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"Wake up. I've got to get to work." Eponine chided as the blonde ran a hand down his face and squinted in the darkness of the room, trying to adjust his eyes and look at her.

"Eponine? It's still an hour before your shift baby, get back to bed." He mumbled almost incoherently, digging deeper into her blanket and wiggling about.

She smirked down at his feeble attempt to fall back asleep and sighed. She prodded him in the side with a doc martened foot and he squirmed.

"Chetta gets alot less sleep than I do, she actually needs the extra rest." Eponine laughed out as he tried shifting away from her poking.

"You're pregnant, aren't you supposed to be taking it easy." He mumbled through a half asleep smile and she laughed when Enjolras finally pulled himself up and shuffled about until he found her and pulled her into his arms.

"Sleep is for humans." She said muffled into his shoulder.

"Mmm…come back down to earth Mulder." He bit down on her shoulder rocking them slowly in place.

"The truth is out there Scully, one can't simply take it easy, I gotta go find the little green men and flying saucers." Eponine brought her hands to his cheeks and squeezed until his lips puckered and gave him a small kiss.

"I'm going to be seeing my mom today." Enjolras let out when she released him and he took a step back to gauge her reaction.

"Enjolras, I don't think that's the smartest thing to do right now." She said as she bit her lip and looked away from him. He took a hesitant step closer and brought a hand up to draw circles around her belly button.

"It'll be okay my lovely girl, I've got to do this. I don't want to lose any of you." He pecked her loudly on the forehead and wrapped an arm around her.

Eponine nodded and bit the inside of her cheek to keep her mouth shut, it was too early to bring the subject up and it wasn't for her to tell him about Lizbeth.

"I need a ride." She reminded him softly with a poke to his chest.

Enjolras sighed before disentangling himself begrudgingly from her. He walked over to her desk where he'd left his backpack.

"At least let me shower." He said with a chuckle.

Eponine gave him a small smile as he collected his clothes and walked out of the room.

"Are you coming?" He asked from the hallway and she could almost hear the smirk on his face.

Eponine rolled her eyes and scoffed.

"You git." she mumbled before throwing her hands up and following.

"Hey, do you need any help?" Cosette's soft lilting voice broke through Eponines thoughts. She finished frosting the last batch of Vanilla bean cupcakes and shook her head.

"Good morning to you too my little lark. Thank you for the offer but I've got everything back here under control. Why don't you go set up the tables and put up some décor for the fall. Chetta's got a bunch of stuff in the backroom that still has to go up and the café needs some life up in here."

Cosette giggled and turned on the radio in the shop, dancing her way to the front as Eponine laughed at her funky dance moves.

The sound of crying drifted into the kitchen a few minutes later and Eponine beamed and cleaned the flour off her hands with a towel, running to the front to join the girls.

"Ah he's a little fussy, sorry." Musichetta laughed as Cosette let a blue handkerchief dance in front of the baby's face in an attempt to soothe him.

"Can I hold him?" Eponine asked meekly with red cheeks and Chetta pressed the small bundle into Eponine's arms with a bird like giggle.

The little boy was small with a tuft of brown hair and bright eyes, he stared up at Eponine and let himself quiet, gurgling with small bubbles escaping the corner of his mouth.

"He's so beautiful." Eponine cooed, her eyebrows drawing together as smiled down at the tiny creature in her arms.

She felt an overwhelming sense of happiness at light weight of the baby and it's little scrunched up face.

"Don't get so used to the feeling dear. It's not made for waifs like you."

All three girls went rigid and turned at the shrill voice from around the counter.

Eponine handed Micah over to Chetta and her boss placed the now calm baby into a small bassinet.

"You need to leave lady." Cosette barked out and both Chetta and Eponine turned to look astonished at their normally quiet and shy friend.

Cosette had her chin raised and her back straight glaring defiantly at Mrs. Amarth.

"Ah and there's the bastard. Go away girl, this does not concern you, either of you." The woman looked between Chetta and Cosette before giving Eponine a haughty look.

" Now Ponine,really, I hoped we were past these little weekly visits. Let's be frank here."

"If you're Frank can I be Jeff, in fact let me be Javert and tell you to fuck off." Eponine wryly joked as she leaned against the counter.

"You will not ruin my son's life with that thing inside your belly. I won't let you." Minerva bit out and Eponine felt a chills go down her back.

"GET OUT YOU WINGED OLD BAT!" Cosette let out drawing herself between Mrs. Amarth and Eponine.

"You need to take yourself and your bubble of fucking crazy and get the fuck out of MY shop before I call the cops." Musichetta added standing in front of Cosette with arms crossed.

