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The Wolf in Me.

Chapter 13A (Deleted Scene)

Extremely important author's note: This chapter fits exactly between chapter 13 and 14. I had this chapter mentally mapped out in my head, but never wrote it. At the time i felt it didn't add too much to the story. Instead I skipped right from Tori's rescue, to Jade waking up almost 2 days later. That was why it was never in the original story. Due to the huge popularity of this story, I thought to finally put the chapter to words and you get it as a bonus feature. Much like the deleted scenes that you find on a dvd under special features.

No One's POV

As Tori drove home, having escaped the vampire's lair, her already spinning mind suddenly noticed something else.

"Why is Jade driving Cat's Car?"

None of this made any sense at all. Jade a werewolf, Cat's car, the well-dressed chick with the blade that killed the last werewolf king. All of it made Tori's head hurt.

"What in the hell is going on?" Tori said to her naked and sleeping companion sleeping on the seat next to her. Tori could only hope that her mom and dad would have some of the answers to the hundred questions that were flying through her head. But Tori knew that at the moment, she had to stay focused on getting her and Jade to safety.

Across town, David Vega was pacing furiously back and forth continuing to worry about both Tori and Jade. She knew that Jade was very powerful, but was also nearly exhausted and inexperienced. If she ran into vampires, she may not be able to overcome them.

"David, Stop pacing. It's not helping." Snapped Holly, who was sitting next to Jade's father on the couch. "You have every werewolf police officer in the city searching for them. Frank has at least a dozen other of our people searching as well."

David stopped and nodded. Looking over at Holly and Jade's father, he could see they were still pouring over the west family history.

"These papers were my grandfather's he was meticulous about writing down family history. Though a few sheets were written in some language I can't read. Here they are." Thomas West said as he pulled out several very old sheets of paper and handed them to holly.

Holly studied them intently for a few moments. "It's written in our werewolf language. It's not used too often any more but I can read most of it. This combined with the family history you have, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jade in in fact the current head of the house of Fenrir."

"She's the queen?" Said Frank from where he was standing in the corner.

But before anyone could say anything, a light from a car pulling into the driveway could be seen in the window.

"I'll see who that is." David said quickly rushing to the door. By the time he got outside, he saw much to his relief Tori carrying an unconscious Jade up the walk.

"TORI!" he called out as he rushed to grab Jade.

"Are you alright?" he said quickly.

"Tori." Holly called out from the doorway.

"Jade's exhausted. Please get her into bed. I want frank to see if she's ok." Said Tori in an urgent tone of voice.

"I got her." Holly said, as she grabbed Jade from David and rushed her back inside.

With Jade safe, Tori could finally relax and let the confusion and distress that she had been holding back, flow.

"Daddy? Why is my Jade a werewolf. She saved me. I'm worried about her." A tired and confused Tori blurted out. Tears formed in Tori's eyes as a dam of emotions suddenly burst.

"WHAT HAPPENED TO MY JADE!" shouted, a now very upset Tori.

David quickly wrapped his arms around his upset daughter. "We had to change her into a werewolf. It was the only way to save her life. Please Tori you need to understand, there was no other way."

After David released Tori she still appeared to be upset but nodded.

"Come on, let's get you inside and get that cut on your face looked at."

David ushered her daughter inside and sat her down. Holly quickly handed her a cup of steaming hot coffee.

"Drink this, and we'll explain. I put some of your clothes on Jade. She's sleeping in your bed. Uncle Frank is examining her."

Tori took a drink of the coffee and the warm liquid going down her throat made her feel immeasurably better. Only then did she notice Mr. West sitting a few feet away.

"Were so glad you're ok." Thomas West said.

Holly went to work putting a bandage on the cut on Tori's face as her husband began to tell the tale. "Ok Tori, We'll tell you our side of the story. You and Jade vanished and we had officers looking all over the city. The next morning, one of our units found Jade in an industrial section of town. A vampire had locked her up, bit her, made her drink his blood and left her."

Hearing that made Tori visibly more upset again. "NO! They said she was going to be a vampire but I didn't' want to believe them."

"She's Ok now Tori." Holly said with a reassuring pat to the knee.

David continued his story. "Jade managed to escape before she fully turned into a vampire. The Vampires, didn't know she was part werewolf and her werewolf blood slowed down the process. The police brought her here, but we realized she was fading fast. The only way to save her was to wake the wolf that had been sleeping deep inside of her. So with your mother and a transfusion of blood from your uncle frank, we kick started the process. It was successful and she transformed into a werewolf."

Tori nodded. "Dad, she's utterly huge. I've never seen one as big as her before."

"We'll get to that. "She was no longer transforming into a vampire but was totally exhausted. We told her to rest but she wouldn't listen. She stole your sisters car and went out after you. She was hell-bent on finding you and nothing was going to stop her. We think she killed at least one person that got in her way."

"WHAT!" Tori said as her eyes shot open.

"We'll police found a low life pimp on the sidewalk, with his heart ripped out. That's not a normal way to kill people around here. I take it she found you?"

Tori took another drink of her coffee. "Yes, I woke up in a basement of some old house. I was in enchanted chains, I couldn't break them. There was a human, who had a pistol, which he said has silver bullets, he said his employers would wake soon."

"Then what happened." Said David Vega.

