Ow… My head… ahhh…

I open my eyes slowly, I feel like I have just run into a wall… going full speed. I see a toilet and sink, and a broken shower curtain is over me. The pole is on the floor and it feels like I have a bruise on my head. Its quiet a small room, maybe an on suite. Only one question is going through my head… whose bathroom am I in? After giving this question some thought I think of another question… then another… How did I get in this bathroom? Did I pass out? Am I at a friend's? Who are my friends? Who am I?

Soon my head is full of pounding questions, all declaring answers. I moan and put my hands over my ears, trying to block out any more questions and keep the others tame. Somehow I manage to quiet my mind and bring myself back to peace.

I stand up, rubbing my head and wrap the curtain around me, then notice a silk bath robe. I slip it on and walk out. I see a bedroom; everything is yellow, except the paint, that's white. It's a basic room, a double bed, a walk in wardrobe (the door is left open), a mirror, a desk and an on-suite. I walk out to the bed sit on it, only to find I'm sitting on a yellow dress.

I pick it up and look at it. It looks like it was made for me. A dark yellow dress, going down to my shins with white lace training up the back on the inside there a little slits/pockets on both sides, I'm not sure what for. I walk over to the draws to look for something to put under the dress. The top draw is full of white singlets, bras and underwear. I pull them out and keep looking through the other draws. I open the last one to find knives in a glass casing. Shocked, I try to open it, but fail, a key and pin is needed. I pick up the drawer and throw it down hard on the ground. Only a small crack appears. I walk over the walk in wardrobe.

It's all the same. All yellow, all shirts, jeans or dresses. Nice shoes though…

I put in the yellow dress on the bed and grab a pair of the boots that were in the cupboard. The boots go up to my shin, stopping at the end of my dress.

Just before I leave I notice a note. I pick it up

Today, all your dreams come true; meet me outside at 10.00am. All three of us can go.

I look at it, before deciding to put it in my boot. I walk out and look out the door. I see a hallway with another room opposite mine; I hear rustling and slighting close down the door. I look out to see a woman open her door and look around. I slam my door shut. Breathing hard, but I calm myself again. I walk over to the bed and hide under it. I hear the door handle turn, then it swings wide open with on-one standing there.

I breathe out and look hard. I can see a shadow waiting there. The girl leans into the doorway, looking through the room. She walks over and looks in the cupboard, then on the wardrobe; she sees the draw open on the floor.

She picks it up and I finally see her face. She has shoulder length brown hair, Crystal blue eyes, wearing a red dress and looks to be in her mid-twenties. Suddenly my head hurts badly.

I am standing outside a house, talking to the woman with brown hair. She looks worried.

'You sure you can handle this?' she says, taking a deep breath.

'Have I ever failed before?' I say back, smiling standing up straighter. 'You don't have to treat me like your little sister anymore'

'I know, but if you get caught, your best friend will have to...'

'I know! Relax!' I say, putting my hands on her shoulders. Another girl comes up behind me and nudges my shoulder.

'Let's go' she says. I smile at the brown haired girl again and turn to the other one. She has long dyed black hair and emerald green eyes. We start walking away from the girl with brown hair. She stops me and I turn to face her.

'Don't get caught' she says. I sigh.

I shake my head, and consequently hit my head on the bottom of the bed. The girls head quickly turns and as soon as she sees me she jumps onto the bed in one leap. I start shaking, I don't even know this woman, yet, I just remembered her… from somewhere… I hear her fall over on the bed, it sounds like she has collapsed. I wait a while, and then sit up.

She is on the bed sitting, clutching her head. I look at her for a while, and then put my hand next to her.

'Hello?' I say quietly, trying not to scare her. It doesn't work, she jumps up and falls of the bed, trying to run away. She rubs her head again. 'Calm down… breath…'

She takes a deep breath and looks up at me. I help her stand up, and she studies me hard, taking in every detail. I do the same to her, taking in every single detail. She is defiantly the girl from my mind. She is wearing a red dress, with a slit up the side and black boots, kind of like me.

I walk over to the door and look out. There are no more rooms in this hallway, just flowers and a little table thing at the end. I turn around. The girl is right behind me, also looking out. I jump a bit, than giggle. She smiles to, the starts to giggle quietly as well. I don't even know why, we both just thought that it was funny. I look out again, than step out. I look around again and see the exit to the hallway. I walk out and gesture for her to come with me. She follows

I walk out and look around the corner. There is a big room, kind of empty to. At the end there is a statue at the end of the hallway. There are desks lining the walls. We walk up to the desks, they are all little trinket type things on them. Photos, notebooks, candles… that type of stuff. I pick up a photo with me, the girl in the room and the girl from my mind, but now her hair is red. In the photo all three of us are smiling and laughing.

'Do you want me to take the photo or not?' says some guy at the camera. All three of us apologise and get in position, just before the photo is taken, the red head puts all of her weight on our shoulders (she's in the middle) We all end up falling over just when the camera flashes.

'That's it, I'm out' the camera guy say, and leaves. We all look at each other, than burst out laughing. Brown hair goes and picks up the camera. In the photo we are all smiling and looking down.

'I think it's a keeper' I say

'Yep' they both agree

I look at the photo again, the position we are in makes more sense now. I breathe out and put the photo back. I walk over to Brown hair, who is looking at a photo of her in a wedding dress, with camera man. I look at it, trying to connect the two.

A reflection flashes in the frame, we both turn around. She puts the photo down and looks at the statue, it kind of looks like an angle. I walk behind her, following closely. She looks around it.

'Hello?' She calls out. I put my hand on the sheet and she looks at the door just next to it. I pull the sheet of and she turns the outside lights on. I admire the sculpture, and then follow her outside. She walks out, onto a nice pathway with columns lining the side; I walk up next to her and start looking hard into the dark. The wind stats to blow, softly at first, then harder. We move back towards the door. The door swings wide open and I run to grab it she turns and scream. A man is holding her I run in to help her just as a window breaks and a small disk gets thrown in and it starts to shoot fire.

'Get down!' The guy yells, pushing brown hair over to the floor. I take cover under a nearby bench. All of the windows smash open as about ten people wearing black, fully covered, gas masks and all, jump through them then pull the guy of brown hair and smash his face to the floor. I breathe harder and harder as I try to calm myself.

They all start talking about the man they just pulled of brown hair. Apparently his name is matt and he is a police officer.

'You can't do this to me!' matt says

The guy takes of his mask to reveal that he is actually and she. 'Blow me' she says

A masked guy walks over to brown hair, who is still on the ground, fixing up her dress

'What's your report?' he says, looking down at her on the floor, she looks at him confused

'I don't understand…' she says. He picks her up by her shoulders and pushes her against the wall

'What is your report!?' he says louder and more angry as he takes of his mask, he is black, tall and muscular

'The affects could still be high on her memory loss, give it a minute' says a man who is looking at his minicomputer on his hand.

'She's not here' says a man, walking out of the hallway to the room we were in.

'No, she's here' says the girl holding matt down. 'She was never a good hider, so even if she can't remember herself, like Alice over here, she'll still have her instincts' she says. All of their heads turn to under the table, I move into the shadows more. The black man walks over to under the table and bends down, coming face to face with me. He shines his torch on me. I squint my eyes from the light

'She there?' the girl says

'Yep, she's here' he says. He offers out his hand to me, 'come on'

I reluctantly take it, but of cause have no choice. I step out and a touch is shined on me up and down. I glare at the touch holder, the girl.

'Nice to see you to' she says, moving her torch away from my eyes. 'Bella'