"You think that feeble threat is going to work?What good will that do you, any of you? I'm an Amarth, you stupid girl. There's not a man with a badge whose word I can't buy. I could shut you down , you and your little rat hole with a single phone call. I can ruin you. All of you." The woman looked in tandem at the three of girls before letting her cold blue eyes pierce Eponine with a smirk streaked in red.

"Especially you Eponine. I can especially take everything away from you."

"Everything except your son." Eponine bit out, looking up at the clock on the café wall and licking and biting her bottom lip.

Enjolras and Lisbeth were going to be meeting there any minute now. If he could just see what his mom was really like, he could finally understand her immense hatred for the woman before her..

The blonde woman pursed her lips and took three steps closer to the counter until she was able to rest her arms on the marble top. There was a rough sounding laugh from deep in her thoat as she eyed Eponine.

Hard and cold blue eyes took in the flour in Eponine's hair, the beads of sweat on her brow that disheveled her hair, and the clear defiance in her thundering brown eyes.

"What if your father…what if dear Coach Javert were to have a case of sexual assault thrust on him?"

Eponine flinched and cursed herself as she clenched her jaws and Enjolras's mother smiled with teeth.

" You'd be back on the street and nobody would want you. What of your little brother, the little urchin, what if child protective picked him up and shipped off to a family who doesn't take proper care of him ,they could forget to feed him, they could lose him, maybe there's an accident, a terrible horrible…fatal accident. Or your sister …what was her name? Now, I remember Azelma." Mrs. Amarth laughed as real fear dashed in Eponine. " She could lose her job, her home, her life in America and you'd be none the wiser. "

Eponine felt her eyes widen and a burst of panic surged through her.

She squared her shoulders and raised her chin, schooling her face into a mask of indifference.

"Your words don't mean shit to me lady. We're Thernardiers, we'll manage we always do. We've lived in darkness our whole lives. I may be only a kid, but I'm hard to scare. I am the daughter of a wolf and I won't bow down to a sheep."

The woman turned and scoffed. "Your father would sell you out for a loaf of bread and a few sous."

Eponine smiled wickedly and leaned closer to the woman in front of her. "I would do the same to him."

Mrs. Amarth's phone went off and she glared at Eponine once more before turning away and bringing her cellphone to her ear.

Eponine tore her gaze away from the woman and looked out the window hoping to see a familiar sight of blonde or red.

Enjolras's mother snapped her phone closed and she gave the three girls a long and superior smirk.

"Remember what I said Thenardier and if you're smart…you won't breathe a word of this to Enjolras."

"If you're smart you'll stay the fuck away from us." Eponine sneered but the woman just smiled and walked out of the café without a second glance.

"I don't think so."

Chetta cursed loudly at the sound of the door banging and Cosette rubbed a hand down Eponine's back muttering softly under her breath, words Eponine didn't really hear.

"We really got to start locking the door until AFTER we're officially open." Eponine joked and shook her head with her bottom lip trapped between her teeth.

"She's bluffing." Chetta said slamming a hand down onto the counter with a pretty frown on her features.

"Yeah, she's not that powerful." Eponine muttered looking at the closed door.

She didn't know if she'd said the words for their benefit or for hers.

Eponine was wiping down the counter furiously when Enjolras and Leslie walked through the door with R in tow.

"Hey there pretty ladies. How would you all like to feed a starving artist, all debts will be paid with utter love and devotion, maybe even the occasional romp with me and my wifey. Equal opportunity love and all that jazz." Grantaire said with an eyebrow wiggle that had Cosette in af fit of giggles.

Eponine smacked him atop the head and handed him a large muffin and black coffee.

"Here, take Enjolras some too and Liz some green tea, they're going to need it to get through this conversation." Eponine said pushing two more cups at him.

Grantiare nodded around a bite of muffin and turned to Chetta with a shy smile, which was rare from the joker. He rubbed the back of his neck and pulled at his shirt sleeve.

"Chetta, do you think it's possible you could close the shop for those two to talk in private? It'll only be for an hour or so."

"Of course sugar."

Musichetta tossed him the keys and shooed him to the door while she took the drinks to the table with the siblings herself.

"Now I think it best if we all just move to the kitchen for a while." She said softly when she came back and all three of them nodded.

Eponine took one last look at her best friend and Enjorlas both huddled together. Lisbeth's face was already somber and Enjolras's eyebrows were close together and serious.

Grantiare helped Chetta settle into an armchair in the warm kitchen and he rocked Micah with a large goofy smile on his face.

"You're going to be a good partner in crime for my mini Apollo." He joked at the infant in his arms.

"This is so nerve wrecking." Eponine muttered biting down on one of her knuckles, taking a seat next to Cosette in one of the seats by the bread oven.

