Z Reborn

Summary: LIME ALERT! It's been 10 years since Vegeta and Mirai were separated. 10 years since Mirai had made the hardest decision of her life. 10 years since she'd felt that familiar tug of feminine need and desire. With her supposed mate, and parents on Planet Vegeta and her brothers living their own lives, Mirai finds herself hungry for something more than just food. She was craving sex, attention and a physical challenge.

Lime Alert!: This story is a little more racey than the others! Expect some Dark and SEXUAL content.

Chapter 1: Hormonal Disruption

It was so hot! Sweat streaked across Mirai's skin and she panted hard as the pleasurable feelings rose. Hands stroked over her sweat slicked skin and she arched into it creating a bowing motion. She gave a sharp happy cry when the hands gripped over her rising breasts. Her mouth was covered and the kiss was hot and spicy and utterly addicting to taste.

Her lover's lips curved against hers, and her eyes slowly open to see a pair of coal black ones stare back. There was mischievousness in his eyes, something that told her he knew exactly what she was doing to her… and he enjoyed it.


The explosion rocked and Mirai was shaken awake from her pleasant dream. Her mass of black hair in a tangle around her face, sheets tossed off the bed from her fits and jerks. "The hell?" She pulled her hair from her face to stare bleary eyed at the red lights of her clock. The numbers 5:45 stared back at her and she cursed loudly as another explosion rocked and she kicked off the rest of her blankets. "This had better be good."

Bulma held a hammer in her hand her robe loosely tied, her long hair, left long after a heated discussion with her mate and future husband Radditz, tossed carelessly about her face. "I'm at my wits end Goku! Why can't you wait until later in the day to train? Or better yet why don't you go back to Gohan's house where the other gravity machine is?!"

The sharp cry of a baby comes into view and a bleary eyed Radditz walks over bouncing a crying purple haired baby in his arms. "I'm all for you keeping up with your training, Kakarott but honestly SOME of us have newborns who'd like to stay up half the night. So we'd like to get sleep where we can."

Goku slipped out of the gravity room her face full of smoke and he wiped it off using his orange shirt. "I'm sorry you guys, Chichi doesn't like it when I train at home. She says it'll affect Gohan's studies."

"I don't care what she says Goku. There's a whole world, no there's a whole universe in which you can explore and train in. Stop coming to my house at the crack of dawn and waking my family up!" Bulma shook the hammer in his face.

Goku held up his hands innocently laughing nervously. "Easy does it, Bulma, no need for you to whack me with that thing."

"No, no you're right. There's not." She held the hammer out and Goku looked as Mirai took it up and she went past her brother and she whacked the control panel of the gravity machine.

"Gah! Mirai! What did you do that for?!" Goku went to it trying to put the pieces together… but to no avail. He felt the heat of Mirai's anger and he turned and suddenly felt like cowering. Out of all of his siblings and the other Saiyans he had met, it was Mirai who scared him the most. Not because she was powerful, no he was more the positive in a one on one fight he'd take her on… but when she was angry, it was watch out or get knocked out.

"Kakarott," the name was said between clenched teeth. "It is early, half this house was up listening to crying babies, rattles, and badly sung lullabies. If you don't find someplace else to occupy your time I will personally send you to Planet Vegeta, WITHOUT A SHIP!" She punched next to his face, the dent even worse than what the hammer had done.

The lot of them watches her stomp off, her hair floating around her as her energy flared so harshly that it cracked the windows letting them shatter onto the grass. "Okay," Bulma held up a finger pointing at where Mirai had disappeared. "I was angry and sleep deprived… but that was downright livid and murderous. You better go apologize, Goku."

"I guess you're right," he rubs his head sighing and then runs after his sister. Radditz walked up to Bulma passing their son Trunks into her arms. The little boy was the perfect blend of mother and father. Lovely lilac hair smooth and straight, eyes crystal blue, but a strong facial bone structure that was all his father. The eyes were big and soft and gentle much like the rest of the Son family. Bulma envisioned him to be her future prodigy… straight A's, a computer whiz, and on top of everything a powerful warrior like his father. Her son would have everything.

"I'm sorry, Trunks. Did that oblivious knuckle head wake you up?" She wiggled her nose at her baby who suddenly went from whining babe, to happy bouncing bundle.

"Bulma, can you not talk to him like that, it's embarrassing."

"Aww, but he likes it!" Bulma smiled up at Radditz, her heart fluttering in her chest each time she looked into his eyes. It was a joy to finally feel right on track with her life. It had taken forever but she finally got a ring on her finger, one that glittered and yet looked elegant. Radditz either had good taste, or he had made a special call to his mother. More than likely it was the latter, but it was the thought that counted.

