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The next morning Dominique was up bright and early with a groan of pain. The spell to numb her ankle had worn off during the night and now her ankle was throbbing. Wincing slightly she sat up and grabbed the wrap off her nightstand. After quickly wrapping her ankle she got dressed in a pair of jeans and a tank top before heading towards the kitchen.

"Morning Claudia" She said as she sat down by her with a grin.

"Morning Dom" The redhead replied handing Dom a muffin. "We are free until about six tonight. Do you want to go do something?" She asked running her fingers through the strand of green hair.

"My uncle actually is coming into town today. There's an animal that our reserve wants and they sent him here to get it. You can come along if you like?" Dom offered since they were going to get a prized cutting horse not a dragon. The horse wasn't actually for the reserve, but for the ranch. Kyle's cutting mare had cut her leg pretty bad last week and since she was so old they had decided to go ahead and retire her.

"Sure, ready to go?" Claudia asked standing up to toss her muffin wrapper away.

"Yep. Lets go, my uncle will be meeting us outside in about" She stopped to look at her watch, "Oh. Well the meeting time was about ten minutes ago." Dom laughed as they both got up and walked out the door.

Seeing the stocky redhead covered in scars had Claudia pausing for a moment while Dominique laughed and wrapped her arms around her uncle. "Uncle Charlie!" She grinned pulling back and stepping back to Claudia's side.

"This is Claudia. She's a muggle on the same muggle TV show as I am." The last sentence was said in Romanian which she knew Claudia didn't know. Ignoring the look from Claudia she smiled "This is my Uncle Charlie." Charlie smiled at Claudia before turning to Dom.

"Ready to go?" He asked before looking around, "How will we get there?" He asked his niece.

"I rented a car last night. Claudia do you think you can drive? I still havent figured out why you guys drive on the wrong side of the road." Dom asked receiving a nod from her new friend.

"Sure, which car is it?" Claudia replied.

"That truck over there." Dom replied pointing to the truck and trailer in the parking lot of the store across from the house.

They walked across the street and Claudia got into the driver's seat while Dom sat in the middle of the seat and Charlie got into the passenger side. On the way to the ranch they talked about different things that made the hour ride shorter. Once they arrived at the ranch, they went to the pen where the large bay gelding was standing along with the ranch owner. There were also a small herd of cattle in the pen.

"Hello there Mr. Johnson." Charlie said shaking the mans hand while Dom ignored the man and started looking over the gelding. "Sorry about her, not the most social person." Charlie laughed "She's my niece Dominique and this is her friend Claudia." He introduced the two even though Dom was still looking at the horse and Claudia was leaning against the railing.

"He looks great. Mind if I try him out?" Dominique finally turned her attention to Mr. Johnson as she ran her hand down the gelding's neck.

"Course, the cattle are numbered as well." He said watching as she gently swung into the saddle and walked him around for a bit before sending him after the cattle. As she started separating them in order, she smiled. The gelding handled great and had a great cow sense from what she could tell. Soon she swung the gelding around and stopped him in front of the gate.

"He's great. Kyle will love him." She said sliding off his back and starting to get him ready for travel while Charlie finished up the paper work and paid for the horse.

After loading the gelding called Ace of Diamonds into the trailer, they headed back to the house. Once they arrived at the house and Claudia parked in the same spot they had got the truck from. "I'll come to the house in a bit." Dom told Claudia as she unloaded the gelding. Once Claudia walked off she grinned at her Uncle.

"Be careful with him, Kyle will kill you if you hurt his new horse. Tell everyone I say Hi and make sure you give Dante and the others some water and food. I won't be able to make it back until this afternoon." She said hugging her uncle before giving him the lead rope.

By five in the afternoon she was back in the house and in her room getting ready to go to the next part of the show. By five thirty the group was in the van heading towards the stage where it would be recorded.

At six on the dot they were sitting on the chairs on stage across from their matchmakers listening to them reviewing what had happened on the group date. Soon Erik came out and the matchmakers decided on their bottom three.

"Dominique, you will be in the bottom three. I told you to be more sexy and steer away from talk of your family. You told him all about your crazy family even though I told you to keep that information until later." Amber said, the real reason she had sent Dom was because she was sure she would be coming back.

Nodding her head, she listened as Ashley and another girl were chosen as well. Once Erik came out, the host told him who was in the bottom three and allowed him to chose one to save right then.

"I'm going to have to save Dominique. Your very interesting and I would love to get to know you more." Erik said smiling at her as the other two looked annoyed.

"Thanks Erik, I greatly enjoyed our conversations." She said walking back to her seat as the other two and Erik walked off.

Soon Erik and the other girl came back up, him having chose Ashley as the one to leave. The girls were sent back to their house and left to their own devices for the night.

At around nine, Dom changed and got into bed so she could get a good nights sleep. Tomorrow would be another group date and two girls would be going home.

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