Sam Evans walked into Stallionz hesitantly. He'd been working at the Dairy Queen ever since his family got settled in Kentucky. It was fairly easy to get the job. He didn't have any job experience, but he easily flirted his way through the interview. The only problem is that no matter how many hours he worked, it wasn't enough money. His dad had settled in his construction job and was earning enough to pay the rent and the utilities on their home, but Sam needed to put food on the table and pick up other random expenses that the family had. That's how he ended up at Stallionz on that cool autumn evening.

He'd heard about the strip club from his buddy, Jack, who he met at his new school. Not really a friend, but it was a relationship of convenience. Sam had someone to sit with at lunch and do group projects with. Sam was too stressed out and to be honest, slightly depressed, to spend time making friends at his new school. He didn't have time. Any minute he didn't spend in school or doing homework, he was working or babysitting his sister Stacy and brother Stevie. Jack's older brother worked at Stallions and said it was good money. Sam thought about it for a couple weeks before actually taking the job. It was the look of desperation on his little brother's face the night before that made Sam decide to strip. His younger siblings were being amazingly resilient about all the hardships and changes going on lately, but they were still kids, and eating leftovers of mac and cheese night after night could only go so far.

He met with the manager of the club and was given a short tour of the club. He wasn't entirely comfortable, but he was good at covering how awkward he felt, especially when he had to strip down to his boxers and prove he had the body for the job. He was instantly given the job and told to show up for a stripper's tutorial that Saturday.

Sam walked out of the club and couldn't quite tell what he was feeling. Instead of dwelling on it, he figured he would just wait and see how the job actually was before he started thinking anything good or bad.

Sam woke up on Saturday to his little brother jumping on his bed.

"Sam! Wake up! Can you teach me more football today?"

Sam rubbed his eyes and smiled. He never minded being woken up by his siblings. They were always so sweet. He looked at the clock on the nightstand. 10 AM, he knew he had to be at the strip club at 2 that afternoon. "You know what buddy, I have some time before work. Let me get dressed and I'll meet you outside."

His little brother ran out of the room with a smile and Sam chuckled to himself. He slowly got out of bed and rubbed the back of his neck. He was sure it was going to be a long day.

The hours seemed to go by so fast. Before Sam knew it, his mom was calling out the door to the boys, claiming it was lunch time.

"Come on man, it's 12:30, time for lunch." Sam said, tossing the ball to his brother one more time.

The boys went in and ate with the rest of the family. He looked at his family and knew he had made the right decision. He loved them all so much and as long as he had them, he was sure things would be great.

After lunch, he quickly showered and threw on some clothes. He figured it didn't really matter what he wore, he'd be taking it all off anyway. He arrived right on time and put on his best look of confidence. He knew he had a good body. He worked hard to keep his abs perfect; he might as well use what he had.

His stripper training went pretty well. He was already a decent dancer; he just needed to add in the whole taking-of-his-clothes bit. At 6 that night, he was allowed an hour dinner break before he had to go back stage and work with the manager on what his act would be. He would go on at 10 o'clock, not the opening act, but definitely not the last.

He wasn't hungry during his hour break. He went for a walk for a bit before going back stage to see if anyone back there could calm his nerves. He was actually getting kind of excited. Sure he was nervous but the only way he was going to get through this was seeing it as a chance to dance and show off all the work he'd done at the gym over the years. After his break, the manager of the club decided to try him out with a fireman's outfit for the first night. It was apparently an easy starter routine that was always a huge hit with the ladies.

As 10 rolled around, Sam waited anxiously backstage. He stared at the floor waiting for the announcer to call his new stripper name: White Chocolate. He wondered if the floor's pattern originally included the glitter or if it had just become ground into the flooring over the years.

Once he heard his name, the walk out onto the stage seemed to be a blur. The mixture of lights, thumping music, and screaming ladies overwhelmed Sam for a second, but he quickly focused on the dance moves that he'd memorized all afternoon.

Sam walked off stage with an odd kind of performance high. The other dancers backstage were smiling and patting his back as he walked back towards his chair. He stood in front of the mirror and started gathering the dollar bills out of his crotch. He threw them on the chair next to him and ran his hand through his hair. The manager approached him as he started to gather up and straighten out the bills.

"Those are all yours kid. That was real good tonight. How'd ya like it?"

Sam continued to collect his money and thought over what he really thought about tonight. "Um. It was alright. I don't know, kind of intimidating."

"You'll get used to it. How often can you work?"

"As many nights as I can. I only have school during the day."

"Perfect! We're closed Sundays. Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are our biggest nights. You can take off Mondays or Tuesdays if you want."

Sam didn't say anything as he counted the money he now had in his hand, $40 for one 10 minute dance. "You know what… I don't know if I need a day off. "

The manager laughed. "Alright kid. Let me know if you change your mind on that. See you on Monday."

Sam nodded and sat down in his chair as the manager walked away. He stared at the money in his hand and a small smile slowly spread across his face. After a moment, he got up and walked to his locker. He put his money into his previously empty wallet before grabbing a towel so he could shower. He was glad that the club was smart enough to have a shower in the back for the performers to use either before or after their act. He really didn't need to go home smelling of sweat, perfume, and naked men.

He made it home by 11 and made sure to enter his home quietly. His family would all be in bed by now. Hopefully his parents wouldn't ask why he was home later than a usual dairy queen shift, and luckily, they were already sleeping and didn't even notice when he came home and crept into the bed he shared with his little brother. He lay in bed and thought about what his excuses would be as his parents started asking questions over the next couple weeks. As his brother snuggled up next to him, he started to feel a little less confident about what he was getting into.