By Saiyan terms they were already married. The mark on her neck which refused to heal was proof of that. However she had been bound determined to get him in a tux and down an aisle. Especially since soon Mirai would be leaving them soon. It hadn't been finalized, after all Mirai and Vegeta hadn't seen or even spoken to each other in ten years… but the signs were there.

Mirai flopped face first back into her bed… and when the knock sounded she growled and grumbled. "Go away, Kakarott!"

The door opened and before Goku could even get a word out get gets a mouth full of pillow and feathers. "Pffft, bleh," he spit out the feathers and tossed the pillow to the floor walking up. "Hey, come on Mirai don't be like that." He sat on the bedside. "I came up here to apologize… but also to find out what's up with you."

"I'm up, and THAT is the problem." She rolled onto her back her arm tossed over her eyes to keep the peeping sun out of her eyes. "I was having such a nice dream and you woke me up."

"Ooh, a dream huh? That would explain it."

"Explain what, my nearly KILLING you this morning?" She peeled her glaring eyes at her grinning brother.

"Yes, but it also explains your overall attitude lately. It seems that the past few months have been pretty emotional and rocky for you." Goku rubbed the back of his hair. "Now I'm probably the last person you wanna talk to about this… but seeing as mom is gone, and Bulma is tending to Trunks you'll just have to fill in the blanks.

"If I talk to you about this, Will you go away and let me sleep?" She slowly sits up tugging her robe back into place on her shoulder.

"Promise!" He holds up two fingers. "Scouts honor."

"You were never a scout Kakarott, but that swear will do." She runs a hand through her hair sighing and looking down. "I've been having these dreams lately… all of them about Vegeta."

"Vegeta, yeah it's been some time since you two saw each other. It's only natural that you would miss him." Goku said logically.

"It's more than just missing him, I'm starting to… have urges." She moved her hands, clenching them to her belly as if pulling something forcibly out of it. "I'm building needs and desires that have to be satisfied."

He looked confused, dead confusedabout the subject she was in reference to. How the hell did he and Chichi manage to conceive Gohan?

"Sex, Kakarott, I want to have SEX!"

"Oh, OH!" Goku's eyes widened and he jumped up and rubbed his hands on his gi pacing a bit trying to figure out how to approach this. "Well uh, that is um… y-you know maybe I will get Bulma after all." He turned to retreat.

"Oh no you don't, get back here." She jumps up and yanks him back. "You wanted to know, so there it is. Now I have a few questions to ask. One of them being have you heard from Vegeta at all since the day he, mom and dad left? Piccolo's been back for years, and we get calls from mom and dad almost every day, but never from him. Do you think he's… moved on… or found someone else?"

"Why would Vegeta have someone else? He's been dead set on you." Goku said with some stuttering and trying to hide the blush. He was never one for showing embarrassment, but when it came to his little sister's love life… he was better off not knowing.

"Okay, so say he still wants me… how do you pleasure a man?"

That put a hitch in his step. Goku nearly fell flat on his face and had to stumble to the door pressing his head to it to hide his bright red face. Why the heck had he come up here thinking he could handle this? This was a job for Bulma the brainiac… or their mother. "Why ask me?"

"You see, I know what I want Vegeta to do to me, but pleasure should be two sided right? I have no idea how to go about pleasing him, not even in my own dreams. You're a man aren't you? You have Chichi don't you? What does she do to please you?"

"Her pleasing me and you pleasing Vegeta are two polar opposite things!" He was near a screech, he realized and breathed a bit heavy to try and calm himself as flashes of his own sexual escapades flew into his head. "Look Vegeta and I don't see eye to eye about anything, what makes you think we'll like the same things in that particular department?"

Mirai blinked and she tapped her chin. "Hmmm, you have a point there. Who could I go to?"

"Whoever it is, they have my blessings and praises." Goku whispered under his breath and straightened himself out. "Look I hope you find your answers, Mirai, but don't be in too much of a hurry to find them. You may not always like what you find." He quickly exited leaving Mirai to her thoughts.

Goku was right, she couldn't go to him, or Radditz for that matter about how to please Vegeta. She needed someone who shared some of the same likes and dislikes that Vegeta had. Easier said then done… she thought with a smile… there was no one like Vegeta. Well except maybe Piccolo, but he was an asexual being who laid his own eggs if he wanted an offspring. She couldn't really go to him for sex advice.

