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The wolf in me.

Chapter one – Midnight run

No one's POV

Unknown to everyone, not even Beck, Jade was a jogger. She did it for several reasons. It kept her fit of course. During those long jog's, always at night, she found herself able to think. Alone on the road, under the stars, it all became clear. Only her parents knew she was a regular jogger. Usually she jogged between 4-7 miles every time she went out. She always jogged late at night, only the stars to keep her company. She loved the lonely dark solitude of an evening run. It suited her Goth nature.

On this particular night she spotted it again. For the last several weeks as she jogged, she would occasionally spot what looked like a huge dog. Since she jogged at night and at one point through a park, it was hard to see. The animal would follow her, but always at a distance. She didn't see it all the time but when she did, it was never closer than about 40 yards.

The first few times she saw it, she would pull her scissors out of her fanny pack in case it attacked. It never did. She didn't see it every night, but often times it was there. She would spot it and after a while it would seemingly disappear. She would see it again later, a little further down her route.

On this night she planned to run longer, a full 10 miles. That route would take her through the heavily wooded park, which was near her home. It's said no sane person would jog through a dark park at night, but it could also be said that Jade was no sane person. She always kept a pair of scissors in her fanny pack just in case. She had spotted her canine companion once around the 3rd mile. It followed her for about a half a mile before she lost sight of it.

She had just past her 6th mile, when she jogged into Haverbrook Park. The park was dark and deserted. A few streetlights and lamps provided some dim illumination, along the trails. She kept going on her normal trail, past the tennis courts and into the woods. Jade was not 40 yards on the trail that ran through the woods when something struck her in the chest.

"Ugg…" She said as she fell back onto the ground, the wind knocked out of her.

She suddenly heard laughter, as a something stepped out from behind a tree. As her eyes focused, Jade could see the form of a large man. He was holding what appeared to be a large, heavy branch. Jade guessed that is what, she had been hit with.

Jade just had yanked her scissors from her fanny pack, when an arm grabbed her hand. Her scissors were pulled right out of her hands. That was followed by a swift kick to her side, sending an explosion of pain through her body.

"Told you, I saw her running though the park. All we had to do is wait." Said one mans voice.

"Sweet" Said a 2nd more gravelly voice.

The first man who was standing over her pulled a knife. "Play nice, little girl and this won't end up in your gut. Scream and it will end up in your throat."

"Hold her down" said the first man as she began to unbuckle his pants. Jade suddenly was filled with terror as she realized what was going to happen. She tried to get up, but the 2nd man was holding her down by the shoulder. He was incredibly strong. Every time she struggled he, punched her.

The first man had dropped his pants and had just begun to pull down his underwear, when Jade heard what sounded like a low snarling sound. An instant later, a big black shape jumped over her landing on top of the first man.

Jade's eyes opened wide to see it was a huge dog, looking like the same one that followed her. Something in her mind told her it wasn't a dog, it was a wolf. It stood on man's chest and went directly for his throat, as he made a vain attempt to struggle. An instant later, the wolf savagely and very efficiently ripped out his throat. He made a horrible gurgling sound as his throat was torn from his body and devoured. Jade cringed, as she could feel his blood splatter all over her legs.

The 2nd man was too stunned to do anything at first, still holding a totally freaked out Jade down. An instant later the large wolf released the now dead man and turned to face the 2nd man. He quickly let go of Jade and backed away several feet.

"Shit, I'm next." Jade quickly thought in terror.

But the wolf quickly leapt over her and put itself between her and the 2nd man. In the dim light Jade quickly got a little better look at the wolf. It was big and had brown fur over its entire body. Of course the most prominent feature of the beast at the moment was its large, bloodstained teeth.

It stood there viciously snarling at the man. Back arched, teeth bared, hair standing up on its end.

"Is this thing protecting me?" Jade thought quickly. "It can't be." The man moved off to the side but the wolf changed position so once again it was between her and the man. This time it advanced on the man, its bloody teeth bared in full.

An instant later, the 2nd man turned and ran into the forest. Jade half expected the wolf to chase after it. But it went to the edge of the path and stood alert for several seconds.

As it finally turned to face Jade, she quickly retreated to the other edge of the path. Half scared out of her wits she grabbed her scissors from the ground and pointed them at the large creature.

Surprisingly it whimpered and lay down, lowering its head. As a child she had a dog, and Jade immediately recognized that posture. It was one of submission.

Cautiously she approached the large wolf. It didn't move and only whimpered a bit more.

"You were protecting me." Jade said to the wolf. Taking a chance she put away her scissors and crawled up to the wolf. She slowly extended a hand; letting it sniff her. Strangely it only sniffed once, as if it already knew her scent.

Carefully she ran her hands across its thick fur. It was soft and the wolf seemed to love being petted. The beast whimpered again and rubbed itself against her.

"You like that don't you?" Jade said, as she petted the wolf. It seemed to respond with a playful bark.

She stood up and the wolf seemed to examine her blood covered legs.

"I'm ok, this isn't mine." She said. "Oh shit, we need to split." Jade said, as she looked at the corpse of the man lying only few feet away. "Let the cops figure this out for themselves."

Seeming barking with approval, the wolf seemed to direct her down the path back the way she came.

She followed it back to the edge of the park, where it stopped at street light and waited for her.

"This is fucking crazy, a huge brown wolf saves me. Why thank you..Uh I'm not sure if you're a Mr. or Mrs. Wolf." Looking quickly, she realized the wolf was a female.

"Well thank you Mrs. Wolf. I think I'll just stick to the streets from now on." Jade said.

Oddly, the wolf looked like it nodded in agreement to her last statement.

She kneeled down to pet it one last time and in the light finally saw its eyes. They were beautiful brown eyes. They were almost entrancing. As she starred into them she began to have the strangest feeling.

"I've seen those eyes before." She thought before dismissing it.

She gave the wolf another pet and it rubbed against her affectionately. "I better get home. Good night." She said before jogging back home.

As she suspected, the wolf followed her all the way home. It seemed like as if it were escorting her to safety. When she finally reached her house she turned to pet it again, but the wolf was gone.

Jade went inside, washed off the blood, took a shower and went to bed. During the night, she dreamed of wolves.

Jade walked into Hollywood arts the next day. Smirk on her face, coffee in hand, looking very much like she always did. But today she was thinking about her mysterious savior. That strange wolf that had been following and ultimately saved her. As she was with it, she felt an odd connection to the beast.

It followed no logic, Jade mused. "Until last night, the wolf never was within 40 yards of me. How could it know to or even want to protect me." She further pondered as she sipped her coffee. It was baffling to her and consumed her thoughts this morning.

"HI Jade!" said a perky Latina voice, which jarred Jade out of her thoughts as she was about to open her locker.

Jade glared at the intruder. "What do you want Vega?" She snapped.

"Oh I just wanted to say hi, see how you were doing this morning." Tori said with a smile.

"Must you always care, me I never care, especially about you." Said Jade as hastily pulled some books from her locker before slamming it shut in annoyance.

Tori's smile widened. "Well Jade, I care about you and you can't stop me."

Jade scowled and looked the Latina in the eyes. "Go away. I'm fine I don't need anything from you."

Surprisingly Tori turned on her heels and walked away.

Jade dismissed any thoughts of the always annoying Vega and returned her mind to the wolf that saved her last night. "What was it about the eyes?" Jade thought. She couldn't get the eyes out of her head.

"I know I've seen them before." Jade mumbled to herself, as she walked to class.

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