Grantiare walked over to them after leaving a sleeping Micah in his crib. He draped an arm around her shoulders and squeezed tight.

"They'll be okay eh Ponine. It's going to be tough, but we'll make do with what we've got. We're all in this together."

Eponine turned and ran a hand through his curls.

"You're absolutely wild R. Also…never quote High School Musical to me unless you wish to be disemboweled. That stuff is only for the privacy of tumblr and drunken karaoke."

They smirked at each other but snapped their attention to the door as Lizbeth walked through.

Eponine felt herself walk forward slowly and she caught the blonde in a fierce hug.

Lisbeth's blond hair tangling with her own in the fierceness.

"He really needs you out there Ep. " Lizbeth managed to sniff out, smiling weakly before letting herself be engulfed by R.

"It'll be okay." R whispered softly as Eponine walked out into the café.

It was eerie how closed off it felt from the rest of the world.

The shutters were still closed and only small rays of light pierced the room.

The silence was ringing in her ears and in her chest her heart thundered rapidly, the act of drawing each breath too in tandem with its beat.

Enjolras was still sitting at the table at the end of the café, his legs spread out in front of him and his posture slouched and a little too relaxed. Each step she took echoed loudly in the stillness of the room but he didn't look up at her or hear her until she stopped right in front of him.

There was a moment where time suspended and slowed to a crawl, enough time for her to be struck once more for the first time in what felt like ages by the thought of how wrong with each other they really were. How the world had shaped them so differently, how their mere existence beckoned them to be separate and yet how RIGHT they were.

He was light, he shone and gleamed and blazed in glory.

She was the shadows on the walls, the tight corners and the nooks and crannies.

One couldn't exist without the other. They couldn't stay away any more than the universe could stop from expanding.

He was fire and she was smoke. They were forced together by nature and science and fate and none of it made sense but that's just the way it was. In the end they were an explosion, a blast, they could either exist or dispense into nothingness completely.

They belonged and in that moment it just didn't make sense for her at how long it took both of them to see it when it was so painstakingly obvious.

"Enjolras." She gasped his name.

Enjolras let out a whimper and looked at her as if she was the axis that held the earth in place, pure reverence in his eyes.

He stood up sharply, knocking down his chair in the process. He coughed a little, embarrassed by his own anxiousness and Eponine looked up at him unable to say a word.

There was a hint of red on his cheeks as he brought a hand through his hair before awkwardly reaching around her and undoing the cord of her apron. She let him pull it off of her slowly, taking the time to fold it before putting it on the table.

He avoided looking into her eyes but reached out blindly to cup both hands against her cheeks.

"I am sorry."

"They've been out there too long." Lizbeth muttered pacing around the kitchen.

Musichetta was singing softly into the bassinet but shook her head softly. "I'm sure they're fine love."

Cosette and Grantiare let their eyes follow Lizbeth's pacing steps from atop a counter.

"He's dead. He's said something stupid and she's taken the sharpest and deadliest object in the room and proceeded to massacre him and tear him limb from limb ...she also may or may not be planning to bake him into pies while singing about priests."

"Now, now, I'm sure Eponine would hardly consider pulling a Mr. Todd when truly pissed off. She would find it an offense to musical theater to do so in anger." Cosette said with a laugh.

"Enjolras is gonna be fine Liz and if he did indeed stick his foot back into his ass I'm sure Eponine's not going to kill him, maybe maim but not kill. So you don't have to worry about his well being, she needs him alive." R said with a goofy smirk and taking a bite from a cupcake.

Lizbeth glared at her husband and rolled her eyes. "You idiot, I'm not worried about his well being. If he said or did something stupid I want to be the one who pulls the lever into Chetta's body filled basement."

"I should feel insulted at the insinuation that I have one of those...but strangely I am not." Chetta said in mock thoughtfulness.

Lizbeth had enough of the waiting and she sneakily cracked the door open a bit to the distress of the others around the kitchen.

"Wait, this is a serious violation of their privacy." Cosette whispered apalled but never the less walked over and crouched to look under Lizbeth's arm.

"I knew we were related." Lisbeth muttered with a laugh and the two held hands while trying to make out the two silhouettes of their friends amidst the dark café.

Cosette gasped loudly and Lizbeth placed a hand to her mouth. R and Chette rushed over to the door and tried to look out as well.

Lizbeth let out a loud laugh and closed the door. The other two gave a unanimous sigh of relief. R scoffed and clutched his hand to his chest.

"Cosette, for future reference one does not simply give an alarmed gasp at the sight of a couple kissing."

The lark turned to R and gave him a small shove

"That was not a kiss...that was bordering on fornication."