii-san = older brother)

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

"Geez. You two sure took your time." Taichi commented disapprovingly.

Yamato slightly brushed his hair. "Anyway, we should go home now. It's getting kind of late, it's not like the mall will stay open forever."

Koushiro, Ken, and Takeru nodded.

"Wait." rang an unfamiliar voice.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

"So, using your big muscular men, constraining us, then driving us here in a Mercedes Benz has, to the least, confused us. Mind to explain?" Koushiro crossed his legs, trying to put on a more intellectual impression, in order to, somehow, intimidate whoever that woman is standing in the room with them.

"I have a proposal for you."

"I hope you don't present all of your proposals this way, or else your clients would feel, what you call it, threatened." said Ken, minorly being aggressive.

The light shadow, in the dark room, of the woman seems to move across the room, the her hand pulling on a certain string, causing the curtains to raise.

It was a circular room. With little windows surrounding the room, and, from what could be seen, guards are placed at even distances to the next around the room, arranged in such a fashion that it represents the numbers of a clock.

"Any further remarks may place unpleasant events in occurance."

Koushiro kicked Ken.

Taichi kicked Ken.

Yamato kicked Ken.

Takeru kicked Ken.

"Anyway, my point is quite simple. I shalt reward you each with 150000000 yen (approximately 1.3 million US dollars) if you dress and act as girls, and live in the Sakura all-girls' school's dormitory, and of course, go to their school, for one year without having your true gender discovered." the woman briefly explained.

"And of course, we'll have secret cameras watching you and all that, and the process will be broadcasted on national television." she added.

The boys gulped.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

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