This is my first fan-fiction so it kinda sucks. And some of the worlds regarding school within my story will be British. I apologize for that since i'm England and i'm not bothered to actually right in American school for two reasons...1) they confuse me 2)they are too complicated and frustrating. so again i apologize for that

A loud snore echoes through the corridors. Light but rushed footsteps make their way towards the door that acts as a barrier between the dreamland and reality for a certain person.

Knock... Knock…

"Rise and shine. Princess!" a deep voice calls out

Zzzz... "Snore!" Zzzzzz...

"Hey sis! Wakey wakey!" the figure is seen banging their fist on the door a couple of times

The person on the bed begins to toss and turn, mumbling incoherent words while shifting into another position and sandwiching her head into her pillow.

More banging is heard from the other side."Oi Princess, wake up! I need to get ready for work you know!" the figure shouted in an irritated tone

But the only reply the figure got was a chain of loud snores. A vein appears on the man's head and his eye begins to twitch. "That's it, I tried doing this the nice way" the figure yells loud enough for the other person to hear.

Suddenly the door flings open, almost flying off the hinge. Through the doorway the figure stands with his right leg raised and fist clenched.

"Yoruichi, get your bloody ass up! Its 7:40am! You've got school!"

"Five more minutes!" the figure on the bed known as Yoruichi replies

"Yeah, I don't think so, up now!"

The figure rushes towards the window and pulls open the curtains allowing the bright rays of light to penetrate the dark walls of the room. The person on the bed stirs once again. She lets go of the pillow, it bounces back kind of like a spring which now reveals her face. The figure has caramel coloured skin that is evenly toned and long purple hair. In a flash the girl grabs the covers and throws them over her head, cowering from the light like a vampire. Before she could return back to her deep slumber, the covers are ripped away from her. Now fully exposed, she is seen dressed in shorts and a tank top, the light seemed to shimmer off her skin and small little bumps begin to show on her skin. She shivers slightly and lets out a groan before opening her eyes slowly to see the figure staring down at her rather pissed her. She uses her hands to rub her eyes like a child, finally setting her arms down and sitting up slowly, putting all her weight on her arms and lets out a loud yawn. Her eye lids fluttering slightly before setting all her attention on the figure before her, fiery yet tired gold meets hot, raging brown that is tinted with gold irises.

The girl shoots a glare at the young man staring at her; he has lush, black hair, his eyes glazed with rage yet wisdom and the same tanned skin. Comparing the two siblings, it is actually hard to believe the male is actually related to the female on the bed. The male looked like a mere mortal, not insanely attractive but average. On the other hand the contrast of gold and purple that the female wears plus the tanned skin only springs one word to mind GODDESS.

"What the fuck! I was sleeping" She attempts to snatch the duvet back but no luck.

"It's your first day back, Yoruichi"

"It's only 7:40!" she yells

"You begin at 8:30! Now get up!" he replies while throwing the duvet on the love seat in the room.

The girl sighs in frustration as the male walks out of her room but does what she is told and gets up and makes her way towards the bathroom that is connected to her room.

Twenty minutes later she is seen strolling downstairs with a white short sleeved school shirt, the top three buttons left undone showing a good amount of cleavage but not enough so that she can be called a whore and a black skirt that is worn about five centimetres above the knees. To top it off she has her hair tied into a pony tail. She rushes straight towards the dining room. To see breakfast prepared on the table a plate with bacon eggs, toast, bacon, beans and sausages. Also on the table there is a box of doughnuts and a bowl of fruit. She smiles at a woman that looks in her mid-40s wearing a stereotypical maid apron as she puts down a freshly poured cup of coffee and cream for the teenager. She licks her lips before wolfing down her breakfast while a woman on the other end of the table reading a newspaper tells her to hurry up.

The woman's features are just like the teenagers but instead of gold eyes she has brownish black irises, which was filled with seriousness and wisdom. If you didn't know better they could have been twins. The elder woman wearing a grey blazer with a white button up shirt and grey trousers, as the woman sets her newspaper down, she takes a sip of her coffee then starts spreading butter on her toast.

"Hurry up! Yoruichi, you don't want to be late on your first day now, do you?"

JHEEZE! Not even a good morning. Seriously all your ever do is nag nag nag.The younger of the two thought

"Yeah yeah, whatever"

"What do you expect to accomplish with an attitude like that?!"

"Eh... Like I care" continues to stuff her face

"Well you should since your graduating this year and you shall be joining the force"

Yoruichi mumbles with her mouthful "Yeah right" Rolling her eyes as well.

"What was that?" The older woman questions while shooting a glare at the teen.

Finally swallowing her food she yells "I said yeah right!"

Taking a bite of her toast "So what plans have you got for the future then?"

The younger girl shrugs "Dunno"

"Well then you're joining the force" the older woman demanded

"For fuck sakes this will be the last time I say this, I ain't joining the fucking force!"

"You will be joining the force, unless you have other plans regarding your future. Then please enlighten me" she pauses and motions her hand palms up, hearing no response she carries on speaking "no reply? So I guess it is settled then, the forces it is"

The younger of the two women slams her hands on the table and yells "dammit it's too early for this. I'm gone" She storms out of the room leaving the older women shaking her head as she takes another sip of her coffee and continues with her breakfast.

"Another argument?" it wasn't much of a question but more of a statement, the male from earlier walks into the dining room with a black blazer, blue shirt and a blue and yellow tie on.

The older woman sighs "yes unfortunately"

"Don't worry mom she'll budge sooner or later" he gives his mom a reassuring smile. Then he takes a bite out of a doughnut that is on the table.

"I really hope she does Caine" sighing once again "I really hope so"