Going with option two she instead went through a list of candidates she could talk to. Her brothers were obviously out; Oolong was too much of a sarcastic oinker and a perverted mind to take seriously. Her father would probably be okay, but the thought of talking to him about sex… and imagining the sorts of things her mother did just put a shudder in her shoulders. Master Roshi was definitely out, no way was she gonna get a straight answer out of him… what other guys did she know?

"Yamcha!" Suddenly struck by the brilliant idea she jumped to her feet to get showered and dressed. He may not share similar views and ideals as Vegeta, but if anyone knew something about girls and sex and could answer a straight question it was Yamcha. Ever since he lost Bulma to Radditz Yamcha had become a bonafied ladies' man, dating any and many women who would look at him twice. He would obviously know by now what pleased him, and what didn't.

The quick flight to Yamcha's desert home was easy enough. She landed atop the rock pillar and glanced down to catch sight of him working on one of his capsule vehicles. With a grin she lay on her belly and called down to him. "Hey I thought you gave up on the bandit gig."

Yamcha nearly dropped his wrench and his head shot up. What he saw put a quick easy smile on his face. "Hey, look Puar, it's Mirai. Whatcha doing in my neighborhood?"

Mirai flipped down and hugged Puar as she came up to her. She petted the cat's fur giving an easy smile to Yamcha. She'd always liked him, despite his lack of strength. He was an easy to talk to guy, a respectable fighter, for a human anyway, and as easy on the eyes as a super model.

"Believe it or not I caught myself thinking about you."

"Thinking about me?" Yamcha laughed a bit. "Well I'm flattered. It's good to be remembered. Why don't we head in town and I buy you breakfast?"

The grumble in her stomach had Yamcha grinning and Mirai eagerly agreeing. The two of them flew into the closest town, which shockingly enough was the same village that her brother had long ago met the porker Oolong in. The restaurant was small and family owned, but the smells that emitted had her drooling and devouring her food in seconds.

"Ha, just like your brother. You Saiyans sure do like to eat, don't yah?"

"Only as much as fighting." She smiled and pushed her plate away. "and other things… which is kinda why you popped into my head out of the blue. I need you advice, if you're free to give it."

"Well I'm all ears," Yamcha lounged back his own belly full and his eyes taking in Mirai's form. Everyday she looked more and more like her mother. Though her coloring was different Yamcha could see the pretty voluptuous scientist in her. She was still short, probably no more than five foot two, but she packed in the curves of a woman's bosom and well-shaped… posterior.

Realizing he was having intimate thoughts about the sister of a good friend he quickly shook the images away and sat up straight and reaches for his glass of water. "Whatcha need, kid?"

"What does a woman have to do to pleasure you, Yamcha?"

The water went spraying over the table. Mirai closed her eyes and gave a firm sigh of annoyance as she slowly and cautiously wiped away the water and spit from her face. "That wasn't the response I was looking for."

Yamcha choked and cleared his throat his face bright red half from choking, the other from the embarrassment and shock. "Why in the world do you want to ask me something like that? Don't you have someone else you could talk to?"

Mirai slammed her hands on the table. The legs rattled and luckily she had restrained from breaking it to smitherines. "Why is sexy such a difficult topic for everyone? I want to know how to please a man! Now tell me, Human!"

The crowd of the restaurant began to form around them, half intrigued, have too shocked by the scene to look away. Yamcha saw this and he rubbed his face and grabbed her hand.

"Alright, alright I'll tell you. Just let's not do it here." He pulled her along. Puar, who had been outside conversing with an old friend from transformation school, looked to Yamcha and instantly knew something was wrong.

"Is everything okay, Yamcha?"

"Yes, but do me a favor Puar? Will you go over to Master Roshi's for a couple hours. Mirai and I need to have some privacy for what she wants to discuss. I'll meet up with you later." Yamcha asked his eyes giving his long time friend a silent plea.

"Well, okay Yamcha, but if you need me just call Master Roshi's house. I'll be waiting." The blue cat transformed into a mini rocket and took off with a shot into the sky. Yamcha breathed a sigh of relief and looked to Mirai who merely smiled innocently.

"So, where do we start?"


Hehehe first chapter done. I know this is a bit of a different approach to the story, and it's not going to be a reoccurring theme, it's just the beginning to a very interesting and twisted storyline. Don't hesitate to give your opinions and views on the subject matter, also if you want less or more of the lime/lemon content be sure to say so. Just remember this is NOT AFF ( ) so I can't go overboard.

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