"Through a small window, I could see the sun go down and a human girl and two vampires show up. One a male who looked scruffy and a woman. She was very very well dressed. designer fashions, she looked Italian or greek and spoke with an accent. I…I….Could just sent she was extremely powerful. "

Tori paused for a moment and pulled out the wolf's head necklace she was wearing. "She was interested in this, she called me a Fenrir. I don't know why. I played along."

Tori seemed to get upset again and with a shaky voice began to speak again. "She said that Jade was going to come and kill me. Then she said after she fed she would have me tell the names of the other fenrir. I was so scared. I'm not a fenrir, there are none left. That and she cut me on my face with a sword. She told me it was the very same sword that killed King Michael, the last Fenrir."

Abruptly the color seemed to drain from Holly Vega's face. "No….Can't be." She muttered before quickly leaving the room.

David Vega smiled. "You're wrong sweetie. The Fenrir survived. In the battle that killed the royal family, we know now that one princess survived. That pendant you're wearing is a symbol of the house of Fenrir. From what your uncle Frank told me, it allows one to transform without taking off your clothes. Something about werewolf knights wearing armor and not having to take it off. "

Tori looked astounded. "Fenrir? Where are they? How did Jade get this?"

David Took both of his daughters hand's "Tori, Jade is a Fenrir, not only that she's the heir to the throne."

Tori's jaw dropped open on utter shock. After few seconds of not being able to speak, Tori's wits returned.

"Jade is my queen? My Jade, My Mate. She's the queen?"

"Yes, she is Tori."

"I can hardly believe it."

"Believe it Tori. She's huge. Frank says the Fenrir were bigger and stronger than ordinary werewolves."

Tori quickly nodded. "I saw her in action. When she burst into the basement, she quickly took the head off of the vampire they had guarding me. Then there was this human woman helping the vampire. Jade in a rage, killed and ate a good part of her. After that she passed out. I grabbed her, found the car and drove away. Just in time I think."

David Bristled at the thought but was quickly distracted by his wife coming into the room. She was holding a very old book.

"Tori, I'm going to show you a picture. It's a painting, a very old painting. It's a long shot." Holly then opened the book to a painting of two people a man and a woman. They were dressed in very old clothes.

"That's her!" Tori said pointing to the painting, before Holly could even speak.

David looked at the picture and then to his wife. "Who is she?"

"Who's what?" Said Frank as he came down the stairs. "I checked on Jade, she's suffering from complete exhaustion but otherwise fine. She need's complete rest for several days. But what are you talking about?

"Tori saw a female vampire while she was being held captive. She cut Tori's face with the sword that killed King Michael. Just on a hunch I showed her a picture of the head Vampire from the war Toran, and his consort. Tori said it was his consort Livia."

"Livia, I thought she died during the war?"

Holly closed the book. "I guess not."

Mr. West who had been silent up to this point broke in. "Just who is Livia and how dangerous is she?"

Frank answered. "She was the consort of the head Vampire during the last werewolf/vampire war. From all accounts she was very beautiful and essentially just eye candy. There's not much written about her doing anything or making any decisions. As for how dangerous she is, She's real old so that make her dangerous by default, But no more dangerous than any old vampire. We do need to be careful."

Suddenly Tori stood up. "Jade! Is she alone?"

Frank nodded. "She's sleeping like a baby."

Tori bolted for the stairs. "And defenseless as one. The queen needs to be protected."

A second later Tori burst into her bedroom to find Jade asleep in her bed. She had felt a surge of panic when she found that Jade was alone. Tori wanted nothing more than to keep her mate safe. On top of that she was duty bound to keep the queen safe. Tori had no intention of leaving Jade's side while she was helpless.

Tori sad on the bed, removed the pendant from her neck and slid it around Jade's neck.

"Where it belongs." Tori whispered.

For a few minutes more Tori quietly sat there stroking Jade's raven colored hair.

"Jade, I love you more than anything. I can't thank you enough for saving me. You risked your own life for me. You're my best friend, my lover, my mate, my queen and I will die for you. Die to protect you. Your love for me nourishes and strengthens me. Together no one can beat us. To you I pledge forver, my love, my loyalty and my life." Tori whispered tenderly in he sleeping mates ear.

Had Jade been awake, she would have deeply touched by Tori's words. But Jade was deep in sleep and didn't so much as stir to Tori's pledge of love.

In the dark of her room Tori stripped naked and then transformed into her wolf form. The wolf let out a brief whine and then crawled onto the bed next to the sleeping Jade.

Wolf Tori had at the moment only one thing on her mind. To protect Jade. Tori knew that she could protect Jade much better in wolf form. She would hold a quiet vigil in the dark pressed up against the woman she loved.

As tempting as it was, Tori didn't sleep. She lay awake for hours, using her senses to attempt to detect anything that would harm the sleeping werewolf queen. Tori felt an overwhelming, instinctual urge to protect her mate. Tori stayed awake as long as she could, before sleep finally claimed her.

Sleeping in the dark of Tori's room was a Jade West, the werewolf queen in her human form and Tori Vega her mate, in werewolf form pressed up against her tightly. Bound to each other in body and in spirit.

For the moment, at least. All was right.

I hoped you liked this bonus chapter. As I said I had it mapped out, in outline form in my head but I never actually wrote it. Tori finds out Jade is the werewolf queen and pledges to protect her with her life. But we all know that Jade fully aware of that, would face Livia alone to protect Tori. But in the end it was the right thing to do, as Tori at this moment was pregnant with Jade's child. Though Neither Tori or Jade was aware that Tori was carrying the future queen.