Chapter 10

Harry accepted Fred and George as his mates and his babies become healthier and he begin to wake up. He whimpered as he opened his eyes, he felt a new bond connecting him to his two new mates. "Cub?" came Remus' voice.

"Papa?" he said looking up to him.

The wolf smiled at him and ran his hand though his hair. "How are you feeling?" he asked.

"I feel a bond," he said. Sitting up he rubbed his bump feeling his babies move within him.

Remus looked over to Sirius who was sleeping on another bed. "You should, we needed to save you and your babies Harry, Fred and George bonded with you a week ago," he explained.

Harry just looked at him from the corner of his eyes and nodded. "Fred and George are good choices… Fenrir did say if anything happened to him they would be best because they love me and I do love them," he said quietly.

Remus smiled sadly at him, "He would have been proud Harry." He kissed his son on the forehead.

"Where are they?" Harry asked.

"Well, they are getting your room ready for when you go back to it," he said. Harry nodded. "I know this is too soon Harry but you will most likely have to bond with them soon."

"I know and it's okay Papa."

A couple of days later Harry was taken back to his room by his new mates, his dads knew they had to leave them alone for now. Fred moved around to the front of Harry and helped him onto the bed. They didn't speak to each other as they started undressing each other. George pulled Harry's top off him and kissed his shoulder as Fred removed his bottoms. Harry shook on the spot as the twins took care of him. Harry opened his mouth but George silenced him with a loving kiss. "Shhhhh," he said. Afterwards he gave him a warm smile as they bed and they'd laid him down gently.

Both red heads removed their own clothes and climbed onto either side of Harry and planted him with kisses and rubbed their hands all over him. They gently rubbed the teen's stomach and whispered things in his ears as they took their time with him, slowly mating with him, making sure not to scare him more than he already was. Harry moaned and whimpered and climaxed more times than he remembered. When they were all done for the night they laid together in each other's arms.

Months rolled on and Harry got bigger, the whole magical world found out about what happened and the Ministry was having a hell of a problem and Lucius was making sure it was never ending for the Minister as it was he who signed the Fenrir's death warrant. His son was now bonded and married to Fred and George …what a head ache…he thought. Harry lay in the bed, Fred and George had gone to work, they wouldn't be back until the night but he was happy enough just to lay in bed and sleep but the babies had other ideas like kicking him. "Little sobs," he mumbled. "If any of you two become pregnant and you get the kicking I'm just walking away," he mumbled. "Not really," he said sitting up.

He was walking around Hogwarts heading towards the Great Hall to see Draco when he felt a ripple of pain go through his body; he shook it off and sat next to Draco who was munching on raw meat. "You're pregnant," Harry said sniffing Draco closely.

The blonde looked at him."Shhhh don't shout it out," he said looking at him, "I haven't told Sev yet, he's freaking out because a relative died and now he's the last one with the dragon genes."

Harry looked at him. "Snape is a dragon and was born from the dragon line?" he asked as he rubbed his bump.

"Yes, that one," he said. Blinking again Harry looked down towards the teachers' table and Snape and the eviled eyed his food, (I know eviled isn't a word, I made it up for this).

He turned back to Draco. "Aren't they meant to look hot or something?" he asked.

"Oi!" Draco said pinching his arm.

"Awo," Harry pouted looking at him. He winced at the pain in his stomach and shifted so.

"Are you okay?"

"Ummm I'm fine, false starts," he said.

Draco eyed him, "I don't know, maybe you should get it checked out," he said watching Harry. The dark haired teen shrugged and started to eat his food when he stopped and squeezed the fork he was holding. "Harry?" the blonde called out. The fork snapped.

"Draco, my water's just broke," he whispered.

"Oh…oh, Oooooh SEV WE NEED SOME HELP!"

Fred and George turned up at the infirmary with worried looks on their faces. He saw Remus and Sirius there with Sage and their little girl Scarlet. Lucius stood there looking like he either was going to be sick or faint or even kill the twins even though it was not their babies. "How is he?" Fred asked looking at them.

"He is okay, it seems he's been in labor all day," Remus said.

"I said we should have stayed," George said rubbing his head.

"Then why didn't you?" Lucius growled making both red head's look at him with wide eyes.

"Harry said no, that he was fine and that we need to get on with our job," they said together looking at the blonde man as he held his cane to him closely to his their faces.

"Lucius, put that down," Sirius said to him.

"I WANT FRED AND GEORGE!" they could hear Harry yelling at top volume making the windows shake.

They walked inside and headed over to Harry who was on the bed in pain gripping the bed. "I need to break hands!" Harry growled, his eyes turning amber. Taking a deep breath they moved to either side of their mate and let him hold their hands, they had to keep Harry calm throughout this or otherwise he could change into his wolf which would not be good for anyone; though Remus and Sirius thinks it's a good idea for him to, it would be easier for him to give birth that way.

Harry growled and screamed as he gave birth to his two sons; the two little boys screamed their lungs off. Harry lied back down and closed his eyes taking in a deep breath before looking up. "Drink this, it will help," Madam Pomfrey said. Harry took the drink and downed it all wincing at the taste before he sat up on magically cleaned sheets. Both Fred and George handed Harry his children, the teen looked down at them and smiled.

"You did good Harry," George whispered as he rubbed his back.

The dark haired teen started to cry as his mates sat close to him. "He should have been able to see this," he choked.

Fred wiped Harry's tears off his face, "We know love, we know," he said kissing his temple.

"We better let the family in before Lucius kills someone," George said smiling down at the little boys in their husband's arms.

"Wait…" Harry stopped George from going and looked between the two red heads.


"D…Do you think you can…ummm…I mean will you see these two as your sons or will they just be Fenrir's sons?" Harry asked looking worried.

Smiling at each other they looked at Harry who held hopeful eyes, "They are our sons Harry, like you are our love…"



"And will be the mother of our children to," they smiled.

"Thank you," Harry cried again as he was held in a hug by them, babies and all.

11 years later

"You think we are getting too old for this?" Sirius grumbled as they walked down platform 9 ¾.

Remus smiled as he held a little boy on his shoulders, "You're just grumpy that you were kicked in the bladder again." he said.

"We have 4 kids, do we need more?" he said as he rubbed his round belly.

Remus looked at him. "You're the one who doesn't like 'protection' love," he said as they met up with Harry and the twins. It was James and Fenrir's first time at Hogwarts and they were worried. Fenrir who took after his dead father more put on a brave face but James who was more like Harry hid behind Fenrir a little.

"Come on you two, you will see Sage there and there will also be Scarlet."

"Yeah, let's not forget Draco and Sev and their brood, you will be fine," Fred said with a grin as he watched George pick up a very happy little girl unlike her brothers who both had black hair, she had red hair but had Harry's green eyes while her brothers both had amber.

"Harry!" came a cry as Sage and scarlet came running up to him.

The dark haired man laughed and let them hug him. "Hey guys, you saw me yesterday?" he smiled.

"Will you be coming to Hogwarts this year to do one of your special lessons?" Sage asked who was in his 4th year.

"I think so guys." They giggled at him. Then hearing some chatter Harry looked over his shoulder to see his two husbands selling some of their items. "Fred, George?"

"What?" they said together.

The sound of the horn made them all jump; hugging their children they sent them on the train. Harry felt teary eyed as he waved goodbye to his sons. "You two behave and head to the tree with your aunt and uncle!" he yelled as the train moved from site. Sirius was balling is eyes out while Remus tried to comfort him.

"Come on, we have to go to Lucius," Remus said with a chuckle to his husband.