"It was my fault," Nurse Chapel spoke up, self-loathing clear in her voice as well as her tone, "I only left his side for a moment and he must have had another moment of lucidity as he was struggling to get up and was saying, "I've lost Mister Spock. I have to go get him. Have to go get him." and I had to sedate him. All the registers were at maximum and he almost went into full arrest."

M'Benga stepped forward, "And I thought it best to put him in restraints. Despite what he has been through he is still very strong."

Spock had moved to the biobed and removed the restraints, "As I will be sitting with him these will no longer to necessary. Nurse Chapel," he lowered his voice and she turned to look at the Vulcan, "you are not to blame yourself for his actions. I should have remained with him till he is aware and accepts that we both are safe. With my absence he would have possibly thought he had left me. If anybody is to blame for that reaction of his it is largely Bebram as he is the one who orchestrated the crash."

Briefly Spock placed his hand on Rallon's face and looked down at the sleeping officer, "I am here and will remain here until you are fully aware of your surroundings and your reality. I apologize for being away from you for so long. Rest now, know you are not alone."

Through his touch the First Officer was aware of Rallon's fear he had left Spock on the mountain. The fear covered his pain, pain which seemed to be spasms, irregular spasms throughout his body. The sedation that M'Benga had given him was enough for now. Spock slowly removed his hand, pausing only a moment to brush the fringe into place.

McCoy walked up and looked at the registers, waved his scanner over the sleeping officer, looked at the readout, repeated the scan and shook his head before he looked first at Kirk then at Spock, "He is still in a horrendous amount of pain but the readings are improving. That bout is still a very long way away. I still have to ensure that he is willing to all me to use him to train the crew in caring for a being in a severe state of trauma. I still have to get Command to realize how important such skills are for all crewmembers of starships in order to keep him on the ship."

He looked from Spock to Kirk, "I will have to get the Captain's approval to implement such a scheme and his recommendations as well."

"I would support such a scheme, Doctor McCoy," M'Benga said as he walked out of the room.

"And I am sure the nurses could do with more experience with such cases," Nurse Chapel moved to stand by the office door. "I will prioritize which nurses would best benefit and which ones would be best to assist the others with this rare opportunity."

Kirk had kept watching his Vulcan friend, aware that he had only been partly listening, that that powerful mind would already have calculated so many ways of helping Rallon in his recovery. There was still considerable self-blame about his friend's eyes and Kirk knew it would take some time for Spock to accept what Rallon had done. It would be difficult for the logical man to accept it as Kirk was finding if difficult and he was human and illogical.

"If I may, Doctor, I would like to go to my quarters and change clothing before I sit with him. Would you please be with him till I return?"

"I'll be with him, Spock." Kirk stepped closer to the bed and took Rallon's hand in his own and looked into his friend's dark eyes. "I'll be with him till you get back."

For a moment there was silence as the two of them just looked at one another. Kirk saw the concern and guilt weighing heavy in his friend. Spock could see that Kirk felt a debt to Rallon as well as trying to figure out how to keep the man on his ship. All Spock did was nod his thanks then left.

As soon as the Vulcan had left McCoy looked at Kirk, "Want to tell me what that was all about? Care to share what just happened?"

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